Date: 26/6/2016
Promotion: PROGRESS Wrestling
Event: Chapter 32: 5000 To 1
Venue: The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London

Match Results…

It’s announced that due to injury and flu respectively, Big Damo and Dave Mastiff would not be in action, Damo has been replaced by Trent Seven and Mastiff by fellow Origin member, Zack Gibson.

Damon Moser came out and asked Jim Smallman to make his match a No Disqualification match and he agreed!

No Disqualification match
Nathan Cruz def. Damon Moser

***Editors note: Let this be a lesson to anyone attending a PROGRESS event, two people started arguing at the Weeknder in May, Jim has just spotted them in the crowd, so had security escort them out and BANNED them! Remember guys there is one rule and one rule only and that our friends is DON’T BE A DICK! Now back to the show.***

T.K. Cooper def. Jack Sexsmith

Cooper got the win after Travis Banks ran in and attacked Sexsmith behind the referees back.

Laura Di Matteo def. Jinny

Jinny attacked Laura after the match, Laura got on the mic and said “This is not over! You’ll have to fucking kill me!”

SMASH Championship Open Challenge
Mark Haskins def. Champion, Johnny Gargano by submission *Title Change*



Photo credit: Simon Hepper

Video credit: SMASH Wrestling

Following the match, Gargano cut a promo saying how Haskins deserved the win, and to defend the title everywhere.

PROGRESS Tag Team Champions, The London Riots come out, they say they wanted to defend the titles against the best, and ask Jim if he listened. He says he did and at “Chapter 33” they will defend the titles against War Machine.

PROGRESS Atlas Championship Tournament Block A
T-Bone [6] & Zack Gibson (replaced: Dave Mastiff [2]) def. Big Daddy Walter [2] & Iestyn Rees [0]

PROGRESS Atlas Championship Tournament Block B
Rampage Brown def. Trent Seven (replaced: Damo O’Connor)

PROGRESS World Championship match
Champion, Marty Scurll def. Tommy End

Marty had Tommy in a submission, but Roberts did not see he was illegally using his umbrella. Roberts called for the bell and that Scurll had won. Jim saw the umbrella and said the match would restart. Tommy went for a suplex through two chairs and the lights went out, then came back on with no one there. Tommy went to the ropes thinking it was Whiplash, and Scurll rolled him up and pinned him with his feet on the ropes to retain the title…

…But here comes “Pastor” William Eaver and he has said it’s time to CASH IN his Natural PROGRESSion Series Title shot…

PROGRESS World Championship match
“Pastor” William Eaver def. Champion, Marty Scurll *Title Change*


Photo credit: Simon Hepper