Date: 3/4/2016
Promotion: Insane Championship Wrestling
Event: BarraMania 2
Venue: The Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow
Source: Craig Gordon

Match Results…

Show begins with a special tribute to Kris Travis.

Noam Dar appears in street clothes, talks about him being in the WWE Global Cruiserweight Series in the summer and representing ICW and Scotland. Red Lightning wasn’t liking it and he has taking him out the match and being put on commentary without pay for not asking him permission to compete in the tournament.

ICW Zero-G Championship BarraMania Scramble match
Lionheart def. Davey Boy (c), Joe Hendry, Liam Thomson, Kenny Williams & Zack Gibson *Title Change*

Lionheart used a styles clash on Davey Boy to win the match and title.


Photo credit: Craig Gordon

ICW Tag Team Championship Towel match
Match can only end when somebody throws in their towel
Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) def. Champions, The 55 (Sha Samuels & Kid Fite) *Title Change*

As James R Kennedy throw the towel in to lose the match for The 55, he is now FIRED!

Trent Seven def. Mikey Whiplash

Prior to the next match, Stevie Boy said he wouldn’t be fighting, Renfrew said fuck it, put Kay Lee Ray in the match and let’s make it a Streetfight! They all agreed and it’s on!

The N.A.K. (B.T. Gunn & Chris Renfrew) def. Square Go! Holder, Wolfgang & Kay Lee Ray

This was a very violent match, which included Barbed Wire Tables & Chairs set up at ringside and The N.A.K. powerbombing KLR from the ring through the tables and chairs at ringside! Renfrew used the impailer piledriver into a barbed wire chair to gain the pinfall!

Mark Dallas comes out with Sweeney & Cris Toal to accept the Barrowlands Hall Of Fame Award. Dallas says ICW belongs to Glasgow, then Red Lightning comes out with Jack Jester & Flex Hunter in toe. Red said we should thank The Black Label for the award and not ICW, but Dallas brings out Joe Coffey & Grado for the tag match and if they win Coffey will get his title shot.

The Black Label (Red Lightning & Jack Jester) def. Grado & Joe Coffey

Red Lightning gets the pinfall after a Flex Hunter chokeslam and help from Jester. Joe had Lightning pinned in the corner. He says “Next time in The Garage, it will be me versus you and if I win, I get a shot at the gold, but if I lose I’ll QUIT ICW!”, Lightning accepted and the match is set for April 24th.

Doug Williams def. Massimo

Williams used the ropes for leverage during the pin! Massimo wasn’t happy about it and attacked Williams after the match.

Loser Leaves ICW
Sammii Jayne def. Nikki Storm

Nikki Storm was saying goodbye to ICW until both stare downeach other in the ring. Security escorts Nikki out but she tries to get back in the ring twice.

Prior to thematch, Black Label members, Wolfgang, Kay Lee Ray & Flex Hunter alongside Jack Jester & Red Lightning come ringside, only to have Joe Coffey, Grado, Mikey Whiplash & Kenny Williams come out and fight them off and head back to the locker room area.

ICW World Heavyweight Championship match
Champion, Damo def. Drew Galloway by submission

Red Lightning comes out to stop the referees count then helps Drew during the match, they brought in a table which Damo got put through. Jester comes out also,hits Damo with a weapon, Damo put on his submission move and retains the championship.