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July 2017…
1/7/2017 4FW “Summer Spectacular: Thatcham” (Thatcham Catholic Hall, Thatcham)
1/7/2017 5* “Live! Sheffield” (Sheffield Arena, Sheffield) *RESCHEDULED – 15/2/2018*
1/7/2017 APEX “Live In Aylesbury” (Buckingham Park Community Centre, Aylesbury) *CANCELLED*
1/7/2017 CPW “High Stakes 2017” (Royal British Legion, Thurso) Results
1/7/2017 DOA “Welcome To The Happy Palace” (Gainsborough Labour Club, Ipswich) Results
1/7/2017 HOP “Debut Day” (St Ann’s Emmanuel Church Hall, Nottingham)
1/7/2017 NORTH “NCL.5 / Head Over Heels” (Riverside Newcastle, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) Results
1/7/2017 OTT “Born To Be Wasted” (Tivoli Theatre, Dublin)
1/7/2017 PCW “New Talent Showcase” (PCW Academy, Preston) Results
1/7/2017 PROGRESS “Cologne” (Live Music Hall, Cologne, Germany) Results
1/7/2017 RI “Live In Livingston” (Murieston Scout Hall, Livingston) Results
1/7/2017 Southside “Nothing To Lose” (The Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage) Results
1/7/2017 VPW “Clash In The Capital” (The Gate, Cardiff) *CANCELLED*
1/7/2017 Working A Resthold “RestholdMania!” (Venue TBA, Manchester) *CANCELLED*
1/7/2017 WZ “Live In Ellon” (Victoria Hall, Ellon) Results
2/7/2017 4FW “Summer Spectacular: Portishead” (Somerset Hall, Portishead)
2/7/2017 APEX “Ascend” (The Jury’s Inn, Milton Keynes) Results
2/7/2017 EAW “Live!” (The Pemberton Centre, Rushden)
2/7/2017 IPW:UK “Har-Low Can You Go 2017” (Paringdon Sports Club, Harlow) Results
2/7/2017 PWS “VENDETTA” (Station Hotel, Dudley)
2/7/2017 RAD PRO “EmbryoniX 5.2” (Simonside Social Club, South Shields)
2/7/2017 RPW “Live At The Cockpit” (London Cockpit, Marylebone, London)
2/7/2017 Southside “Day Of Reckoning 17” Results & “Morals Don’t Pay The Bills” (Corporation, Sheffield)
2/7/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA)
2/7/2017 WCPW “Pro Wrestling World Cup: Germany Qualifier” (Huxley’s Neve Welt, Berlin, Germany)
2/7/2017 Inside The Ropes presents You’re Next! An Evening With Goldberg (Venue TBA, London)
7/7/2017 APEX “Shiny Happy People Holding Limbs” (Unit Nine, Milton Keynes) Results
7/7/2017 ATTACK! “Fun The Police” (Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham)
7/7/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA, Great Yarmouth)
7/7/2017 WCPW “Pro Wrestling World Cup: Japan Qualifier” (Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester) Results
8/7/2017 4FW “Ultimate Supremacy” (Swindon MECA, Swindon)
8/7/2017 5* “Live! Dundee” (Dundee Ice Arena, Dundee) *RESCHEDULED – 19/4/2018*
8/7/2017 BWR “Uprising” (Lucarly’s, Grimsby)
8/7/2017 FNW “Fight! On FITE Tapings” (Causeway School, Eastbourne)
8/7/2017 NGW “Live!” (Victoria Hall, Keighley)
8/7/2017 Chaos “Heir To The Thron3” (Hanham Community Centre, Bristol) Results
8/7/2017 RISE “2017 International Leeds Tattoo Expo: Day 1” (First Direct Arena, Leeds)
8/7/2017 RPW “British J Cup 2017” (Walthamstow Assembly Hall, London) Results
8/7/2017 Source “Live In Bridgeton” (Bridgeton Community Centre, Bridgeton, Glasgow) Results
9/7/2017 ICW “Fight Club: Glasgow” (The Garage, Glasgow) Results
9/7/2017 IPW:UK “Drop Everything & Get To Clapham” (The Clapham Grand, Clapham, London) *CANCELLED*
9/7/2017 Lucha Forever “Lucha L!ve 4: Live And Let …Dive” (The 1865, Southampton) Results
9/7/2017 NGW “Proving Ground 37” (Beverley Memorial Hall, Beverley)
9/7/2017 PROGRESS “Chapter 51: Screaming For PROGRESS” (O2 Academy, Birmingham) Results
9/7/2017 RISE “2017 International Leeds Tattoo Expo: Day 2” (First Direct Arena, Leeds)
13/7/2017 APW “Anarchy At The Amersham” (The Amersham Arms, London)
14/7/2017 Lucha Forever “Lucha Loco Uno” (Aston Students Union, Birmingham) Results
14/7/2017 MEW “Toon Tussle II” (Innisfree Sports & Social Club, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) Results
14/7/2017 PBW “Live!” (Goal Zone, Dumbarton) Results
14/7/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA, Great Yarmouth)
15/7/2017 5* “Live! Aberdeen” (SE Oil & Gas Arena, Aberdeen) *RESCHEDULED – 8/3/2018*
15/7/2017 APEX “Carnage In Corby” (The Grampian, Corby) *CANCELLED*
15/7/2017 BEW “WrestleFest 2017” (Merton Abbey Mills, Wimbledon, London)
15/7/2017 CCW “Super Lariato Bros” (4-5 Penrose Quay, Cork) Results
15/7/2017 EVE “But First Some Rebellion” Results & “Dangerous Women” Results(Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
15/7/2017 GOOD “Back4Good” (The Crauford Arms, Milton Keynes) Results
15/7/2017 HOP “Live! Beeston” (Beeston Youth & Community Centre, Nottingham)
15/7/2017 LCW “New Foundations” (West End Working Men’s Club, Leicester) Results
15/7/2017 SEPW “Kings Of Summer 2017” (Hawkinge Community Centre, Hawkinge) Results
15/7/2017 SWA “Crowning A Champion” (Dawley Town Hall, Telford)
15/7/2017 Source “Live In Shawlands” (The Destiny Church, Shawlands) Results
15/7/2017 TW “Live In Dumfires” (Lochside Club, Dumfries) Results
16/7/2017 APEX “Supports Willen Hospice” (Old Bradwell Cricket Club, Milton Keynes)
16/7/2017 ATTACK! “The Neon Wristlock” (Trinity Centre, Bristol) Results
16/7/2017 Futureshock “Uproar 95: Guardians Of Futureshock” (Masonic Guildhall, Stockport) Results
16/7/2017 Kamikaze Pro “Fallout” (The Cadbury Club, Bourneville, Birmingham) Results
16/7/2017 KWE “Summer Breakdown 2” (Swanmore Village Hall, Southampton)
16/7/2017 PWU “Junction 2: Gold Rush” (South13, Belfast)
16/7/2017 OTT “Contenders 2” (RingSide Club, National Stadium, Dublin)
16/7/2017 Sacrifice Pro “Chapter 4: Shattered Dreams” (Cedars Upper School, Leighton Buzzard) Results
16/7/2017 Tapout “The Contenders” (The Central Bar, Camberley) Results
16/7/2017 UPW “Live!” (MACBI Community Hub, Mintlaw)
16/7/2017 VWF “Live!” (The River Rooms, Stourbridge)
16/7/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA)
16/7/2017 Hooked On Events presents Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard (Around The World Bar, Birmingham)
17/7/2017 Hooked On Events presents Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard (The Comedy Store, Manchester)
18/7/2017 Lucha Forever “Lucha L!ve #5: Running Through A Wheat-field And Other Despicable Things” (Frog & Bucket, Manchester) Resuts
18/7/2017 Hooked On Events presents Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard (Walkabout Temple, London)
20/7/2017 PWU “Portaferry Gala Festival” (St Patrick’s Community Centre, Portaferry)
21/7/2017 3CW “Midsummer Showdown” (Marton Hotel Country Club, Middlesbrough)
21/7/2017 ATTACK! “Amplified: Day 1” (Quarrtdowns, Gloucestershire)
21/7/2017 BWP “Live!” (The Dome, Grand Central Hall, Liverpool)
21/7/2017 HOP “Live! Hucknell” (George Street Working Men’s Club, Nottingham)
21/7/2017 PWE “Live!” (Ayr Town Hall, Ayr)
21/7/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA, Great Yarmouth)
21/7/2017 WCPW “Pro Wrestling World Cup: USA Qualifier” (Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester)
22/7/2017 4GW “Live!” (Middlestown Working Men’s Club, Middlestown, Wakefield)
22/7/2017 5* “Live! Leeds” (First Direct Arena, Leeds) *RESCHEDULED – NEW DATE TBA*
22/7/2017 APEX “Live!” (Esquires, Bedford) *RESCHEDULLED – NOW: 19/8/2017*
22/7/2017 ATTACK! “Amplified: Day 2” (Quarrtdowns, Gloucestershire)
22/7/2017 BWP “Live!” (Denbigh Town Hall, Denbigh)
22/7/2017 CPW “Live!” (Thurso British Legion, Thurso)
22/7/2017 EAW “Live!” (Royal British Legion, Yaxley)
22/7/2017 EBW “Summertime Smash” (Tupton Village Hall, Chesterfield)
22/7/2017 FSW “Fight Night: West Lynn” (West Lynn Sports & Social Club, Kings Lynn)
22/7/2017 HOP “Renfest” (Rainworth Miners Welfare FC, Nottingham)
22/7/2017 EVO “Live!” (Merchants Academy Sports Centre, Bristol)
22/7/2017 FTW “Thank You, Chuck Norris” (Throckley Union Jack Social Club, Newcastle)
22/7/2017 MCW “2 Year anniversary” (Abergavenny Leisure Centre, Abergavenny) *CANCELLED*
22/7/2017 NFW “Live In Iver” (Iver Village Hall, Iver)
22/7/2017 PWE “Live!” (Citadel Leisure Centre, Ayr)
22/7/2017 RPW “Ultimate Survival” (Mountbatten Leisure Centre, Portsmouth)
22/7/2017 RWA “Live!” (New Images, Winsford)
22/7/2017 SWE “Live!” (Kirkton Community Centre, Dundee)
22/7/2017 UKPW “Ring Of Fire” (Medway Park Leisure Centre, Gillingham)
22/7/2017 UPW “Live In Peterhead” (Peterhead Community Centre, Peterhead)
22/7/2017 W3L “Wrestling Showdown” (Fife Ice Arena, Kirkcaldy)
22/7/2017 WCPW “Pro Wrestling World Cup: Rest Of The World Qualifier” (Domain, Newcastle)
22/7/2017 WZ “Proving Grounds” (Cairncry Community Centre, Aberdeen)
22/7/2017 XWA “48: The Excusive Series” (The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
23/7/2017 ATTACK! “Amplified: Day 3” (Quarrtdowns, Gloucestershire)
23/7/2017 EBW “Tramlines” (Queens Social Club, Sheffield)
23/7/2017 IPW:UK “Supershow X” (Casino Rooms, Rochester)
23/7/2017 Kamikaze Pro “Live! 7” (Rubery Social Club & Institute, Birmingham)
23/7/2017 PROGRESS “Chapter 52: Vote Pies” (O2 Ritz, Manchester)
23/7/2017 Strike “Bournemouth” (Canvas Loft Bar, Bournemouth)
23/7/2017 Tidal “The Battle Of LS2” (Church, Leeds)
23/7/2017 Triple L “SummerWHAM!” (The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
23/7/2017 XWA “Live!” (Colchester Charter Hall, Colchester)
28/7/2017 EWE “Live!” (The Pill Milleniu Centre, Newport)
28/7/2017 FCP “International Tekkers: Big Men. Big House.” (Starworks Warehouse, Wolverhampton)
28/7/2017 FFW “Triple Threat III” (X-Church, Gainsborough)
28/7/2017 GPW “Great British Beatdown” (The Rose Club, Hindley, Wigan)
28/7/2017 GPWA “Night At the Asylum: Tenth Edition” (The Asylum, Glasgow)
28/7/2017 HOP “Live! Cotsgrove” (Cotsgrove Club, Nottingham)
28/7/2017 PWP “Live!” (Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre, Taunton)
28/7/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA, Great Yarmouth)
28/7/2017 WCPW “Loaded LIVE!” (Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester) *CANCELLED*
29/7/2017 5* “Live! Cardiff” (Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff) *RESCHEDULED – 10/5/2018*
29/7/2017 FNW “Fight! On FITE Tapings” (Causeway School, Eastbourne)
29/7/2017 HOP/ASPIRE “Bramblebrook Fun Day” (Bramblebrook Community Centre & Stocky Café, Derby)
29/7/2017 HOP “Live! St Ann’s” (St Ann’s Emmanuel Church Hall, Nottingham)
29/7/2017 ICW “Shug’s Hoose Party 4: Night 1” (The O2 ABC, Glasgow)
29/7/2017 IPW:UK “Future #25” (Selsdon Community Centre, Selsdon)
29/7/2017 KWE “KW5” (Bishops Waltham Social Club, Southampton)
29/7/2017 MPW “Live!” (Birtley Buffs Club, Gateshead)
29/7/2017 PWP “Live!” (The Bourne Academy, Bournemouth)
29/7/2017 SSW “Summersmash” (Regal Community Theatre, Bathgate)
29/7/2017 SWE “Uprising” (Ardler Complex, Dundee)
29/7/2017 TW “Live In Carlisle” (The Venue, Carlisle)
29/7/2017 TWL “Live!” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich)
30/7/2017 HOP “Live! Calverton” (Calverton Working Men’s Club, Nottingham)
30/7/2017 ICW “Shug’s Hoose Party 4: Night 2” (The O2 ABC, Glasgow)
30/7/2017 PWP “Heroes & Legends 5” (Plymouth Guildhall, Plymouth)
30/7/2017 PROGRESS “Chapter 52: Fate Loves The Fearless” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London)

August 2017…
3/8/2017 ATTACK! & DPW “Thursday Night Throws #2” (Bingo Hall, Cathays Community Centre, Cardiff)
3/8/2017 Riptide “Returns” (The Bridgthelm Centre, Auditorium, Brighton)
4/8/2017 BPW “What Fisticuffs?!” (Liversey Memorial Hall, London)
4/8/2017 HOPE “4AS” (Forest Town Arena, Mansfield)
4/8/2017 PCW “Live!” (Manchester MMU, Manchester)
4/8/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA, Great Yarmouth)
5/8/2017 5* “Live! London” (The Copper Box, London) *RESCHEDULED – 22/2/2018*
5/8/2017 Absolute “Chop Til You Drop” (The Linskill Centre, North Shields)
5/8/2017 ACW “There Can Only Be One” (Keetons Hall, London)
5/8/2017 AOW “Vendetta” (The Carleton, Morecombe)
5/8/2017 BWP “Summer Break” (Ffirth Beach Touring Park, Prestatyn)
5/8/2017 DOA “Yarmageddon Seven” (Lichfield Community Centre, Great Yarmouth)
5/8/2017 LCW “Knockout” (West End Working Men’s Club Leicester)
5/8/2017 OTT “WrestleRama” (National Stadium, Dublin)
5/8/2017 PCW “Tower Slam” (The Blackpool Tower Ballroom, Blackpool)
5/8/2017 Respect “Live!” (Garnock Community Social Club, Kilbirnie)
5/8/2017 Southside “Day Of Reckoning” & “Menace II Society VII” (Rushcliffe Arena, Nottingham)
5/8/2017 WZ “Live In Laurencekirk” (St Lawrence Hall, Laurencekirk)
6/8/2017 CPW “#7: The Return” (Budehaven-Community Leisure Centre, Bude)
6/8/2017 DPW “Endless Summer” (Rodney Parade, Newport)
6/8/2017 EAW “Live!” (The Pemberton Centre, Rushden)
6/8/2017 OTT “WrestleRama EXTRA” (Mandela Hall, Dublin)
6/8/2017 PWS “SummerBrawl” (The Stanton Hotel, Dudley)
6/8/2017 Rad Pro “EmbryoniX 5.3” (Simonside Social Club, South Shields)
6/8/2017 RPW “Live At The Cockpit” (London Cockpit, Marylebone, London)
6/8/2017 Southside “Retribution” (Priory Centre, St Neots)
6/8/2017 UPW “Live In Mintlaw” (The Macbi Community Hub, Mintlaw)
6/8/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA)
10/8/2017 ATTACK! & DPW “Thursday Night Throws” (Cathays Community Centre, Cardiff)
11/8/2017 APEX “Jayde’s Birthday” (Unit Nine, Milton Keynes)
11/8/2017 EAW “Live!” (Braza Club, March)
11/8/2017 PCW “Live!” (Fusion Nightclub, Liverpool)
11/8/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA, Great Yarmouth)
12/8/2017 5* “Live! Newcastle” (Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) *RESCHEDULED – 8/2/2018*
12/8/2017 APEX “Gladiators” (The Jury’s Inn, Milton Keynes)
12/8/2017 FNW “Fight! On FITE Tapings” & “Fight! On FITE Tapings” (Causeway School, Eastbourne)
12/8/2017 FSW “Strike Zone!” (Alive Lynnsport, King’s Lynn)
12/8/2017 HOPE “Evolution 49: Look At Me Now” (Davys Sporting Club Ltd, Sheffield)
12/8/2017 PCW “Summer Of Fun” (The Flag Market, Preston)
12/8/2017 PCW “6th Anniversary Show: Your Six Is On Fire” (Evoque, Preston)
12/8/2017 PROGRESS “New York City” (Elmcor Centre, Queens, New York, United States)
12/8/2017 PWP “Battle Of Bideford 5” (Pollyfield Centre, Bideford)
12/8/2017 Tidal “Do Unto Others” (Church, Leeds)
12/8/2017 UPW “Unique” (Wincanton Memorial HAll, Wincanton)
13/8/2017 APEX “Most Wanted” (Buckingham Park Community Centre, Aylesbury)
13/8/2017 FNW “Live!” (Weymouth Pavilion, Weymouth)
13/8/2017 ICW “Fight Club: Glasgow” (The Garage, Glasgow)
13/8/2017 LCW Elevation “Ignition Point” (Newbold Verdon Sports & Social Club, Leicester)
13/8/2017 MPW “Fight For Frankie 2” (The Armstrong Hall, South Shields)
13/8/2017 PROGRESS “Boston” (The Arts At The Armory, Sommerville, Boston, Massachusetts, United States)
13/8/2017 TW “Live In Silloth” (Silloth Sports Hall, Silloth)
17/8/2017 RPW “Summer Sizzler 2017” (York Hall, Bethnal Green, London)
18/8/2017 Lucha Forever “Tournament For Forever: Night 1” (PRYZM, Cardiff)
18/8/2017 PBW “Live!” (The Hub, Maryhill, Glasgow)
18/8/2017 RPW/NJPW/ROH/CMLL “War Of The Worlds Tour UK: London” (York Hall, Bethnal Green, London)
18/8/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA, Great Yarmouth)
19/8/2017 APEX “The Art Of War” (Esquires, Bedford)
19/8/2017 BWR “No Turning Back” (Grimsby Central Hall, Grimsby)
19/8/2017 FSPW “Live!” (Paradigm Martial Arts Centre, Liverpool)
19/8/2017 HOP “Live! Beeston” (Beeston Youth & Community centre, Nottingham)
19/8/2017 Ironfist “Live!” (Richmond Place Club, Hereford)
19/8/2017 Lucha Forever “Tournament For Forever: Night 2” (Aston Students Union, Birmingham)
19/8/2017 Chaos “Unleashed” (Yate Leisure Centre, Bristol)
19/8/2017 RI “Live!” (Twechar Healthy Living & Enterprise Centre, Twechar)
19/8/2017 RPW/NJPW/ROH/CMLL “War Of The Worlds Tour UK: Liverpool” (Liverpool Olympia, Liverpool)
19/8/2017 TNT “Summer Explosion 2017” (O2 Academy, Liverpool) *DATE CHANGE – NOW: 28/9/2017*
20/8/2017 ATTACK! “(Thank God It’s Not) WinterSlam 2” (Walkabout, Cardiff)
20/8/2017 BLW “Revolution” (Exeter Corn Exchange, Exeter)
20/8/2017 FFW “Retribution” (One NK Leisure Centre, Lincoln)
20/8/2017 HOP “Smackdown To Mental Health” (Richard Herrod Centre, Nottingham)
20/8/2017 Infinite “Five Years Into Forever” (Camp & Furnace, Liverpool)
20/8/2017 IPW:UK “Swerved 2017” (White Oak Leisure Centre, Swanley)
20/8/2017 RPW/NJPW/ROH/CMLL “War Of The Worlds Tour UK: Edinburgh” (Edinburgh Corn Exchange, Edinburgh)
20/8/2017 Sacrifice Pro “Chapter 5: It’s Always Sunny In Leighton Buzzard” (Cedars Upper School, Leighton Buzzard)
20/8/2017 UnPro “The Man That Would Be King” (Hackney Showroom, Hackney, London)
20/8/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA)
23/8/2017 WCPW “Pro Wrestling World Cup: Final 1” (Planet Ice, Milton Keynes)
24/8/2017 WCPW “Pro Wrestling World Cup: Final 2” (Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester)
25/8/2017 BCW “Live!” (Kilmarnock Grand Hall, Kilmarnock)
25/8/2017 FCP “International Tekkers: Part 2 Championship Edition” (Starworks Warehouse, Wolverhampton)
25/8/2017 RISE “SummerSesh” (Brudenell Social Club, Leeds)
25/8/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA, Great Yarmouth)
26/8/2017 AWW “Live!” (The Cornbow Hall, Halesowen)
26/8/2017 CPW “Pride Of The Highlands Tournament 2017” (The Assembly Rooms, Wick)
26/8/2017 DOA “SuffolkSlam” (Gainsborough Labour Club, Ipswich)
26/6/2017 FCP “Live!” (Bush Hall, London)
26/8/2017 FTW “All Killer, No Thriller” (Byker & St Peters Working Men’s Social Club & Institute, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
26/8/2017 Ignition “Live!” (Sheffield Works Department Sports & Social Club, Sheffield)
26/8/2017 Kamikaze Pro “Live!” (The Collingwood Centre, Great Barr, Birmingham)
26/8/2017 NBWA “Point Of No Return” (Woodgreen Leisure Centre, Banbury)
26/8/2017 PCW “Girl Power 2” (PCW Academy, Preston)
26/8/2017 PWU “Clusterfuck 2” (Wellington Park Hotel, Belfast)
26/8/2017 RI “Broxburn Galaday” (Albyn Park, Broxburn)
26/8/2017 SSW “Tainted Tradition” (Regal Community Theatre, Bathgate)
26/8/2017 SWE “Uprising: Hellbound” (Ardler Complex, Dundee)
26/8/2017 WCPW “Pro Wrestling World Cup: Final 3″ (Sports Central, Newcastle”
27/8/2017 BWF “Wrestling For A Cause” (Stobsworth Welfare Recreation Club, Morpeth)
27/8/2017 ICW “Fight Club: Glasgow” (The Garage, Glasgow)
27/8/2017 PROGRESS “Chapter 53” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London)
27/8/2017 PWU “Juntion 3: Something From Nothing” (Wellington Park Hotel, Belfast)
27/8/2017 RCWA “Live!” (Harrow Lodge Park, Hornchurch)
27/8/2017 RPW “Live In Portsmouth” (Portsmouth Guildhall, Portsmouth)
28/8/2017 KAPOW “Live!” (The Hobbit Pub, Southampton)
28/8/2017 RCWA “Live!” (Harrow Lodge Park, Hornchurch)
29/8/2017 Lucha Forever “Lucha L!ve #6: Raffle Is The New Main” (The Frog & Bucket, Manchester)
31/8/2017 Lucha Forever “A Whole Load Of Getting Over” (Union Hall, Birmingham)

September 2017…
1/9/2017 Chikara “King Of Trios 2017: Night 1” (Starworks Warehouse, Wolverhampton)
1/9/2017 EBW “Wrath Upon Dearne 2017” (Montgomery Hall, Wath-Upon-Dearne)
1/9/2017 GPW “Live!” (The Rose Club, Hindley, Wigan)
1/9/2017 HOPE “Freakshow 5: (Non) Tournament Of Absolutely No Death, We HOPE” (The Hairy Dog, Derby)
1/9/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA, Great Yarmouth)
1/9/2017 YBW “In Your Face!” (David Lloyd Dudley, Brierley Hill)
2/9/2017 5* “Live! Manchester” (Manchester Arena, Manchester) *RESCHEDULED – 22/3/2018*
2/9/2017 4FW “Live! Thatcham” (Thatcham Catholic Hall, Thatcham)
2/9/2017 Chikara “King Of Trios 2017: Night 2” (Starworks Warehouse, Wolverhampton)
2/9/2017 DOA “Adrenaline Cup 2017” (The GER, March)
2/9/2017 HOP “Debut Day” (St Ann’s Emmanuel Church Hall, Nottingham)
2/9/2017 LCW “Live!” (Brockington College, Enderby, Leicester)
2/9/2017 PWS “Se7en Deadly Sins” (Ounsdale High School, Wolverhampton) ***CANCELLED***
2/9/2017 OTT “Live” (Tivoli Theatre, Dublin)
2/9/2017 TWL “East Anglia Anarchy” (Ipswich Hotel Copdock, Ipswich)
2/9/2017 WI “Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads” (Birkenhead Youth Club, Birkenhead)
2/9/2017 WZ “Battle Of The Nations” (Northern Hotel, Aberdeen)
3/9/2017 4FW “Live! Portishead” (Somerset Hall, Portishead)
3/9/2017 BEW & AIWF “European Championship Tournament” (Tooting & Mitcham United Football Club, London)
3/9/2017 BEW & SWA “Ambition Of The Empire 2!” (Tooting & Mitcham United Football Club, London)
3/9/2017 Chikara “King Of Trios 2017: Night 3” (Starworks Warehouse, Wolverhampton)
3/9/2017 RPW “Live At The Cockpit” (London Cockpit, Marylebone, London)
3/9/2017 VWF “Live!” (The River Rooms, Stourbridge)
3/9/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA)
8/9/2017 HOPE “Live!” (Forest Town Arena, Mansfield)
8/9/2017 Ironfist “Live!” (The Hive, Shrewsbury)
8/9/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA, North Walsham)
9/9/2017 4FW “Live! Marborough” (Marlborough Town Hall, Marlborough)
9/9/2017 CSF “Live!” (Venue TBA, Frome)
9/9/2017 EBW “Fallout 2017” (Queens Social Club, Sheffield)
9/9/2017 EWA “British Bash VIII” (High Wycombe Judo Centre, High Wycombe)
9/9/2017 FTW “This Is Wrestling, OK? It’s Not Rocket Surgery” (Mill Lane Youth Centre, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
9/9/2017 Ironfist “FutureStars 4” (Severn Centre, Highley)
9/9/2017 NORTH “NCL.6: XOXOX” (The Riverside, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
9/9/2017 SWE “Hell For Lycra XIV” (Caird Hall, Dundee)
9/9/2017 TW “Live In Carlisle” (The Venue, Carlisle)
10/9/2017 APEX “Savages” (The Jury’s Inn, Milton Keynes)
10/9/2017 PROGRESS “Chapter 55” (West Hall, Alexandra Palace, London) We’ll Be There LIVE!”
10/9/2017 PW4U “Versus The World” (Holy Trinity Community Centre, Newcastle-Under-Lyme)
10/9/2017 PWS “Clash Of The Titans” (The Stanton Hotel, Dudley)
10/9/2017 Southside “Chop Gunn” (Bedford Corn Exchange, Bedford)
14/9/2017 APW “…And Out Come The Tools” (The Amersham Arms, London)
15/9/2017 Bellatrix [WAW] “Tapings” (Epic Studios, Norwich)
15/9/2017 Ironfist “Live!” (Venue TBA)
15/9/2017 UPW “Arrival” (Strode College Sports Centre, Street)
16/9/2017 4FW “Live! Emersons Green” (Emersons Green Village Hall, Bristol)
16/9/2017 AMP “Live!” (Alan Higgs Centre, Coventry)
16/9/2017 DW “The Big One: Year 3” (Edinburgh Corn Exchange, Edinburgh)
16/9/2017 EVO “Live!” (Wotton Hall Social Club, Gloucester)
16/9/2017 GOOD “Keep On Movin'” (The Crauford Arms, Milton Keynes)
16/9/2017 RCWA “Championship Showdown” (Chafford Sports Complex, Rainham)
16/9/2017 WAW “Tapings: Show 1” & “Tapings: Show 2” (Epic Studios, Norwich)
16/9/2017 WM “Guardians Of The Squared Circle” (Rowley Learning Campus, Rowley Regis)
16/9/2017 WZ “Live In Keith” 9Longmore Hotel, Keith)
17/9/2017 ICW “The Infamous ICW” (The O2 Academy, Newcastle)
17/9/2017 IPW:UK “Supershow XI” (Casino Rooms, Rochester)
17/9/2017 Lucha Forever “SomethingMania” (Banking Hall, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff)
17/9/2017 RFPW “Fight Night LIVE!” (Trowbridge Civic Centre, Trowbridge)
17/9/2017 Sacrifice Pro “Chapter 6” (Cedars Upper School, Leighton Buzzard)
17/9/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA, Lowestoft)
22/9/2017 FCP “Project Mayhem VI: Night 1” (Starworks Warehouse, Wolverhampton)
22/9/2017 FNW “Live!” (The Westgate Hall, Canterbury)
22/9/2017 PCW “It’s Bigger On The Inside” (Evoque Nightclub, Preston)
22/9/2017 PWU “Culture Night 2017” (Venue TBA, Belfast)
22/9/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA, Ipswich)
23/9/2017 EVO “Live!” (Clevedon Community Centre, Clevedon)
23/9/2017 FCP “Project Mayhem VI: Night 2” (Starworks Warehouse, Wolverhampton)
23/9/2017 LCW “Live!” (West End Working Men’s Club Leicester)
23/9/2017 NGW “Regeneration-X” (Hull City Hall, Hull)
23/9/2017 Chaos “The Art Of Violence” (Thornbury Leisure Centre, Bristol)
23/9/2017 PCW “Viva Fax Vegas” (Atik, Halifax)
23/9/2017 PWE “Wrestling Spectacular” (Ayr Town Hall, Ayr)
23/9/2017 RI “Live In Clackmannan” (Clackmannan Town Hall, Clackmannan)
23/9/2017 WZ “Live In Brechin” (Brechin City Hall, Brechin)
24/9/2017 ASW “Live!” (The Grove Theatre, Dunstable)
24/9/2017 PCW “Live!” (Manchester MMU, Manchester)
24/9/2017 PROGRESS “Chapter 56” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London)
26/9/2017 Lucha Forever “Lucha L!ve #7: Hello (Is It Me Your Luchadore?)” (The Frog & Bucket, Manchester)
27/9/2017 Lucha Forever “Lucha L!ve #8: Never Touch Another Man’s Umbrella” (The 1865, Southampton)
28/9/2017 TNT “Summer Explosion 2017” (O2 Academy, Liverpool)
29/9/2017 BPW “Live!” (Venue TBA)
29/9/2017 MEW “Northern Bash 2017” (Innisfree Sports & Social Club, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
29/9/2017 SWA “Live!” (Paisley Lagoon Leisure Centre, Paisley)
30/9/2017 3CW “Darkest Deeds” (The Forum, Northallerton)
30/9/2017 AOW “Golden Chance” (The Carleton, Morecombe)
30/9/2017 AWW “Live!” (The Cornbow Hall, Halesowen)
30/9/2017 CSF “Live!” (Venue TBA, Devizes)
30/9/2017 EVO “Live!” (Greenway Centre, Bristol)
30/9/2017 FNW “Fight! On FITE Tapings” (Causeway School, Eastbourne)
30/9/2017 SSW “Meltdown” (Regal Community Theatre, Bathgate)
30/9/2017 SWA “Live!” (Motherwell Concert Hall & Theatre, Motherwell)

October 2017…
1/10/2017 EWE “Live!” (Cwmfelin Social Club, Swansea)
1/10/2017 ICW “Fight Club: Glasgow” (The Garage, Glasgow)
1/10/2017 PWS “Face Your Fears” (Station Hotel, Dudley)
1/10/2017 RPW “Live At The Cockpit” (London Cockpit, Marylebone, London)
4/10/2017 ONE “All For One & One For All” (Unit Nine, Milton Keynes)
5/10/2017 Lucha Forever “Ultimo Battle 2017” (The Coronet Theatre, London)
6/10/2017 4FW “Live!” (Somerset Hall, Portishead)
6/10/2017 GPW “Live!” (The Rose Club, Hindley, Wigan)
6/10/2017 PBW “Live!” (Dobbie Town Hall, Lambert)
7/10/2017 4FW “Live!” (Thatcham Catholic Hall, Thatcham)
7/10/2017 EVO “Live!” (Merchants Academy Sports Centre, Bristol)
7/10/2017 LCW “Live!” (Brockington College, Enderby, Leicester)
7/10/2017 PWS “War Drums” (Ounsdale High School, Wolverhampton) ***CANCELLED***
7/10/2017 OTT “Live” (Tivoli Theatre, Dublin)
7/10/2017 SWA “Battlezone” (Clydebank Town Hall, Clydebank)
7/10/2017 UKPW “Live In Sittingbourne” (Teynham Community Centre, Teynham, Sittingbourne)
7/10/2017 WZ “Live In Inverurie” (Inverurie Town Hall, Inverurie)
8/10/2017 APEX “Haywired” (The Jury’s Inn, Milton Keynes)
8/10/2017 OTT “Live!” (Mandela Hall, Belfast)
8/10/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA)
13/10/2017 HOPE “Live!” (Forest Town Arena, Mansfield)
13/10/2017 PW4U “Live!” (Silverdale Working Men’s Club, Newcastle-Under-Lyme)
13/10/2017 RNW “Carnage In Caol” (Caol Community Centre, Caol)
13/10/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA, Thetford)
14/10/2017 CSF “Live!” (Venue TBA, Weston-Super-Mare)
14/10/2017 Ironfist “Project: Tekken 3” (Venue TBA)
14/10/2017 Ignition “Live!” (Sheffield Works Department Sports & Social Club, Sheffield)
14/10/2017 PBW “Live!” (Airdrie Town Hall, Airdrie)
14/10/2017 PWP “Catch Division Invitational Tournament” (Venue TBA)
14/10/2017 TW “Live In Carlisle” (The Venue, Carlisle)
15/10/2017 ICW “Fight Club: Edinburgh” (The Potterrow, Edinburgh)
15/10/2017 IPW:UK “UK Super 8” (The Angel Centre, Tonbridge)
15/10/2017 PWP “Catch Division Invitational Tournament” (Venue TBA)
15/10/2017 Sacrifice Pro “Chapter 7” (Cedars Upper School, Leighton Buzzard)
15/10/2017 Tapout “Champions Court… As Kings” (Agincourt, Camberley)
20/10/2017 FCP “Live!” (Fixxion Warehouse, Wolverhampton)
20/10/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA, Leiston)
21/10/2017 4FW “Kingdom Rising” (Swindon MECA, Swindon)
21/10/2017 BEW “Rock N Wrestle 2017” (The Facebar, Reading)
21/10/2017 EVO “Live!” (Every One Active Stratford Park Leisure Centre, Stroud)
21/10/2017 FFW “Dutch Courage: 24hour Charity Event” (Dutch Courage Gym, Lincoln)
21/10/2017 FNW “Fight! On FITE Tapings” (Causeway School, Eastbourne)
21/10/2017 Ironfist “Live!” (Bengeworth Club, Evesham)
21/10/2017 LCW “Live!” (West End Working Men’s Club Leicester)
21/10/2017 RCW “True Rebellion” (ATIK, Gloucester)
21/10/2017 TGW “Live!” (Fibbers, York)
22/10/2017 CSF “Live!” (Venue TBA, Bath)
22/10/2017 PWP “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Cobra!” (Exeter Corn Exchange, Exeter)
22/10/2017 Tidal “Against All Odds #4” (O2 Academy, Leeds)
22/10/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA)
27/10/2017 FCP “Day Of The Dead” (Starworks Warehouse, Wolverhampton)
27/10/2017 PCW “Live!” (Evoque, Preston)
28/10/2017 AWW “Live!” (The Cornbow Hall, Halesowen)
28/10/2017 BHW “Live!” (Wallington Sports & Social Club, Wallington, London)
28/10/2017 EBW “Halloween Is For Heroes” (Queens Social Club, Sheffield)
28/10/2017 EVO “Live!” (GL1 Leisure Centre, Gloucester)
28/10/2017 KAPOW “Supershow” (Wickham Centre, Wickham)
28/10/2017 Chaos “Coalition Of Chaos: Part 1” & “Coalition Of Chaos: Part 2” (Hanham Commumity Centre, Bristol)
28/10/2017 PCW “Live!” (Fusion Nightclub, Liverpool)
28/10/2017 PROGRESS presents wXw “London’s Calling” (The Dome, Tufnell Park, London)
28/10/2017 RI “Live!” (Twechar Healthy Living & Enterprise Centre, Twechar)
28/10/2017 SEPW “Halloween Spooktacular” (Hawkinge Community Centre, Folkestone)
28/10/2017 SSW “Guts & Glory” (Regal Community Theatre, Bathgate)
28/10/2017 Southside “7th Anniversary Spectacular” (Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage)
28/10/2017 Superstar Promotions “Hardcore Halloween Tour” (Grimsby Auditorium, Grimsby)
28/10/2017 WZ “Halloween Hijinx” (Kincorth Community Centre, Aberdeen)
29/10/2017 EWE ” Pill Millennium Massacre” (Pill Millennium Centre, Newport)
29/10/2017 PROGRESS “Chapter 56” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London)
29/10/2017 RCWA “Live!” (Chafford Sports Compplex, Rainham)
31/10/2017 Lucha Forever “Lucha L!ve #9: Ghost Runs Chiller Font & Ghastly Puns” (The Frog & Bucket, Manchester)

November 2017…
1/11/2017 ONE “Live!” (Unit Nine, Milton Keynes)
1/11/2017 WWE “Live!” (SSE Hydro, Glasgow)
2/11/2017 WWE “Live!” (Brighton Centre, Brighton)
3/11/2017 EBW “November Pain 2017” (Montgomery Hall, Wath-Upon-Dearne)
3/11/2017 WAW “Tapings” (Epic Studios, Norwich)
3/11/2017 WWE “Live!” (SSE Arena, London)
4/11/2017 4FW “Live!” (Marlborough Town Hall, Marlborough)
4/11/2017 LCW “Live!” (West End Working Men’s Club Leicester)
4/11/2017 NFW “Live In Iver” (Iver Village Hall, Iver)
4/11/2017 OTT “Live” (Tivoli Theatre, Dublin)
4/11/2017 PWS “Mega Bowl” (Ounsdale High School, Wolverhampton) ***CANCELLED***
4/11/2017 TNT “Cold Day In Hell 2017” (O2 Academy, Liverpool) *DATE CHANGE – NOW: 7/12/2017*
4/11/2017 WAW “Tapings” (Epic Studios, Norwich)
4/11/2017 WWE “Live!” (Butlins Minehead, Minehead)
5/11/2017 BEW “Empire Fights Back 4!” (Tunnel 267, Wimbledon, London)
5/11/2017 DW “Live!” (The Jam House, Edinburgh)
5/11/2017 LCW “Live!” (Brockington College, Enderby, Leicester)
5/11/2017 PWS “No Holds Barred” (The Stanton Hotel, Dudley)
5/11/2017 RPW “Live At The Cockpit” (London Cockpit, Marylebone, London)
5/11/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA)
5/11/2017 WWE “Live!” (Cardiff Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff)
6/11/2017 WWE “Tapings” (Manchester Arena, Manchester)
7/11/2017 WWE “Tapings” (Manchester Arena, Manchester)
8/11/2017 WWE “Live!” (First Direct Arena, Leeds)
9/11/2017 WWE “Live!” (Nottingham Capital FM Arena, Nottingham)
10/11/2017 PWP “Brussels Tattoo Convention” (Brussels, Belgium)
11/11/2017 3CW “Encore 2017” (The Dolphin Centre, Darlington)
11/11/2017 EVE “SHE-1: ACE of EVE: Show 1” & “SHE-1: ACE of EVE: Show 2” (The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
11/11/2017 EVO “Live!” (Oaklands, Cinderford)
11/11/2017 GOOD “Live!” (The Crauford Arms, Milton Keynes)
11/11/2017 HOPE “Live!” (Forest Town Arena, Mansfield)
11/11/2017 Ironfist “Live!” (Richmond Place Club, Hereford)
11/11/2017 PBW “Maximum Impact 2017” (Greenock Town Hall, Greenock)
11/11/2017 PWP “Brussels Tattoo Convention” (Brussels, Belgium)
11/11/2017 WZ “Live In Huntly” (Stewarts Hall, Huntly)
12/11/2017 EVE “SHE-1: ACE of EVE: Show 3” & “SHE-1: ACE of EVE: Show 4” (The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
12/11/2017 FNW “Live!” (Weymouth Pavilion, Weymouth)
12/11/2017 PROGRESS “Chapter 57” (O2 Ritz, Manchester)
12/11/2017 PWP “Brussels Tattoo Convention” (Brussels, Belgium)
12/11/2017 VWF “Live!” (The River Rooms, Stourbridge)
17/11/2017 PCW “Live!” (Flares Reflex, Bradford)
18/11/2017 4FW “Live!” (Thatcham Catholic Hall, Thatcham)
18/11/2017 CPW “Live!” (The Assembly Rooms, Wick)
18/11/2017 FNW “Fight! On FITE Tapings” (Causeway School, Eastbourne)
18/11/2017 ICW “Fight Club Special: Glasgow” (The Garage, Glasgow)
18/11/2017 PCW “Live!” Club Domain, Blackpool)
18/11/2017 SSW “Regal Rumble” (Regal Community Theatre, Bathgate)
18/11/2017 TW “Live In Carlisle” (The Venue, Carlisle)
18/11/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA, Aylsham)
18/11/2017 WZ “Live In Arbroath” (Arbroath Community Centre, Arbroath)
19/11/2017 4FW “Live!” (Somerset Hall, Portishead)
19/11/2017 ICW “Fear & Loathing X” (The SSE Hydro, Glasgow)
19/11/2017 IPW:UK “Supershow” (Casino Rooms, Rochester)
19/11/2017 Sacrifice Pro “Chapter 8” (Cedars Upper School, Leighton Buzzard)
19/11/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA)
24/11/2017 FCP “Infinity 2017” (Starworks Warehouse, Wolverhampton)
24/11/2017 GPW “Live!” (The Rose Club, Hindley, Wigan)
24/11/2017 MEW “Clash Of The Radgies” (Innisfree Sports & Social Club, Longbenton, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
25/11/2017 4FW “Live!” (Emerson Green Village Hall, Bristol)
25/11/2017 AWW “Live!” (The Cornbow Hall, Halesowen)
25/11/2017 Ignition “Live!” (Sheffield Works Department Sports & Social Club, Sheffield)
25/11/2017 PBW “Live!” (Meadow Centre, Dumbarton)
25/11/2017 PCW “Live!” (Liquid Envy, Wrexham)
25/11/2017 PWP “Live!” (Pollyfield Centre, Bideford)
25/11/2017 Chaos “Live!” (Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre, Bristol)
25/11/2017 RI “Live In Fishcross” (The View Bar & Restaurant, Alloa)
25/11/2017 SCW “Live!” (New Milton Memorial Centre, New Milton)
26/11/2017 APEX “Glory” (The Jury’s Inn, Milton Keynes)
26/11/2017 BLW “GrandSlam” (Westalnds, Yeovil)
26/11/2017 PROGRESS “Chapter 58” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London)
28/11/2017 Lucha Forever “Tuesday Night Graps” (The Frog & Bucket, Manchester)

December 2017…
1/12/2017 BPW “Live!” (Venue TBA)
2/12/2017 AOW “Fightmare Before Christmas” (The Carleton, Morecombe)
2/12/2017 EBW “Winter Wars 2017” (Queens Social Club, Sheffield)
2/12/2017 EVO “Live!” (Greenway Centre, Bristol)
2/12/2017 KAPOW “Kristmas In Littlehampton” (4th Littlehampton Scout Hall, Littlehampton)
2/12/2017 LCW “Live!” (West End Working Men’s Club Leicester)
2/12/2017 PCW “Live!” (Liquid & Envy, Wrexham)
2/12/2017 RCW “Seasons Beatings” (ATIK, Gloucester)
2/12/2017 Southside “Opportunity Knocks” (Rushcliffe Arena, Nottingham)
2/12/2017 WZ “Christmas Chaos” (Danestone Community Centre, Aberdeen)
3/12/2017 BEW “Britain’s Rising V!” (Tooting Tram & Social, Mitcham, London)
3/12/2017 PW4U “Live!” (Venue TBA)
3/12/2017 RPW “Live At The Cockpit” (London Cockpit, Marylebone, London)
3/12/2017 WAW “Live! (Venue TBA)
7/12/2017 TNT “Cold Day In Hell 2017” (O2 Academy, Liverpool)
8/12/2017 HOPE “Live!” (Forest Town Arena, Mansfield)
8/12/2017 WAW “Tapings” (Epic Studios, Norwich)
9/12/2017 EVO “Live!” (Sir Thomas Rich’s School, Gloucester)
9/12/2017 FNW “Fight! On FITE Tapings: Supershow” (Causeway School, Eastbourne)
9/12/2017 RNW “WinterSlam” (The Ironworks, Inverness)
9/12/2017 WM “Rumble All The Way 2” (Rowley Learning Campus, Rowley Regis)
9/12/2017 WAW “Tapings” (Epic Studios, Norwich)
10/12/2017 PROGRESS “Chapter 59: Whatever People Say We Are, That’s What We’re Not” (O2 Academy, Sheffield)
10/12/2017 PWS “Mega Bowl: Winner Take All” (The Stanton Hotel, Dudley)
10/12/2017 Tidal “Silent Nightmare #4” (O2 Academy, Leeds)
10/12/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA, Lowestoft)
13/12/2017 PW4U “Live!” (Silverdale Working Men’s Club, Newcastle-Under-Lyme)
15/12/2017 PCW/?/?/? “Wrestling World Championships 2017: Show 1” (Evoque Nightclub, Preston)
15/12/2017 RCWA “Live!” (Backstage Centre, Purfleet)
16/12/2017 4FW “Live!” (Thatcham Catholic Hall, Thatcham)
16/12/2017 OTT “Live” (Tivoli Theatre, Dublin)
16/12/2017 PCW/?/?/? “Wrestling World Championships 2017: Show 2” & “Wrestling World Championships 2017: Show 3” (Evoque Nightclub, Preston)
16/12/2017 PWE “Live!” (Citadel Leisure Centre, Ayr)
16/12/2017 Tidal “Silent Nightmare #4: Wake Up Screaming” (Church, Leeds)
17/12/2017 4FW “Live!” (Somerset Hall, Portishead)
17/12/2017 IPW:UK “Live!” (White Oak Leisure Centre, Swanley)
17/12/2017 OTT “Live!” (Mandela Hall, Belfast)
17/12/2017 WAW “Live!” (Venue TBA)
26/12/2017 EVO “Boxing Day Bash” (Wotton Hall Social Club, Gloucester)
27/12/2017 Southside “Seasons Beatings” (Priory Centre, St Neots)
30/12/2017 5* “Live! Manchester” (Manchester Arena, Manchester)
30/12/2017 PROGRESS “Chapter ?: Unboxin2 Live!” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London)
30/12/2017 Sacrifice Pro “Chapter 9” (Cedars Upper School, Leighton Buzzard)

Are you going to a show? Why not send us are report to: we’ll post it right here on the website.

Information: this list will be updated on a regular basis to keep you up to date with all the latest shows

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