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#Results: 2019


January 2019…
4/1/2019 ATTACK! “The New Year ATTACK! 24/7 Title Tournament” (Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham) Results
4/1/2019 HOPE “Evolution 76: Sometimes You’re The Hammer… Sometimes You’re The Nail…” (Forest Town Arena, Mansfield) Results
5/1/2019 Defiant “Loaded Tapings” (O2 Academy, Newcastle)
5/1/2019 HOPE “Evolution 77: Another Song About The Weekend” (The West End, Coalville) Results
5/1/2019 RISE “The RISE Rumble 2019” (Brundell Social Club, Leeds)
5/1/2019 RPW “Live At The Cockpit 36: 2019 Queen Of The Ring Tournament” (The Cockpit, Marylebone, London) Results
5/1/2019 RWA “Live!” (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)
6/1/2019 RPW “Live At The Cockpit 37: 2019 Queen Of The Ring Tournament” (The Cockpit, Marylebone, London) Results
7/1/2019 FCP “Project TOKYO!” (Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan) Results
10/1/2019 Frontline “Chaos Restored” (Stratford Circus, Stratford, London) Results
11/1/2019 Battle Pro “Duck One, Half-Crab” (Livesey Memorial Hall, Sydenham, London) Results
11/1/2019 RPW “New Years Resolution” (G Live, Guildford) Results
12/1/2019 BWR “King Of The Underground” (Lucarly’s, Grimsby)
12/1/2019 Chaos “Don’t Be A Menace To CHAOS While Drinking Your Haze In The Wood” (Kings Oak Academy, Bristol) Results
12/1/2019 EVE “She Who Dares, Wins” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London) Results
12/1/2019 HOPE “Evolution 78: Why Walk On Water When We’ve Got Boats” (West End Working Men’s Club, Leicester) Results
12/1/2019 NXT UK “Takeover: Blackpool” (Empress Ballroom, Blackpool) Results
12/1/2019 PCW “Over Take” (Club Domain, Blackpool) Results
12/1/2019 WPW “Back To Business” (Penn URC, Wolverhampton) Results
13/1/2019 ASPIRE “New Year Beatings: Allenton” (St Martin’s Methodist Church, Allenton)
13/1/2019 ATTACK! “Despair & Trafiic” (The Bingo Hall, Cathays Community Centre, Cardiff) Results
13/1/2019 FFPW “Next Gen Showcase 2” (Fight Factory Gym, Dublin)
13/1/2019 ICW “Fight Club” (The Garage, Glasgow) Results
13/1/2019 NXT UK “Tapings” (Empress Ballroom, Blackpool) Results
13/1/2019 Renegade Pro “Episode Zero: Didn’t Have The Bridge Toll” (Saltash Social Club, Saltash)
13/1/2019 Triple L “POW! Right In The Kisser! (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
15/1/2019 IPW X NOAH “Junior Heavyweight Tournament: Live At Unit Nine” (Unit Nine, Milton Keynes) Results
16/1/2019 IPW “Live At Unit Nine” (Unit Nine, Milton Keynes)
18/1/2019 BWR “Underground 3” (Lucarlys, Grimsby)
18/1/2019 Discovery “Live In Edinburgh” (The Jam House, Edinburgh) Results
18/1/2019 WOS “Live Tour 2019: Southampton” (O2 Guildhall, Southampton) Results
19/1/2019 ASPIRE “New Year Beatings: Big Kirk” (Big Kirk Community Church, Kirk Hallen) Results
19/1/2019 Coventry Pro “Live!” (Henley Community Centre, Coventry)
19/1/2019 EWA “Eleventh Hour” (High Wycombe Judo Club, High Wycombe) Results
19/1/2019 EWE “3 Year Anniversary Show” (Bolden Community Association, South Shields)
19/1/2019 FSW “Fight Night: West Lynn” (West Lynn Sports & Social Club, King’s Lynn)
19/1/2019 GOOD “To Hell With GOOD Intentions” (Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes) Results
19/1/2019 Target “Live In Morecombe” (The Carleton, Morecombe) Results
19/1/2019 TGW “The True Grit Rumble!” (Fibbers, York) Results
19/1/2019 WOS “Live Tour 2019: Newport” (Newport Centre, Newport) Results
19/1/2019 Wrestlezone “Summerhill Showdown 2019” (The Best Western, Aberdeen) Results
20/1/2019 Futureshock “Uproar 104” (Stockport Masonic Guildhal, Stockport) Results
20/1/2019 OTT “Contenders 13” (Ringside Club, Dublin) Results
20/1/2019 PROGRESS “Chapter 83: Remove Child Before Ironing” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London) Results
20/1/2019 Reckless Intent “Sunday Slam Wrestling” (Unit 9, Knightsbridge Industrial Estate, Livingston) Results
20/1/2019 SOUL “Live In Wimbledon” (Merton Arts Space, Wimbledon, London) Results
20/1/2019 Venom “Live In Stourbridge” (The River Rooms, Stourbridge) Results
20/1/2019 *CANCELLED* WOS “Live!” (Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth)
24/1/2019 *DATE CHANGE* FFW “Dance Of The Dragon” (PRYZM, Birmingham) *NEW DATE 29/3*
24/1/2019 Unprofessional Wrestling “Never Mind The Wristlocks” (The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
25/1/2019 DKW “2K19 Rumble” (The Forest Academy, Hainault) Results
25/1/2019 FSW “Live In Dereham” (Dereham Memorial Hall, Dereham) Results
25/1/2019 GPW “Back With A Bang 2019” (The Rose Club, Hindley, Wigan) Results
25/1/2019 MEW “Purely Belta 2” (Innisfree Sports & Social Club, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) Results
25/1/2019 TWL “Friday Night SOS” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich)
25/1/2019 UWL “Surburban Superbrawl” (The Abbey Hulton Suburban Club, Stoke-On-Trent)
25/1/2019 WOS “Live Tour 2019: Stoke” (Victoria Hall, Stoke) Results
26/1/2019 BWP “Royally Rumbled” (Prestatyn Ffrith Beach Arena, Prestatyn)
26/1/2019 HOPE “FUTR 14: Anniversary Night 1” (Grosvenor Rooms, Sutton-In-Ashfield) Results
26/1/2019 MCW “The Only Way Is Staveley Again!?” (The Speedwell Rooms, Chesterfield)
26/1/2019 NBWA “Princess Esme’s New Year Bash” (Wykham Hall, Banbury)
26/1/2019 Resurgence “Arthouse Wrestling” (Attenborough Arts, Leicester) Results
26/1/2019 RPW “Revolution Rumble” (Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth)
26/1/2019 RWA “Live!” (New Images Youth Centre, Winsford)
26/1/2019 Shield Pro “Shield Wars” (Chuter Ede Community Association, South Shields)
26/1/2019 SWE “Uprising” (Ardler Complex, Dundee) Results
26/1/2019 Target “Live In Whitehaven” (The Solway Hall, Whitehaven) Results
26/1/2019 TWL “Saturday Night Ignition” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich)
26/1/2019 UKPW “Live In Sittingbourne” (Teynham Community Hall, Sittingbourne) Results
26/1/2019 WOS “Live Tour 2019: Blackpool” (Blackpool Tower Ballroom, Blackpool) Results
26/1/2019 Wrestlegate “Open Gate” (Rushcliffe Arena, Nottingham) Results
26/1/2019 wXw X PROGRESS “Road To 16 Caret Gold 2019: London” (The Dome, Tufnell Park, London) Results
27/1/2019 FCW “The Golde Gimmick” (Baggeridge Social Club, Lower Gornal)
27/1/2019 FFW “From A Shed To A Home” Home Nightclub, Lincoln)
27/1/2019 HOPE “FUTR 15: Anniversary Night 2” (Shirebrook Welfare, Shirebrook) Results
27/1/2019 KAPOW! “Live In Littlehampton” (4th Littlehampton Scout Hall Littlehampton) Results
27/1/2019 KOW “Live!” (Cloud Nine & The Lounge, Barrow In Furness)
27/1/2019 *DATE CHANGE* PROGRESS “Chapter 83” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London) *NOW 20/1/2019*
27/1/2019 *CANCELLED* Renegade Pro “Coyote Nitro Renegades” (Coyote Ugly, Cardiff)
27/1/2019 RPW “Live In Bristol” (Motion, Bristol) Results
27/1/2019 SEPW “Light The Fuse 2019” (The Alexander Centre, Faversham)
27/1/2019 UBW “The Floor Is Made Of Lava 2!” (The Weatherley Centre, Biggleswade) Results
27/1/2019 Vertigo Pro “What Comes After” (Jacs, Aberdare)
27/1/2019 *CANCELLED* WOS “Live!” (Aberdeen AECC, Aberdeen)
27/1/2019 Wrestlepro “The Next-Gen Cup” (Spotters Gym, City of Salford)
31/1/2019 IWL “Kings Among Men: 1st Anniversary” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London) Results
31/1/2019 Paradox “Live!” (Rileys Sports Bar, Nottingham)
31/1/2019 TNT “DOA: Death Match Tournament” (Fusion, Liverpool)

February 2019…
1/2/2019 Contract Pro “Revolution: Inception” (Blyth Comrades Club, Blyth) Results
1/2/2019 FCP “Wrestle House ’19” (The Hanger, Wolverhampton) Results
1/2/2019 HOP “February Tour: Rainworth” (Rainworth Miners Welfare, Mansfield) Results
1/2/2019 Source “Mayhem” (Fairfield Club, Glasgow) Results
1/2/2019 UPW “4th Anniversary Show” (Weymouth Pavilion, Weymouth) Results
1/2/2019 *CANCELLED* WOS “Live!” (Scarborough Spa Grand Hall, Scarborough)
2/2/2019 4FW “New Years Wrestleution” (Swindon MECA, Swindon)
2/2/2019 4GW “No Turning Back” (Castleford Civic Centre, Castleford) Results
2/2/2019 APW “Breakout Year” (Kyushinkai Martial Arts, Telford) Results
2/2/2019 AWW “Back To The Future” (The Cornbow Hall, Halesowen) Results
2/2/2019 DWA “The Pollyfield Bash” (Polyfield Community Centre, Bideford) Results
2/2/2019 HOPE “Evolution 79: Your Way With Words Is Through Silence” (Club Republic, Leicester) Results
2/2/2019 Hustle “Live In Enfield” (Edmonton County School, Enfield) Results
2/2/2019 IWE “Road To Glory” (Roxwell Memorial Hall, Essex) Results
2/2/2019 Kamikaze Pro “Underground VI” (Coventry Empire, Coventry)
2/2/2019 NORTH “NCL.15//You Think I Ain’t Worth A Dollar” (Riverside, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) Results
2/2/2019 PWI “28 Weeks Later” (Kino, Cork City)
2/2/2019 RWA “Night Of Memories 14” (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)
2/2/2019 TGW “Live!” (Venue TBA, Scunthorpe)
2/2/2019 UKPW “Classic 2019” (Falconwood Community Centre, London)
2/2/2019 WIH “Fear Of Falling Tournament 2019” (Hastings High School, Hinckley) Results
2/2/2019 WOS “Live Tour 2019: Northampton” (Derngate, Northampton) Results
3/2/2019 Clash “ONE: First Anniversary” (96 Shenley Road, Borehamwood) Results
3/2/2019 CSF “Showdown: Welcome To NastyVille” (The Cheese & Grain, Frome) Results
3/2/2019 Exist Pro “Exist Pro 2” (Cwnfelin Club, Swansea) Results
3/2/2019 ICW “Fight Club” (The Garage, Glasgow) Results
3/2/2019 OTT “Unfinished Business” (Europa Hotel, Belfast)
3/2/2019 PWS “By Hook Or By Crutch” (Rowley Learning Campus, Rowley Regis)
3/2/2019 RPW “Live At The Cockpit 38” (The Cockpit, Marylebone, London) Results
3/2/2019 SLAM “OVW UK Title Tournament” (Polesworth Social & Sports Club, Polesworth)
3/2/2019 Southside “The Big Bump Theory” (Bedford Corn Exchange, Bedford) *We’ll Be There LIVE!*
3/2/2019 Uprising “We Rise Up” (Crumlin Road Gaol, Belfast)
3/2/2019 WOS “Live Tour 2019: London” (York Hall, Bethnal Green, London) Results
6/2/2019 Futureshock “Tapped III: Tapped With A Vengeance” (Fairfield Social Club, Manchester) Results
6/2/2019 IPW “Live At Unit Nine” (Unit Nine, Milton Keynes)
7/2/2019 REACH “Thursday Night REACH” (Walkabout Plymouth, Plymouth) Results
8/2/2019 Battle Pro “Live In Caterham” (Soper Hall, Caterham, London) Results
8/2/2019 EBW “Apocalypse Now 2019” (Woodseats Working Men’s Club, Sheffield)
8/2/2019 *CANCELLED* Empire “The King’s Ransom” (Steels Social Club, City Of Sunderland)
8/2/2019 *DATE CHANGE* Fallout Pro “My Bloody Valentine” (Club 85, Hitchin) *Now 16/3*
8/2/2019 HOP “February Tour: Hucknall” (George Street Working Men’s Club, Hucknall) Results
8/2/2019 HOPE “Evolution 80: Casablanca Sucked Anyways” (Forest Town Arena, Mansfield) Results
9/2/2019 CPW “Warfare” (Henley Green Community Centre, Coventry) Results
9/2/2019 Defiant “Unstoppable” (Manchester University Student Union, Manchester) Results
9/2/2019 EVE “Global Women Strike 2” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London) Results
9/2/2019 EVO “Live In Bristol” (Greenway Centre, Bristol) Results
9/2/2019 FFW “Live In Warwick” (The Nelson Club, Warwick) Results
9/2/2019 Frontline “NEXGEN #1” (Rainham Methodist Hall, Rainham) Results
9/2/2019 FSW “Fight Night: Outwell” (Outwell Village Hall, Outwell) Results
9/2/2019 HOP “February Tour: Beeston [Matinee]” & “February Tour: Beeston [Evening]” (Beeston Youth & Community Centre, Nottingham)
9/2/2019 NFW “Live In West Drayton” (St Martin’s Prmary School, West Drayton) Results
9/2/2019 NRW “House Of Heroes II: Faith” (Woolwell Centre, Plymouth)
9/2/2019 Southside “A Crazzy Day Of Reckoning” Results& “Risky Business 2019” Results (Corporation, Sheffield)
9/2/2019 SWW “International Showdown” (Walls Club, Gloucester) Results
9/2/2019 Target “Live In Carlisle” (The Venue, Carlisle) Results
9/2/2019 UKWA “Zero Hour” (Wilson Hall, Halesowen) Results
9/2/2019 Wrestleforce “Live!” (William de Ferrers School, Chelmsford)
9/2/2019 Wrestlezone “Live In Montrose” (Montrose Town Hall, Montrose) Results
10/2/2019 ASPIRE “This Means War: Alenton” (St Martin’s Methodist Church, Allenton)
10/2/2019 ATTACK! “Long Roads, No Turns” (Trinity Centre, Bristol) Results
10/2/2019 Breed Pro “Sunday Night Yeet” (Abbeydale Picture House, Yeet) Results
10/2/2019 DKW “Gold Rush Tournament” (The Legion Ockendon Community Hub, Thurrock) Results
10/2/2019 Elevation “Momentum” (Newbold Sports & Social Club, Leicester)
10/2/2019 Fierce Females “Be Your Own Hero” (The Shed, Glasgow) Results
10/2/2019 HOP “February Tour: Heanor” (William Gregg Leisure Cente, Heanor)
10/2/2019 Sacrifice Pro “Chapter XX: Wellllllllllll…….. Well It’s The BIG Comeback” (Cedars Upper School, Leighton Buzzard) Results
10/2/2019 Tidal “When The Boot Goes In!” (Digital, Newcastle Upon Tyne) Results
10/2/2019 TIW “The Future Is Now” (Ormskirck Civic Hall, Ormskirk) Results
10/2/2019 Triple L “Headlocks & Heartbreaks” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
10/2/2019 Wrestling Experience “£5 Wrestling Show” (The Asylum, Glasgow) Results
15/2/2019 BWR “King Of The Underground: Redux” (Lucarly’s, Grimsby)
15/2/2019 FFPW “Episode 7: Love Graps Actually” (The Big Sean, Dublin)
15/2/2019 Lucha Britannia “F**K Brexit Lets Lucha” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
15/2/2019 NPWS “Overload” (Northumbria Students’ Union, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) Results
15/2/2019 PCW “Live In Leeds” (PRZYM, Leeds) Results
15/2/2019 Riptide “Deep Six” (Brighthelm Centre, Brighton) Results
15/2/2019 RPW “High Stakes 2019” (York Hall, Bethnal Green, London) Results
16/2/2019 Chaos “Powerbombs & Cutters & Obviously Superkicks” (Yate Leisure Centre, Yate) Results
16/2/2019 Caithness Pro “The CPW Rumble” (The British Legion, Thurso) Results
16/2/2019 Defiant “Loaded Tapings” (Northumbria University, Newcastle)
16/2/2019 FFW “Live In Mackadown” (Mackadown Sports & Social Club, Birmingham) Results
16/2/2019 Fightstar “Live!” (Barrington Theatre, Ferndown)
16/2/2019 FSW “Fight Night: West Lynn” (West Lynn Sports & Social Club, King’s Lynn)
16/2/2019 NBW “Cash It To Smash It” (Solvay Function Suite, Oldbury) Results
16/2/2019 PCW “Road To Glory 2019: Show 1” & “Road To Glory 2019: Show 2” (Blackpool Tower Circus, Blackpool)
16/2/2019 Phoenix “Ring A Rope N Roses” (Venue TBA)
16/2/2019 Fusion Pro “Grand Rumble” (Llanfairfechan Town Hall, Llanfairfechan) Results
16/2/2019 RISE “You Decide The Name Of The Show!!” (Temple Of Boom, Leeds)
16/2/2019 SLAM “Live!” (Prince Of Wales Theatre, Cannock)
16/2/2019 Southside “Raw Deal 8” (Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage) Results
16/2/2019 SWA “Tag Buddies” & Gold Rush” (Dawley Town Hall, Telford)
16/2/2019 SWW “Live In Stoke Orchard” (Stoke Orchard Community Centre, Cheltenham) Results
16/2/2019 Triumph Pro “Live!” (Drake Community Centre, Grays)
17/2/2019 BEW “Rising Empire 4! (Tunel 267, Wimbledon, London) Results
17/2/2019 FHW “Episode 32: Burning Down The House” (Austin Hall, Yaxley) Results
17/2/2019 Kamikaze Pro “Live 17!” (Cadbury Club, Birmingham)
17/2/2019 MEW “King Of The North” (Innisfree Sports & Social Club, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) Results
17/2/2019 OTT “Homecoming II” (National Basketball Arena, Tallaght) Results
17/2/2019 PCW “Road To Glory 2019: Show 3” & “Road To Glory 2019: Show 4” (Blackpool Tower Circus, Blackpool)
17/2/2019 Reckless Intent “Sunday Slam” (Unit 9, Knightsbridge Industrial Estate, Livingston) Results
17/2/2019 RPW “Live In Southampton” (The 1865, Southampton) Results
17/2/2019 Spotland (Stockport)
17/2/2019 Wrestle Island “The Age Of Steel” (Birkenhead Youth Club, Birkenhead) Results
19/2/2019 *CANCELLED* Kayfabe Events presents An Evening With Rikishi (Venue TBA, Cardiff)
20/2/2019 ATTACK! “Live At The Dome II” (The Dome, Tufnell Park, London) Results
20/2/2019 IPW “Return Of The PAC” (Westgate Hall, Canterbury) Results
20/2/2019 *CANCELLED* Kayfabe Events presents An Evening With Rikishi (Venue TBA, Manchester)
21/2/2019 PBW “Live In Wishaw” (Berryhill Primary School, Wishaw) Results
21/2/2019 TNT “Merseyside Massacre 2019” (Fusion, Liverpool)
21/2/2019 *CANCELLED* Kayfabe Events presents An Evening With Rikishi (Venue TBA, London)
22/2/2019 *CANCELLED* Exposure “Coyote Nitro” (Vale Sports Arena, Cardiff)
22/2/2019 FTGU “Live!” (Birstall Social Club, Leicester)
22/2/2019 HOP “February Tour: Cotgrove” (Venue TBA) Results
22/2/2019 KAPOW “Live In Cranleigh” (Cranleigh Village Sports & Social Club, Cranleigh) Results
22/2/2019 NXT UK “Tapings” (Coventry SkyDome Arena, Coventry) Results
22/2/2019 Reckless Intent “Live In Cumbernauld” (St Lucy’s Primary School, Cumbernauld) Results
22/2/2019 SWA “Live In Clydebank” (Clydebank Town Hall, Clydebank) Results
22/2/2019 Tidal “Wipeout 2019” (Temple Of Boom, Leeds) Results
22/2/2019 TWL “Friday Night SOS” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich)
22/2/2019 UWL “Suburban Slamboree” (The Abbey Hulton Suburban Club, Stoke-On-Trent) Results
22/2/2019 Varsity Pro “Live!” (The Vyne School, Basingstoke) Results
22/2/2019 Zenith “Live In Wardley” (The Wardley Club, Wardley) Results
22/2/2019 *CANCELLED* Kayfabe Events presents An Evening With Rikishi (Venue TBA, Brighton)
23/2/2019 APEX “Breaking Ground” (Bletchley Youth Center, Milton Keynes) Results
23/2/2019 Aspire “This Means War II: Sinfin” (Sinfin Community Centre, Sinfin) Results
23/2/2019 *CANCELLED* Courage “Low Blows Ruin Wrestling” (Button Factory, Temple Bar, Dublin)
23/2/2019 CUKPW “Super Saturday Wrestling” (The New Moorside Club, Leeds)
23/2/2019 DNA “It’s In Our Blood!” (Trimley Sports & Social Club, Felixstone) Results
23/2/2019 DOA “Go4Glory 2019” (Bramford Road Scout HQ, Ipswich) Results
23/2/2019 EVO “Live In Gloucester” (Wotton Hall Social Club, Gloucester) Results
23/2/2019 Full Tilt “Alpha Prime Tournament 2019” (Universal Martial Arts Centre, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) Results
23/2/2019 Futureshock “Underground 31” (Longfield Suite, Prestwich) Results
23/2/2019 HOP “February Tour: St Ann’s” (Venue TBA) Results
23/2/2019 K-Star “Live In Kingsheath” (Transport Stadium Club, Kingsheath) Results
23/2/2019 KAPOW “Live!” (Horley Leisure Centre, Horley)
23/2/2019 NXT UK “Tapings” (Coventry SkyDome Arena, Coventry) Results
23/2/2019 Outcast Pro “Live!” (Riverside Centre, Newport, Isle Of Wight)
23/2/2019 PWI “Just Enough Courage To Perform!” (The Circus Factory, Cork) Results
23/2/2019 Shield Pro X Almost Pro “Moving Day” (Chuter Ede Community Association, South Shields) Results
23/2/2019 Target “Live In Lockerbie” (Lockerbie Town Hall, Lockerbie) Results
23/2/2019 United Pro “Live In Buckie” (Fisherman’s Hall, Buckie) Results
23/2/2019 W3L “Live!” (Carnegie Leasure Centre, Dunfermline)
23/2/2019 Wrestleforce “Live In Romford” (MyPlace, Romford)
23/2/2019 Wrestlezone “Live In Peterhead” (Palace Hotel, Peterhead) Results
23/2/2019 Wrestling Experience “Live In Bathgate” (Reconnect Regal Theatre, Bathgate) Results
24/2/2019 AWW “Breakout” (The Robin 2, Bilston)
24/2/2019 BCW “Fury Road” (The Windlesham Club & Theatre, Windlesham) Results
24/2/2019 Exposure “Live In Merthyr” (The Willows Centre, Merthyr Tydfil) Results
24/2/2019 FCW “BAggeridge Social Club, Lower Gornal)
24/2/2019 HOP “February Tour: Calverton” (Calverton Working Men’s Club, Nottingham) Results
24/2/2019 ICW “The 8th Annual Square Go!” (SWG3, Glasgow) Results
24/2/2019 Legacy “Aces Are Wild” (Benn Hall, Rugby) Results
24/2/2019 PROGRESS “Chapter 84: Eskeewd Beef! Have Anybody Got Any Bookle Oran Doove?” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London) Results
24/2/2019 Strike “Live At Queens” (The Queens Hotel, Bournemouth)
24/2/2019 TWL “Ha’Penny Havoc 5” (Kingsway Hall, Harwich)
24/2/2019 UBW “The Road To WrestleMEMEia” (Coombes Community Centre, Royston) Results
24/2/2019 W3L “Live!” (Linlithgow Leisure Centre, Edinburgh)
28/2/2019 Paradox “Live!” (Rileys Sports Bar, Nottingham)

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