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September 2019…
1/9/2019 BHW “Live!” (Venue TBA)
1/9/2019 EWE “Battle At The Bedford” (The Bedford, London)
1/9/2019 FFW “Seeing Double” (ONE NK, Lincoln)
1/9/2019 Fierce Females “Welcome To The Hellmouth” (The Shed, Glasgow) Results
1/9/2019 *CANCELLED* IPW X TWL “IPWL Space Slam” (Essex Arena, Colchester)
1/9/2019 KAPOW! (Hedge End Social Club, Southampton)
1/9/2019 NXT UK “Tapings” (Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff) Results
1/9/2019 RPW “Live At The Cockpit 45” (The Cockpit, Marylebone, London) Results
1/9/2019 WIN “Home Coming” (Black Price, Northampton)
4/9/2019 IPW “OMG! What’s My Age Again!” (Unit Nine, Milton Keynes) Results
5/9/2019 TNT “IGNition: OutRAGE 2019” (Hanger34, Liverpool) Results
6/9/2019 FFW “Live In Mackadown” (The Macadown Sports & Social Club, Mackadown) Results
6/9/2019 UCW “Systems Loading” (Steels Social Club, Sunderland) Results
6/9/2019 W3L “Wrestlution XIII” (The Brunton, Musselburgh) Results
7/9/2019 APW “New Heights 2” (Kyushinkai Martial Arts dojo, Telford)
7/9/2019 ATTACK! “Screaming For Change” (Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham) Results
7/9/2019 AWW “16th Anniversary Show” (Cornbow Hall, Halesowen)
7/9/2019 Breed Pro “PMA” Results & “Breeding Grounds 3” Results (Hex, Sheffield)
7/9/2019 Burning Hearts “Fall Fury” (The Old Theatre, London)
7/9/2019 EBW X HOP X Aspire X Elevation “Fallout 2019: Show 1” Results & “Fallout 2019: Show 2” Results (Sheffield Works Department Sports & Social Club, Sheffield)
7/9/2019 FCP X The Crash “Project Mexico” (Tijuana, Mexico) Results
7/9/2019 FFW “Live In Mountsorrel” (Mountsorrel Working Men’s Club, Mountsorrel) Results
7/9/2019 Frontline “NexGen” (Rainham Methodist Hall, Rainham) Results
7/9/2019 HOPE “Evolution 88: I Hope This Comes Back To Haunt You” (West End Working Men’s Club, Leicester) Results
7/9/2019 OTT “The Road To Fifth Anniversary” (KFRC, Tallaght) Results
7/9/2019 PW4U “Livewire” (Knutton Ex-Servicemans Club, Stoke-On-Trent) Results
7/9/2019 Reckless Intent “Live In Livingston” (Murieston Scout Hall, Livingston) Results
7/9/2019 RWA “Live!” (New Images Youth Centre, Winsford)
7/9/2019 Southside “Appetite For Destruction” (The Commonwealth Hall, Huntington)
7/9/2019 SWW (Filton Community Hall, Bristol)
7/9/2019 UKPW (Teynam Community Centre, Faversham)
7/9/2019 WAW “Premier League” (Owen Barnes Community Centre, Costessey) Results
7/9/2019 WPW “Ladies & Gentlemen, Let’s Fight” (Penn URC Community Hall, Wolverhampton) Results
7/9/2019 Wrestlezone “Live In Turriff” (Turriff Baden Powell Centre, Turriff) Results
8/9/2019 Aspire (St Martins Methodist Church, Allenton)
8/9/2019 *DATE CHANGE* Breed Pro “StarrCave” (Peak Cavern, Castleton) *NOW: 12/10/2019*
8/9/2019 Dragon Pro “Rising Tide” (The Neon, Newport) Results
8/9/2019 EWE “Battle At The Bedford” (The Bedford, London)
8/9/2019 Sacrifice Pro “Chapter 27: Payment Is Due, Friend” (Cedars Upper School, Leighton Buzzard) Results
8/9/2019 SOPW “Showcase 2” (Malone Rugby Club, Belfast)
8/9/2019 WAW “Academy Show” (Breckland Hall, Costessey) Results
11/9/2019 PBW “Live In Motherwell” (Muirhouse Primary School, Motherwell) Results
12/9/2019 Wrestling Sport “Autumn Anarchy” (Bridge Community Centre, Liverpool) Results
13/9/2019 CIWW “Mega Charity Wrestling” (Centre Point Trust, La Pouquelaye, Jersey) Results
13/9/2019 Contract Pro “Equilibrium” (Blyth Comrades Club, Blyth)
13/9/2019 Elevation “Powerplay” (Newbold Verdon Sports & Social Club, Leicester)
13/9/2019 FSW “Live In Dereham” (Dereham Memorial Hall, Dereham) Results
13/9/2019 HOP “Super September: Hucknall” (Hucknall Working Men’s Club, Hucknall) Results
13/9/2019 PWS “Live In Newmains” (Newmains Community Trust Centre, Newmains) Results
13/9/2019 SOUL “6: Living Forever” (Merton Arts Centre, Wimbledon, London) Results
13/9/2019 SWW “Live In Dursley” (Lister Hall, Dursley) Results
13/9/2019 W3L “Wrestling Showdown!” (The Corran Halls, Oban)
14/9/2019 BRW “King Of Yorkshire 2019” (Royal Hall, Harrogate)
14/9/2019 Chaos “Dark Day’s Bright Knights” (Kings Oak Academy, Bristol)
14/9/2019 CPW “Big Drama Show” (Henley Green Community Centre, Coventry) Results
14/9/2019 DWA “Feeling Lucky” (Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter)
14/9/2019 EVE “Wrestling With An Agenda” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London) Results
14/9/2019 EWA “British Bash X” Wycombe Arts Centre, Wycombe) Results
14/9/2019 FSW “Fight Night” (West Lynn Sports & Social Club, King’s Lynn)
14/9/2019 HOP “Super September: Beeston – Matinee” Results & “Super September: Beeston – Evening” (Beeston Youth & Community Centre, Nottingham)
14/9/2019 ICW “Fight Club” (The Garage, Glasgow) Results
14/9/2019 Ironfist Pro “Sword In The Speedball” (Sands Village Hall, High Wycombe)
14/9/2019 NGW “Ultimate Showdown” (Hull City Hall, Hull)
14/9/2019 NORTH “NCL.20//Oh My Gosh” (Riverside, Newcastle)
14/9/2019 PROGRESS “Natural PROGRESSion Series 6” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London) Results
14/9/2019 RISE “The Old Saw Mill Garden Party: Day 1” (Lenthor Farm, Northallerton)
14/9/2019 RWA “Live In Winsford” (New Images Youth Centre, Winsford)
14/9/2019 SWW “Live In Tewkesbury” (The Watson Hall, Tewkesbury) Results
14/9/2019 Target “Live In Carlisle” (The Venue, Carlisle) Results
14/9/2019 TWL “WLz Tapings” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich)
15/9/2019 CSF “21st Anniversary Event” (Cheese & Grain, Frome)
15/9/2019 Elevation “Rebound: Show 1” & “Rebound: Show 2” (New Parks Community Centre, Leicester)
15/9/2019 FFPW “Episode 10: Fight Factory’s Excellent Adventure” (Sheriff Youth Hall, Dublin)
15/9/2019 Futureshock “Uproar 108” (Stockport Masonic Guildhall, Stockport)
15/9/2019 HOP “September Tour: Papplewick” (Papplewic & Linby Village Hall, Pipplewick)
15/9/2019 PROGRESS “Chapter 95: Still Chasing” (Alexandra Palace, Heringay, London) Results
15/9/2019 Reckless Intent “Sunday Slam” (Unit 9, Livingston)
15/9/2019 RISE “The Old Saw Mill Garden Party: Day 2” (Lenthor Farm, Northallerton)
15/9/2019 Venom (The River Rooms, Stourbridge)
15/9/2019 WAW (The Carnegie Rooms, Thetford)
18/9/2019 IPWL “NorwoodMania” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich)
18/9/2019 *CANCELLED* OWE “Live! London – Day 1” (The Dome, Tufnall Park, London)
18/9/2019 Tidal “Slip It In! A short Notice Wrestling Event Named After Black Flag” (Temple Of Boom, Leeds)
19/9/2019 *CANCELLED* OWE “Live! London – Day 2” (The Dome, Tufnall Park, London)
20/9/2019 FFW “Wrestling For Nepal” (The Brunts Academy, Mansfield)
20/9/2019 KAPOW! (Cranleigh Village Sports & Social Club, Cranleigh)
20/9/2019 K-Star (Old Oscott Working Men’s Club, Birmingham)
20/9/2019 Lucha Britannia “Super Sexy September” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
20/9/2019 MEW “Northern Bash 2019” (Innisfree Sports & Social Club, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
20/9/2019 *CANCELLED* OWE “Live! Liverpool – Day 1” (Grand Central Hall, Liverpool)
20/9/2019 PWI (Larkwell Community Centre)
21/9/2019 Alpha Pro “Fallout” (Malthouse Suite Syston Conservative Club, Leicester)
21/9/2019 APEX “Aerial Assault” (Bletchley Youth Centre, Milton Keynes)
21/9/2019 BEW “Ambition Of The Empire 4” & “Glory Of The Empire 2019” (Hillcross Primary School, Merton, London)
21/9/2019 BWP (Denbigh Town Hall, Denbigh)
21/9/2019 CPW “Live!” (Bodmin Jail, Bodmin)
21/9/2019 CUKPW “Saturday Night Fight!” (The New Moorside Club, Leeds)
21/9/2019 DNW “Brawl In The Hall” (Westhill Community Centre, Retford)
21/9/2019 EAW (Parsons Hall, Irchester)
21/9/2019 Evolution (Wotton Hall Social Club, Gloucester)
21/9/2019 GOOD “Be Average To Eachother” (Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes)
21/9/2019 Ironfist “Masters Of The Universe” (Richmond Place Club, Hereford)
21/9/2019 KOW “Road To Gold VI” (Cloud Nine & Lounge, Barrow-In-Furniss)
21/9/2019 NSFW (Marden Residents Club, North Shields)
21/9/2019 *CANCELLED* OWE “Live! Liverpool – Day 2” (Grand Central Hall, Liverpool)
21/9/2019 PWI “The Late Late Show” (The Kino, Cork City)
21/9/2019 RWA “All Or Nothing” (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)
21/9/2019 SWA (Mercure Inverness Hotel, Inverness)
21/9/2019 SWW “Monsters Brawl” (Walls Club, Gloucester)
21/9/2019 Target (The Corner House, Annan)
21/9/2019 TGW “A New Era” (Millthorpe School, York)
21/9/2019 UKW “Mental Health Awareness” (22 Branch Road, Batley)
21/9/2019 Wrestlezone “Live!” (Balmedie Leisure Centre, Balmedie)
22/9/2019 IPW “Anniversary XV” (Maidstone Leisure Centre, Maidstone)
22/9/2019 Kamikaze Pro “Bank On It 7” (Coventry Empire, Coventry)
22/9/2019 Megaslam (Britannia Hotel, Coventry)
22/9/2019 *CANCELLED* OWE “Live! Liverpool – Day 3” (Grand Central Hall, Liverpool)
22/9/2019 SEPW (Hawkinge Community Centre, Hawkinge)
22/9/2019 UBW “Big Trouble In Little Letchworth” (Grange Community Centre, Letchworth)
22/9/2019 BEW presents An Evening With Priscilla Kelly (Tunnel 267, Wimbledon, London)
24/9/2019 Schadenfreude & Friends “Two” (Frog & Bucket, Manchester)
25/9/2019 NBW “Live!” (Brook Street, ?)
26/9/2019 PBW (Antonine Primary School, Drumchapel)
27/9/2019 Battle Pro (Pentagon Shopping Centre, Chatham)
27/9/2019 DKW “Battle Of Champions” (The Forest Academy, Hainault)
27/9/2019 EVE “Friday Night Riot” (Resistance Gallery, Bethna Green, London)
27/9/2019 Exposure (Pontnewydd Workingmans Club, Cwmbran)
27/9/2019 FCP “Project Mayhem VIII: Night 1” (The Hanger, Wolverhampton)
27/9/2019 HOPE “Evolution 89: The Man Who $old The World” (Forest Town Arena, Mansfield)
27/9/2019 Megaslam (Creswell Events Centre, Creswell)
27/9/2019 PBW (Dobbie Hall, Lambert)
27/9/2019 Respect Pro (Saltcoats Labour Club, Saltcoats)
27/9/2019 TWL “Friday Night SOS” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich)
27/9/2019 UBW “CastleFest 2019” (UK Centre For Carnival Arts, Luton)
27/9/2019 UWL “Live!” (The Abbey Hulton Suburban Club, Stoke-On-Trent)
28/9/2019 4GW (Seby Railway Club, Selby)
28/9/2019 Battle Pro “After Hours 2” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
28/9/2019 BECW “Wrestlefest” (The Centre Walligton, Wallington)
28/9/2019 CPW “Vs The World” (Henley Green Community Centre, Coventry)
28/9/2019 DOA “Yarmageddon XVI” (The Drill House, Great Yarmouth)
28/9/2019 DWA “Retaliation” (Heathcoat Social Club, Tiverton)
28/9/2019 EVE “She Regrets Nothing” (Stratford Arts Centre, Stratford Circus, London)
28/9/2019 Evolution “Border Wars” (Greenway Centre, Doncaster)
28/9/2019 Exist Pro (Hanger 18, Swansea)
28/9/2019 Exposure (Cosmo Club Pontygwaith, Ferndale)
28/9/2019 FCP “Project Mayhem VIII: Night 2” (The Hanger, Wolverhampton)
28/9/2019 FFW “King Queen Of The Cage” (X-Church, Gainsborough)
28/9/2019 FFW “Fourth Anniversary” (Nelson Club, Warwick)
28/9/2019 FUTR “FUTRama: Night 1” (Grosvenor Rooms, Sutton-In-Ashfield)
28/9/2019 Grapple (Garforth Miner’s Welfare Hall, Garforth)
28/9/2019 HOP “September Tour: St Ann’s” (St Ann With Emmanuel Church, Nottingham)
28/9/2019 IPW “2 Nights Only XXX” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich)
28/9/2019 MPW (The Westlea Sports & Family Bar, Seaham)
28/9/2019 PCW (Royal Music Hall, Stoke-On-Trent)
28/9/2019 PWE “Live!” (Ayr Town Hall, Ayr)
28/9/2019 Respect Pro (Viewfield Manor, Kilwinning)
28/9/2019 Shield Pro “Shieldiversary” (Chuter Ede Community Association, South Shields)
28/9/2019 Source “Fusion 3” (Mount Vernon Community Hall, Glasgow)
28/9/2019 SWA “Dark Horizons” (Dawley Town Hall, Telford)
28/9/2019 SWE “Uprising” (Coldside Parish Church, Dundee)
28/9/2019 SWW “Dubs Of Anarchy” (Ashdown Farm, Worcester)
28/9/2019 UPW (Abbey Manor Community Centre, Yeovil)
28/9/2019 WAW “Live In Swaffham” (Nicholas Hammond Academy, Swaffham)
28/9/2019 Wrestling Experience “Live In Bathgate” (Reconnect Regal Theatre, Bathgate)
29/9/2019 Aspire (Sinfin Community Centre, Sinfin)
29/9/2019 ASW (Wyvern Theatre, Swindon)
29/9/2019 ATTACK! “Regaining Unconsciousness” (The Bingo Hall, Cathays Community Hall, Cardiff)
29/9/2019 DKW “Fallout” (Fondu Sports & Social Club, Purfleet)
29/9/2019 DWA “Live!” (Heathcoat Social Club, Tiverton)
29/9/2019 EWE “Aftermath” (The Bedford, Balham, London)
29/9/2019 Exposure (Severn View Social Club, Caldicot)
29/9/2019 FCW “In Yower House: The Black Country Championship Finals” (Baggeridge Social Club, Dudley)
29/9/2019 FUTR “FUTRama: Night 2” (Shirebrook Welfare, Shirebrook)
29/9/2019 HOP “September Tour: Calverton” (Calverton Working Men’s Club, Nottingham)
29/9/2019 Megaslam (Lings Forum, Northampton)
29/9/2019 MPWA “Showcase 4: Manc1 Grand Prix”
29/9/2019 OTT “Martina’s Gaff Party” (Europa Hall, Belfast)
29/9/2019 Tidal “Hell Hath No Fury 5: Deadlier Than The Male” & “Befuddled” (Temple Of Boom, Leeds)
29/9/2019 UBW “Welcome To Crowley’s Show” (The Weatherley Centre, Biggleswade)
29/9/2019 WIH X NBWA (Middleton Cheney Village Hall, Banbury)

October 2019…
TBC/10/2019 MEW “Live!” (Innisfree Sports & Social Club, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
2/10/2019 IPW “OMG!” (Unit Nine, Milton Keynes)
3/10/2019 TNT “Cold Day In Hell 2019” (Fusion, Liverpool)
4/10/2019 Contract Pro (Blyth Comrades Club, Blyth)
4/10/2019 Empire “Strikes Back”(The Point, Sunderland)
4/10/2019 GPW “Friday Night Thriller” (The Rose Club, Hindley, Wigan)
4/10/2019 Megaslam (The Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool)
4/10/2019 NXT UK “Tapings” (Brentwood Centre, Brentwood)
4/10/2019 PCW (Blackpool Tower Circus, Blackpool)
4/10/2019 Riptide “Brighton Spirit Weekender: Night 1” (Brighthelm Centre, Brighton)
5/10/2019 *POSTPONED* 4GW “Unstoppable” (Ossett Town Hall, Ossett)
5/10/2019 APW “Over & Out 3” (Kyushinkai Martial Arts, Telford)
5/10/2019 BWP “Against All Odds 2019” (Prestatyn Ffrith Beach Arena, Prestatyn)
5/10/2019 CPW “Let’s Go!” (Leicester Sports Centre, Leicester)
5/10/2019 EWW “End Of an Era” (East Sussex College, Hastings)
5/10/2019 Frontline “Summon Conflict” (Rushcliffe Arena, Nottingham)
5/10/2019 HOPE “Evolution 90: Without The Bitter, the sweet Isn’t As Sweet” (West End Working Men’s Club, Leicester)
5/10/2019 KAPOW! (Chamberlayne Leisure Centre, Southampton)
5/10/2019 Megaslam (Dewsbury Sport Centre, Dewsbury)
5/10/2019 NCW “Cramlington Chaos” (The Shankhouse Social, Cramlington)
5/10/2019 NXT UK “Tapings” (Brentwood Centre, Brentwood)
5/10/2019 Phoenix “Invasion Feel The Force” (Venue TBA)
5/10/2019 Reckless Intent “Live!” (Murieston Scout Hall, Livingston)
5/10/2019 Riptide “Brighton Spirit Weekender: Night 2 – Show 1” & “Brighton Spirit Weekender: Night 2 – Show 2” (Brighthelm Centre, Brighton)
5/10/2019 RISE “SlamDown 2: Joe Your Role” (Trash, Bradford)
5/10/2019 Target (Lochside Club, Dumfries)
5/10/2019 Wrestle Gate “Gate Of Honour” (Rushcliffe Arena, Nottingham)
5/10/2019 Wrestlezone “Live!” (Inverurie Town Hall, Inverurie)
6/10/2019 Discovery “Year V” (The Jam House, Edinburgh)
6/10/2019 DOA “6YAS” (Newmarket Memoiral Hall, Newmarket)
6/10/2019 FTGU (The Elms Social & Service Club, Leicester)
6/10/2019 Futureshock “Tapped VII” (Fairfield Social Club, Manchester)
6/10/2019 Megaslam (Marsden Mechanics, Huddersfield)
6/10/2019 Megaslam (Market Rasen Festival Hall, Market Rasen)
6/10/2019 PW4U “OscarMania 2” (Sneyd Green Community Hall, Stoke-On-Trent)
6/10/2019 Reach “House Reach” (Plymouth School Of Creative Arts, Plymouth)
6/10/2019 RPW “Live At The Cockpit 46” (The Cockpit, Marylebone, London)
6/10/2019 Southside “Lock, Stock & Three Smoing Rascalz” (The Priory Centre, St Neots)
6/10/2019 Tidal “Babylon’s Burning” (New Cross Inn, London)
6/10/2019 UKPW “Live!” (Medway Park Leisure Centre, Gillingham)
6/10/2019 UXC “Live!” (Newton Abbot)
6/10/2019 Wrestle Island “The Fallen Kingdom” (Birkenhead Youth Club, Birkenhead)
6/10/2019 Wrestleforce (West Maldon Community Cetre, Maldon)
7/10/2019 Quality “Monday Night Sore” (The Astoria, Portsmouth)
9/10/2019 ATTACK! “Voices Of Violence” (The Dome, Tufnall Park, London)
9/10/2019 Inside The Ropes presents Hitman: An Evening With Bret Hart (Limelight, Belfast)
10/10/2019 PBW (The Hub, Maryhill)
10/10/2019 Inside The Ropes presents Hitman: An Evening With Bret Hart (Liberty Hall Theatre, Dublin)
11/10/2019 Battle Pro “Gang Warfare” (Livesley Memorial Hall, Syderham, London)
11/10/2019 BWR “Youth In Revolt” (Lucarlys, Grimsby)
11/10/2019 EBW “Halloween Is For Heroes” (Woodhouse Westend Working Men’s Club, Sheffield)
11/10/2019 HOP “October Tour: Hucknall” (George Street Working Men’s Club, Hucknall)
11/10/2019 Megaslam (Festival Hall Leisure Centre, Kirkby In Ashfield)
11/10/2019 Triple L “Parental Advisory Explicit Lucha” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
11/10/2019 WrestlingFor… (Benjamins, Halesowen)
11/10/2019 Inside The Ropes presents Hitman: An Evening With Bret Hart (Cyprus Avenue, Cork)
12/10/2019 Breed Pro “StarrCave” (Peak Cavern, Castleton)
12/10/2019 BWR “Rise Of The Valkyrie” (Lucarlys, Grimsby)
12/10/2019 CSF “Saturday Night Slam!” (Devizes Corn Exchange, Devizes)
12/10/2019 EVE “Check Yourself” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
12/10/2019 Evolution “15 Years Of Evolution” (St Barnabus Church Hall, Gloucester)
12/10/2019 FSW “Fight Night” (West Lynn Sports & Social Club, King’s Lynn)
12/10/2019 HOP “October Tour: BEeston – Matinee” & “October Tour: Beeston – Evening” (Beeston Youth & Community Centre, Nottingham)
12/10/2019 ICW “Gonzo” (The Asylum, Glasgow)
12/10/2019 LWF “October Overload” (The Army Reserve Centre, Chorley)
12/10/2019 NBW “Live!” (Solvay Function Suite, Oldbury)
12/10/2019 NRW “House Of Heroes IV: Glory” (The Woolwell Centre, Plymouth)
12/10/2019 PWA “Road To Armageddon” (The Syndi Centre, Leamington Spa)
12/10/2019 Resurgence “Big Wavy’s Everything Patterned” (Attenborough Arts Cetre, Leicester)
12/10/2019 Standon SmackDown II (Standon & Puckeridge Community Centre, Standon & Puckeridge)
12/10/2019 WAW (Lingwood Village Hall & Social Club, Lingwood)
12/10/2019 WIH “Halloween Spook-tactular 2019” (Hastings High School, Burbage)
12/10/2019 WIN “Nightmare On WIN Street” (Daventry Leisure Centre, Daventry)
12/10/2019 Wrestleforce (Greenstead Community Centre, Colchester)
13/10/2019 ASW (Towngate theatre, Basildon)
13/10/2019 Kamikaze Pro “Live 21” (The Cadbury Club, Birmingham)
13/10/2019 Megaslam (Brentford Lock Holiday Inn London, Brentford)
13/10/2019 NLW “Going For Gold” (Moat Theatre, Naas)
13/10/2019 PWS (The NCT Centre, Newmains)
13/10/2019 RPW “Live In Southampton 10” (The 1865, Southampton)
13/10/2019 Sacrifice Pro “Chapter 28: Jacrifice Pro Wrestling” (Cedars Upper School, Leighton Buzzard) *We’ll Be There LIVE!*
13/10/2019 Slammasters “Sunday Slammasters 2” (Beddau RFC)
13/10/2019 SOPW “Wrestpect The 13th October” (Wellington Park Hotel, Belfast)
13/10/2019 Tidal “NXI 3 : My Dad’s Bigger Than Your Dad!” (New Cross Inn, London)
13/10/2019 TIW “End Of The Line” (Ormskirk Civic Hall, Ormskirk)
13/10/2019 Wrestleforce (Paringdon Sports Club, Harlow)
13/10/2019 WWW “Stowmarket Slam 5” (Everyone Active Mid Suffolk Leisure Centre, TBA)
13/10/2019 Inside The Ropes presents Hitman: An Evening With Bret Hart (The Comedy Store, Manchester)
14/10/2019 Inside The Ropes presents Hitman: An Evening With Bret Hart (Classic Grand, Glasgow)
16/10/2019 Inside The Ropes presents Hitman: An Evening With Bret Hart (229 The Venue, London)
18/10/2019 ASW (Oakengates Theatre, Telford)
18/10/2019 Elevation “High Stakes” (Newbold Vernon Sports & Social Club, Leicester)
18/10/2019 FCW (Tulloch Institute, Perth)
18/10/2019 HOPE “Evolution” (Forest Town Arena, Mansfield)
18/10/2019 InOut “Wrestling’s About” (Nantwich Civic Hall, Nantwich)
18/10/2019 Megaslam (Britannia Hotels, Nottingham)
18/10/2019 NPWS “Real Genesis” (Northumbria Students’ Union, Newcastle-Upon-tyne)
18/10/2019 PBW (Barmulloch Community Centre, Glasgow)
18/10/2019 SOUL (Merton Arts Space, Wimbledon, London)
18/10/2019 WAW (Connaught Hall, Attleborough)
18/10/2019 Wrestleforce (Lopping Hall, Loughton)
19/10/2019 APEX “Live!” (Bletchley Youth Centre, Milton Keynes)
19/10/2019 ASW (Dudley Town Hal, Dudley)
19/10/2019 BMW (Mayfield Cener, Stirling)
19/10/2019 Chaos “All Or Nothing 2019” (Yate Leisure Centre, Yate)
19/10/2019 CPW “Fuck You” (Dhilon’s Brewery, Coventry)
19/10/2019 DnA “Live!” (Venue TBA, Ipswich)
19/10/2019 DWA “Live!” (St Matthews Hall, Topsham)
19/10/2019 Fightstar “CarnEvil” (Barrington Theatre, Ferndown)
19/10/2019 Frontline “J-League” (Rainham Methodist Hall, Rainham)
19/10/2019 FSW (AliveLynnsport, King’s Lynn)
19/10/2019 Fusion Pro “Frightfest” (Llanfairfechan Community Hall, Llanfairechan)
19/10/2019 KAPOW! (Stamshaw & Tipner Community Centre, Portsmouth)
19/10/2019 RPW (Buckland Community Centre, Portsmouth)
19/10/2019 RWA “Live!” (New Images Youth Centre, Winsford)
19/10/2019 SWW (Colwall Village Hall, Malvern)
19/10/2019 Triumph “Volume 3” (The North Romford Community Centre, Romford)
19/10/2019 Unstoppable “A Nightmare In Ostwaldwistle” (Civic Arts Centre, Ostwaldwistle)
20/10/2019 AWW “Under Seige” (Tipton Sports Academy, Tipton)
20/10/2019 APEX “Pick On Someone Your Own Size” (Jury’s Inn, Milton Keynes)
20/10/2019 ASW (Floral Pavilion, New Brighton)
20/10/2019 ATTACK! (Trinity Centre, Bristol)
20/10/2019 BEW “Clash Of Nations!!” (Lyonsdown Hall, Barnet, London)
20/10/2019 Exist Pro “No Surprises” (Cwmfelin Social club, Swansea)
20/10/2019 EWE “Live!” (The Armstrong Hall, South Shields)
20/10/2019 FFW “Bodyslams To Cancer 2019” (ONE NK, Lincoln)
20/10/2019 Megaslam (The Britannia Sachas Hotel, Manchester)
20/10/2019 Megaslam (Golden Palm Resort, Skegness)
20/10/2019 MEW “Get Some Attitude!” (Innisfree Sports & Social Club, Longbenton, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
20/10/2019 OTT “Wexford Spiegeltent Festival 2019” (The Quay, Wexford)
20/10/2019 PWI “Phoenix Rising” (Circus Factory, Cork)
20/10/2019 Reckless Intent “Live In Edinburgh” (Gilmerton Miners Club, Edinburgh)
20/10/2019 UPW (Exeter)
20/10/2019 *DATE CHANGE* Wrestle Island “The Fallen Kingdom” (Birkenhead Youth Club, Birkenhead) *NOW: 6/10/2019*
22/10/2019 ASW (The Woodville, Gravesend)
22/10/2019 Megaslam (Richmond Holiday Centre, Skegness)
23/10/2019 ASW (Fairfield Halls, Croyden)
23/10/2019 IPW “No Time To Fly” (Westgate Hall, Canterbury)
23/10/2019 Megaslam (Golden Palm Resort, Skegness)
23/10/2019 Megaslam (Coastfields Holiday Village, Ingoldmells)
24/10/2019 Megaslam (Grange Leisure Park, Mabelthorpe)
24/10/2019 Megaslam (Skirlington Leisure Park, Driffield)
25/10/2019 EVW “Absolute Scenes” (GRUB, Manchester)
25/10/2019 Exposure (Tynant Club, Pontypridd)
25/10/2019 FCP “Live!” (The Hanger, Wolverhampton)
25/10/2019 HOP X EBW “October Tour: Rainworth – Nottinghamshire Vs Yorkshire” (Rainworth Miners Welfare, Mansfield)
25/10/2019 Kamikaze Pro “Halloween Hell” (Tyseley Working Men’s Club, Birmingham)
25/10/2019 KAPOW! (Jenesis Arts Centre, Portsmouth)
25/10/2019 Megaslam (The Palace Hotel, Buxton)
25/10/2019 Megaslam (Coronation Hall, Ulverston)
25/10/2019 PBW “Carnage In Caol 3” (Caol Community Centre, Fort William)
25/10/2019 PCW (Evoque Nightclub, Preston)
25/10/2019 ROH “Honor United 2019: London” (York Hall, Bethnal Green, London)
25/10/2019 TWL “WLz Tapings” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich)
25/10/2019 UWL “Live!” (The Abbey Hulton Suburban Club, Stoke-On-Trent)
25/10/2019 WAW (Beccles Public Hall, Beccles)
25/10/2019 Never Mind The Wristlocks (2Northdown, London)
26/10/2019 BEW X PWM “Collision” (Palace Theatre, Paola, Malta)
26/10/2019 CSF “Saturday Night Slam!” (Hutton Moor Leisure Centre, Weston-Super-Mare)
26/10/2019 DKW “Revolution” (Wanstead Leisure Centre, Wanstead)
26/10/2019 Exposure “Massacre” (Venue TBA, Newport)
26/10/2019 FFW “Live!” (X-Church, Gainsborough)
26/10/2019 FUTR (Grosvenor Rooms, Sutton-In-Ashfield)
26/10/2019 Futureshock “Underground 35” (Longfield Suite, Prestwich)
26/10/2019 IPWL (Colchester Town Hall, Colchester)
26/10/2019 Ironfist “Live!” (Venue TBA, Evesham)
26/10/2019 Megaslam (The Royal Hotel, Hull)
26/10/2019 *DATE CHANGE* NORTH “NCL.21//” (Riverside, Newcastle) *NOW: 27/10/2019*
26/10/2019 OTT “Fifth Year Anniversary” (National Stadium, Dublin)
26/10/2019 Outcast Pro (Riverside Centre, Newport, Isle Of Wight)
26/10/2019 PBW “Maximum Impact 2019” (Airdrie Town Hall, Airdrie)
26/10/2019 PCW “Live!” (Venue TBA, Preston)
26/10/2019 RCWA “Reborn” (Harris Academy, Rainham)
26/10/2019 ROH “Honor United 2019: Newport” (The Newport Centre, Newport)
26/10/2019 RWA “Reborn” (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)
26/10/2019 Shield Pro “Live!” (Chuter Ede Community Association, South Shields)
26/10/2019 Southside “Thank You & Goodnight: 9th Anniversary Show” (Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage)
26/10/2019 SWW (Miners Welfare Hall, Cinderford)
26/10/2019 Wrestleforce “HAlloween Havoc!” (The Mill Arts & Events Centre, Rayleigh)
26/10/2019 Wrestlezone “Halloween Hijinx 2019” (Kincorth Community Centre, Aberdeen)
27/10/2019 ASW (Playhouse, Epsom)
27/10/2019 BCW “Fright Night” (Windlesham Club & Theatre, Windlesham)
27/10/2019 BLW “Resurgence” (Westlands, Yeovil)
27/10/2019 CIWW “Live!” (The Merton Hotel, Jersey)
27/10/2019 DKW “That Halloween Show” (The Balmoral Centre, Westcliff)
27/10/2019 Dragon Pro “Eye Of The Storm” (The NEON, Newport)
27/10/2019 Exposure (Willows Youth Club, Merthyr Tydfil)
27/10/2019 FUTR (Shirebrook Welfare, Shirebrook)
27/10/2019 ICW “Fight Club: France 2000” (The Garage, Glasgow)
27/10/2019 Kamikaze Pro “Broomsticks & Superkicks 2” (Coventry Empire, Coventry)
27/10/2019 Megaslam (Belper Leisure Centre, Belper)
27/10/2019 Megaslam (Richmond Holiday Centre, Skegness)
27/10/2019 Megaslam (Golden Palm Resort, Skegness)
27/10/2019 NORTH “NCL.21//Scary Monsters & Super Creeps: Part II” (Riverside, Newcastle)
27/10/2019 OTT “Defiant III” (Ringside Club, Dublin)
27/10/2019 Pinfall “Fright Night” (Spotters Gym, Salford)
27/10/2019 PROGRESS “Chapter 97: Sex Robots Will Eventually Be Capable Of Murder” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London)
27/10/2019 Respect Pro (Lochwinnoch Community Annexe)
27/10/2019 ROH “Honor United 2019: Bolton” (Bolton Whites, Macron Stadium, Bolton)
27/10/2019 Tidal “The Grounded Invitational” & “Against All Odds #6: Cult Edition” (Temple Of Doom, Leeds)
27/10/2019 TWI (St Michael’s Hall, Cootehill)
27/10/2019 TWL “Halloween Hijack 2” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich)
27/10/2019 Wrestleforce “Halloween Special” (Witham Public Hall, Witham)
28/10/2019 ASW (Princes Theatre, Aldershot)
28/10/2019 BLW presents The VIP Lounge with MVP (Westlands Yeovil, Yeovil)
28/10/2019 Megaslam “War On the Shore 2019” (Bridlington Sa, Bridlington)
29/10/2019 ASW (Alban Arena, St Albans)
29/10/2019 Wrestleforce “Halloween Special” (The Electric Theatre, Guildford)
30/10/2019 ASW (The Pavilion, Bournemouth)
30/10/2019 Megaslam (Villa Marina, Isle Of Man)
30/10/2019 MPW “Haunted Halloween” (King Street, North Shields)
30/10/2019 Wrestleforce (Tadley & District Community Association, Tadley)
31/10/2019 APEX “Rising: Double Beatdown” (MK11, Milton Keynes)
31/10/2019 RISE “SpookySlam 3” (Temple Of Boom, Leeds)
31/10/2019 SWE “Halloween Uprising” (Bonar Hall, Dundee)

November 2019…
1/11/2019 Contract Pro (Blyth Comrades Club, Blyth)
1/11/2019 KAPOW! (HAyling Island Community Centre, Hayling Island)
1/11/2019 PW4U “Jeepers Sleepers!” (Silverdale Working Men’s Club, Newcastle-Under-Lyme)
1/11/2019 Wrestleforce “Halloween Special” (The Harlington, Fleet)
1/11/2019 WrestlingFor… (Benjamin’s, Birmingham)
1/11/2019 WrestleVerse (Tower Nightclub, Hull)
2/11/2019 APW “Live!” (Kyushinkai Martial Arts, Telford)
2/11/2019 BEW “Bash By The Beach” (Betteshanger Welfare Youth FC, Deal)
2/11/2019 BWR X RISE “Guerrilla Warfare” (Unit A, Grimsby)
2/11/2019 EAW (Parsons Hall, Irchester)
2/11/2019 HOPE “Evolution” (West End Working Men’s Club, Leicester)
2/11/2019 Hustle (Edmonton County School, London)
2/11/2019 ICW “Fear & Loathing XI: Night 1” (SWG3, Glasgow)
2/11/2019 InOut “Blaze Of Glory” (Rudheath Social Club, Northwich)
2/11/2019 OCW “Saturday Night Is Alright For Fighting”” (Penryn Campus Sports Centre, Penryn)
2/11/2019 Reckless Intent “Live!” (Murieston Scout Hall, Livingston)
2/11/2019 SWE “Uprising: The The Greatest Show, Man!” (Coldside Parish Church, Dundee)
2/11/2019 UKPW “Live!” (Falconwood Community Hall, London)
2/11/2019 Unstoppable “Light The Fuse!” (Padiham Town Hall, Burnley)
2/11/2019 Wrestleforce (Agincourt Rock Venue, Camberley)
2/11/2019 Wrestlezone (Stewarts Hall, Huntly)
3/11/2019 CSF “Showdown” (Trowbridge Civic Centre, Trowbridge)
3/11/2019 Discovery “Jam House Of Horrors” (The Jam House, Edinburgh)
3/11/2019 DKW “Endgame” (Brentwood Theatre, Brentwood)
3/11/2019 DNA “Fight Fiction” (Inspire Suffolk, Ipswich)
3/11/2019 ICW “Fear & Loathing XI: Night 2” (SWG3, Glasgow)
3/11/2019 NFW (Iver Village Hall, Iver)
3/11/2019 NGW “Collision Course 2019” (Victoria Hall, Keighley)
3/11/2019 RPW “Live At The Cockpit 47” (The Cockpit, Marylebone, London)
3/11/2019 *DATE CHANGE* Venom (The River Rooms, Stourbridge) *NOW: 10/11/2019*
3/11/2019 Wrestleforce (New Milton Memorial Centre, New Milton)
5/11/2019 *CANCELLED* WWE “Live! Nottingham” (Motopoint Arena, Nottingham)
6/11/2019 IPW “OMG!” (Unit Nine, Milton Keynes)
6/11/2019 *CANCELLED* WWE “Live! Birmingham” (Birmingham BC Arena, Birmingham)
7/11/2019 TNT “IGNition: No Limit 2019” (Fusion, Liverpool)
7/11/2019 WWE “Live! Brighton” (The Brighton Centre, Brighton)
8/11/2019 Source “Mayhem: Rumble!” (Fairfield Club, Glasgow)
8/11/2019 SWW (The Pavilion Rooms, Ledbury)
8/11/2019 WAW (Downham Market Town Hall, Downham Market)
8/11/2019 WWE “Tapings” (Manchester Arena, Manchester)
8/11/2019 *CANCELLED* WWE “Live! London” (The SSE Arena)
9/11/2019 DNW “Live!” (Carlton In Lindrick Working Men’s Club, Worksop)
9/11/2019 EVE “SHE-1 Series 2019: Show 1” & “SHE-1 Series 2019: Show 2” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
9/11/2019 PBW (Greenock Town Hall, Greenock)
9/11/2019 PCW “White Collar Wrestling” & “Young Wrestling Star 2” (PCW Academy, Preston)
9/11/2019 Reach “Prison Break” (Bodmin Jail, Bodmin)
9/11/2019 RPW (Corporation, Sheffield)
9/11/2019 SWW (Walls Club Barnwood, Gloucester)
9/11/2019 Unstoppable “Live!” (Padiham Town Hall, Padiham)
9/11/2019 WAW (Aylsham Tow Hall, Aylsham)
9/11/2019 Wrestleforce (Fanshawe Community Hall, Dagenham)
9/11/2019 Wrestlezone “Live!” (Stewart’s Hall, Huntly)
9/11/2019 WWE “Live! Leeds” (First Direct Arena, Leeds)
9/11/2019 WWE “Live! Minnehead” (Butlins, Minehead)
10/11/2019 EVE “SHE-1 Series 2019: Show 3” & “SHE-1 Series 2019: Show 4” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
10/11/2019 Fierce Females “Avenging Angels” (Fusion, Liverpool)
10/11/2019 RPW (Bedford Corn Exchange, Bedford)
10/11/2019 Sacrifice Pro “Chapter ?” (Cedars Upper School, Leighton Buzzard) *We’ll Be There LIVE!*
10/11/2019 Venom (The River Rooms, Stourbridge)
10/11/2019 Wrestleforce (Cranleigh Village Hall, Cranleigh)
10/11/2019 WWE “Live! Aberdeen” (P&J Live, Aberdeen)
10/11/2019 WWE “Live! Dublin” (3Arena, Dublin)
11/11/2019 WWE “Live! Glasgow” (The SSE Hydro, Glasgow)
15/11/2019 NXT UK “Tapings” (Hull Bonus Arena, Hull)
15/11/2019 SWA “AW OOT!” (Paisley Lagoon Centre, Paisley)
16/11/2019 BRW “Live!” (St Georges Hall, TBA)
16/11/2019 CPW “Live!” (Bodmin Jail, Bodmin)
16/11/2019 FSW “Fight Night” (West Lynn Sports & Social Club, King’s Lynn)
16/11/2019 KOW “7th Anniversary Show” (Cloud Nine & The Lounge, Barrow-In-Furniss)
16/11/2019 NXT UK “Tapings” (Hull Bonus Arena, Hull)
16/11/2019 SWW (St Margaret’s Hall, Cheltenham)
16/11/2019 TWL “WLz Tapings” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich)
16/11/2019 Wrestleforce (South Woodham Ferrers Village Hall, South Woodham Ferrers)
17/11/2019 Futureshock “Uproar 108” (Stockport Masonic Guildhall, Stockport)
17/11/2019 Head Drop “Wrestling III” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
17/11/2019 NBW “Live!” (Brook Street, ?)
17/11/2019 Vertigo Pro “Into Oblivion” (Jacs, Aberdare)
17/11/2019 Wrestleforce (Holywell Community Centre, Watford)
22/11/2019 HOPE “Evolution” (Forest Town Arena, Mansfield)
22/11/2019 Ironfist Pro “Supremacy” (Hammersmith Club, Hammersmith, London)
22/11/2019 MEW “Clash Of The Radgies: Super 6” (Innisfree Sports & Social Club, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
22/11/2019 PBW (Summerston)
22/11/2019 Tetsujin “Beauty In Combat”
22/11/2019 UXC (Selsdon Hall, Croydon)
22/11/2019 Wrestleforce (Palmer’s College, Grays)
22/11/2019 Zenith “Ascension” (Wardley Club, Gateshead)
23/11/2019 APEX “Live!” (Bletchley Leisure Centre, Milton Keynes)
23/11/2019 Chaos “Big Grizzly: Dead Or Alive!” (Merchants Academy, Bristol)
23/11/2019 Exposure
23/11/2019 GOOD “Live!” (Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes) *We’ll Be There LIVE!*
23/11/2019 HOP “Debut Day 2019” (St Ann With Emmanuel Church, St Ann’s)
23/11/2019 Immortal “Press Start” (Prattens Sports & Social Club, Midsomer Norton)
23/11/2019 Respect Pro “The Walker BRAWL” (Walker Memorial Hall, Kilbirnie)
23/11/2019 RWA “Live!” (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)
23/11/2019 SWA “Lions Den” (Motherwell Concert Hall & Theatre, Motherwell)
23/11/2019 UKWA “Nothing Burns Like The Cold”(UK Wrestling Centre, Batley)
23/11/2019 Wrestleforce (USP College Seevic Campus, Benfleet)
23/11/2019 Wrestlezone “Live!” (Betteridge Centre, Newtonhill)
23/11/2019 WWW “9” (Woodlands Sports & Arts Centre, Gillingham)
23/11/2019 BEW presents An Evening with Lufisto (Merton, London)
24/11/2019 BEW “Empire Dream 2019” (Portland House, Cardiff)
24/11/2019 Exposure “Return Of The Valkyries” (The Ferns, Newport)
24/11/2019 PROGRESS “Chapter” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London)
24/11/2019 Strike “Live At Queens” (The Queens Hotel, Bournemouth)
24/11/2019 UKPW “Live!” (Medway Park Leisure Centre, Gillingham)
24/11/2019 UXC (The Foundry, Torquay)
24/11/2019 Wrestleforce (Rowhedge Village Hall, Rowhedge)
29/11/2019 BWR “The Last Stand 2019” (Memorial Hall, Cleethorpes)
29/11/2019 FCP “Live!” (The Hanger, Wolverhampton)
29/11/2019 KAPOW! (Horley Town FC, Horley)
29/11/2019 NBP (East Dene Working Men’s Club, Barnsley)
29/11/2019 Tidal “Year 6: No Ragrets” (Temple Of Boom, Leeds)
29/11/2019 Wrestling League “Friday Night SOS” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich)
29/11/2019 UWL “Live!” (The Abbey Hulton Suburban Club, Stoke-On-Trent)
29/11/2019 WAW “The Wrestling Weekender: Show 1” (Prestatyn Sands Holiday Park, Prestatyn)
30/11/2019 Ambush “Storm The Tower” (Ely Beet Sports & Social, Ely)
30/11/2019 BEW “Empire Fights Back 6!” (Hillcross Primary School, Merton, London)
30/11/2019 BWR “The Last Stand 2019” (Memorial Hall, Cleethorpes)
30/11/2019 Caithness Pro “Live!” (The British Legion, Thurso)
30/11/2019 FFW “Live!” (X-Church, Gainsborough)
30/11/2019 FUTR (Grosvenor Rooms, Sutton-In-Ashfield)
30/11/2019 GPW “Live!” (The Rose Club, Hindley, Wigan)
30/11/2019 KAPOW!
30/11/2019 PBW (Concord Community Centre, Dumbarton)
30/11/2019 Shield Pro “Live!” (Chuter Ede Community Association, South Shields)
30/11/2019 SWA “GoldRush 2019” (Dawley Town Hall, Telford)
30/11/2019 TWL “Overboard 2019” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich)
30/11/2019 Unstoppable “War Of The Roses” (Todmorden Town Hall, Todmorden)
30/11/2019 UPW (Wincanton)
30/11/2019 WAW “The Wrestling Weekender: Show 2” & “The Wrestling Weekender: Show 2” (Prestatyn Sands Holiday Park, Prestatyn)
30/11/2019 Wrestleforce (Black Notley Community Association, Black Notley)
30/11/2019 Wrestling Experience “£5 Wrestling” (The Asylum, Glasgow)
30/11/2019 Wrestling League “FIVE” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich)

December 2019…
TBC/12/2019 Reckless Intent “Sunday Slam Wrestling” (Unit 9, Knightsbridge Industrial Estate, Livingston
TBC/12/2019 RISE “Live!” (Sheaf St, Leeds)
1/12/2019 Discovery “The Chrismas Disco” (The Jam House, Edinburgh)
1/12/2019 FFW “Live!” (ONE NK, Lincoln)
1/12/2019 Fierce Females “Live!” (The Shed, Glasgow)
1/12/2019 HOPE “FUTR” (Shirebrook Welfare, Shirebrook)
1/12/2019 IPW “Royal Rewards” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich)
1/12/2019 Kamikaze Pro “Frost Fight 7” (Coventry Empire, Coventry)
1/12/2019 OTT “Live In Belfast” (Europa Hotel, Belfast)
1/12/2019 Reach “8” (Plymouth School Of Creative Arts, Plymouth)
1/12/2019 RPW “Live At The Cockpit 48” (The Cockpit, Marylebone, London)
1/12/2019 Wrestleforce (Paringdon Sports Centre, Harlow)
4/12/2019 IPW “OMG!” (Unit Nine, Milton Keynes)
6/12/2019 BCW “No Blood No Sympathy 2019: Night 1” (Ballerup Hall, East Kilbride)
6/12/2019 Riptide “Live!” (Brighthelm Centre, Brighton)
7/12/2019 APW “Live!” (Kyushinkai Martial Arts, Telford)
7/12/2019 BCW “No Blood No Sympathy 2019: Night 2” (Kilmarnock Town Hall, Kilmarnock)
7/12/2019 DNW “Live!” (Grove Mill Snooker Club, East Retford)
7/12/2019 HOPE “Evolution” (West End Working Men’s Club, Leicester)
7/12/2019 Ironfist “Live!” (Venue TBA, Hereford)
7/12/2019 NGW “Eternal Glory 2019” (Hull City Hall, Hull)
7/12/2019 PCW “Live!” (Venue TBA, Preston)
7/12/2019 Phoenix “End Game” (Venue TBA)
7/12/2019 RWA “Live!” (New Images Youth Centre, Winsford)
7/12/2019 SWW (Lister Hall, Dursley)
7/12/2019 Wrestleforce (Highfied Community Centre, Hemel Hempstead)
7/12/2019 Wrestlezone “Christmas Chaos 2019” (Danestone Community Centre, Aberdeen)
7/12/2019 WWW
8/12/2019 BHW “WrestleClash” (Venue TBA)
8/12/2019 Clash “Bangers & Clash” (96 Shenley Road, Borehamwood)
8/12/2019 NORTH “NCL.22//” (Riverside, Newcastle)
8/12/2019 SOUL (Merton Arts Space, Wimbledon, London)
11/12/2019 Gorilla Position Live presents Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch (Indigo At The O2, London)
12/12/2019 PBW (Barlanark Community Centre, Glasgow)
13/12/2019 PWS “Live In Newmains” (Newmains Community Trust Centre, Newmains)
13/12/2019 UWL “Live!” (The Abbey Hulton Suburban Club, Stoke-On-Trent)
14/12/2019 DnA (Ipswich)
14/12/2019 EAW (Parsons Hall, Irchester)
14/12/2019 EVE “Live!” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
14/12/2019 FSW “Fight Night” (West Lynn Sports & Social Club, King’s Lynn)
14/12/2019 RWA “Live!” (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)
14/12/2019 Shield Pro “Live!” (Chuter Ede Community Association, South Shields)
14/12/2019 SWW (Filton Community Hall, Bristol)
14/12/2019 Wrestling Resurgence “Live!” (Attenborough Arts, Leicester)
15/12/2019 Exposure (New Lodge Gorseinon Independent Social Club, Gorseinon)
15/12/2019 EWE “Live!” (The Armstrong Hall, South Shields)
15/12/2019 IPW “Live!” (Maidstone Leisure Centre, Maidstone)
15/12/2019 Wrestle Island “The Christmas Invasion” (Birkenhead Youth Club, Birkenhead)
20/12/2019 HOPE “Evolution” (Forest Town Arena, Mansfield)
21/12/2019 BWE “Mission: Christmas” (Belle Isle Woring Mens Club, Leeds)
21/12/2019 NBW “Live!” (Solvay Function Suite, Oldbury)
21/12/2019 Wrestle Gate (Rushcliffe Arena, Nottingham)
22/12/2019 TWL “SOS Invasion IV” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich)
22/12/2019 UBW (Littleport Leisure Centre, Littleport)
27/12/2019 Reach “The Homecoming” (Tavistock Town Hall, Tavistock)
27/12/2019 Tidal “Silent Nightmare 6: Sweet Dreams” (Temple Of Boom, Leeds)
28/12/2019 4GW “Live!” (Pontefract Town Hall, Pontefract)
28/12/2019 Chaos “The Nakatomi Kings Oak Plaza Festival Incident” (Kings Oak Academy, Bristol)
28/12/2019 FUTR (Grosvenor Rooms, Sutton-In-Ashfield)
28/12/2019 Futureshock “Underground 35” (Longfield Suite, Prestwich)
29/12/2019 RPW (The Priory Centre, St Neots)
29/12/2019 Sacrifice Pro “Chapter ?” (Cedars Upper School, Leighton Buzzard)
29/12/2019 SOUL “8: TAke a Look At Me Now” (Merton Arts Space, Wimbledon, London)
30/12/2019 PROGRESS “Chapter” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London)

January 2020…
8/1/2020 IPW “OMG!” (Unit Nine, Milton Keynes)
11/1/2020 EVE “Wrestle Queendom 3” (York Hall, Bethnal Green, London)
11/1/2020 RWA (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)
18/1/2020 GOOD (Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes)
18/1/2020 KAPOW! (K2 Crawley, Crawley)
18/1/2020 RWA (New Images Youth Centre, Winsford)
20/1/2020 TNT “DOA Deathmatch Tournament 2020” (Hangar34, Liverpool)
24/1/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded” (ColneMuni, Colne)
26/1/2020 BLW (Westlands, Yeovil)
31/1/2020 FCP (The Hanger, Wolverhampton)

February 2020…
TBA/2/2020 TWL “Ha’Penny Havoc 6” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich)
1/2/2020 4FW “New Year Wrestleution 2020” (Swindon MECA, Swindon)
1/2/2020 BEW “Rising Empire 5” (Merton, London)
1/2/2020 Southside “Raw Deal 9” (The Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage)
5/2/2020 IPW “OMG!” (Unit Nine, Milton Keynes)
8/2/2020 4GW (Castleford Civic Centre, Castleford)
8/2/2020 RWA (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)
9/2/2020 Discovery “All About The Raffle” (The Jam House, Edinburgh)
21/2/2020 Tidal
29/2/2020 RWA (New Images Youth Centre, Winsford)

March 2020…
4/3/2020 IPW “OMG!” (Unit Nine, Milton Keynes)
6/3/2020 FCP (The Hanger, Wolverhampton)
7/3/2020 BEW
7/3/2020 PW4U “Home Sweet Home” (Silverdale Working Men’s Club, Newcastle-Under-Lyme)
7/3/2020 RWA (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)
8/3/2020 Southside “Battle Of The Egos 10” (The Priory Centre, St Neots)
10/3/2020 Renesme Events presents An Intimate Evening With Kevin Nash (Sheffied United FC, Sheffield)
11/3/2020 Renesme Events presents An Intimate Evening With Kevin Nash (Walsall FC, Walsall)
13/3/2020 Renesme Events presents An Intimate Evening With Kevin Nash (Bournemouth Life Centre, Bournemouth)
14/3/2020 DNW “2 Year Anniversary Show” (Westhill Community Centre, East Retford)
14/3/2020 Renesme Events presents An Intimate Evening With Kevin Nash (St Marys, Southampton)
15/3/2020 FPW “Reloaded 2020”
15/3/2020 Renesme Events presents An Intimate Evening With Kevin Nash (Musuem Of London Docklands, Canary Wharf, London)
21/3/2020 GOOD (Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes)
29/3/2020 Tidal “Show 1” & “Show 2”

April 2020…
TBA/4/2020 Wrestling League “Live!” (Venue TBA, Tampa, Florida, United States)
1/4/2020 IPW “OMG!” (Unit Nine, Milton Keynes)
4/4/2020 4GW (Ossett Town Hall, Ossett)
4/4/2020 RWA (New Images Youth Centre, Winsford)
5/4/2020 BEW “Empire Dream 2020” (Tunnel 267, Wimbledon, London)
10/4/2020 FCP “Dream Tag Team Invitational 2020: Night 1”
11/4/2020 DNW “Live!” (Grove Mill Snooker Club, East Retford)
11/4/2020 FCP “Dream Tag Team Invitational 2020: Night 2”
12/4/2020 FCP “Dream Tag Team Invitational 2020: Night 3″17/4/2020 TNT “Supreme Extreme 2020” (Hanger34, Liverpool)
18/4/2020 CUKPW (Leeds)
18/4/2020 Futureshock “Breaks Convention 2” (Exhibition Centre, Liverpool)
18/4/2020 RWA (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)
18/4/2020 Monopoly Events presents For The Love Of Wrestling (Exhibition Centre, Liverpool)
19/4/2020 Monopoly Events presents For The Love Of Wrestling (Exhibition Centre, Liverpool)
25/4/2020 Tidal “Show 1” & “Show 2”
25/4/2020 WrestleAid 2020 (Whiteley Academy, Coventry)

May 2020…
2/5/2020 PW4U “Dino-Mite!” (Silverdale Working Men’s Club, Newcastle-Under-Lyme)
3/5/2020 Nu Riot “Disengage The Simulator” (Nambucca, London)
6/5/2020 IPW “OMG!” (Unit Nine, Milton Keynes)
9/5/2020 RWA (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)
15/5/2020 SOUL “SOUL Serenade” (Merton Arts Space, Wimbledon, London)
16/5/2020 GOOD (Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes)
23/5/2020 PROGRESS “Super Strong Style 16: Day 1” (Alexandre Palace, Heringay, London)
23/5/2020 RWA (New Images Youth Centre, Winsford)
24/5/2020 PROGRESS “Super Strong Style 16: Day 2” (Alexandre Palace, Heringay, London)
25/5/2020 PROGRESS “Super Strong Style 16: Day 3” (Alexandre Palace, Heringay, London)
29/5/2020 FCP (The Hanger, Wolverhampton)
29/5/2020 Tidal
31/5/2020 BLW (Westlands, Yeovil)

June 2020…
3/6/2020 IPW “OMG!” (Unit Nine, Milton Keynes)
6/6/2020 BEW “International Grand Prix 2020” (Merton, London)
6/6/2020 RWA (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)
13/6/2020 4GW (Castleford Civic Centre, Castleford)
20/6/2020 WWW “Father’s Day Motorfest: Day 1”
21/6/2020 WWE “Father’s Day Motorfest: Day 2”
26/6/2020 Tidal
27/6/2020 Tidal “Show 1” & “Show 2”

July 2020…
1/7/2020 IPW “OMG!” (Unit Nine, Milton Keynes)
3/7/2020 FCP (The Hanger, Wolverhampton)
4/7/2020 DNW “Live!” (Grove Mill Snooker Club, East Retford)
4/7/2020 PW4U (Silverdale Woking Men’s Club, Newcastle-Under-Lyme)
4/7/2020 REACH “The Second Anniversary” (Plymouth Guildhall Plymouth)
4/7/2020 RWA (New Images Youth Centre, Winsford)
11/7/2020 BEW “WrestleFest 2020” (Merton Abbey Mills, London)
11/7/2020 RWA (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)
18/7/2020 GOOD “Show 1” & “Show 2” (Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes)
26/7/2020 Tidal “Show 1” & “Show 2”

August 2020…
1/8/2020 4GW (Pontefract Town Hall, Pontefract)
1/8/2020 WWW “Festival Of Wheels: Day 1”
2/8/2020 WWW “Festival Of Wheels: Day 2”
5/8/2020 IPW “OMG!” (Unit Nine, Milton Keynes)
7/8/2020 FCP (The Hanger, Wolverhampton)
15/8/2020 RWA (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)
21/8/2020 Tidal

September 2020…
4/9/2020 FCP (The Hanger, Wolverhampton)
5/9/2020 BEW “Ambition Of The Empire 5” & “Glory Of The Empire 2020” (Merton, London)
5/9/2020 RWA (New Images Youth Centre, Winsford)
12/9/2020 Tidal “Show 1” & “Show 2”
19/9/2020 GOOD (Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes)
19/9/2020 RWA (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)

October 2020…
2/10/2020 FCP “Project Mayhem IX: Night 1”
3/10/2020 4GW (Ossett Town Hall, Ossett)
3/10/2020 FCP “Project Mayhem IX: Night 2”
17/10/2020 RWA (New Images Youth Centre, Winsford)
18/10/2020 BLW (Westlands, Yeovil)
24/10/2020 CUKPW (Leeds)
24/10/2020 RWA (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)
25/10/2020 Tidal “Show 1” & “Show 2”

November 2020…
6/11/2020 FCP (The Hanger, Wolverhampton)
14/11/2020 PW4U (Silverdale Workings Me’s Club, Newcastle-Under-Lyme)
21/11/2020 GOOD (Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes)
21/11/2020 RWA (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)
28/11/2020 Tidal

December 2020…
4/12/2020 FCP (The Hanger, Wolverhampton)
5/12/2020 4GW (Castleford Civic Centre, Castleford)
5/12/2020 BEW “Empire Fights Back 7!” (Merton, London)
5/12/2020 RWA (New Images Youth Centre, Winsford)
12/12/2020 DNW “Live!” (Grove Mill Snooker Club, East Retford)
19/12/2020 RWA (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)
27/12/2020 Tidal

Are you going to a show? Why not send us are report to: we’ll post it right here on the website.

Information: this list will be updated on a regular basis to keep you up to date with all the latest shows


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