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#Results: 2020


January 2020…
2/1/2020 PROGRESS presents An Evening With… (Boston Music Rooms, London)
3/1/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Hermitage Leisure Centre, Coalville)
4/1/2020 EVE “Battle Cry” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London) Results
4/1/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Fareham Leisure Centre, Fareham)
4/1/2020 RISE “RISE Rumble” (Brudenell Social Club, Leeds)
5/1/2020 Catch 22 “Gym Wars” (Bulks Gym, Gravesend)
5/1/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Ico Stafford, Stafford)
5/1/2020 OTT “Stickin Out: Live In Belfast” (Europa Hotel, Belfast) Results
8/1/2020 *CANCELLED* IPW “OMG!” (Unit Nine, Milton Keynes) *CANCELLED*
10/1/2020 CIWW
10/1/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Blackhall Community Centre, Hartlepool)
10/1/2020 RPW “New Years Revolution” (G-Live, Guildford) Results
11/1/2020 EVE “Wrestle Queendom 3” (229 The Venue, London) Results
11/1/2020 EWA “Reloaded” (High Wycombe Judo Centre, High Wycombe)
11/1/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Kings Hall Stoke, Stoke)
11/1/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Collingwood Centre, Birmingham)
11/1/2020 RWA (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)
11/1/2020 WPW (Penn URC, Wolverhampton)
11/1/2020 William Regal’s Night To Remember (Winter Gardens Blackpool, Blackpool)
12/1/2020 Aspire “New Era 2020: Allenton” (St Martins Methodist Church, Allenton)
12/1/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (The Dolphin Centre, Darlington)
12/1/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (The Engine Shed, Wetherby)
12/1/2020 NXT UK “Takeover: Blackpool II” (Empress Ballroom, Blackpool) Results
12/1/2020 PCW “Blackpool Overtake 2” (Viva Blackpool, Blackpool) Results
15/1/2020 WWE “Live At BT Studios” (BT Sport Studios, London) Results
16/1/2020 Wrestling Sport “New Years Retribution” (Bridge Community Centre, Liverpool)
17/1/2020 Battle Pro “Unstoppable” (Livesey Memorial Hall, Sydenham, London) Results
17/1/2020 Lucha Britannia “Never Surrender” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
17/1/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Sutton Coldfield Town Hall, Sutton Coldfield)
17/1/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Denby Dale Pie Hall, Denby Dale)
17/1/2020 NXT UK “Tapings” (York) Results
17/1/2020 UKW “Koala Slam” (UK Wrestling, Batley) Results
18/1/2020 ASW “50th Anniversary Tour” (The Hexagon, Reading)
18/1/2020 FSW “Fight Night!” (West Lynn Sports & Social Club, Kings Lynn)
18/1/2020 GOOD “To Hell With GOOD Intentions 2: The Roaring Twenties” (Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes) Results
18/1/2020 KAPOW! (K2 Crawley, Crawley)
18/1/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Sheffield Library Theatre, Sheffield)
18/1/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Clarion Cedar Court Hotel, Wakefield)
18/1/2020 NBWA “A New Year A New Breed” (Wykham Park Academy, Banbury)
18/1/2020 NGW “Proving Ground” (Eastmount Centre, Hull)
18/1/2020 NXT UK “Tapings” (York) Results
18/1/2020 PWA “Hostile Takeover” (The Sydni Centre, Leamington Spa)
18/1/2020 RPW “Revolution Rumble 2020” (Mountbatten Leisure Centre, Portsmouth)
18/1/2020 RWA (New Images Youth Centre, Winsford)
18/1/2020 SWW “Around The World In 80 Holds” (Watson Hall, Tewkesbury)
18/1/2020 Target “Live In Whitehaven” (The Solway Hall, Whitehaven) Results
18/1/2020 UKWA “Revolutionary Road 2020”
19/1/2020 ASW “5th Anniversary Tour” (Towngate Theatre, Basildon)
19/1/2020 Barracks (Maple Court Academy, Stoke-On-Trent)
19/1/2020 ICW “Fight Club” (The Garage, Glasgow) Results
19/1/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Britannia Hotel, Coventry)
19/1/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Yarm Fellowship Hall, Yarm)
19/1/2020 Pinfall “Slamuary” (Salford Gymnastics Club, City Of Salford)
19/1/2020 PROGRESS “Chapter 101: Dalmatians” (Electric Ballroom, Camden, London) Results
19/1/2020 Venom (The River Rooms, Stourbridge)
21/1/2020 Schadenfreude & Friends “Five: Poo Poo Land” (Frog & Bucket, Manchester) Results
22/1/2020 Schadenfreude & Friends “Six” (Frog & Bucket, Manchester) Results
23/1/2020 IWL “TWO” (Resistance Gallery, Bethal Green, London)
23/1/2020 JFPW “Fleet, Sleep, Rage, Repeat” (Fusion, Liverpool)
24/1/2020 BWR “Underground 6” (The Casablanca Club, Grimsby) Results
24/1/2020 FFPW “Action Project: NextGen” (Kilmore West Community Centre, Dublin)
24/1/2020 FSW (Dereham Memorial Hall, Dereham)
24/1/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (ColneMuni, Colne)
24/1/2020 MEW “Heat Is On” (Innisfree Sports & Social Club, Newcastle) Results
24/1/2020 PWI (Larkhall Community Centre, Larkhall) Results
25/1/2020 ASW “50th Anniversary Tour” (The Swan, High Wycombe)
25/1/2020 ATTACK! “1st Annual Embassy Bingo Cathays Invitational Classic” (BIngo Hall, Cathays, Cardiff) Results
25/1/2020 BWP “Royally Rumbled” (Ffrith BEach Arena Park, Prestatyn)
25/1/2020 CPW “Night Of The Lioness” (HAgard Centre, Coventry)
25/1/2020 KAPOW! “Big Trouble In Littlehampton 2” (4th Littlehampton Scout Hall, Littlehampton)
25/1/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Grimsby Auditorium, Grimsby)
25/1/2020 OCW “Golden Chances” (Mevagissey Activity Centre, Saint Austell)
25/1/2020 Resurgence “Arthouse Wrestling Vol. 5” (Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester) Results
25/1/2020 RPW “GRLZ Vol. 1” Results & “Live In Huntingdon” Results (The Commemoration Hall, Huntingdon)
25/1/2020 Shield Pro “Shield Wars 3!” (Chuter Edu Community Association, South Shields)
25/1/2020 Source “Origins 5” (Source Wrestling School, Glasgow) Results
25/1/2020 TGW “The True Grit Rumble 2020” (Millthorpe School, York)
25/1/2020 Wrestlezone “Summerhill Showdown 2020” (Sure Hotel, Aberdeen) Results
25/1/2020 WWW “Community Chaos II” (Capel St Mary Community Centre, Ipswich) Results
26/1/2020 Aspire “New Era 2020: Sinfin” (Sinfin Community Centre, Sinfin)
26/1/2020 Catch Pro “The Great British Hertiage Tournament” (The Union, Manchester)
26/1/2020 EWE “Battle Royale” (The Bedford, Balham, London)
26/1/2020 FCW (Baggeridge Social Club, Lower Gornal)
26/1/2020 Fierce Females “Disgusting Animals” (The Shed, Glasgow) Results
26/1/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Lings Forum, Northampton)
26/1/2020 NGW “Proving Grounds 52” (Pelton Community Centre, Chester-Le-Street)
26/1/2020 Sacrifice Pro “Chapter 31: Victorious” (Beaudesert Lower School, Leighton Buzzard) Results
26/1/2020 *CANCELLED* TWL “Bad Press” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich) *CANCELLED*
26/1/2020 UPW “5 Year Anniversary” (Westlands Yeovil, Yeovil) Results
30/1/2020 TNT “DOA Deathmatch Tournament 2020” (Hangar34, Liverpool)
31/1/2020 DKW (The Forest Academy, Hainault)
31/1/2020 FCP “WrestleHouse ’20” (The Hanger, Wolverhampton) Results
31/1/2020 GPW “Back With A Bang 2020” (The Monaco, Hindley, Wigan) Results
31/1/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Creswell Events Centre, Creswell)
31/1/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (The Forum, Northallerton)
31/1/2020 RISE “Unplugged” (Eiger Studios, Leeds)
31/1/2020 SOS “Friday Night SOS” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich)
31/1/2020 Triple L “Get Lucha Done” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
31/1/2020 UWL “Resolutions” (The Abbey Hulton Suburban Club, Stoke-On-Trent)

February 2020…
TBA/2/2020 *CANCELLED* TWL “Ha’Penny Havoc 6” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich) *CANCELLED*
TBA/2/2020 Wrestle Island “Island Rumble”
1/2/2020 4FW “New Year Wrestleution 2020” (Swindon MECA, Swindon)
1/2/2020 APW “Condemned” (Kyushinkai Martial Arts, Telford)
1/2/2020 ASW “50th Anniversary Tour” (Alban Arena, St Albans)
1/2/2020 BEW “Rising Empire 5” (Hillcross Primary School, Merton, London) Results
1/2/2020 CPW “There’s No Stopping Us!” (Dhillon’s Brewery, Coventry) Results
1/2/2020 DOA “One Wild Night” (Gainsborough Labour Club, Ipswich) Results
1/2/2020 DWA “It’s Been To Long” (Roundswell Community Centre, Barnstapple)
1/2/2020 EVE “Reign After Queendom” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London) Results
1/2/2020 FFW “Assembly Rooms” (The Assembly Rooms, Lincoln) Results
1/2/2020 ICW “Gonzo” (The Asylum, Glasgow) Results
1/2/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (The Royal Hotel, Hull)
1/2/2020 NORTH “NCL.23//Heavier Than Air?” (Riverside Newcastle, Newcastle) Results
1/2/2020 OTT “Take Me To Your Leader” (Ringside Club, Dublin)
1/2/2020 Reckless Intent “Live In Livingston” (Murieston Scout Hall, Livingston) Results
1/2/2020 RPW “Raw Deal 2020” (The Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage) Results
1/2/2020 Target “Live In Carlisle” (The Hallmark, Carlisle) Results
1/2/2020 *CANCELLED* UKPW “Classic 2020” (Falconwood Community Centre, London) *CANCELLED*
2/2/2020 GOOD “No Ring” (The Black Heart, Camden, London) Results
2/2/2020 HOPE “Evolution 94: A Tale Of Outer Suburbia” (Coalville Labour Club, Coalville) Results
2/2/2020 ICW “The Ninth Annual Square Go!” (SWG3, Glasgow) Results
2/2/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Wellsprings Leisure Centre, Taunton)
2/2/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (DW Stadium Official, Wigan)
2/2/2020 MPWA “Showcase 6” (Archway 70, Manchester)
2/2/2020 PROGRESS “Chapter 102: Bang Tidy” (Tramshead, Cardiff) Results
2/2/2020 PW4U “On The Roxx” (Holy Trinity Community Centre, Newcastle-Under-Lyme)
2/2/2020 Reckless Intent “Live In Edinburgh” (Jewel Miners Welfare Club, Edinburgh) Results
2/2/2020 Reach “All Roads Lead To Gold” (Plymouth School Of Creative Arts, Plymouth) Results
2/2/2020 RPW “Live At The Cockpit 49” (Cockpit Theatre, Marylebone, London) Results
2/2/2020 Wrestleforce (The Nevendon Centre, Wickford)
2/2/2020 PROGRESS presents Junior & Guests (Tiny Rebel, Cardiff)
5/2/2020 ATTACK! “Awadama Fever” (The Dome, Tufnell Park, London) Results
5/2/2020 BCW “Launch” (Static Trading Ltd, Liverpool) Results
5/2/2020 *POSTPONED* F!N “Destination: Fight!” (Unit Nine, Milton Keynes) *New Date: 4/3/2020*
7/2/2020 ASW “50th Anniversary Show” (White Rock Theatre, Hastings)
7/2/2020 Battle Pro “Brawl At The Mall!” (Pentagon Shopping Centre, Chatham, London) Results
7/2/2020 *DATE CHANGE* Contract Pro “Reclaimed” (Bedlington Station & District Working Men’s Social Club, Bedlington) *NEW DATE 3/4/2020*
7/2/2020 EBW “Apocalypse Now 2020” (Woodhouse West End Working Mens’ Club, Sheffield) Results
7/2/2020 FCW “Tulloch Turmoil” (The Tulloch Institute Club, Perth) Results
7/2/2020 FFW “Live In Birmingham” (Mackadown Sports & Social Club, Birmingham) Results
7/2/2020 HOP “10 Year Anniversary: Hucknall” (George Street WMC, Hucknall) Results
7/2/2020 HOPE “Evolution 95: The Downfall Of Us All” (Forest Town Arena, Mansfield) Results
7/2/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Britannia Hotel, Wolverhampton)
7/2/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (The Stanhope Hall, Horncastle)
7/2/2020 NPWS “Unbreakable” (Northumbria Students’ Union, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) Results
7/2/2020 PWI X PWS “Live In Alloa” (Alloa Town Hall, Alloa) Results
7/2/2020 SOUL “In The Air Tonight: One Year Of SOUL” (Merton Arts Space, Wimbledon, London) Results
7/2/2020 UKWA “Finest Hour” (Alsager Civic, Alsager)
7/2/2020 *VENUE CHANGE* WrestleVerse “Wrestling …Like You’ve Never Seen Before!” (The Welly, Hull) Results
7/2/2020 Inside The Ropes presents Grilling JR Live! with Jim Ross & Conrad Thompson (The Dome, Tufnell Park, London)
8/2/2020 4GW “CASino Royale” (Castleford Civic Centre, Castleford)
8/2/2020 AWW “Back To The Future 2020” (The Cornbow Hall, Halesowen) Results
8/2/2020 ASW “50th Anniversary Tour” (City Hall Salisbury, Salisbury)
8/2/2020 Chaos “Requiem” (Yate Leisure Centre, Bristol)
8/2/2020 FTW “Shots Fired” (The Jubilee Club, Newcastle) Results
8/2/2020 HOP “10 Year Anniversary: Beeston” (Beeston Youth & Commuity Centre, Nottingham)
8/2/2020 Hustle “WGW: Wood Green Wrestling” (College Artspace 2, Hornsey, London)
8/2/2020 InOut “That’s What It’s All About” (Rudheath Social Club, Northwich) Results
8/2/2020 Kamikaze Pro “Over The Top 7” (The Mill, Digbeth) Results
8/2/2020 LWF “The Lancashire Riot” (The Army Reserve Centre, Chorley)
8/2/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Five Rivers Health & Wellbeing Centre, Salisbury)
8/2/2020 NFW (Iver Village Hall, Iver)
8/2/2020 PCW “Live In Lancaster” (Kanteena, Lancaster) Results
8/2/2020 PWI “That Langers So Langers He Can’t Even Find His Own Langer” (Circus Factory, Cork)
8/2/2020 RCWA “Started In The Garden Now We Here.” (Harris Academy, Rainham)
8/2/2020 RWA (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)
8/2/2020 RWS “Wrestling Mania 2: New Beginnings” (Whisty Hall, Bristol) Results
8/2/2020 SWW “Acceptable In The 80’s” (Townsend Hall, Shipston)
8/2/2020 Titanic “The Yard: Level One” (Connswater Community Centre, Connswater) Results
8/2/2020 WIH “Fear Of Falling Tournament 2020” (Hastings High School, Hinckley)
8/2/2020 Wrestleforce (The North Romford Community Centre, Romford)
8/2/2020 Inside The Ropes presents Grilling JR Live! with Jim Ross & Conrad Thompson (The Comedy Store, Manchester)
9/2/2020 Aspire (St Martin’s Church, Allenton) Results
9/2/2020 ASW “50th Anniversary Tour” (Orchard Theatre, Dartford)
9/2/2020 Chaos “Encore” (Shire Way Community Centre, Bristol) Results
9/2/2020 Discovery “All About The Wrestling Raffle” (The Jam House, Edinburgh) Results
9/2/2020 Elevation “In Their Hands” (Newbold Verdon Sports & Social Club, Leicester)
9/2/2020 Exist Pro “In Exist We Trust” (Cwmfelin Social Club, Swansea)
9/2/2020 FFPW “Episode 13: Lousy Smarch Weather” (Sheriff Youth Hall, Dublin)
9/2/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Belper Leisure Centre, Belper)
9/2/2020 SEPW (Hawkinge Community Centre, Folkestone)
9/2/2020 SOPW (Malone RFC, Belfast)
9/2/2020 TIW “Big Trouble In Little Ormskirk” (Ormskirk Civic Hall Ornskirk)
9/2/2019 UBW “The Floor Is Made Of Lava 3” (The Weatherley Centre, Biggleswade)
9/2/2020 Wrestleforce (Paringdon Sports Club, Harlow)
9/2/2020 Inside The Ropes presents Grilling JR Live! with Jim Ross & Conrad Thompson (The Classic Grand, Glasgow)
14/2/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Solvay Function Suite, Oldham)
14/2/2020 RPW “High Stakes 2020” (York Hall, Bethnal Green, London) Results
15/2/2020 Ambush “Return To Paradise (Well, Actually The Beet Club)” (Ely Beet Sports & Social Club, Ely) Results
15/2/2020 ASW “50th Anniversary Tour” (Baths Hall Scunthorpe)
15/2/2020 AWA (Cue & Brew, Kidderminster)
15/2/2020 BMW “Live In Sterling” (Mayfield Community Centre, Sterling) Results
15/2/2020 CPW “Love Me, Love Me Not” (Henley Green Community Centre, Coventry)
15/2/2020 DWA “Retaliation” (Heathcoat Social Club, Tiverton)
15/2/2020 FSW “King Of The Ring” (West Lynn Sports & Social Club, King’s Lynn) Results
15/2/2020 Futureshock “Underground 37” (Longfield Suite, Prestwich) Results
15/2/2020 ICW X WXS “Live In Bathgate” (Regal Theatre, Bathgate) Results
15/2/2020 Kamikaze Pro “Live 23” (The Collingwood Club, Birmingham) Results
15/2/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Royal Spa Centre & Town Hall, Leamington Spa)
15/2/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Ashbourne Town Hall, Ashbourne)
15/2/2020 OTT “Kings, Monsters & Bastards” (KFR Centre, Dublin) Results
15/2/2020 SWA “For The Love Of Wrestling” (Dawley Town Hall, Telford)
15/2/2020 SWW “Stand Your Ground” (Walls Club, Gloucester)
15/2/2020 Triumph “Volume 4” (Drake Road Community Centre, Grays)
15/2/2020 Wrestleforce (Selsdon Hall & Jubilee Coffee Shop, Croydon)
15/2/2020 Wrestlezone (Montrose Town Hall, Montrose) Results
16/2/2020 APEX “Hold My Coat I’ve Been Chokeslammed” (MK11, Milton Keynes)
16/2/2020 ASW “50th Anniversary Tour” (Playhouse, Epsom)
16/2/2020 BCW “20Twenty Vision” (Windlesham Club & Theatre, Windlesham)
16/2/2020 Bellatrix “Academy Show” Results
16/2/2020 Clash “The Lash Clash Bash” (96 Shenley Road, Borehamwood)
16/2/2020 DKW “Gold Rush” (Fondu Sports & Social Club, Purfleet, London)
16/2/2020 Dragon Pro “Silver Age” (The NEON, Newport) Results
16/2/2020 Elevation “Fully Charged” (New Parks Community Hub, Leicester)
16/2/2020 EWE “My Bloody Valentine” (The Bedford, Balham, London)
16/2/2020 FHW “Ep.33: Burning Down The House” (Austin Hall, Yaxley)
16/2/2020 Fusion Pro “St Valentines Day Massacre” (Ty Hapus Community Resource Centre, Llandudno)
16/2/2020 GPWA “£5 Wrestling” (The Asylum, Glasgow) Results
16/2/2020 LSLL (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
16/2/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Holiday Inn Gosforth Park, Newcastle)
16/2/2020 NLW “System Shock” (Moat Theatre, Naas)
16/2/2020 *DATE CHANGE* RPW “High Stakes 2020” (York Hall, Bethnal Green, London) *NOW 14/2/2020*
16/2/2020 TNT “IGNition: Breakout” (Fusion, Liverpool) Results
16/2/2020 UBW Square One “Valentines Day Blues” (Henlow Parish Hall, Henlow)
16/2/2020 *CANCELLED* Vertigo Pro “Colliison Course” (Jacs, Aberdare)
16/2/2020 WAW “Academy Show” Results
16/2/2020 Wrestleforce (The Freight House, Rochford)
17/2/2020 ASW “50th Anniversary Tour” (Grove Theatre, Dunstable)
17/2/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Bridlington Spa, Bridlington)
18/2/2020 ASW “50th Anniversary Tour” (Princes Hall, Aldershot)
18/2/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Chipping Sodbury Town Hall, Chipping Sodbury)
18/2/2020 Schadenfreude & Friends “Seven: Good Fucking Riddance” (Frog & Bucket, Manchester) Results
18/2/2020 Wrestleforce (Chequer Mead, East Grinstead)
19/2/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (The Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool)
19/2/2020 SOUL X Knucklelocks “Trashin’ The Camp” (Knucklelocks Gym, London) Results
20/2/2020 ASW “50th Anniversary Tour” (Fairfield Complex, Croydon)
20/2/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Richmond Holiday Park, Skegness)
20/2/2020 RPW “Live In Portsmouth” (Portsmouth Guildhall, Portsmouth) Results
20/2/2020 TNT “Merseyside Massacre 2020” (Hangar34, Liverpool) Results
21/2/2020 ASW “50th Anniversary Tour” (Pavilion Ballroom, Bournemouth)
21/2/2020 Exposure (Pontnewydd Workingmans Club, Cwmbran)
21/2/2020 HOP “10 Year Anniversary: Rainworth” (Rainworth Miners Welfare, Nottingham) Results
21/2/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Filwood Community Centre, Bristol)
21/2/2020 PWI “Live In Glasgow” (Burnhead Community Centre, Glasgow) Results
21/2/2020 Tidal “Wipe Out 2020” (Boom, Leeds) Results
21/2/2020 VPW (The Vyne School, Basingstoke)
21/2/2020 WAW (Beccles Public Hall & Theatre Beccles)
22/2/2020 APEX “Broken Ground” (Bletchley Youth Centre, Milton Keynes) Results
22/2/2020 Aspire (St Mark’s Community Church, Chaddesden)
22/2/2020 Basix “A New Beginning” (Coedpoeth Parish Hall, Coedpoeth)
22/2/2020 CIWW “Galaxy Comic Con 2020: Day 1” (Royal Jersey Agricultural & Horticultural Society, Jersey)
22/2/2020 DKW “Turmoil” (Leigh Community Centre, Leigh-On-Sea)
22/2/2020 DNA “It’s In Our Blood 2: 1 Year Anniversary Show” (Inspire Suffolk, Ipswich)
22/2/2020 Evolution “Chasing Gold” (Wotton Hall Social Club, Gloucester)
22/2/2020 Exposure (Severn View Club, Caldicot)
22/2/2020 Fightstar “Gold Rush” (Barrington Theatre, Ferndown)
22/2/2020 Genesis Pro
22/2/2020 Grapple (Garforth Miners Welfare Hall, Leeds)
22/2/2020 HOP “10 Year Anniversary: St Anns” (St Ann With Emmanuel Church, Nottingham)
22/2/2020 IWE “Gold Diggers” (Writtle Sports & Social Club, Writtle)
22/2/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Waring Green Community Centre, Brighouse)
22/2/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Melbourne Assembly Rooms, Melbourne)
22/2/2020 NCW (Nelson Village Club, Cramlington)
22/2/2020 PWS “Live In Douglas” (St Brides Centre, Douglas) Results
22/2/2020 SOIW (Our Lady’s Hall, Drimnagh)
22/2/2020 SWW “The Lord Of The Ring: The Tournament Of The Ring” (Cinderford Miners Hall, Cinderford)
22/2/2020 Wrestleforce (Buckingham Park Community Centre, Aylesbury)
23/2/2020 Aspire (Sinfin Community Centre, Sinfin)
23/2/2020 ASW “50th Anniversary Tour” (City Hall, Hull)
23/2/2020 BHW “WrestleClash” (The Wallington Centre, Wallington)
23/2/2020 CIWW “Galaxy Comic Con 2020: Day 2” (Royal Jersey Agricultural & Horticultural Society, Jersey)
23/2/2020 EAW (Wisbech Sports & Community Centre, Wisbech)
23/2/2020 FCW “Beyond Baggerdome” (Baggeridge Social Club, Lower Gornal) Results
23/2/2020 HOP “10 Year Anniversary: Calverton” (Calverton Working Men’s Club, Nottingham)
23/2/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (Prince Of Wales Hotel, Southport)
23/2/2020 Megaslam “Live & Loaded Tour” (The Grand Burstin Hotel, Folkestone)
23/2/2020 OTT “Dead On” (Europa Hotel, Belfast) Results
23/2/2020 Pinfall “Ironman Invitational” (Salford Gymnastics Centre, City Of Salford)
23/2/2020 PROGRESS “Chapter 103: Beer Snake City” (Electric Ballroom, Camden, London) Results
23/2/2020 RPW “Live In Southampton 12” (The 1865, Southampton) Results
23/2/2020 Sacrifice Pro “Chapter 32: I Choo Choo Choose You” (Beaudesert Lower School, Leighton Buzzard) Results
23/2/2020 *CANCELLED* Strike (The Queen’s Hotel, Bournemouth)
23/2/2020 TWL “Ha’Penny Havoc 6” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich)
23/2/2020 UPW “Rebellion” (Mercure Rougemont, Exeter)
23/2/2020 VCW “Live In Blackwood” (Pontllanfraith Workingmen’s Club, Blackwood) Results
23/2/2020 Wrestle Island “Nothing Ever Ends” (Birkenhead)
27/2/2020 PBW “Live In Wishaw” (Berryhill Primary School, Wishaw) Results
27/2/2020 The Saddest In Sequins: An Evening With Adrian Street (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
28/2/2020 KSW (Transport Stadium Club, Birmingham)
28/2/2020 RISE “Unplugged” (Eiger Studios, Leeds)
28/2/2020 SOS “Tag Team Special” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich) Results
28/2/2020 Source “Mayhem 5” (Fairfield Club, Govan) Results
28/2/2020 SWW “Live In Ledbury” (Ledbury RFC, Ledbury) Results
28/2/2020 Triple L “Clementine’s Clash” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London) Results
28/2/2020 *VENUE CHANGE* UWL “Fight Night” (The Abbey Hutton Sports & Social Club, Stoke-On-Trent)
28/2/2020 W3L “Wrestling Showdown” (Blackfriars, Newcastle)
28/2/2020 *CANCELLED* Zenith “Ascension” (The Wardley Club, Gateshead)
29/2/2020 Barracks X GHW “Two Worlds, One Winner” (Maple Court Academy, Stoke-On-Trent)
29/2/2020 CLW “Season 2020: Round One” (The British Legion, Thurso) Results
29/2/2020 CPW “Elimination 2020” (Henley Green Community Centre, Coventry) Results
29/2/2020 CSF “No Turning Back” (Hutton Moor Leisure Centre, Weston-Super-Mare) Results
29/2/2020 DOA “Yarmageddon 18: Go4Glory” (The Drill House, Great Yarmouth)
29/2/2020 DWA “Feeling Lucky” (Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter)
29/2/2020 Evolution (Oakland’s Sports Bar, Cinderford)
29/2/2020 FSW (Wallington Village Hall, King’s Lynn) Results
29/2/2020 FUTR “34: 2 Year Anniversary” (Grosvenor Rooms, Sutton In Ashfield)
29/2/2020 Ironfist “Backdrop To The Future” (Richmond Place Club, Hereford) Results
29/2/2020 *CANCELLED* NBWA “Cupid’s Chokehold” (Middleton Cheney Village Hall, Banbury)
29/2/2020 PWE “Lethal Leap Year” (Storey’s Field Centre, Cambridge) Results
29/2/2020 Respect Pro “Live In Kilbirnie” (Garnock Community Social Club, Kilbirnie) Results
29/2/2020 RWA (New Images Youth Centre, Winsford)
29/2/2020 SWA “Clydebank Chaos” (Clydebank Town Hall, Clydebank) Results
29/2/2020 SWE “Fast Track Rumble” (Strathmore Hall, Forfar) Results
29/2/2020 TWL X Wresolution (Lurgan Town Hall, Lurgan)
29/2/2020 United “Day Two: I Can Do This All Day” (Arts At The Old Fire Station, Oxford)
29/2/2020 W3L “Wrestling Showdown” (Buckhaven Community Centre, Buckhaven)
29/2/2020 WAW (Water Lane Leisure Centre, Lowestoft)
29/2/2020 Wrestlezone (Rescue Hall, Peterhead) Results

March 2020…
1/3/2020 FTGU (The Palace Community Centre, Ibstock)
1/3/2020 ICW “Fight Club” (The Garage, Glasgow) Results
1/3/2020 KWE “5 Year Anniversary Show” (Swanmore Village Hall, Southampton)
1/3/2020 MPWA (Archway 70, Manchester)
1/3/2020 RPW “Live At The Cockpit 50” (Cockpit Theatre, Marylebone, London) Results
1/3/2020 Source “Origins” (Source Wrestling School, Glasgow) Results
1/3/2020 UWE “GrappleMania” (The Grampian, Corby)
1/3/2020 W3L “Wrestling Showdown” (Linlithgow Academy, Linlithgow)
4/3/2020 FNW “Now That’s What I Call Wrestling Vol. 1” (Unit Nine, Milton Keynes) Results
5/3/2020 TNT “Project X 2020” (Hangar34, Liverpool) Results
6/3/2020 ASW “50th Anniversary Tour” (Oakengates Theatre, Telford)
6/3/2020 BWR “No Gods No Masters III” (Memorial Hall, Cleethorpes)
6/3/2020 CIWW “Mega Charity Wrestle”
6/3/2020 *DATE CHANGE* FCP (The Hanger, Wolverhampton) *NOW 13/3/2020*
6/3/2020 GPW “Heroes & Villains” (The Monaco, Hindley, Wigan) Results
6/3/2020 HOP “March Madness” (George Street working Men’s Club, Hucknall) Results
6/3/2020 Megaslam (Glasgow)
6/3/2020 NBP (East Dene Working Mens Club, Barnsley)
6/3/2020 WWE “NXT UK Tapings” (Coventry) Results
7/3/2020 APW “Resurgence” (Kyushinkai Martial Arts, Telford)
7/3/2020 ASW “50th Anniversary Tour” (Town Hall, Dudley)
7/3/2020 AWW “Breaking Point” (The Cornbow Hall, Halesowen) Results
7/3/2020 EVE “Women Behaving Badly” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London) Results
7/3/2020 FFW “Live In Mountsorrel” (Mountsorrel Working Mens Club, Leicester) Results
7/3/2020 FTW “The Admiral-Lord Mountevans Spectacular” (The Jubilee Club, Newcastle)
7/3/2020 HOP “March Madness” (Beeston Youth Centre, Beeston) Results
7/3/2020 InOut “Shake It All About” (Winnington Park Recreation Club, Northwich)
7/3/2020 JFPW “March Mayhem” (St George’s Social Centre, Liverpool)
7/3/2020 Megaslam (Perth)
7/3/2020 N-EWW
7/3/2020 PBW “Live In Lambert” (Dobbie Hall, Lambert) Results
7/3/2020 PW4U “Home Sweet Home: 9 Year Anniversary Show” (Silverdale Working Men’s Club, Newcastle-Under-Lyme) Results
7/3/2020 PWI “Gattin’ With Da Lads” (Phoenix Wrestling Academy, Cork)
7/3/2020 Resurgence “Over the Top Rumble” (Nottingham) Results
7/3/2020 RPW “She’s All That” Results & Risky Business” Results (Corporation, Sheffield)
7/3/2020 RWA (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)
7/3/2020 RWS “Wrestling Mania 3: Watch Your Back” (Whisty Hall, Radstock) Results
7/3/2020 SWW (St Margarets Hall, Cheltenham)
7/3/2020 Target “Live In Carlisle” (The Venue, Carlisle) Results
7/3/2020 UBW “WrestleMemeia III: The Best Trilogies Come In Threes” (Greenacre Centre, Hitchin) Results
7/3/2020 WPW “Marching On To Glory” (Penn URC, Wolverhampton) Results
7/3/2020 Wrestleforce (Agincourt Rock Venue, Camberley)
7/3/2020 Wrestlezone “Academy Showcase” (Wrestlezone Training Academy, Aberdeen) Results
7/3/2020 WWE “NXT UK Tapings” (Coventry) Results
8/3/2020 Aspire (St Martins Methodist Church, St Martins)
8/3/2020 BHW “Rebirth” (Guisley Theatre, Guisley)
8/3/2020 CSF “Showdown!” (Cheese & Grain, Frome) Results
8/3/2020 FFPW “Episode 14: What’s The Quack?!” (Sheriff Youth Hall, Dublin)
8/3/2020 Fierce Females “We Want To Bookings You?” (The Shed, Glasgow) Results
8/3/2020 HOPE “Evolution Ninety Six: Welcome To The Black Parade” (Coalville Labour Club, Coalville) Results
8/3/2020 Megaslam (Prestwick)
8/3/2020 MPWA “7” (Archway 70, Manchester)
8/3/2020 RPW “Lethal Weapon” (The Priory Centre, St Neots) Results
8/3/2020 SWW “Wrestleversary” (Stroud Subscription Rooms, Stroud)
8/3/2020 UBW Square One “The People’s Tramp” (Henlow Parish Hall, Henlow)
8/3/2020 *DATE CHANGE* Venom NEW DATE: 22/3/2020
10/3/2020 Renesme Events presents An Intimate Evening With Kevin Nash (Sheffield United FC, Sheffield)
11/3/2020 Renesme Events presents An Intimate Evening With Kevin Nash (Walsall FC, Walsall)
13/3/2020 BWR “1 Year Anniversary” (St George’s Hall, City Of Bradford)
13/3/2020 DNW (Jump Working Men’s Club, Barnsley)
13/3/2020 FCP “Friday The 13th” (The Hanger, Wolverhampton) Results
13/3/2020 MEW “Whey Aye Mania 4” (Innisfree Sports & Social Club, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
13/3/2020 PCW “Road to Glory 2020” (Blackpool) Results
13/3/2020 UWA “Wrestling Rampage Live” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich)
13/3/2020 Vortex Pro “Origin” (Burnham Park Hall, Burnham)
13/3/2020 Renesme Events presents An Intimate Evening With Kevin Nash (Bournemouth Life Centre, Bournemouth)
14/3/2020 ASW “50th Anniversary Tour” (Floral Pavilion, New Brighton)
14/3/2020 ATTACK! “Road To Sacrifice” (Cathays Community Centre, Cardiff) Results
14/3/2020 Battle Pro “After Hours” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London) Results
14/3/2020 BWP (Ffrith Beach Arena, Prestatyn)
14/3/2020 CPW “Superstars”
14/3/2020 DNW “2 Year Anniversary Show” (Westhill Community Centre, East Retford)
14/3/2020 DWA “Bad Moon Rising” (Matthews Hall Cafe, Topsham)
14/3/2020 Ironfist “A Night At The Wrestling Booth” (Bengeworth Social Club, Evesham)
14/3/2020 Megaslam (Dunoon)
14/3/2020 NFSW “March Madness” (Marden Residents Club, North Shields)
14/3/2020 *CANCELLED* OTT “ScrapperMania 6” (National Stadium, Dublin)
14/3/2020 PCW “Road To Glory 2020” Results & “Road To Glory 2020” Results (Preston)
14/3/2020 *CANCELLED* Reckless Intent (The Greenfield Social Club, Hamilton)
14/3/2020 Riptide “Pride Of Brighton” Results & “The Storm” Results(Brighton Youth Centre, Brighton)
14/3/2020 RPW “Live In Portsmouth” (Buckland Community Centre, Portsmouth)
14/3/2020 RWS (Blandford Corn Exchange, Blandford)
14/3/2020 Unstoppable “March Mayhem” (Padiham Town Hall, Burnley)
14/3/2020 WAW (Lingwood Village Hall, Lingwood, Nowich)
14/3/2020 Renesme Events presents An Intimate Evening With Kevin Nash (St Marys, Southampton)
15/3/2020 DNW (Carlton In Lindrick Working Mens Club, Worksop)
15/3/2020 Elevation “Xceleration 2020” (Newbold Verdon Sports & Social Club, Leicester)
15/3/2020 FPW “Reloaded 2020”
15/3/2020 Fusion Pro “Hard Target” (Llanfairfechan Community Hall, Llanfairfechan)
15/3/2020 Kamikaze Pro “Live 24” (Brook Street Community Street, Tipton) Results
15/3/2020 KOW “Implosion” (Cloud 9 & Lounge, Barrow In Furniss)
15/3/2020 LSLL (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
15/3/2020 *CANCELLED* OTT “The Hangover Show” (Ringside Club, Dublin)
15/3/2020 RWW “3 Idiots & A Time Machine” (The Talk, Norwich)
15/3/2020 TNT “IGNition: IGNite The Fire 2020” (Fusion, Liverpool) Results
15/3/2020 WWW “Champions Of War 3” (Everyone Active Mid Suffolk Leisure Centre, Stowmarket) Results
15/3/2020 Renesme Events presents An Intimate Evening With Kevin Nash (Museum Of London Docklands, Canary Wharf, London)
16/3/2020 Will Ospreay X WrestleTalk “Showcase: No Fans Monday – Support Wrestling | Screw Coronavirus” (229 Venue, London) Results
16/3/2020 *POSTPONED* WrestleTalk Live “The Battle Of Brit Wres” (229 Venue, London)
20/3/2020 *POSTPONED* ATTACK! Back In The Barn” (The Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham) *NEW DATE: TBA*
20/3/2020 Basix Pro “Game On! (Connah’s Quay Civic Hall, Connah’s Quay)
20/3/2020 *POSTPONED* HOPE “Evolution 97: Sugar, We’re Going Down” (Forest Town Arena, Mansfield) *NEW DATE: TBA*
20/3/2020 Immortal “HyperMania 2” (Prattens Westfield, Radstock)
20/3/2020 *CANCELLED* Lucha Britannia (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
20/3/2020 *DATE CHANGE* Inside The Ropes presents One Night Only With Kevin Owens (The Engine Works, Glasgow) *NEW DATE: 5/6/2020*
21/3/2020 *POSTPONED* Alpha Pro “Issue #5” (The Malthouse Suite, Leicester) *NEW DATE: TBA*
21/3/2020 *POSTPONED* Burning Hearts “Rebels Rising” (Theatre Deli The Old Library, London) *NEW DATE: 27/6/2020*
21/3/2020 *POSTPONED* Catch Pro “Catch 2” (The Union, Manchester) *NEW DATE: 11/6/2020*
21/3/2020 *POSTPONED* DKW “Night At The Wrestling II” (Laindon West Community Centre, Laindon) *NEW DATE: TBA*
21/3/2020 EAW (Parson’s Hall, Irchester)
21/3/2020 *POSTPONED* EWA “2020 Invitational Tournament Vol. 2” (High Wycombe Judo Centre, High Wycombe) *NEW DATE: TBA*
21/3/2020 *PSOTPONED* FSW “Fight Night” (Outwell Village Hall, Wisbech) *NEW DATE: TBA*
21/3/2020 *POSTPONED* ICW X WXS “Live In Ayr” (Citadel Leisure Centre, Ayr) *NEW DATE: 19/9/2020*
21/3/2020 *CANCELLED* InOut (Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Blackpool)
21/3/2020 *POSTPONED* NGW “Full Force 2020” (Victoria Hall, Keighley) *NEW DATE: 3/10/2020*
21/3/2020 *POSTPONED* Phoenix Events “One More Round 5” (Crookes Social Club, Sheffield) *NEW DATE:TBA*
21/3/2020 *POSTPONED* PWA “March Madness” (The Syndi Centre, Leamington Spa) *NEW DATE: 13/6/2020*
21/3/2020 *POSTPONED* Red Star “Downtown Rumble” (Hat Factory Arts Centre, Luton) *NEW DATE: TBA*
21/3/2020 Respect Pro “Live In Stevenston” (Hayocks Community Hall, Stevenston)
21/3/2020 *POSTPONED* SWA “Inverness Incoming 2” (Mercure Inverness Hotel, Inverness)
21/3/2020 *POSTPONED* SWW “The End” Watson Hall, Tewkesbury) *NEW DATE: 20/6/2020*
21/3/2020 *CANCELLED* UPW “Spring Brawl” (Wincanton Memoiral Hall, Wincanton)
21/3/2020 *CANCELLED* WAW “Trouble At The Talk” (The Talk, Norwich)
21/3/2020 *POSTPONED* WIN “WINmania II” (Daventry Leisure Centre, Daventry) NEW DATE: TBA*
21/3/2020 Wrestleforce (Chelmsford Social Club, Chelmsford)
21/3/2020 *POSTPONED* Wrestlezone “Regal Rumble 2020” (Torry St Fittick’s Church Hall, Aberdeen) *NEW DATE: TBA*
21/3/2020 MCM Birmingham Comic Con 2020 (The NEC, Birmingham)
22/3/2020 *POSTPONED* Exposure “Gauntlet For The Gold” (Pill Millennium Centre, Newport) *NEW DATE: TBA*
22/3/2020 FTGU (The Elms Social Club, Wigston)
22/3/2020 *POSTPONED* Futureshock “Uproar 110: Back Where It All Began” (Stockport Town Hall, Stockport) *NEW DATE: TBA*
22/3/2020 *POSTPONED* GOOD “All Eyes On GOOD: Watch & Learn” (Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes) *NEW DATE: TBA*
22/3/2020 *POSTPONED* HOP “Fundraiser” (Cotgrave Club, Cotgrave) *NEW DATE: TBA*
22/3/2020 *POSTPONED* ICW “Fight Club” (Northumbria Students Union, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) *NEW DATE: 25/7/2020*
22/3/2020 *POSTPONED* NGW “Proving Ground” (Beverley Memorial Hall, Lairgate) *NEW DATE: 13/9/2020*
22/3/2020 *CANCELLED* Slammasters “III” (Beddau RFC, Pontypridd)
22/3/2020 *CANCELLED* Venom (River Rooms, Stourbridge)
22/3/2020 WAW “Hard Times” (WAW Academy, Norwich) Results
22/3/2020 MCM Birmingham Comic Con 2020 (The NEC, Birmingham)
23/3/2020 Barracks (St Lukes CofE Primary School, Newcastle)
26/3/2020 *CANCELLED* JFPW “Against The Grain” (The Bread Shed, Manchester)
26/3/2020 *CANCELLED* PBW (St Monica’s primary School, Milton)
26/3/2020 *POSTPONED* RPW “Pop Up Show” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London) *NEW DATE: 28/5/2020*
27/3/2020 *POSTPONED* HOP (Rainworth Welfare Social Club, Rainworth) *NEW DATE: TBA*
27/3/2020 KAPOW! (The BIG Sheep Family Attraction, Bideford)
27/3/2020 KSW “King Of KSW” (Old Oscott Working Men’s Club, Birmingham)
27/3/2020 *CANCELLED* PWI “Moffet Mania” (Moffat Town Hall, Moffat)
27/3/2020 *POSTPONED* RISE “Unplugged” (Eiger Studios, Leeds) NEW DATE: TBA
27/3/2020 *POSTPONED* Spirit (Larkhall Community Centre, Larkhall) *NEW DATE: TBA*
27/3/2020 *POSTPONED* SOS “Friday Night SOS: The Contenders” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich) *NEW DATE: 24/4/2020*
27/3/2020 *POSTPONED* SOUL “X: Electric Boogaloo II” (Merton Arts Space, Wimbledon, London) *NEW DATE: TBA*
27/3/2020 POSTPONED* Triple L “Moon Belly Kamala” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green London) *NEW DATE: TBA*
27/3/2020 *CANCELLED* UCW “System/Meltdown” (The Wardley Club, Gateshead)
27/3/2020 *POSTPONED* UWL (Abbey Hulton Sports & Socail Club, Stoke-On-Trent) *NEW DATE: TBA*
27/3/2020 *CANCELLED* Wrestleforce (Fulham, London)
28/3/2020 *CANCELLED* Basix Pro (Oswestry Memorial Hall, Orwestry)
28/3/2020 *POSTPONED* Breed Pro “Let’s Push Things Forward” (Hex Arena, Sheffield) *NEW DATE: TBA*
28/3/2020 *CANCELLED* FFW “Unstoppable” (X-Church, Gainsborough)
28/3/2020 *POSTPONED* FUTR “Wrestling: Days Of FUTR Past” (Grosvenor Rooms, Sutton In Ashfield) *NEW DATE: TBA*
28/3/2020 *POSTPONED* HOP (St Ann With Emmanuel Church, Nottingham) *NEW DATE: TBA*
28/3/2020 *POSTPONED* NBWA “Phoenix Rising” (Middleton Cheney Village Hall, Banbury) *NEW DATE: TBA*
28/3/2020 *CANCELLED* NewRobin “House Of Heroes V: A Knight To Remember” (Woolwel Centre, Plymouth)
28/3/2020 *POSTPONED* PBW (Greenock Town Hall, Greenock) *NEW DATE: 7/11/2020*
28/3/2020 *CANCELLED* PWE (NE38 Sports Bar Barmston Centre, Tyne & Wear)
28/3/2020 *POSTPONED* Reckless Intent (The Devonvale Hall Tillicoultry) *NEW DATE: TBA*
28/3/2020 *POSTPONED* RISE “Games Of Death 2020” (Eiger Studios, Leeds) *NEW DATE: TBA*
28/3/2020 SWE “Uprising” (The Circle, Dundee)
28/3/2020 *POSTPONED* TGW “Invasion 2020” (Millsthorpe School, York) *NEW DATE: 6/6/2020*
28/3/2020 *CANCELLED* TWL “4 Nights Only” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich)
28/3/2020 *CANCELLED* Wrestleforce (Rowhedge Village Hall, Colchester)
29/3/2020 Aspire (Sinfin Community Centre, Sinfin)
29/3/2020 *CANCELLED* ASW (Beck Theatre, Hayes)
29/3/2020 *CANCELLED* AWW “March Madness” (The Castle Hall, Bridgnorth)
29/3/2020 *CANCELLED* Discovery “2020 Disco Derby” (The Jam House, Edinburgh)
29/3/2020 *CANCELLED* EWE “Crisis Point: In Doug We Trust” (The Bedford, Balham, London)
29/3/2020 *CANCELLED* FCW “Animus” (Baggeridge Social Club, Lower Gornal)
29/3/2020 *POSTPONED* HOP (Calverton Woring Men’s Club, Nottingham) *NEW DATE: TBA*
29/3/2020 *POSTPONED* PCW (PCW Academy, Preston) *NEW DATE: 20/6/2020*
29/3/2020 *CANCELLED* PROGRESS “Chapter 104: Jeff Goldblum’s Fly Machine” (Electric Ballroom, Camden, London)
29/3/2020 *POSTPONED* Sacrifice Pro “Chapter 33: Lights Out 3” (Beaudesert Lower School, Leighton Buzzard) *NEW DATE: TBA*
29/3/2020 *CANCELLED* SEPW “Wrestival 2020” (Hawkinge Community Centre, Folkestone)
29/3/2020 *CANCELLED* Tidal “Afternoon Delight: Kong” & “Dance Of The Cuckoos” ([Boom], Leeds)
31/3/2020 *POSTPONED* Schadenfreude & Friends “Eight” (Frog & Bucket, Manchester) *NEW DATE: 22/4/2020*

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