Date: 28/1/2017
Promotion: : 5 Star Wrestling
Event: Dominant Wrestling: Live In Dundee
Venue: Dundee Ice Arena, Dundee
Source: Spike TV

Match Results…

Dark match… Lou King Sharp & Kid Fite def. Jack Jester & Irving Garrett

Dark match… Joe Coffey def. Deviation

Dark match… Jay Lethal def. Zack Gibson

The show stars with 5* Champion, Johm Morrison comimg out and saying that he is issuing an open challenge for the title right here and now, Rey Mysterio, Carlito, Drew Galloway, Nick Aldis and Chris Masters all make there way out, Morrison says ok what we’ll do is have a single elimination eight man tournament and he’ll face who ever comes out next in the first round and here comes… IMPACT Grand Champion, Moose!

5* Championship Tournament Quarter-Final
Chanpion, John Morrison def. IMPACT Grand Champion, Moose to advance

5* Championship Tournament Quarter-Final
Rey Mysterio def. Nick Aldis to advance

Following the match, Aldis pushed the referee and attacked Mysterio possibly injuring his knee.

Backstage Rhiannon Jones interviews Rey Mysterio and says he’s in pain 8/10 but says he will fight on and thanks the fans.

5* Championship Tournament Quarter-Final
Carlito def. PJ Black to advance

5* Championship Tournament Quarter-Final
Drew Galloway def. Chris Masters to advance

The Semi-Finals will see Carlito facing Rey Mysterio and Drew Galloway taking on John Morrison!

5* Championship Tournament Semi-Final
Rey Mysterio def. Carlito to advance

Once again following the match Rey Mysterio’s knee was attacked by his opponent again further injuring the knee.

5* Championship Tournament Semi-Final
Champion, John Morrison def. Drew Galloway to advance

Galloway raised Mossrion’s hand after the match and 5* Champion, John Morrison advances and will face Rey Mysterio in the finals.

We return from the final commercial break as Drew Galloway joins Greg Lambert & Joe Hendry on commentary for the finals of the 5* Championship Tournament

5* Championship Tournament Final
Champion, John Morrison def. Rey Mysterio to WIN the tournament and retain the title

Following the match, Morrison is interviewed and lays down a challenge that no other champion has ever offered and says that a tournament involving 128 wrestlers will begin later this year in Manchester.

*This is where the broadcast ended but i’m guessing the interview wasn’t over.