Pro Wrestling Pride have today announced the cancellation of all upcoming events, events effected can be seen below…

14/10/2017 PWP “Catch Division Invitational Tournament: Show 1” (Devonport Guildhall, Plymouth)
15/10/2017 PWP “Catch Division Invitational Tournament: Show 2” (Devonport Guildhall, Plymouth)
22/10/2017 PWP “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Cobra!” (Exeter Corn Exchange, Exeter)
25/11/2017 PWP “Live!” (Pollyfield Centre, Bideford)

Below is the full statement from Pro Wrestling Pride promoter, Darren Saviour…

Please read all of the below – live events etc suspended indefinitely – as written by Darren. Thank you.

So I will try and keep this as short as possible – if you have thoughts or feelings, feel free to inbox me as I am not one for public drama.

Also all talent etc will also be inboxed privately so this is no to mug anyone off, this is for the countless inboxes I am getting recently.

So will try and keep this as structured as possible and keep bad language to a min.

Recently personal circumstances changed a lot. I took loans over the years to help start a profitable company. For one reason or another recently last year or so numbers have not matched up to the gate, merch etc – no pointing fingers at anyone, cos that’s a pointless witch hunt & doesn’t solve anything.

Then some other things happened which left any shared debt (which was manageable) to become personal debt. All of my funds & resources have for reasons I wont go into, disappeared. An amicable situation has become volatile & I am now technically homeless & sofa surfing.

I have spend 13 years in wrestling one way or another, last 5 building a brand which focused on bringing you legends, indy darlings & so much more never seen in the south-west with the focus being to elevate local talent rather than for personal financial gain. However with the exception of a few people, loyalty, honesty and hard work have become lost traits.

Right now I will be closing down all future live events & fixing my own screwed up financial, mental & physical state. I don’t sleep, i’ve put on 2 stone since start of the year to the point im now feeling fat, I look & feel like shit all the time in some delusional pursuit of helping people chase their dream & obtain a better lifestyle.

This business owes me nothing. True. However I also owe it nothing in return,. I feel like I need to rediscover where my passion for life lays. If it is in wrestling I will return to it down the line with a new team – heads up local talent if you dont advertise, or help events there wont be shows are for you to work.

Anyone who has DVDS, tickets etc purchashed I have no access to any of the content right now – get all of your stuff refunded thats not a problem, NEED to go to paypal & put in a refund request. It takes about a week but it will come through.

I will be opening a new profile for friends & family but right now need to get my head down, grow up and get my life together.

Again anyone is welcome to inbox me, but the business page or comments are pretty much not looked at right now.

To all of our fans who have seen some incredible shows we thank you so much. whatever happens down the line I have loved every single show & meeting all you crazy people was the best bit.

Source: Pro Wrestling Pride

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