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#Results: 2016

January 2016…
1/1/2016 ASW “All Star” (Butlins, Bognor Regis)
1/1/2016 ASW “All Star” (Butlins, Skegness)
1/1/2016 ATTACK! “Live At Pontins: Prestatyn” (Pontins, Prestatyn)
1/1/2016 WAW “Live!” (Pontins, Southport)
3/1/2016 ICW “Friday Night Fight Club Tapings” (The Garage, Glasgow)
3/1/2016 PROGRESS “ENDVR:14” (The Garage, Islington, London)
3/1/2016 RPW “Live At the Cockpit: January” (London Cockpit, London)
3/1/2016 WF “New Year’s Revolutions” (The Mills Art & Events Centre, Southend-On-Sea)
8/1/2016 GWA “Live At The Warehouse: January” (The Warehouse, Grimsby)
9/1/2016 RWA “New Years Revolution” (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)
10/1/2016 ICW “Friday Night Fight Club Tapings” (The Garage, Glasgow)
13/1/2016 5* “ReGenesis Tour: Newcastle” (Newcastle Metro Arena, Newcastle)
14/1/2016 5* “ReGenesis Tour: Sheffield” (Sheffield Arena, Sheffield)
15/1/2016 5* “ReGenesis Tour: Liverpool” (Echo Arena, Liverpool)
15/1/2016 Lucha “New Year, New Fear” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
15/1/2016 VII Underground “Episode 1” (The Hive, Shrewsbury)
16/1/2016 ASW “Rumble” (Churchill Theatre, Bromley)
16/1/2016 FSW “Fight Night: West Lynn” (West Lynn Sports & Social Club, Kings Lynn)
16/1/2016 Grapple “Live At Fidders” (Fidders, York)
16/1/2016 RPW “High Stakes” (York Hall, Bethnal Green, London)
17/1/2016 ASW “Rumble” (Pavillion Theatre, Bournemouth)
17/1/2016 ATTACK! “…It Was Acceptable In The 80’s” (Cathays Youth & Community Centre, Cardiff)
17/1/2016 FutureShock “Uproar 86” (Stockport Guildhall, Stockport)
17/1/2016 IPW:UK Vs WF “Harlow Invasion” (Parington Leisure Centre, Harlow)
17/1/2016 PWA “New Year Mayhem!” (Stonehouse Creek Leisure & Social Club, Plymouth)
17/1/2016 RI “Sunday Slam: Never Too Much” (The Reckless Intent Unit, Livingston)
22/1/2016 GPW “Back With A Bang!” (The Rose Club, Hindley, Wigan)
22/1/2016 ICW “A Night Of Comedy & Wrestling (Charity Show)” (City Of Glasgow Hotel, Grand Ballroom, Glasgow)
23/1/2016 4FW “New Year Wrestleution” (Swindon M.E.C.A., Swindon)
23/1/2016 ASW “Rumble” (Alban Arena, St Albans)
23/1/2016 AOW “Outbreak” (Morecombe Winter Gardens, Morecombe)
23/1/2016 BWP “Live At Denbigh Hall” (Denbigh Town Hall, Denbigh)
23/1/2016 Empress Pro “Never Say Never Again” (Arts4Every1 Centre, High Wycombe)
23/1/2016 EWA “Showdown” (Arts4Every1 Centre, High Wycombe)
23/1/2016 IPW:UK “Future 15: On The Road” (Selsdon Community Centre, Selsdon)
23/1/2016 LCW Elevation “Reloaded” (Brockington College, Leicester)
23/1/2016 OTT “Martina’s Gaff Party” (Tivoli Theatre, Dublin, Ireland)
23/1/2016 PCW “Genesis: Volume 1” (PCW Academy, Preston)
23/1/2016 RAD:PRO “EmbryoniX 4.0” (Chuter Ede Community Association, South Shields)
23/1/2016 RCWA “Fall Out” (Rainham Methodist Hall, Rainham)
23/1/2016 RWA “Live In Winsford” (New Images Youth Centre, Winsford)
23/1/2016 SLAM “Live!” (Solvay Function Suite, Olbury)
23/1/2016 WZ “Summerhill Showdown” (Summerhill Hotel, Aberdeen)
24/1/2016 ASW “Rumble” (Hexagon, Reading)
24/1/2016 HOPE “Ready To Rumble” (Walkabout, Derby)
24/1/2016 ICW “Square Go!” (Barrowlands Ballroom, Glasgow)
24/1/2016 PWP “Undisputed: Fly High, Hit Hard” (Wellsprings Leisure Centre, Taunton)
24/1/2016 Pheonix “Rumble In Sheffield” (Crookes Social Club, Sheffield)
24/1/2016 PROGRESS “Chapter 25: Chat Shit Get Banged!” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London)
28/1/2016 PBW “Live In Maybole” (Maybole Town Hall, Maybole)
29/1/2016 4FW “Incendium” (Marlborough Town HALL, Marlborough)
29/1/2016 GOOD “#1: Good One” (Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes)
29/1/2016 MEW “Dawn Of Destruction” (Innisfree Sports & Social Club, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
29/1/2016 TCW “New Years Revolution” (The Dolphin Centre, Darlington)
29/1/2016 TNA “Maximum Impact 8 Tour: Manchester” (Manchester Arena, Manchester)
30/1/2016 2KW “Metal Mayhem” (Buckingham Park Community Centre, Aylesbury)
30/1/2016 4FW “Wrestling In Thatcham” (Thatcham Catholic Hall, Thatcham)
30/1/2016 HOP “January Weekender” (St Ann With Emmanuel, Nottingham)
30/1/2016 Kamikaze Pro “Hostile Tak3over” (The Collingwood Centre, Birmingham)
30/1/2016 NGW “Full Force” (Pudsey Civic Hall, Pudsey)
30/1/2016 RPW “Contenders 13: Revolution Rumble” (Moumtbatten Centre, Portsmouth)
30/1/2016 SWE “Uprising: Resolution” (The Ardler Complex, Dundee)
30/1/2016 VPW “Perfect Storm 1: Let Them Fight” (Cardiff Masonic Hall, Cardiff)
30/1/2016 WAW “TV Tapings” (Epic Studios, Norwich)
30/1/2016 TNA “Maximum Impact 8 Tour: London” (London The SSE Arena Wembley, London)
31/1/2016 BWE “Re:Loaded” (Denilson Hall, Leeds)
31/1/2016 DPW “The Big Rumble” (Rodney Parade, Newport)
31/1/2016 HOP “January Weekender” (Calverton Working Mens Club, Nottingham)
31/1/2016 HOPE “Live In MK 2” (Jury’s Inn, Milton Keynes)
31/1/2016 ICW “Friday Night Fight Club Tapings” (The Garage, Glasgow)
31/1/2016 IPW:UK “SwanleyDome” (White Oaks Leisure Centre, Swanley)
31/1/2016 TW “Live In Annan” (The Corner House Hotel, Annan)
31/1/2016 TCW “Wipe Out” (Leeds University Union, Leeds)
31/1/2016 WAW “TV Tapings” (Epic Studios, Norwich)
31/1/2016 TNA “Maximum Impact 8 Tour: Birmingham” (Birmingham Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham)

February 2016…
5/2/2016 ASW “Rumble” (Oakengates Theatre, Telford)
5/2/2016 BWP “Main Event” (Penyffordd & Penymynydd Royal British Legion, Chester)
5/2/2016 FCP “All The Best” (Planet Nightclub, Wolverhampton)
5/2/2016 PCW “Road To Glory 2016: Show 1” (Evoque, Preston)
5/2/2016 W3L “Remedy”
6/2/2016 4FW South East “Going For Gold” (Hawkinge Community Centre, Folkestone)
6/2/2016 4GW “Come At Me Bro!” (Shelley College, Huddersfield)
6/2/2016 Absolute “Wrestling Isn’t Dead” (Linskill Centre, North Shields)
6/2/2016 FPW “Reloaded 5.0” (Thomas Wall Hall Centre, London)
6/2/2016 GWA “Influx” (The Warehouse, Grimsby)
6/2/2016 LCW “Rumble” (Brockington College, Leicester)
6/2/2016 PCW “Road To Glory: Show 2” & PCW “Road To Glory: Show 3” (Evoque, Preston)
6/2/2016 Chaos “Everyone Must Stand Alone” (BAWA Club, Bristol)
6/2/2016 RI “4” (Murieston Scout Hall, Murieston, Livingston)
6/2/2016 RNW “Live In Dingwall” (Dingwall Leisure Centre, Dingwall)
6/2/2016 RWA “Night Of Memories XI” (Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn)
6/2/2016 Showcase “In Your Club 2” (Lochside Club, Dumfries)
6/2/2016 UKPW “Rampage” (Medway Park Leisure Centre, Gillingham)
7/2/2016 ASW “Rumble” (Bath Hall, Scunthorpe)
7/2/2016 EAW “Live! February” (The Pemberton Centre, Rushden)
7/2/2016 Just Do “Temple Of Do” (Windle Labour Club, St Helens)
7/2/2016 Megaslam “7 Year Annivesary” (Doncaster Dome Leisure Centre, Dincaster)
7/2/2016 NGW “Proving Grounds” (Beverley Memorial Hall, Beverley)
7/2/2016 PWP “The Real Rock N Rollas” (Holiday Inn, Plymouth)
7/2/2016 RPW “Live At The Cockpit: February” (London Cockpit, London)
12/2/2016 GPWA “A Night At The Asylum” (The Asylum, Glasgow)
12/2/2016 Infinite “In Your Scouse: We Can Fight It Out” (The Dome, Grand Central Hall, Liverpool)
12/2/2016 RAD:PRO “Muddle In The Puddle” (Northumbria Students Union, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
12/2/2016 UPW “1st Anniversary Show” (The Riviera Hotel, Weymouth)
12/2/2016 WF “Ready To Rumble: Fleet” (The Harlington, Fleet)
13/2/2016 CPW “#3: New Years Revolution” (Venue TBA, St Austell)
13/2/2016 CSF “Saturday Night Slam!” (Bridgewater Town Hall, Bridgewater)
13/2/2016 FSW “Underground 15” (Longfield Suite, Prestwich)
13/2/2016 PBW “Live In Clydebank” (DHR Primary, Cyldebank)
14/2/2016 ATTACK! “Wrestling To Make Love 2” (Catheys Community Centre, Cardiff)
14/2/2016 EWE “St Valentines Day Massacre” (Walkabout, Cardiff)
14/2/2016 PROGRESS “Chapter 26: Unknown Pleasures” (The Ritz, Manchester)
16/2/2016 ASW “Live!” (The Beck Theatre, London)
16/2/2016 SLAM “Live!” (Prince Of Wales Theatre, Cannock)
17/2/2016 ASW “Live!” (Woodville Halls Gravesend, London)
17/2/2016 Megaslam “Live!” (The Blackpool Tower, Blackpool )
17/2/2016 Megaslam “Live!” (The PymGate Lounge, Bury)
17/2/2016 RPW “Live In Portsmouth” (Portsmouth Guildhall, Portsmouth)
18/2/2016 ASW “Live!” (White Rock Theatre, Hastings)
18/2/2016 DW “February 2016” (The Jam House, Edinburgh)
19/2/2016 4FW “Pride Of Glory: Night 1” (Somerset Hall, Portishead)
19/2/2016 ASW “Live!” (Hull City Hall, Hull)
19/2/2016 HOPE “Evolution 32: Keep Your Hopes High & Your Head Down Low” (Forest Town Arena, Mansfield)
19/2/2016 PBW “Live In Drumchapel” (Antonine Primary School, Drumchapel)
19/2/2016 TW “Live In Dumfries” (The Assembly Rooms, Dumfries)
19/2/2016 WAW “Live In Ipswich” (St Clements Social Club, Ipswich)
20/2/2016 4FW “Pride Of Glory: Night 2” (Emersons Green Village Hall, Bristol)
20/2/2016 ASW “Live!” (The Royal Spa Centre, Leamington Spa)
20/2/2016 BWP “El Bandito Memorial Tournament” (Denbigh Town Hall, Denbigh)
20/2/2016 CCW “Ladder Wars” (Kino, Cork City, Ireland)
20/2/2016 FSW “Live!” (The Nicholas Hammond School, Swaffham)
20/2/2016 NGW “Live In Stoke” (Biddulph Valley Leisure Centre, Biddulph)
20/2/2016 RAD:PRO “EmbryoniX 4.1” (Chuter Ede Community Association, South Shields)
20/2/2016 RWA “Live In Winsford” (New Images Youth Centre, Winsford)
20/2/2016 SSW “Deviant Destruction” (Regal Community Theatre, Bathgate)
20/2/2016 SWA “Live In Kilwinning” (The Playz, Kilwinning)
20/2/2016 SC “A New Beginning” (New Milton Memorial Centre, New Milton)
20/2/2016 SWE “Day Of Reck8ning” & “Battle Of The Egos VI” (The Priory Centre, St Neots)
20/2/2016 TW “Live At The Venue: February” (The Venue, Carlisle)
20/2/2016 WZ “Live In Montrose” (Montrose Town Hall, Montrose)
21/2/2016 BEW “The Rising Empire” (Tooting Tram & Social, Mitcham)
21/2/2016 ICW “Friday Night Fight Club Tapings” (The Garage, Glasgow)
21/2/2016 Kamikaze Pro “Bad Apple” (The Cadbury Club, Bournville)
21/2/2016 KAPOW “Secret Origin” (Acorn Community Centre, Waterlooville)
21/2/2016 LSLL “Teenage Mutant Future Luchas” (The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
21/2/2016 NGW “Destiny” (Liverpool Olympia, Liverpool)
21/2/2016 PLEX “Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive & Dodge” (Connaught Leisure Centre, Aldershot)
21/2/2016 PWP “Dream Of Glory” (The Lemon Grove, Exeter)
21/2/2016 WWL “Ha’Penny Havoc 2” (Davercourt Caravan Park, Harwich)
26/2/2016 FF “I.T. Girl” (Walkabout, Glasgow)
26/2/2016 GPW “Bad Blood” (The Rose Club, Hindley, Wigan)
26/2/2016 HOP “Debut Day” (St Ann With Emmanuel Church Hall, St Ann’s, Nottingham)
26/2/2016 ICW “Hey Look! It’s That Mad Wrestling Thing Aff The Telly Tour: What Ever Happened ToThe ICW Lads?” (O2 Academy, Liverpool)
26/2/2016 Megaslam “Live!” (Leeds Town Hall, Leeds)
26/2/2016 OTT “Outer Space Odyssey” (Dolans Pub, Limerick, Ireland)
26/2/2016 PWP “Live!” (Princess Theatre, Burnham-On-Sea)
26/2/2016 RWA “Live In Widnes” (The Studio, Widnes)
26/2/2016 VII Pro “A New Genesis” (Dawley Town Hall, Telford)
26/2/2016 WF “Live In Ilford” (Ilford Sports Club, Ilford) https://t.co/gHZc0h28jj
27/2/2016 4FW “Wrestling In Thatcham” ( Thatcham Catholic Hall, Thatcham)
27/2/2016 AWW “Rebellion” (Brierley Hill Civic Hall, Brierley Hill)
27/2/2016 CPW “Let’s Get Crazy” (British Legion Hall, Thurso)
27/2/2016 DOA “Reloaded” (Westbury Social Club, Bury St Edmunds)
27/2/2016 HOP “Fight For T-Jay” (Bestwood Village Social Club, Nottingham)
27/2/2016 HOP “Destined 4 Glory: Show 1” (St Ann With Emmanuel, St Ann’s, Nottingham)
27/2/2016HOPE “Live In Milton Keynes” (The Jury’s Inn, Milton Keynes)
27/2/2016 ICW “Hey Look! It’s That Mad Wrestling Thing Aff The Telly Tour: The Big Elbowski” (Mandela Hall, Belfast)
27/2/2016 NWA:FN “Destination:Fight” (Atlantis Nightclub, Eastbourne)
27/2/2016 OTT “Ah Ted” (Tivoli Theatre, Dublin, Ireland)
27/2/2016 PWP “Live!” (Lanceston Town Hall, Lanceston)
27/2/2016 RAD:PRO “Lair Of Lucha Tour” (The Trades, Consett)
27/2/2016 RI “Live In Twechar” (Twechar Healthy Living & Enterprise Centre, Twechar)
27/2/2016 SWA “Live in Beith” (Beith Community Centre, Beith)
27/2/2016 SWE “Uprising” (The Ardler Complex, Dundee)
27/2/2016 Slam “Live!” (Fazeley Town Hall, Tamworth)
27/2/2016 TNT “Merseyside Massacre” (Fusion, Liverpool)
27/2/2016 WZ “Live In Newton Hill” (Bettridge Centre, Newton Hill)
28/2/2016 HOP “Destined 4 Glory: Show 2” (Calverton Working Mens Club, Nottingham)
28/2/2016 HOPE “Evolution 33: The Last Of The Jukebox Romeos” (The Brooklands Club, Leighton Buzzard)
28/2/2016 ICW “Hey Look! It’s That Mad Wrestling Thing Aff The Telly Tour: It’s Just A Big Stereo Hangin’ From A Tree” (O2 Academy, Dublin, Ireland)
28/2/2016 PWP “Live!” (Princess Pavillion, Falmouth)
28/2/2016 SWA “Source Wrestling Showcase” (Source Wrestling School, Glasgow) https://t.co/gVsUpxyzNB
28/2/2016 TCW “Riptide” (Leeds University Union, Leeds) https://t.co/oHkah4qXAh
28/2/2016 WF “Live in Witham” (Witham Public Hall, Witham) https://t.co/v9hbo3sQVe
28/2/2016 XWA “Goldrush Rumble” (Colchester Charter Hall, Colchester)

March 2016…
2/3/2016 GFW “AMPED Live UK Tour: Exeter” (Exeter Corn Exchange, Exeter) https://t.co/r1LDwP1Xjn
3/3/2016 GFW “AMPED Live UK tour: London” (Epic, Dalton, London) https://t.co/Pr7OzM870p
4/3/2016 Kamikaze Pro “Underground” (The Empire, Coventry) https://t.co/ZZ4lL55udB
4/3/2016 Lucha “Live!” (The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
4/3/2016 PW4U “Nemesis” (Silverdale Working Mens Club, Newcastle-Under-Lyme) https://t.co/vlsKWn4Vw1
4/3/2016 UPW “New Beginnings” (The Corn Exchange, Dorchester) https://t.co/6lAfC1y7px
4/3/2016 GFW “AMPED Live UK Tour: Coventry” (Sports Connexion, Coventry) https://t.co/gv4es613T0
5/3/2016 AMP “Seventh Anniversary Spectacular” (The Alan Higgs Centre, Coventry) https://t.co/XDUFRGjqKn
5/3/2016 GWA “Deliverance” (The Warehouse, Grimsby)
5/3/2016 LCW “Ammunition” (Brockington College, Enderby,  Leicester) https://t.co/gJ5iqA2EjQ
5/3/2016 EWW “Family Values” (Hastings Centre, Hastings) https://t.co/CHKjBEVcrm
5/3/2016 PBW “Live In Larbert” (Dobbie Hall, Larbert)
5/3/2016 PCW & GFW “Global Conflict” (Club Domain, Blackpool) https://t.co/0cH9KDQEvD
5/3/2016 EVW “Live!” (Merchants Academy, Bristol) https://t.co/NcypmHQrGg
5/3/2016 PWP “Ultimate Prizefighter” (Pollyfield Community Centre, Bideford) https://t.co/pjkW1kTS1Y
5/3/2016 RI “Under Pressure” (Murleston Scout Hall, Livingstone) https://t.co/wEuGFFvxh4
5/3/2016 Showcase “People’s Award” (Lochside Club, Dumfries)
5/3/2016 SWE “Supremacy” (The Circus Tavern, Purfleet) https://t.co/EXxwoAOPQ4
5/3/2016 UBW “Live In Haynes” (Haynes Village Hall, Haynes) https://t.co/zvLed1vgnZ
5/3/2016 UKPW “Live In Teynham” (Teynham Community Hall, Teynham) https://t.co/lH4TXnWrRQ
5/3/2016 WZ “Live In Peterhead” (Palace Hotel, Peterhead) https://t.co/rOxFhajxdj
6/3/2016 EAW “Live!” (The Pemberton Centre, Rushden)
6/3/2016 ICW “Friday Night Fight Club Tapings” (The Garage, Glasgow) https://t.co/EOpIMIjMLP
6/3/2016 IPW:UK “Final Chapter” (The Angel Centre, Tonbridge) https://t.co/kXwVccHfuP
6/3/2016 NGW “Battle Lines” (Victoria Hall, Keighley) https://t.co/8oJESaDzQN
6/3/2016 PWP “Ultimate Prizefighter 3” (The Courtney Centre, Newton Abbot) https://t.co/x5VQHu1Cil
6/3/2016 RPW “Live At The Cockpit 7” (London Cockpit, London) https://t.co/pOx8Y4DVMS
6/3/2016 SWE “Day Of Reck9ning” (https://t.co/5l5gWyCAVI) & “Don’t Call It A Come Back!” (Rushcliffe Leisure Centre, Nottingham) https://t.co/Jnxxl4galC
7/3/2016 SWE “In Your Toon!” (The Reid Hall, Forfar)
10/3/2016 DW “March 2016: Lucha!” (The Jam House, Edinburgh) https://t.co/jtvk0LdGUe
11/3/2016 BCW “Brawl At The Hall” (Ballerup Hll, East Kilbride)
11/3/2016 BWP “Main Event” (Penyffordd & Penymynydd Royal British Legion, Chester)
11/3/2016 SWE “Live In Perth” (Perth College UHI, Perth) https://t.co/IGYiQsSnVi
11/3/2016 SLAM “Live!” (Couture Superclub, Stratford)
11/3/2016 TW “Carlisle Weekender: Night 1” (Harraby Community Centre, Carlisle) https://t.co/IJatolWeZq
11/3/2016 TCW “Spring Storm” (The Dolphin Centre, Darlington) https://t.co/dZ36RCv7dg
11/3/2016 VII Underground “Episode 2: You & Whose Army” (The Hive, Shrewsbury) https://t.co/9GuZWge436
12/3/2016 EPW “Evolution” (Lawrence Sheriff School, Rugby)
12/3/2016 EWA “Mid March Mayhem” (Arts4Every1 Centre, High Wycombe)
12/3/2016 IPW:UK “Future 16: On The Road” (Snodland Community Centre, Snodland) https://t.co/EPTR9pD519
12/3/2016 MCW “Chase The Championship” (Chepstow RFC, Chepstow) https://t.co/kzHWxX0BsC
12/3/2016 MMW “Jungle Warfare” (Tang Hall, York) https://t.co/GezABycCH9
12/3/2016 NFW “The New Force Awakens” (West Drayton Boys Club, West Drayton) https://t.co/j8wpYgR50G
12/3/2016 Chaos “The Chaos Awakens” (Hanham Community Centre, Bristol) https://t.co/d3njF1ImHu
12/3/2016 PWE “Elit3 Rumble” (Citadel Leisure Centre, Ayr) https://t.co/ImnAU8r48e
12/3/2016 EVW “The Great Battle Of Gloucester” (GL1 Leisure Centre, Gloucester) https://t.co/ayTpbyL8tl
12/3/2016 TW “Carlisle Weekender: Night 2” (The Venue, Carlisle) https://t.co/KqXTyqudcv
12/3/2016 WF “Ready To Rumble: Lainden” (Lainden Community Centre, Basildon)
13/3/2016 FSW “Uproar 87” (Stockport Guildhall, Stockport) https://t.co/roVZcKUrtA
13/3/2016 LCW Elevation “Xceleration 2” (Brockington College, Enderby, Leicester) https://t.co/Xmfh37pO1p
13/3/2016 PWP “Big Trouble In Little Tavi 2: It’s All In The Suplexes” (Tavistock Town Hall, Tavistock)
13/3/2016 PROGRESS “ENDVR:15” (The Garage, Islington, London) https://t.co/zFlApQdnLP
13/3/2016 TCW “Best Laid Plans” (Leeds University Union, Leeds) https://t.co/e6enXqEMhG
18/3/2016 FCP “Rise Against” (Planet Nightclub, Wolverhampton) https://t.co/dfvBfCYB0P
18/3/2016 Lucha “Live!” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
18/3/2016 PBW “Academy Attack 6” (All Saints Church, Coatbridge)
18/3/2016 RCWA “Live!” (R.U.S.S.C., Romford) https://t.co/M8UHIeMdoC
19/3/2016 AOW “Morecombe Mayhem” (Morecombe Winter Gardens, Morecombe) https://t.co/yvGRQ4llJ0
19/3/2016 AWW “Breaking Point” (Hadley Stadium, Birmingham)
19/3/2016 EAW “Live!” (Fenside Community Centre, Boston)
19/3/2016 Grapple “Live!” (Fight Science, Leeds)
19/3/2016 NGW “Collison Course” (Borough Hall, Hartlepool) https://t.co/klXBeoxB8Y
19/3/2016 Phoenix “One More Round: #ThankYouTrav” (Crookes Social Club, Sheffield)
19/3/2016 RAD:PRO “EmbryoniX 4.2” (Chuter Ede Community Association, South Shields) https://t.co/WLuVwCrSpF
19/3/2016 RNW “WrestleFest” (The Ironworks, Inverness) https://t.co/X6OrgndDmL
19/3/2016 WAW “Trouble At The Talk 5” (The Talk, Norwich)
20/3/2016 LLL “Opening Ceremony” (The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London) https://t.co/xLf2rQEvAE
20/3/2016 EVE “Let’s Make History!” (Cre8 Lifestyle Centre, Hackney, London) https://t.co/9Alz3FJjGE
20/3/2016 RI “I Owe You Nothing” (The Reckless Intent Unit, Livingston) https://t.co/rSLu6gScLO
20/3/2016 WAW “Live!” (The Talk, Norwich)

March 25th…
ASW “Live!” (The Grove Theatre, Dunstable)
HOP “March Weekender: Show 1” (Plessey Club, Beeston) https://t.co/7NBPeascSe
HOPE “Kings Of Flight 2016: Day 1” (Forest Town Arena, Mansfield) https://t.co/iYHUof4SPQ
ICW “Hey Look! It’s That Mad Wrestling Thing Aff The Telly Tour: Pin Pals” (Brooklyn Bowl, London) https://t.co/KFQSlpoP3n
MEW “We Like To Party!” (Innisfree Sports & Social Club, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) https://t.co/wfmGU2pAhf

March 26th…
BWP “Main Event” (Denbigh Town Hall, Denbigh) https://t.co/z9xbS3ymhE
CPW “Superclash” (Wadebridge School, Wadebridge)
CSF “Saturday Night Slam” https://t.co/Sg3IX0q56r
FSW “Path To Glory” (West Lynn Sports & Social Club, Kings Lynn)
GBP “Battle Kingdom IV” () https://t.co/CEaBON8YCy
HOP “March Weekender: Show 2” (Bestwood Village Social Club, Nottingham) https://t.co/G8RwZ1TuSk
HOP “March Weekender: Show 3” (St Anns With Emmanuel Church, Nottingham) https://t.co/G8RwZ1TuSk
HOPE “Kings Of Flight 2016: Day 2” (Forest Town Arena, Mansfield) https://t.co/OrJToY3EyW
ICW “Hey Look! It’s That Mad Wrestling Thing Aff The Telly Tour: Gladys The Groovy Mule” (Tramshed, Cardiff) https://t.co/3ToQcIzI8B
SWE “Uprising” (The Ardler Complex, Dundee) https://t.co/Jy5drBQvM2
SSW “Burning Ambition” (Regal Community Theatre, Bathgate) https://t.co/pnTYYVOJQN
UPW “Gut Check” (The Riviera Hotel, Weymouth) https://t.co/LrnruGejch
WZ “Regal Rumble” (The Northern Hotel, Aberdeen) https://t.co/Ayv9jlvDWD

March 27th…
BWP “Big Trouble At Rhyl Little Theatre” (Little Theatre, Rhyl) https://t.co/jvaNURrz4K
HOP “March Weekender: Show 4” (Calverton Working Mens Club, Nottingham) https://t.co/mP1w4uH5qr
HOPE “Live In Milton Keynes” (The Jury’s Inn, Milton Keynes) https://t.co/dV9nUPaCQw
ICW “Hey Look! It’s That Mad Wrestling Thing Aff The Telly Tour: Rocky VII (Adrian’s Revenge)” (O2 Academy, Bournemouth) https://t.co/6TcpGm2k0o
Kamikaze Pro “Over The Top 3” (Medway Sports & Social, Birmingham) https://t.co/vw6O30D7vA
PWP “Adrenaline Rush” (Broadmeadow Sports Centre, Teignmouth) https://t.co/wQY0toKPSu
PROGRESS “Chapter 27: The Lost Art Of Suffering” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London) https://t.co/xw2aDYQ9xf
SWE “To Hot For PG” (Buskers, Dundee) https://t.co/QRQSnCkJtY

March 28th…
IPW:UK “Supershow 2: We’re Back!” (Casino Rooms, Rochester) https://t.co/07rRKnuauk

March 31st…
SWE “Lets Kick Cancer To The Curb” (Huntingdon Commemoration Hall, Huntingdon) https://t.co/vMi2Esxlu2
W3L “Championship Showdown: Dunfermline” (Carnegie Leisure Centre, Dunfermline) https://t.co/nePb7L80cl

April 1st…
ATTACK! “I Think I Broke My Tailbone” (Trinity Centre, Bristol) https://t.co/YDquiIT9h4
GPWA “Night at The Asylum 2” (The Asylum, Glasgow) https://t.co/VwIyGoOV0p
GPW “Only The Strong Survive” (The Rose Club, Hindley, Wigan) https://t.co/O1LQcEnpAS
Infinite “Live.In Liverpool” (The Dome, Grand Central, Liverpool) https://t.co/A1F8ZhGeoE
WF “Live!” (Mills Arts & Events Centre, Rayleigh)

April 2nd…
FSW “Fight 4 Glory” (Lynnsport & Leisure Park, Kings Lynn) https://t.co/ppAw38EiYy
GWA “Year One” (The Warehouse, Grimsby)
ICW “Hey Look! It’s That Mad Wrestling Thing Aff The Telly Tour: Why Aye Man!” (O2 Academy, Newcastle) https://t.co/s7IvDMqck1
LCW “Refuse 2 Lose” (Brockington College, Enderby,  Leicester) https://t.co/Zvh5cHYckj
PCW “Academy Night Live” (PCW Academy, Preston)
EVW “Live In Dursley” (Lister Hall, Dursley) https://t.co/FUHxfdNOUE
RI “We’re Not Gonna Make It” (Murieston Scout Hall, Murieston, Livingston) https://t.co/2CrKdwDqSQ
SWE “Raw Deal 5” (Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage) http://wp.me/p4fefc-8Z8
UBW “Live In Clifton” (Clifton Community Centre, Clifton) https://t.co/bIieZn2XpU
WF “Live!” (The Broadway, Barking)

April 3rd…
ATTACK! “How Do You Learn To Fall Off A 20ft Ladder” (Walkabout, Cardiff) https://t.co/gIYBWUQ8kq
DOA “Yarmageddon” (Venue TBA, Great Yarmouth)
EAW “Live!” (The Pemberton Centre, Rushden)
EWE “LuchaMania” (Pill Millennium Centre, Newport)
FF “Rumble In The Jungle 2” (St Lukes, Glasgow) https://t.co/QGQh6Xs1va
Grapple “Marty Jones Invitational Tournament” (Fibbers, York)
HOPE “Freakshow 2: Welcome to Jack Rabbits Slims” (Walkabout, Derby) https://t.co/P940piLPW65
ICW “BarraMania II” (Barrowlands Ballroom, Glasgow) https://t.co/9fLIvrawzl
PCW “Who Dare’s Wins” (Evoque, Preston) https://t.co/nvYlAQK7uP
W3L “Championship Showdown” (Cosmos Community Centre, St Andrews) https://t.co/EbaDA7PlcO

April 7th…
PBW “Live In Glasgow” (Barlanark Community Centre, Glasgow)

April 8th…
RISE “Ascent” (Aria Suite, Leeds) https://t.co/QCiNQOircP
TW “3rd Anniversary” (The Venue, Carlisle) https://t.co/Zs0TRcOBiV
TCW “Wrestling 4 Kian” (St Vincents Club, Houghton Regis) https://t.co/3qNSUhjqWn

April 9th…
BWE “The Battle Of Belle Isles” (Belle Isles Working Mens Club, Leeds)
FutureShock “Underground 16” (Longfield Suite, Prestwich) https://t.co/jrBwUV6GhU
HOPE “Live In Underwood” (Underwood Miners Welfare, Nottingham)
KAPOW “Blackest Night” (Acorn Community Centre, Waterlooville) https://t.co/FWrQCCNRZR
NGW “Proving Grounds” (Beverley Memorial Hall, Beverley) https://t.co/W3ZA9NjSXM
Chaos “Heir 2 The Throne” (Action Indoor Sports, Bristol) https://t.co/kjvO4lraE6
SWA “Live in Motherwell” (Motherwell Civic Centre, Motherwell) https://t.co/KaRpJMN7Mf
SWE “Day Of Reckoning Ten” (https://t.co/wL8q4vH6el) & “Risky Business” (Corporation, Sheffield) https://t.co/0Hlk2Aex3g
TW “Live In Lockerbie” (Lockerbie Town Hall, Lockerbie) https://t.co/x7qs0YhokM
UKPW “Caged” (Medway Park Leisure Centre, Gillingham) https://t.co/2IiY1YU0k2
WZ “Live In Fraserburgh” (Darlymple Hall, Fraserburgh) https://t.co/R7mJJMJ26Y

April 10th…
DW “April 2016: Too Sweet” (Edinburgh Corn Exchange, Edinburgh) https://t.co/YMsUPk2Gu3
DPW “Fighting Chance” (Rodney Parade, Newport) https://t.co/uP9IOwAMMG
EAW “Live In Corby” (The Grampian, Corby)
IPW:UK “Future 17” (White Oaks Leisure Centre, Swanley) https://t.co/gcb8WDA7yP
Kamikaze Pro Dojo “Live!” (Rubery Social Club & Institute, Birmingham) https://t.co/uWosvEHSb1
PROGRESS “Chapter 28: Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want” (The Ritz, Manchester) https://t.co/AHB6zZJP5m

April 15th…
Absolute “Absolute Fight Club Tour : Night 1: (Pelaw Social Club, Gateshead) https://t.co/lCxpgiAxV8
FCP “Planet Terror Volume 2” (Planet Nightclub, Wolverhampton) https://t.co/OobSOk3RsG
Lucha “Live!” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
SWS “Live!” (Garnock Community Social Club, Kilbirine)
UPW “Battle Of Honor” (The Riviera Hotel, Weymouth) https://t.co/pbtkbqvXV3
WF “Live In Harlow” (The GPCA, Harlow)

April 16th…
4FW “Wrestling In Thatcham” (Thatcham Catholic Hall, Thatcham)
Absolute “Absolute Fight Club Tour: Night 2” (Spennymoor Working Mens Club, Newcastle-Under-Lyme) https://t.co/lCxpgiAxV8
Pride “Carry On Wrestling” (Bridgeton Community Centre, Glasgow) https://t.co/iP1Q92HYYy
PBW “Live In Airdrie” (Airdrie Town Hall, Airdrie) https://t.co/ak6BlQh8Xd
EVW “Live In Tewkesbury” (Wheatpieces Community Centre, Tewkesbury) https://t.co/FlIhV5rjkR
RAD:PRO “EmbryoniX 4.3” (Chuter Ede Community Association, South Shields)
RPW “Epic Encounter” (Rivermead Leisure Complex, Reading) https://t.co/a9r1PjsX5r
UKPW “Live In Falconwood” (Falconwood Community Centre, London) https://t.co/X01lPvQMwj
WF “Live In Chelmsford” (Riverside Leisure & Ice Centre, Chelmsford)
WZ “Live In Westhill” (Ashdale Hall, Westhill) https://t.co/PhICq6y4tq
WWE “WrestleMania Revenge Tour: Birmingham” (Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham) https://t.co/82uHsyPl7d

April 17th…
Absolute “Absolute Fight Club Tour: Night 3” (NE6 Suite, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) https://t.co/lCxpgiAxV8
HOPE “Live In Wellingborough” (Glamis Hall, Wellingborough) https://t.co/SXvREJckqj
Just Do “Dorassic Park” (Windle Labour Club, St Helens) https://t.co/PU7p2VCy4A
FNW “Live In Weymouth” (Weymouth Pavilion, Weymouth) https://t.co/K83e9O5OXI
PW4U “Snap, Crackle & Cheap Pops” (Silverdale Working Mens Club, Newcastle-Under-Lyme) https://t.co/jmhtFuvuOd
RPW “Sittingbourne Spectacular” (UK Paper Leisure Club, Sittingbourne) https://t.co/oucXMchAKM
SWE “Live!” (South Shawlands Parish Church, Glasgow)
WWE “WrestleMania Revenge Tour: Nottingham” (Capital FM Arena, Nottingham) https://t.co/mqpXCrmu5O
WWE “WrestleMania Revenge Tour: Leeds” (First Direct Arena, Leeds) https://t.co/qJ0Vu3oEFi

<emApril 18th…
WWE “TV Tapings” (The O2, London) https://t.co/VzpAqkm53E

April 19th…
WWE “TV Tapings” (The O2, London) https://t.co/jiu4eePFuR
WWE “WrestleMania Revenge Tour: Manchester” (Manchester Arena, Manchester) https://t.co/tWgGY1GeFh

April 20th…
WWE “WrestleMania Revenge Tour: Newcastle” (Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle)
WWE “WrestleMania Revenge Tour: Belfast” (The SSE Arena, Belfast) https://t.co/J4W27x5fo9

April 21st…
WWE “WrestleMania Revenge Tour: Dublin” (3Arena, Dublin, Ireland) https://t.co/97dim3u3KB

April 22nd…
4FW “Adrenaline Rush: Night 1” (Somerset Hall, Portishead) https://t.co/9tcY4nJmTE
HOP “April Weekender: Show 1” (Plessey Club, Beeston) https://t.co/mF8pdYu8Jx
PCW “Supershow Weekender: Show 1” (Evoque, Preston) https://t.co/RIPlyXgd9C
VII Pro “Final Inception” (Dawley Town Hall, Telford) https://t.co/EXr68JNF1k
WWE “WrestleMania Revenge Tour: Sheffield” (Sheffield Arena, Sheffield)

April 23rd…
4FW “Adrenaline Rush: Night 2” (Emersons Green Village, Hall, Bristol) https://t.co/AwshZXKwi3
BWP “Main Event” (Denbigh Town Hall, Denbigh)
HOP “April Weekender: Show 2” (St Ann With Emmanuel, Nottingham) https://t.co/mF8pdYu8Jx
PCW “Supershow Weekender: Show 2” (Evoque, Preston) https://t.co/TuEv6lAE2E
PCW “Supershow Weekender: Show 3” (Evoque, Preston) https://t.co/yAhtqDstNy
RPW “Contenders” (Buckland Community Centre, Portsmouth)
SWE “Uprising” (Ardler Complex, Dundee) https://t.co/eGiFSR25Ys
Triple M “St George’s Day Mayhem” (Hermitage Leisure Centre, Leicester)
WWE “WrestleMania Revenge Tour: Glasgow” (The SSE Hydro, Glasgow) https://t.co/jTFhBr3a2U

April 24th…
HOP “April Weekender: Show 3” (Calverton Working Mens Club, Calverton) https://t.co/mF8pdYu8Jx
ICW “Friday Night Fight Club Tapings” (The Garage, Glasgow) https://t.co/SpLZ0O9Z8a
PROGRESS “Chapter 29: Practically PROGRESS In Every Way” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London) https://t.co/gdlT2sOM4N
TCW “All Crime Is Legal” (Leeds University Union, Leeds) https://t.co/3QQq72cxIG

April 29th…
HOPE “Live In Derby” (The Polish Club, Derby)

April 30th…
BWP “Big Trouble In Rhyl Little Theatre” (Rhyl Little Theatre, Rhyl) ***Event Cancelled***
HOPE “Evolution 34” (Grosvenor Rooms, Sutton)
PBW “Breaking Limits 11” (Greenock Town Hall, Greenock) https://t.co/e5EkAmR7lb
PCW “Pier Pressure” (Domain Nightclub, Blackpool) https://t.co/rQep0l7PEZ
RPW “Live In Gosport” (St Vincent Leisure Centre, Gosport)
SSW “Collision” (Regal Community Theatre, Bathgate)
SC “2nd Anniversary” (New Milton Memorial Centre, New Milton)
SWE “Day Of Reckoning 11” (https://t.co/Isn6synfUe) & “Pandemonium” (Rushcliffe Leisure Centre, Nottingham) https://t.co/JygT0hNch2
XWA “Spring Break” (The Delphi Club, Sudbury) https://t.co/WyYavrTVCI

May 1st…
AMP “Wrestling Heroes” (The Saunders, Bedworth)
IPW:UK “Super Scrum” (The Angel Centre, Tonbridge)
RPW “Live At The Cockpit 8” (The Cockpit, London)
SWS “Showcase” (Source Wrestling School, Glasgow)
SWE “Notorious 6ix” (The Priory Centre, St Neots)

May 2nd…
PBW “Live!” (Soutreness Holiday Park)

May 6th…
GPWA “A Night At The Asylum 3” (The Asylum, Glasgow)
HOPE “Evolution 35: How The West Was Won & Where It Got Us” (Forest Town Arena, Mansfield)
Lucha “Live!” (The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)

May 7th…
4FW “Global Takeover (12th Anniversary Mega Show)” (Swindon M.E.C.A., Swindon)
GWA “Live At The Warehouse 25” (The Warehouse, Grimsby)
HOPE “Live In Aylesbury” (Buckingham Park Community Centre, Aylesbury)
LCW “Mayhem” (Brockington College, Enderby, Leicester)
PWE “Are You Ready” (Ayr Town Hall, Ayr)
RCWA “Saturday Night” (Rainham Methodist Church Hall, Rainham)
RI “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us” (Murieston Scout Hall, Murieston, Livingston)
SLAM “Live!” (Solvay Function Suite, Oldbury)
UBW “Redemption” (St Cuthberts Hall, Bedford)
WF “Live In Witham” (Witham Public Halls, Witham)
WZ “Live In Stonehaven” (Stonehaven Town Hall, Stonehaven)

May 8th…
HOPE “Live In Milton Keynes” (The Jury’s Inn, Milton Keynes)
ICW “Friday Night Fight Club Tapings” (The Garage, Glasgow)
NGW “Live In Pudsey” (Pudsey Civic Hall, Pudsey)
PWP “Pride & Glory 2016: 3rd Anniversary Supershow” (Ritz Penzance, Penzance)

May 13th…
GPW “Friday The 13th” (The Rose Club, Hindley, Wigan)
IPW:UK “Friday Night!” (Tap ‘N’ Tin, Clatham)
MEW “4wayWar” (Innisfree Sports & Social Club, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
WAW “Live Supershow” (Carnegie Rooms, Thetford)
WAW “Live!” (RetroSkate, Great Yarmouth)

May 14th…
4FW “Wrestling In Thatcham” (Thatcham Catholic Hall, Thatcham)
AOW “War On The Shore” (Morecombe Winter Gardens, Morecombe)
CPW “Live In St Ives” (St Ives Town Hall, St Ives)
EWA “Road To The Bash” (Arts4Every1, High Wycombe)
Empress Pro “Everytime I Die” (Arts4Every1, High Wycombe)
FSW “Live In Holt” (Holt Community Centre, Holt)
FPW “Crowning Glory” (Thomas Wall Hall Centre, London)
HOPE “Live In Underwood” (Underwood Miners Welfare, Nottingham)
NFW “The New Force Advance” (West Drayton Boys Club, West Drayton)
Rad:Pro “EmbryoniX 4.4” (Chuter Ede Community Association, South Shields)
SWA “Live In Paisley” (Paisley Lagoon Centre, Paisley)
SLAM “Live!” (Fazeley Town Hall, Tamworth)
TW “Live At The Venue” (The Venue, Carlisle)
WAW “Epic Encounters” (Epic Studios, Norwich)

May 15th…
Bellatrix “19” (Epic Studios, Norwich)
HOPE “Evolution 36: Fire Of Unknown Origin” (Arkwright Centre, Chesterfield)
IPW:UK “Fast As Lightning” (Snodland Community Centre, Snodland)
Kamikaze Pro “Live!” (Standard Triumph Club, Coventry)
PWP “The Battle Of Bideford” (Pollyyfield Community Centre, Bideford)
PROGRESS “ENDVR:16” (The Garage, Islington, London)

May 20th…
HOPE “Live In Bedford” (Esquires, Bedford)
Lucha “Live!” (The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
Chikara “UK Tour 2016: Aniversario Night 1” (Neon, Newport)

May 21st…
BWP “Champions Ball” (Denbigh Town Hall, Denbigh)
FSW “Fight Night: West Lynn” (West Lynn Sports & Social, Kings Lynn)
FNW “Lethal Lottery” (My Skate World, Eastbourne)
PCW “Calm Down, Calm Down!” (Fusion, Liverpool)
Pride “All Pride Five-A-Side Under 75’s Annual Indoor Wrestling Challenge” (Bridgeton Community Centre, Glasgow)
Chaos “Total Chaos!” (Yate Leisure Centre, Bristol)
WF “Live In Dagenham” (Fanshaw Community Centre, London)
WZ “INVADE! Union Square” (Union Square, Aberdeen)
Chikara “UK Tour 2016: Aniversario Night 2” (Planet Nightclub, Wolverhampton)

May 22nd…
BEW Vs Stardom “International Grand Prix” (Tooting Tram & Social, Mitcham)
BWE “Smash Con!” (South Leeds Stadium, Leeds)
FutureShock “Uproar 88!” (Stockport Guildhall, Stockport)
HOP & ASPIRE “Live In Sinfin” (Sinfin Community Centre, Derby)
HOPE “Live In Warsop” (The Black Market Venue, Warsop)
LCW Elevation “Ambition”(Brockington College, Enderby, Leicester)
Lucha “London Lucha League 2” (The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
PWP “Live!” (Broadmeadow Sports Centre, Teighmouth)
WAW “Live in Lowestoft” (The Aquarium, Lowestoft)
Chikara “UK Tour 2016: Aniversario Night 3” (Bush Hall, London)

May 27th…
GOOD “2 Good 2 Glorious” (Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes)
HOP “May Weekender: Show 1” (Plessey Club, Beeston)
NGW “Live In Northallerton” (The Forum, Northallerton)
TCW “Point Break” (The Dolphin Centre, Darlington)
Chikara “UK Tour 2016: Catching Fire” (Aston University Student Union, Birmingham)

May 28th…
HOP “May Weekender: Show 2” (St Ann’s Emmanuel Church Hall, St Ann’s)
NGW “Ultimate Showdown” (Hull City Hall, Hull)
EVW “Live!” (Stratford Park Leisure Centre, Stroud)
EVE “Episode 2: After The Storm!” (Cre8 Lifestyle Centre, Hackney, London)
SEW “Live!” (Hawkinge Community Centre, Folkestone)
VPW “Take The Power Back” (The Gate Arts & Community Centre, Cardiff)
Chikara “UK Tour 2016: The Chamber Of Secrets” (The Union, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester)

May 29th…
DPW “Battlelines” (Rodney Parade, Newport)
HOP “May Weekender: Show 3” (Calverton Working Men’s Club, Calverton)
HOPE “Evolution 38” (Queens Park Leisure Centre,
ICW “Friday Night Fight Club Tapings” (The Garage, Glasgow)
PROGRESS “Chapter 30: SPLX Super Strong Style 16: Day 1” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London)
Chikara “UK Tour 2016: The Two Towers – The Journey Continues” (NE6 Suite, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)

May 30th…
PROGRESS “Chapter 30: SPLX Super Strong Style 16: Day 2” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London)
WF “Live In Melksham” (Melksham Assembly Hall, Melksham)
Chikara “UK Tour 2016: The Lost World” (Vertigo, Strathclyde, Glasgow)

June 2nd…
RPW “Live In Portsmouth” (Portsmouth Guild Hall, Portsmouth)

June 3rd…
ATTACK! “Press Start IV” (Catheys Community Centre, Cardiff)
EBW “Apocalypse Now?” (Crookes Social Club, Sheffield)
Lucha “Live!” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
MPW “Live!” (Central Bar, Ashington)
PCW “Academy Night Live 2” (PCW Academy, Preston)
PW4U “Sonic Boom” (Silverdale Working Mens Club, Newcastle-Under-Lyme)
UPW “It’s All Kicking Off” (The Corn Exchange, Dorchester)
WF “Live In Harpenden” (Harpenden Public Halls, Harpenden)

June 4th…
FSW “Fight Night : Swanton Morley” (Swanton Morley Village Hall, Swanton Morley)
GWA “Live At The Warehouse #26” (The Warehouse, Grimsby)
IPW:UK “Future 18” (Selsdon Hall, Croydon)
Kamikaze Pro “Battle Lines” (The Collingwood Centre, Great Barr, Birmingham)
KAPOW “Weekender: Show 1” (Leigh Park Community Centre, Havent)
LCW “Aftermath” (Brockington College, Enderby,  Leicester)
PCW “There Can Only Be One” (Evoque, Preston)
RI “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” (Murieston Scout Hall, Murieston, Livingston)
Wrestlepro “Mad For It” (St Philips Church, Salford)
WZ “Aberdeen Anarchy” (Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen)

June 5th…
IPW:UK “#200″(The Angel Centre, Tonbridge)
KAPOW “Weekender: Show 2” (The Acorn Centre, Cowplain)
RPW “Live At The Cockpit” (The Cockpit, London)

June 10th…
GPW “A Night To Remember” (The Rose Club, Hindley, Wigan)
HOPE “Evolution” (The Polish Club, Derby)
PBW “Live!” (Antonine Primary, Drumchapel)
RIOT “Numero Uno: Beers, Beats & Brinbusters” (Liquid Diva, Gloucester)
TW “Live In Dumfries” (Lochside Social Club, Dumfries)
WWE “NXT At Download” (Donnington, Derby)

June 11th…
Absolute “The Championship Suspects” (NE6 Suite, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
AMP “Live!” (The Alan Higgs Centre, Coventry)
HOPE “Evolution 38: I’ll Be There Just To Watch You Fall” (Forest Town Arena, Mansfield)
PBW “Live In Dumbarton” (Meadow Centre, Dumbarton)
RAD:PRO “EmbryoniX 4.5” (Chuter Ede Community Association, South Shields)
RCWA “Live In Rainham” (Rainham Methodist Church Hall, Rainham)
TW “Best Of British 2” (The Venue, Carlisle)
UBW “Live In Haynes” (Haynes Village Hall,  Haynes)
WWE “NXT At Download” (Donnington, Derby)

June 12th…
ASPIRE “Live In Bramblebrook” (Bramblebrook Community Centre, Derby)
RPW “Sabre Vs Angle” (York Hall, Bethnal Green, London)
SWS “Showcase” (Source Wrestling School, Glasgow)
WWE “NXT At Download” (Donnington, Derby)

June 13th…
WWE “NXT Live!” (The SSE Arena, Belfast)

June 14th…
WWE “NXT Live!” (3Arena, Dublin, Ireland)

June 15th…
WCPW “Live!” (Warehouse 34, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
WWE “NXT Live!” (Echo Arena, Liverpool)

June 16th…
WCPW “Live!” (Warehouse 34, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
WWE “NXT Live!” (Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth)

June 17th…
4FW “WrestleWAR: Night 1” (Somerset Hall, Portishead)
FSW “Underground” (Longfield Suite, Prestwich)
WWE “NXT Live!” (Plymouth Pavilions, Plymouth)

June 18th…
4FW “WrestleWAR: Night 2” (Emersons Green Village Hall, Bristol)
BWP “Live At Denbigh Hall” (Denbigh Town Hall, Denbigh)
HOPE “Live In Milton Keynes” (The Jury’s Inn, Milton Keynes)
NGW “Live In Stoke” (Biddulph Valley Leisure Centre, Stoke)
PBW “Live At The Armadale Gala” (Armadale Gala)
EVW “Live!” (Nunnery Wood High School, Worcester)
RI “Live In Clackmannan” (Clackmannan Town Hall, Clackmannan
TNT “Going Off Big Time” (Fusion Nightclub, Liverpool)
TW “Live In Stranraer” (The Ryan Centre, Stranraer)
WM “Midlands Original” (Rowley Learning Campus, Rowley Regis)

June 19th…
4FW “WrestleWAR: Night 3” (Marlborough Town Hall, Marlborough)
HOPE “Live In Chesterfield” (Queens Park Leisure Centre, Chesterfield)
HOPE “Live In Wellingborough” (Glamis Hall, Wellingborough)
Just Do “Match Of The Do” (Windle Labour Club, St Helens)
PROGRESS “Chapter 31: All Hail The New Puritans” (The Ritz, Manchester)
TW “Live In Haltwhistle” (Haltwhistle Leisure Centre, Haltwhistle)

June 2016
24/6/2016 HOP “June Weekender: Show 1” (Plessey Club, Beeston) ***EVENT CANCELLED!***
24/6/2016 MEW “Toon Tussle” (Innisfree Sports & Social Club, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
24/6/2016 OTT “Live!” (Dolans, Limerick)
25/6/2016 4FW “Wrestling In Thatcham” (Thatcham Catholic Hall, Thatcham)
25/6/2016 BWP “the Young Dragon Tournaments” (Denbigh Town Hall, Denbigh)
25/6/2016 HOP “June Weekender: Show 2” (St Ann With Emmanuel, Nottingham)
25/6/2016 HOPE “Live In Dunstable” (Dunstable 1Life Centre, Dunstable)
25/6/2016 NBWA “Homecoming” (Banbury United Football Club, Banbury)
25/6/2016 NCW “Northern Uprising” (Bedlington Social Club, Northumberland)
25/6/2016 OTT “A Matter Of Pride” (Tivoli Theatre, Dublin)
25/6/2016 PCW “Tribute To The Troops 3” (Preston Guildhall, Preston)
25/6/2016 EVW “Live In Bristol” (Longwell Green Community Centre, Bristol)
25/6/2016 WZ “Live In Ellon” (Victoria Hall, Ellon)
26/6/2016 HOP “June Weekender: Show 3” (Calverton Working Men’s Club, Nottingham)
26/6/2016 LCW Elevation “Golden Opportunity” (Brockington College, Enderby, Leicester)
26/6/2016 PWP “One Of A Kind” (Taunton Wellsprings Centre, Taunton)
26/6/2016 PROGRESS “Chapter 32” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London)
26/6/2016 TCW “When The Boat Comes In” (The Riverside, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)

July 2016
1/7/2016 ATTACK! “RaffleMania II: Stripwrecked” (The Trinity Centre, Bristol)
1/7/2016 BCW “Live!” (Ballerup Hall, East Kilbride)
1/7/2016 BHW “Live In Wallington” (Wallington Sports & Social, London)
1/7/2016 LLW “The Great Spectacle Of Lucha Libre” (York Hall, Bethnal Green, London)
1/7/2016 W3L “Wrestling Showdown” (Ullapool Village Hall, Ullapool)
2/7/2016 GPWA “A Night At The Asylum 4” (GPWA, Glasgow)
2/7/2016 GWA “Live!” (The Warehouse, Grimsby)
2/7/2016 HOPE “Highway to HELL” (Esquires, Bedford)
2/7/2016 Kamikaze Pro “Dojo Live!” (Rubery Social Club & Institute, Rubery)
2/7/2016 LCW “Live!” (Brockington College, Enderby, Leicester)
2/7/2016 LLW “The Great Spectacle Of Lucha Libre” (York Hall, Bethnal Green, London)
2/7/2016 PCW “Top Gunn” (Club Domain, Blackpool)
2/7/2016 EVW “Live In Gloucester” (Wotton Hall, Gloucester)
2/7/2016 W3L “Wrestling Showdown” (Wick Youth Club, Wick)
2/7/2016 W3L “Wrestling Showdown” (Bishopmill Hall, Bishophall)
2/7/2016 WAW “TV Tapings” (Epic Studios, Norwich)
3/7/2016 ASPIRE “Live!” (Sinfin Community Centre, Derby)
3/7/2016 HOPE “Live In Worksop” (North Notts Arena, Worksop)
3/7/2016 IPW:UK “Supershow 3: Battle Royale” (The Casino Rooms, Rochester)
3/7/2016 RPW “Live At The Cockpit 10” (The Cockpit, Marylebone, London)
3/7/2016 W3L “Wrestling Showdown” (Dingwall Town Hall, Dingwall)
3/7/2016 WAW “TV Tapings” (Epic Studios, Norwich)
8/7/2016 FCP “Rage Against The Death Machine” (Fixxion, Wolverhampton)
8/7/2016 Kamikaze Pro “Underground II” (The Empire, Coventry)
8/7/2016 UPW “Battle On The Beach” (The Riviera Hotel, Weymouth)
9/7/2016 4FW “Kingdom Rising” (Swindon M.E.C.A., Swindon)
9/7/2016 BWE “Fall Out” (Belle Isle Working Mens Club, Leeds)
9/7/2016 EWW “The Good, The Red & The Ugly” (The Hastings Centre, Hastings)
9/7/2016 HOPE “Live In Underwood” (Underwood Miners Welfare, Nottingham)
9/7/2016 MCW “1st Anniversary Show” (Chepstow RFC, Chepstow)
9/7/2016 NWWA “Back In The Saddle” (Victoria Baths, Manchester)
9/7/2016 EVW “Live At the Merchants” (Merchants Academy Sports Centre, Bristol)
9/7/2016 RAD:PRO “EmbryoniX 4.6” (Chuter Ede Community Association, South Shields)
9/7/2016 SWE “Gunning For Glory” (Venue TBA)
9/7/2016 WF “Live In Hemel Hempstead” (Highfield Community Centre, Hemel Hempstead)
10/7/2016 BEW “2nd Year Anniversary: Coronation Of The Empire 2” (Tooting Tram & Social, Mitcham)
10/7/2016 HOPE “Live In Worsop” (The Black Market Venue, Market Worsop)
10/7/2016 PWP “Heroes & Legends 3” (Torbay Leisure Centre, Paignton)
10/7/2016 SCW “Live In New Milton” (New Milton Memorial Centre, New Milton)
10/7/2016 SWE “Infamous” (Corporation, Sheffield)
12/7/2016 Inside The Ropes presents “An Evening With Paul Heyman: The Advocate Of Extreme” (York Hall, Bethnal Green, London)
13/7/2016 Inside The Ropes presents “An Evening With Paul Heyman: The Advocate Of Extreme” (The Comedy Store, Manchester)
15/7/2016 Lucha Britannia “July Jungle” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
15/7/2016 TW “Big Weekender: Night 1” (The Venue, Carlisle)
15/7/2016 VII Pro “Big Summer Blowout” (Dawley Town Hall, Telford)
15/7/2016 Inside The Ropes presents “An Evening With Paul Heyman: The Advocate Of Extreme” (The O2 ABC, Glasgow)
16/7/2016 AOW “Vendetta” (Morecombe Winter Gardens, Morecombe)
16/7/2016 ATTACK! “One Hundred Club” (Frog & Fiddle, Chelmsford)
16/7/2016 BWP “Summer Rumble” (Denbigh Town Hall, Denbigh)
16/7/2016 CSF “Main Event” (Bridgwater Town Hall, Bridgwater)
16/7/2016 DW “July 2016” (Portobello Town Hall, Portobello)
16/7/2016 NGW “The Eight Year Anniversary” (Hull City Hall, Hull)
16/7/2016 Pride “We (Still) Aim To Misbehave” (Bridgeton Community Centre, Glasgow)
16/7/2016 SC “Summer Heat” (New Milton Memorial Centre, New Milton)
16/7/2016 TW “Big Weekender: Night 2” (The Venue, Carlisle)
16/7/2016 UKPW “Crowning Glory” (Falconwood Community Centre, London)
17/7/2016 ASPIRE “Live In Bramblebrook” (Bramblebrook Community Centre, Derby)
17/7/2016 FSW “Uproar” (Stockport Guildhall, Stockport)
17/7/2016 Kamikaze Pro “Lo Down” (The Cadbury Club, Bourneville, Birmingham)
17/7/2016 LLL “Lucha War” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
17/7/2016 RCWA “Live In Rainham” (Rainham Methodist Church, Rainham)
17/7/2016 SEW “Summer Spectacular” (Venue TBA, Hawkinge)
22/7/2016 BHW “Live!” (Wallington Sports & Social, London)
22/7/2016 HOPE “3rd Anniversary Special: Show 1: This Isn’t Where I Parked My Car” (Forest Town Arena, Nottingham)
22/7/2016 Infinite “Live In Warrington” (Pyramid & Parr Hall, Warrington)
22/7/2016 PWE “5th Anniversary Show: Break It Down” (Citadel Leisure Centre, Ayr)
23/7/2016 CPW “Big Birthday Bash” (Polkyth Leisure Centre, St Austell)
23/7/2016 CSF “Saturday Night Slam!” (Cheese & Grain, Frome)
23/7/2016 GPWA “Live In Alexandra Park” (Alexandra Park, Glasgow)
23/7/2016 HOPE “3rd Anniversary Special: Show 2: I Thought You’d Be Bigger” (Grosvenor Rooms, Sutton In Ashfield)
23/7/2016 KAPOW “Live In Wickham” (Wickham Centre, Wickham)
23/7/2016 Chaos “Wrath Of Khan” (Thornbury Leisure Centre, Bristol)
23/7/2016 PWE “5th Anniversary Show: Dar Wars Final Episode” (Citadel Leisure Centre, Ayr)
23/7/2016 RPW “Contenders” (Buckland Community Centre, Portsmouth)
23/7/2016 SWA “Live In Govan” (Pierce Institute, Govan)
23/7/2016 WZ “Proving Grounds” (Cairney Community Centre, Cairney)
24/7/2016 EWE “Homecoming” (Walkabout, Cardiff)
24/7/2016 FPW “Sumertime Brawl” (The Thomas Wall Centre, Sutton)
24/7/2016 HOPE “3rd Anniversary Special: Show 3: How’s That For a Slice Of Fried Gold” (Queens Park Leisure Centre, Chesterfield)
24/7/2016 TCW “High Tide” (O2 Academy, Leeds)
26/7/2016 WCPW presents YOU’RE WELCOME! An Evening With Damian Sandow (Walkabout Temple, London)
27/7/2016 WCPW “Live!” (O2 Academy, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
28/7/2016 WCPW “Live!” (O2 Academy, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
29/7/2016 GOOD “The Power Of 3″(The Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes)
29/7/2016 ICW “Shug’s Weekender: Defiantly Maybe” (O2 Ritz, Manchester)
30/7/2016 4GW “Live!” (Holbeck Working Mens Club, Leeds)
30/7/2016 FNW “Live In Canterbury” (Westgate Hall, Canterbury)
30/7/2016 FSW “Live In Kings Lynn” (West Lynn Sports & Social CLub, Kings Lynn)
30/7/2016 HOP “July Weekender: St Anns” (St Anns With Emmanuel, Nottingham)
30/7/2016 HOPE “Live In Milton Keynes” (The Jury’s Inn, Milton Keynes) 30/7/2016 ICW “Shug’s Weekender: Seven Nation Army” (O2 Institute, Birmingham)
30/7/2016 EVW “Live!” (Trowbridge Civic Centre, Trowbridge)
30/7/2016 RDW “Live!” (Chilwell Olympia, Nottingham)
30/7/2016 TW “Live At The Corner House” (The Corner House, Annan)
30/7/2016 WWL “BattleRink” (Dovercourt Skating Rink, Harwich)
30/7/2016 XWA “The Road To Summer Supershow” (The Delphi Cente, Sudbury)
31/7/2016 HOP “July Weekender: Calverton” (Calverton Working Mens Club, Nottingham)
31/7/2016 HOPE “Live In Northampton” (Barretts, Northampton)
31/7/2016 ICW “Shug’s Weekender: Shug’s Hoose Party 3” (O2 ABC, Glasgow)
31/7/2016 PROGRESS “Chapter 33” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London)

August 2016…
5/8/2016 HOPE “Evolution 41” (The Polish Club, Derby)
5/8/2016 Kamikaze Pro “Monster II” (Aston Students Union, Birmingham)
5/8/2016 PBW “Live At The Belladrum Festival: Day 1” (Belladrum Festival)
5/8/2016 SWA “Live In Ardrossan” (Ardrossan Civic Centre, Ardrossan)
6/8/2016 4GW “Saturday Night STORM RISING!” (Horbury Academy, Wakefield)
6/8/2016 GWA “Live!” (The Warehouse, Grimsby)
6/8/2016 ICW “Enter The Asylum” (The Asylum, Glasgow)
6/8/2016 LCW “Fearless” (Brockington College, Enderby, Leicester)
6/8/2016 NGW “Proving Grounds 32” (Beverley Memorial Hall, Beverley)
6/8/2016 EVW “Live In Dursley” (Lister Hall, Dursley)
6/8/2016 OTT “Live!” (Tivoli Theatre, Dublin)
6/8/2016 PBW “Live At The Belladrum Festival: Day 2” (Belladrum Festival)
6/8/2016 PCW “5th Anniversary Show” (Evoque, Preston)
6/8/2016 PWP “The Battle Of Bideford 2: Enter The Abyss” (Pollyfield Community Centre, Bideford)
6/8/2016 EVW “Live!” (Lister Hall, Dursley)
6/8/2016 RI “Live In Livingston” (Murieston Scout Hall, Murieston, Livingston)
6/8/2016 XXX “We’re Back!” (The Crew, Nuneaton)
7/8/2016 CPW “1st Anniversary Supershow” (Venue TBA)
7/8/2016 DPW “Crouching Panda, Hidden Dragon!” (Rodney Parade, Newport)
7/8/2016 IPW:UK “Royale Rewards” (The Angel Centre, Tonbridge)
7/8/2016 Just Do “Do Hard With A Vengeance” (Windle Labour Club, St Helens)
7/8/2016 SWE “Retribution 7” (The Priory Centre, St Neots)
7/8/2016 TW “Live In Penrith” (Penrith Leisure Centre, Penrith)
8/8/2016 PROGRESS “PTNTL:4” (The Bedford, Balham, London)
9/8/2016 PROGRESS “ENDVR:17” (The Bedford, Balham, London)
11/8/2016 RI “Live In Cambuslang” (Whitlawburn Community Resource Centre, Cambuslang)
12/8/2016 FCP “International Tekkers: The Beginning Of The End” (Fixxion, Wolverhampton)
12/8/2016 Infinite “Live!” (The Dome, Grand Central, Liverpool)
13/8/2016 DW “Live! August” (Portobello Town Hall, Edinburgh)
13/8/2016 Live Charity Wrestling (Merton Abbey Mills, Wimbledon, London)
13/8/2016 EVW “Live In Filton” (Filton Community Centre, Bristol)
13/8/2016 RISE “Live!” (The Brudenell, Leeds)
13/8/2016 FutureShock “12th Anniversary Show” (Longfield Suite, Prestwich)
13/8/2016 SWE “Day Of Reckoning XII” & “Menace II Society VI” (Rushcliffe Leisure Centre, Nottingham)
13/8/2016 UPW “We’re Here!” (Wincanton Memorial Hall, Wincanton)
13/8/2016 UKPW “Live!” (Medway Park, Gillingham)
13/8/2016 WZ “Battle Of The Nations” (The Northern Hotel, Aberdeen)
14/8/2016 ASPIRE “Live In Sinfin” (Sinfin Community Centre, Derby)
14/8/2016 LCW Elevation “Ignition Point 3” (Brockington College, Enderby, Leicester)
14/8/2016 PROGRESS “Chapter 34: Keep It Unreal” (The Ritz, Manchester)
14/8/2016 XWA “The Super Summer Series!” (Colchester Charter Hall, Colchester)
19/8/2016 GPWA “Night At The Asylum 5” (The Asylum, Glasgow)
19/8/2016 GPW “Midsummer Madness” (The Rose Club, Hindley, Wigan)
20/8/2016 EAW “Live!” (Fensome Community Centre, Boston)
20/8/2016 FSW “Legacy” (Alive Lynnsport, Kings Lynn)
20/8/2016 FNW “Live In Weymouth” (Weymouth Pavilion Theatre, Weymouth)
20/8/2016 IPW:UK “Future #20” (Snodland Community Centre, Snodland)
20/8/2016 RI “Broxburn Galaday” BRoxburn Athletic Football Club, Broxburn)
20/8/2016 SEW “Live!” (Hawkinge Community Centre, Hawkinge)
20/8/2016 SWS “Source In Bridgeton” (Bridgeton Community Centre, Bridgeton)
20/8/2016 WIN “Summer Brawl” (Daventry Leisure Centre, Daventry)
21/8/2016 Absolute “WrestleWatch” (Linskill Centre, North Shields)
21/8/2016 ASPIRE “Live In Bramblebrook” (Brambebrook Community Centre, Derby)
21/8/2016 ATTACK! “(Thank God It’s Not) WinterSlam” (Walkabout, Cardiff)
21/8/2016 HOPE “Freakshow 3: The Flight Of Apollo” (Walkabout, Derby)
21/8/2016 IPW:UK “Biggest Show Ever” (Electric Brixton, Brixton, London)
24/8/2016 WCPW “Tapings” (O2 Academy, Newcastle)
24/8/2016 WCPW presents Eric Bischoff: Live Q&A (O2 Academy, Newcastle)
25/8/2016 WCPW “Tapings” (O2 Academy, Newcastle)
25/8/2016 Inside The Ropes presents The King On Controversy: Eric Bischoff (The Garage, Glasgow)
26/8/2016 BCW “Live!” (Kilmarnock Grand Hall, Kilmarnock)
26/8/2016 HOP “Fully Charged Weekender: Cotsgrove” (Cotsgrove Miners Welfare, Nottingham)
27/8/2016 4GW “Live!” (Brotherton Parish Hall, Leeds)
27/8/2016 FNW “Live!” (MySkateWorld, Eastbourne)
27/8/2016 HOP “Fully Charged Weekender: St Anns” (St Anns Emmanuel Church Hall, Nottingham)
27/8/2016 Kamikaze Pro “Run This Town” (The Collingwood Centre, Birmingham)
27/8/2016 Chaos “Choose Your Weapon” (Hanham Community Centre, Bristol)
27/8/2016 RI “Live In Twechar” (Twechar Healthy Living & Enterprise Centre, Twechar)
27/8/2016 TNT “Summer Explosion” (Fusion Nightclub, Liverpool)
27/8/2016 WF “Live!” (Columbine Centre, Walton-On-The-Haze)
28/8/2016 HOPE “Live In Milton Keynes” (The Jury’s Inn, Milton Keynes)
28/8/2016 ICW “Fight Club Tapings” (The Garage, Glasgow)
28/8/2016 PROGRESS “Chapter 35” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London)
28/8/2016 RCWA “Live In Hornchurch” (Harrow Lodge Park, Hornchurch)
28/8/2016 SWS “Showcase” (Source Wrestling School, Glasgow)
28/8/2016 EWE presents One Night Only: Raven (Pill Millennium Centre, Newport)
29/8/2016 HOPE “Wrestling For Autism” (The Brooklands Club, Leighton Buzzard)
29/8/2016 RCWA “Live In Hornchurch” (Harrow Lodge Park, Hornchurch)

September 2016…
2/9/2016 TCW “Come Out & Play” (The Dolphin Centre, Darlington)
3/9/2016 FPW “School’s In” (Thomas Wall Hall Centre, London)
3/9/2016 RDW “Live In Sutton” (Grosvenor Rooms, Sutton)
3/9/2016 LCW “Live!” (Brockington College, Enderby, Leicester)
3/9/2016 MPW “Live!” (Ray Gray Centre, Newcastle Upon Tyne)
3/9/2016 PCW “Collision Course” (Club Domain, Blackpool)
3/9/2016 RPW “Live In Fareham” (Fareham Leisure Centre, Fareham)
3/9/2016 TW “Live In Carlisle” (English Gate Plaza, Carlisle)
4/9/2016 BEW & SLAM “Cage Warfare 2” (Tooting Tram & Social, Mitcham)
4/9/2016 IPW:UK “Live!” (The Angel Centre, Tonbridge)
4/9/2016 PWP “Quote the Raven It’s Yersel” (Plymouth Guildhall, Plymouth)
4/9/2016 TW “Live In Workington” (Carnegie Theatre & arts Centre, Workington)
7/9/2016 WWE “Live In London” (The O2 Arena, London)
9/9/2016 4FW “Battle Britannia: Night 1” (Somerset Hall, Portishead)
9/9/2016 FFW “Boilimg Point Tour” (X-Church, Gainsborough)
9/9/2016 OTT “Live In Limerick” (Dolans Pub, Limerick)
9/9/2016 PW4U “Supernova” (Silverdale Working Mens Club, Newcastle-Under-Lyme)
9/9/2016 VPW “Live In Basingstoke” (Vyne Community School, Basingstoke)
10/9/2016 4FW “Battle Britannia: Night 2” (Emersons Green Village Hall, Bristol)
10/9/2016 AMP “Live!” (The Alan Higgs Centre, Coventry)
10/9/2016 AWW “13th Anniversary: Night 1” (Brieley Hill Civic Hall, Brierley Hill)
10/9/2016 CSF “Main Event” (Devizes Corn Exchange, Devizes)
10/9/2016 FHW “Climb To Survive” (St Johns Hall, Peterborough)
10/9/2016 Ironfist Pro “Danger Zone” (Rainbow Hill Club, Worcester)
10/9/2016 NFW “Live!” (Iver Village Hall, London)
10/9/2016 NGW “Regeration X” (Hull City Hall, Hull)
10/9/2016 OTT “Live At The Dublin Fringe Festival”
10/9/2016 PCW “Academy Night Live 3” (PCW Academy, Preston)
10/9/2016 RI “Live In Murieston” (Murieston Scout Hall, Murieston)
10/9/2016 VPW “Endurance” (The Gate, Cardiff)
11/9/2016 AWW “13th Anniversary: Night 2” (Brierley Hill Civic Hall, Brierley Hill)
11/9/2016 ICW “Fight Club Tapings” (The Garage, Glasgow)
15/9/2016 WCPW “Tapings” (O2 Academy, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
16/9/2016 PROGRESS Vs SMASH “Uncensored” (The Music Hal, Osawa, Canada)
16/9/2016 SWA “Live In Clydebank” (Clydebank Town Hall, Clydebank)
16/9/2016 VII Pro “Fight Forever” (Dawley Town Hall, Telford)
16/9/2016 WAW “Tapings: September” (Epic Studios, Norwich)
17/9/2016 AOW “Golden Chance” (Morecombe Winter Gardens, Morecombe)
17/9/2016 ATTACK! “Club One Hundred” (Catheys Community Centre, Cardiff)
17/9/2016 EWA “British Bash VII” (Arts4Every1 Centre, High Wycombe)
17/9/2016 ICW “University Challenge” (Glasgow University, Glasgow)
17/9/2016 PCW “WrexhaMania” (Liquid & Envy, Wrexham)
17/9/2016 EVW “Live!” (Ledbury Community Centre, Ledbury)
17/9/2016 PROGRESS Vs SMASH (Mississauga, Toronto, Canada)
17/9/2016 RCWA “Back To School” (The Chaffurd School, Romford)
17/9/2016 RDW “Live In Underwood” (Underwood Miners Welfare, Nottingham)
17/9/2016 WAW “Tapings: September” (Epic Studios, Norwich)
17/9/2016 WM “Never Say Die” (Rowley Learning Campus, Rowley Regis)
18/9/2016 ASPIRE “Live In Bramblebrook” (Bramblebrook Community Centre, Derby)
18/9/2016 FSW “Uproar” (Stockport Guildhall, Stockport)
18/9/2016 GWA “Live In Grimsby” (The Pelham Suite, Grimsby)
18/9/2016 HOPE “Live In Northampton” (Barrett’s Club, Northampton) We’ll Be There LIVE!
18/9/2016 LCW Elevation “Retribution” (Brockington College, Enderby, Leicester)
18/9/2016 PROGRESS Vs SMASH (Mississauga, Toronto, Canada)
20/9/2016 ATTACK! & DPW “Fresher’s Live!” (Walkabout Cardiff)
21/9/2016 NUWS “Live!” (Stage 2, Northumbria University, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
22/9/2016 W3L “Road To Wrestlution Tour” (Bedlington Social Club, Bedlington)
23/9/2016 BCW “Champagne Supernoam” (Ballerup Hall, East Kilbride)
23/9/2016 DW “September 2016” (Edinburgh Corn Exchange, Edinburgh)
23/9/2016 FCP “Project Mayhem V” (Fixxion, Wolverhampton)
23/9/2016 GPW “Battlefield IV” (The Rose Club, Hindley, Wigan)
23/9/2016 HOP “September Weekender: Hucknell” (George Street Working Men’s Club, Nottingham)
23/9/2016 TCW “Gold On A Pole” (St Vincent’s Social Club, Houghton Regis) We’ll Be There LIVE!
23/9/2016 W3L “Road To Wrestlution Tour” (Catterick Leisure Centre, Catterick)
23/9/2016 WAW “Live!” Foxhall Community Centre, Ipswich)
24/9/2016 BWE “Testing Ground” (Belle Isle Working Mens Club, Leeds)
24/9/2016 FSW “Live!” (Outwell Village Hall, Wisbech)
24/9/2016 HOP “September Weekender: St Ann’s” (St Ann’s Emmanuel Church Hall, Nottingham)
24/9/2016 ICW “At Comic Con” (The SECC, Glasgow)
24/9/2016 PCW “Dar Wars: The End Of An Era” (Evoque, Preston)
24/9/2016 Chaos “The Hungerford Games” (Hungerford Community Centre, Bristol)
24/9/2016 PWE “Live!” (Ayr Town Hall, Ayr)
24/9/2016 EVW “Live!” (Kingsway Community Centre, Gloucester)
24/9/2016 SWE “Uprising” (The Ardler Complex, Dundee)
24/9/2016 W3L “Road To Wrestlution Tour” (Queens Hall, Hexham)
24/9/2016 WAW “Live!” (Gressenhall Social Club, Gressenhall)
24/9/2016 WZ “Live In Brechin” Brechin Town Hall, Brechin)
25/9/2016 HOP “September Weekender: Calverton” (Calverton Working Men’s Club, Nottingham)
25/9/2016 ICW “At Comic Con” (The SECC, Glasgow)
25/9/2016 Kamikaze Pro “Conspiracy Theory” (The Cadbury Club, Bourneville, Birmingham)
25/9/2016 PWA “September Slam” (Plymouth School Of Creative Slam, Plymouth)
25/9/2016 EVW “Live!” (Shirehampton Public Hall, Bristol)
25/9/2016 PROGRESS “Chapter 36: We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Room… Again” (O2 Academy, Brixton, London) We’ll Be There LIVE!”
25/9/2016 SWE “Too Hot For PG” (The Buskers, Dundee)
25/9/2016 TCW “Nil By Mouth” (The Riverside, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
25/9/2016 W3L “Wrestling Showdown” (Grangemouth Town Hall, Grangemouth)
29/9/2016 W3L “Road To Wrestlution Tour” (Jubilee Centre, Berwick-Upon-Tweed)
30/9/2016 BWP “Scouser Series” (The Dome, Grand Central Hall, Liverpool)
30/9/2016 GPWA “Live In Dennistoun” (Wood Street Social Club, Glasgow)
30/9/2016 MEW “Northern Bash” (Northumbria University, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
30/9/2016 MCW “Live In Abergavenny” (Abergavenny Labour Club, Abergavenny)
30/9/2016 PCW “Powerbomb: Gotta Catch Wrestle ‘Em All!” (The Union, Metropolitan University, Manchester)
30/9/2016 SWE “Adrenaline Rush” (The Priory Centre, St Neots)
30/9/2016 UPW “Retaliation” (The Riviera Hotel, Weymouth)
30/9/2016 VII Pro “Fight Forever!” (Dawley Town Hall, Telford)
30/9/2016 W3L “Wrestlution X” (The Brunton, Musselburgh)

October 2016
1/10/2016 4GW “Live In Pontefract” (Pontefract Town Hall, Pontefract)
1/10/2016 GWA “Live!” (The Warehouse, Grimsby)
1/10/2016 LCW “Rebirth” (Brockington College, Enderby, Leicester)
1/10/2016 PBW “Live In Larbert” (Dobbie Hall, Larbert)
1/10/2016 EVW “The Battle Of Gloucester II” (GL1 Leisure Centre, Gloucester)
1/10/2016 RAD:PRO “Triumph #1” (The Bisley, Blaydon)
1/10/2016 RI “Fight For Your Right” (Murieston Scout Hall, Murieston)
1/10/2016 SWS “Live!” (Bridgeton Community Centre, Bridgeton, Glasgow)
1/10/2016 SWE “Speed King 2016” (Rushcliffe Leisure Centre, Nottingham)
1/10/2016 UKPW “Live In Sittingbourne” (Taynham Community Hall, Sittingbourne)
1/10/2016 W3L “Wrestling Showdown” (Carnegie Leisure Centre, Dunfermline)
1/10/2016 WWW “BAttle At the Barns 2” (Stonham Barns Leisure & Retail Village, Stonham Aspal)
1/10/2016 WF “Live In Basildon” (Laindon Community Centre, Basildon)
2/10/2016 HOPE “Savages” (The Jury’s Inn, Milton Keynes) We’ll Be There LIVE!”
2/10/2016 IPW:UK “Har-Low Can You Go” (Paringdon Sports Club, Harlow)
2/10/2016 PWP “Live!” (Tavistock Town Hall, Tavistock)
2/10/2016 SWS “Live!” (The Pierce Institute, Govan, Glasgow)
2/10/2016 SWE “Queen Of The Ring” & “KirbyMania” (Corporation, Sheffield)
2/10/2016 TCW “Each Dawn I Die” (O2 Academy, Leeds)
2/10/2016 W3L “Road To Wrestlution Tour” (Consett Leisure Centre, Consett)
5/10/2016 PWF “Roses Are Red, Foxes Are Blue” (PRYZM, Birmingham)
5/10/2016 Inside The Ropes presents The Rise Of The Attitude Era: Jim Ross & Jim Cornette (Venue TBA, London)
6/10/2016 WAW “Live!” (Hayes Working Men’s Club, Hayes)
6/10/2016 WCPW “Refuse To Lose” (Northumbria Students Union, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
7/10/2016 GPWA “Night at The Asylum 6” (The Asylum, Glasgow)
7/10/2016 HOPE “Evolution Thirty Nine: The Past Is Only The Future With the Lights On” (Forest Town Arena, Mansfield)
7/10/2016 HOPE “Kicks Out For Harambe” (Esquires, Bedford)
7/10/2016 WCPW “Tapings” (Northumbria Students Union, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
8/10/2016 BWP “Charity Wrestling Night” (Ysgol Brynhyfryd, Ruthin)
8/10/2016 HOPE “Evolution 40: As Seen On @BritWresTroll” (Dunstable Leisure Centre, Dunstable)
8/10/2016 IPW:UK “UK Super 8: Night 1” (The Casino Rooms, Rochester)
8/10/2016 Kamikaze Pro “Live!” (Rubery Social Club & Institute, Birmingham)
8/10/2016 PBW “Live In Airdrie” (Airdrie Town Hall, Airdrie)
8/10/2016 RAD:PRO “Funday” (Space2, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
8/10/2016 WCPW “Live!” (Silver Blades Arena, Manchester)
8/10/2016 WZ “Live in Balmedie” (Balmedie Leisure Centre, Balmedie)
8/10/2016 XWA “43!” (The Delphi Centre, Sudbury)
9/10/2016 ICW “Fight Club Tapings” (The Garage, Glasgow)
9/10/2016 IPW:UK “UK Super 8: Night 2” (The Casino Rooms, Rochester)
9/10/2016 OTT “Live In Limerick” (Dolan’s Pub, Limerick)
9/10/2016 PWP “Live In Exeter” (Exeter Corn Exchange, Exeter)
9/10/2016 WIN “Harder Than Your Hangover” (Rough N Ready Gym, Northampton)
14/10/2016 PBW “Live In Armadale” (Armadale Community Centre, Armadale) *CANCELLED*
14/10/2016 RDW/GWA “Live At The Pelham” (The Pelham Suite, Grimsby) *CANCELLED*
14/10/2016 TW “Live In Annan” (The Corner House Hotel, Annan)
14/10/2016 WF “Live In Luton” (The High Town Club, Luton)
15/10/2016 DWA “Live In Barnstaple” (The Factory, Barnstaple)
15/10/2016 FNW “Fight! For Your Right!” (Westgate Hall, Canterbury)
15/10/2016 Futureshock “Underground Number Nineteen” (Longfield Suite, Prestwich)
15/10/2016 HOPE “Live In Aylesbury” (Buckingham Park Community Centre, Aylesbury)
15/10/2016 OTT “Live At Spiegeltent Festival” (Speigeltent Festival)
15/10/2016 EVW “Live!” (Merchants Academy, Bristol)
15/10/2016 TW “Live In Carlisle” (The Venue, Carlisle)
15/10/2016 UKPW “Wild Card” (Falconwood Community Centre, Falconwood, London)
15/10/2016 WZ “Live In Kincorth” (Kincorth Community Centre, Kincorth)
16/10/2016 DPW “Battle Royale” (Rodney Parade, Newport)
16/10/2016 GPWA “Proving Grounds” (The Asylum, Glasgow)
16/10/2016 PROGRESS “Chapter 37: A Sudden Sense Of Liberty” (The Ritz, Manchester)
20/10/2016 EWE “Live!” (Temple Park Leisure Centre, South Shields)
20/10/2016 PBW “Live In Barlanark” (Barlanark Community Centre, Barlanark)
21/10/2016 BHW “Live!” (Wallington Sports & Social Club, Wallington)
21/10/2016 FCP “Pulp Fixxion: Part 1” (Fixxion Warehouse, Wolverhampton)
21/10/2016 UPW “Way Of The Dragon” (The Corn Exchange, Dorchester)
21/10/2016 W3L “Wrestling Showdown” (Wester Hailes Education Centre, Edinburgh)
22/10/2016 4FW “Kingdom Rising: Night 1” (Swindon M.E.C.A., Swindon)
22/10/2016 Absolute “Absolution” (Linskill Centre, North Shields)
22/10/2016 AWW “Halesowen Live!” (Cornbow Hall, Halesowen)
22/10/2016 BWP “Main Event” (Denbigh Town Hall, Denbigh)
22/10/2016 CSF “Live!” (Hutton Moor Leisure Centre, Weston-Super-Mare)
22/10/2016 EWW “Live!” (The Hastings Centre, Hastings)
22/10/2016 FSW “Live!” (Holt Community Centre, Holt)
22/10/2016 FCP “Pulp Fixxion: Part 2” (Fixxion Warehouse, Wolverhampton)
22/10/2016 IPW:UK “UK Future 8” (Selsdon Hall, Selsdon)
22/10/2016 EVW “Live!” (Stratford Park Leisure Centre, Stroud)
22/10/2016 PWL “King Of The North” (Live Rooms, Chester)
22/10/2016 RDW “Live In Sutton” (Grosvenor Rooms, Sutton)
22/10/2016 SCW “Live In New Milton” (New Milton Memorial Centre, New Milton) ***CANCELLED***
22/10/2016 W3L “Wrestling Showdown” (Rothes Hall, Glenrothes)
23/10/2016 4FW “Kingdom Rising: Night 2” (Emersons Green Village Hall, Emersons Green, Bristol)
23/10/2016 ASPIRE “Live In Derby” (Bramblebrook Community Centre, Derby)
23/10/2016 FCP “Breaking Into Heaven” (The Union, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester)
23/10/2016 FNW “Live In Weymouth” (Weymouth Pavilion, Weymouth)
23/10/2016 ICW “Fight Club Tapings” (The Garage, Glasgow)
23/10/2016 IPW:UK “Women’s Showcase” (White Oak Leisure Centre, Swanley)
23/10/2016 Just Do “The Nightmare Before Just Do” (Windle Labour Club, St Helens)
23/10/2016 W3L “Wrestling Showdown” (Bleachingfield Centre, Dunbar)
28/10/2016 HOP “Haloweekend: Cotsgrove” (Cotsgrove Miners Welfare, Nottingham)
28/10/2016 HOPE “Halloween Haywire” (Wonderworld, Milton Keynes) We’ll Be There LIVE!
28/10/2016 ICW “Road To Fear & Loathing Tour 2016: WrestleTeria” (O2 Academy, Sheffield)
28/10/2016 OTT “Wrestlecon: Night 1” (Tivoli Theatre, Dublin)
28/10/2016 PCW “Fright Night 4” (Evoque, Preston)
28/10/2016 SWA “Live In Paisley” (Paisley Lagoon Centre, Paisley)
28/10/2016 VPW “Halloween Special” (The Vyne Community school, Basingstoke)
28/10/2016 WF “Halloween Special!” (Maidenbower Community Centre, Crawley)
29/10/2016 CSF “Live!” (Bridgwater Town Hall, Bridgwater)
29/10/2016 DOA “Spookplex City” (Felixstowe Conservative Club, Felixstowe) ***EVENT CANCELLED***
29/10/2016 EWE “Pill Millennium Massacre” (Pill Millennium Centre, Newport)
29/10/2016 FPW “Trick Or Treat VI” (Thomas Wall Hall Centre, London) ***EVENT CANCELLED***
29/10/2016 HOP “Halloweekend: St Ann’s” (St Ann’s With Emmanuel Church, Nottingham)
29/10/2016 HOPE “Intensity” (Barrett’s Club, Northampton)
29/10/2016 ICW “Road To Fear & Loathing Tour 2016:That’s A Paddlin'” (Engine Rooms, Southampton)
29/10/2016 KAPOW! “Live!” (Ashington Community Centre, Ashington)
29/10/2016 NWWA “Nine Lives” (The Victoria Baths, Manchester)
29/10/2016 OTT “Wrestlecon: Night 2” (Tivoli Theatre, Dublin)
29/10/2016 PBW “Maximum Impact” (Greenock Town Hall, Greenock)
29/10/2016 Chaos “All Or Nothing” (Yate Leisure Centre, Bristol)
29/10/2016 EVW “Live!” (Nunnery Wood Sports Centre, Worcester)
29/10/2016 RDW “Live In Chilwell” (Chilwell Olympia, Nottingham)
29/10/2016 RI “Live In Twechar” (Twechar Healthy Living Centre, Twechar)
29/10/2016 SEW “Live!” (Hawkinge Community Centre, Hawkinge)
29/10/2016 Southside “6th Anniversary Show” (Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage)
29/10/2016 SWE “Uprising & The Million Dollar Man” (The Ardler Complex, Dundee)
29/10/2016 WZ “Halloween Hijinx” (Inverurie Town Hall, Inverurie)
30/10/2016 HOP “Halloweekend: Calverton” (Calverton Working Men’s Club, Nottingham)
30/10/2016 HOPE “Live In Ripley” (Ripley Leisure Centre, Ripley)
30/10/2016 ICW “Road To Fear & Loathing Tour 2016:You Don’t Win Friends With Salad” (Marble Factory, Bristol)
30/10/2016 Kamikaze Pro “Bank On It 4!” (Meadway Sports & Social, Birmingham)
30/10/2016 KAPOW! “Live!” (Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre, Horsham)
30/10/2016 OTT “Invasion Of The Bodyslams: Stands Ups & Beat Downs” (The Black Box, Galway)
30/10/2016 PW4U “Lucky Chambers” (Silverdale Working Mens Club, Newcastle-Under-Lyme)
30/10/2016 PWP “Live In Taunton” (Taunton Wellsprings Centre, Taunton) We’ll Be There LIVE!
30/10/2016 PROGRESS “Chapter 38: When Men,Throw Men, At Men” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London)
30/10/2016 RPW “Live In Portsmouth 6” (Portsmouth Guildhall, Portsmouth)
30/10/2016 WAW “Live!” (Beccles Public Hall, Smallgate)

November 2016
1/11/2016 ITV presents World Of Sport Wrestling Tapings (Media City, Manchester)
2/11/2016 British Bombshells “Rise Of The Fallen Angels” (Belle Isle Working Men’s Club, Leeds) ***EVENT CANCELLED***
3/11/2016 ICW “Road To Fear & Loathing Tour 2016: Pray For Mojo” (The Tramshed, Cardiff)
4/11/2016 ATTACK! “Goosebumps IV” (The Trinity Centre, Bristol)
4/11/2016 ICW “Road To Fear & Loathing Tour 2016: In Your Face Space Coyote” (Wulfurn Hall, Wolverhampton)
4/11/2016 RDW “12 Anniversary Special” (Venue TBA)
4/11/2016 WWE “Live!” (The SSE Arena, Wembley, London)
5/11/2016 4FW “Live In Marlborough” (Marlborough Town Hall, Marlborough) ***EVENT CANCELLED***
5/11/2016 HOPE “Live In Rushden” (Rushden Athletic Club, Rushden)
5/11/2016 ICW “Road To Fear & Loathing Tour 2016: Scotchtoberfest” (Brooklyn Bowl, London)
5/11/2016 LCW “Remember Remember” (Brockington College, Enderby, Leicester)
5/11/2016 NCL “They Will March On” (Riverside Nightclub, Newcastle Upon Tyne)
5/11/2016 PCW “This Ain’t Cosplay” (Liquid & Envy, Wrexham)
5/11/2016 RI “The Reckless Rumble” (Murieston Scout Hall, Murieston)
5/11/2016 WWE “Live!” (Manchester Arena, Manchester)
5/11/2016 Eros Comedy presents William Regal: An Evening With A Wrestling Villian (The Stand Comedy Club, Glasgow)
6/11/2016 BEW “The Empire Fights Back 3!” (Tooting Tram & Social, Mitcham)
6/11/2016 EAW “Academy Live!” (The Pemberton Centre, Rushden)
6/11/2016 HOPE “MK Anniversary Show: HOPE & Glory” (The Jury’s Inn, Milton Keynes) We’ll Be There LIVE!
6/11/2016 ICW “Road To Fear & Loathing Tour 2016: I Hope They Kill That Iron Yuppie!” (O2 Academy, Leicester)
6/11/2016 IPW:UK “Live!” (The Angel Centre, Tonbridge)
6/11/2016 RPW “Live In Sittingbourne” (UK Paper Leisure Centre, Sittingbourne)
6/11/2016 WWE “Live!” (Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle)
6/11/2016 WWE “Live!” (First Direct Arena, Leeds)
7/11/2016 WWE “Tapings” (The SSE Hydro, Glasgow)
7/11/2016 WWE “Live!” (GE Oil & Gas Arena, Aberdeen)
8/11/2016 WWE “Tapings” (The SSE Hydro, Glasgow)
9/11/2016 WCPW “London” (The Coronet Theatre, London)
9/11/2016 WWE “Live!” (Genting Arena, Birmingham)
10/11/2016 RPW Vs NJPW “Global Wars UK: Night 1” (York Hall, Bethnal Green, London)
10/11/2016 WWE “Live!” (Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff)
11/11/2016 BWP “No Mersey” (The Dome, Grand Central Hall, Liverpool)
11/11/2016 GPW “Who Dares Wins” (The Rose Club, Hindley, Wigan)
11/11/2016 HOPE “Evolution 41: The Best Is Yet To Come” (Forest Town Arena, Mansfield)
11/11/2016 RPW Vs NJPW “Global Wars UK: Night 2” (Walthamstow Assembly Halls, London)
12/11/2016 3CW “Encore” (Hartlepool Borough Hall, Hartlepool)
12/11/2016 AOW “Remember Remember” (Morecombe Winter Gardens, Morecombe)
12/11/2016 ATTACK! “Club One Hundred #3” (Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham)
12/11/2016 GWA “Live!” (The Warehouse, Grimsby)
12/11/2016 HOPE “Evolution 42: Grand Theft Autumn III” (Dunstable Leisure Centre, Dunstable)
12/11/2016 PBW “Live in Clydebank” (OHR Primary School, Clydebank)
12/11/2016 EVW “Live In Trowbridge” (Trowbridge Civic Centre, Trowbrigde)
12/11/2016 RDW “Live In Underwood” (Underwood Miners Welfare, Nottingham)
12/11/2016 Source “Live In Dennistoun” (Reidvale Community Centre, Dennistoun)
12/11/2016 UKPW “Showcase” (Medway Park Leisure Centre, Gillingham)
12/11/2016 WF “Live In Leighton Buzzard” (Leighton Buzzard Library Theatre, Leighton Buzzard) *EVENT CANCELLED*
12/11/2016 WZ “Live In Huntly” (Stewarts Hall, Huntly)
12/11/2016 PCW presents The Honky Tonk Man: One Man Show (PCW Academy, Preston)
13/11/2016 FSW “Uproar” (Stockport Guildhall, Stockport)
13/11/2016 PWA “Live!” (Plymouth School Of Creative Arts, Plymouth)
13/11/2016 RAD:PRO “Frankie Went To Hedworth” (Hedworth Hall, South Shields)
13/11/2016 RWL “Power Trip” (Crown Paints Sports & Social Club, Darwen)
13/11/2016 Source “Showcase” (Source Wrestling School, Glasgow)
14/11/2016 PROGRESS “PTNTL:5” (The Bedford, Balham, London)
15/11/2016 PROGRESS “ENDVR: 18” (The Bedford, Balham, London)
18/11/2016 HOPE “War & Peace” (High Town Club, Luton) We’ll Be There LIVE!
18/11/2016 PCW & CZW “Warzone: Night 1” (Fusion Nightclub, Liverpool)
18/11/2016 RIOT “Friday Night Wrestling 2” (Liquid Diva, Gloucester)
18/11/2016 SLAM “Live!” (Pear Tree Club, Rugeley)
18/11/2016 TW “Live In Dumfries” (Lochside Social Club, Dumfries)
18/11/2016 WF “Live!” (Ivy Leaf Club, Maidenhead)
18/11/2016 ROH “Reach For The Sky: Liverpool” (Liverpool Olympia, Liverpool)
19/11/2016 CPW “Poison” (Pultney Town Peoples Project, Wick)
19/11/2016 Empress Pro “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!” (Arts4Every1 Centre, High Wycombe) ***EVENT CANCELLED***
19/11/2016 FNW “Season 1 Finale: The Future Of Fight!” (My Skate World, Eastbounre)
19/11/2016 KWE “Live In Southampton” (Bishops Waltham Social Club, Southampton)
19/11/2016 MCW “Live!” (Chepstow RFC, Chepstow)
19/11/2016 NBWA “Retaliation” (Banbury United, Banbury) ***Postponed Until 10/12***
19/11/2016 NGW “Live In Keighley” (Victoria Hall, Keighley)
19/11/2016 PCW & CZW “Warzone: Manchester” (The Union, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester)
19/11/2016 EVW “Live!” (Nunnery Wood High School, Worcester)
19/11/2016 SSW “Regal Rumble” (Regal Theatre, Bathgate)
19/11/2016 TW “Live At The Venue” (The Venue, Carlisle)
19/11/2016 WWW “#5” (Woodlands Sports Centre, Gillingham)
19/11/2016 ROH “Reach For The Sky: Night 2” (Leicester Community Sports Centre, Leicester)
20/11/2016 ASPIRE “Live In Derby” (Bramblebrook Community Centre & Stokey Café, Derby)
20/11/2016 ATTACK! “Seriously? Another PV Tie-In Event” (Walkabout, Cardiff)
20/11/2016 BLW “Inception” (Exeter Corn Exchange, Exeter)
20/11/2016 CSF “Wresting Showdown” (Komedia, Bath)
20/11/2016 EAW “Live!” (The Grampian, Corby)
20/11/2016 ICW “Fear & Loathing IX: Bigger, Badder & More Insane” (The SSE Hydro, Glasgow)
20/11/2016 Just Do “Live!” (Windle Labour Club, St Helens)
20/11/2016 TCW “Against All Ods #3” (O2 Academy, Leeds)
20/11/2016 WF “Live!” (Official SEEVIC College, Banfleet)
20/11/2016 ROH “Reach For The Sky: London” (York Hall, Bethnal Green, London)
25/11/2016 FCP “Infinity” (Fixxion Warehouse, Wolverhampton)
25/11/2016 HOP “NovemBrawl: Hucknell” (Hucknell Working Men’s Club, Norringham)
25/11/2016 Kamikaze Pro “Frost Fight 4!” (The Cadbury Club, Bourneville, Birmingham)
25/11/2016 MPW “Live!” (Top Club, Washington, Tyne & Wear)
25/11/2015 OTT “Invasion Limerick” (Dolans Warehouse, Limerick)
25/11/2016 PCW, wXw, CZW & Beyond “World Wrestling Championships: Show 1” (Evoque, Preston)
25/11/2016 TCW “Now We Are 3! 3rd Anniversary Show” (The Dolphin Centre, Darlington)
25/11/2016 UPW “Live By The Sword” (The Riviera Hotel, Weymouth)
26/11/2016 4FW “Wrestling In Thatcham” (Thatcham Catholic Hall, Thatcham)
26/11/2016 AWW “November Reign” (Brierley Hill Civic Hall, Brierley Hill)
26/11/2016 BWP “November Pain” (Denbigh Town Hall, Denbigh)
26/11/2016 EAW “Live In Boston” (Fensome Community Centre, Boston)
26/11/2016 FSW “Live In Swaffham” (The Nicholas Hammond Academy, Swaffham) ***EVENT CANCELLED***
26/11/2016 GCW “Exodus” (New Moorhouse Club, Leeds)
26/11/2016 HOP “NovemBrawl: St Ann’s” (St Ann’s With Emmanuel, Nottingham)
26/11/2016 HOPE “Live In Aylesbury” (Buckingham Park Community Centre, Aylesbury)
26/11/2016 KAPOW! “Live In Greenwich” (West Greenwich Community Centre, Greenwich, London) *EVENT POSTPONED*
26/11/2016 OTT “Extreme Showdown 2” (Tivoli Theatre, Dublin)
26/11/2016 PBW “Live In Dumbarton” (Meadow Centre, Dumbarton)
26/11/2016 PCW, wXw, CZW & Beyond “World Wrestling Championships: Show 2” & “World Wrestling Championships: Show 3” (Evoque, Preston)
26/11/2016 Chaos “Let Them Eat Chaos” (Hanham Community Centre, Bristol)
26/11/2016 EVW “Never Mind The Bollocks” (Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London)
26/11/2016 EVW “Live!” (Nunnery Wood High School, Worcester)
26/11/2016 SLAM “Live!” (Pye Green Academy, Cannock)
26/11/2016 SWA “Battle Zone” (Motherwell Civic Centre, Motherwell)
26/11/2016 SWE “Uprising” (The Ardler Complex, Dundee)
26/11/2016 WF “Live In Harpenden” (Harpenden Public Halls Harpenden)
27/11/2016 CCW RIOT “Live!” (The Kino, Cork)
27/11/2016 CSF “Live!” Cheese & Grain, Frome)
27/11/2016 HOP “NovemBrawl: Calverton” (Calverton Working Men’s Club, Nottingham)
27/11/2016 ICW “Fight Club Tapings” (The Garage, Glasgow)
27/11/2016 LCW Elevation “Triumph 2” (Brockington College, Enderby, Leicester)
27/11/2016 PWP “Heroes & Legends 4” (Torbay Leisure Centre, Paignton)
27/11/2016 PROGRESS “Chapter 39” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London)
27/11/2016 UBW “Night Of Champions” (St Cuthbert’s Hall, Bedford)
27/11/2016 Wrestling Island “One Ring To Rule Them All” (Little Theatre, Birkenhead)
27/11/2016 XWA “Live!” (Charter Hall, Colchester)
28/11/2016 Inside The Ropes presents Broken Matt Hardy: The International Deletion Tour (The Garage, London)
29/11/2016 Inside The Ropes presents Broken Matt Hardy: The International Deletion Tour (The Comedy Store, Manchester)
30/11/2016 Foxes “Live!” (PRYZM, Birmingham)
30/11/2016 WCPW “Delete WCPW” (Harvey Hadden Sports Village, Nottingham)

December 2016
1/12/2016 WCPW “Live!” (O2 Academy, Newcastle)
2/12/2016 BCW “No Blood, No Sympathy: Night 1” (Ballerup Hall, East Kilbride)
2/12/2016 HOPE “Evolution 43: Coz Mama We Came To Dance” (Forest Town Arena, Mansfield)
2/12/2016 PW4U “Live!” (Silverdale Working Mens Club, Newcastle-Under-Lyme)
2/12/2016 WF “Live In Witham” (Witham Public Hall, Witham)
3/12/2016 AOW “Rising Stars” (The Carleton, Morecombe)
3/12/2016 AMP “Live In Coventry” (The Alan Higgs Centre, Coventry)
3/12/2016 BCW “No Blood, No Sympathy: Night 2” (Kilmarnock Town Hall, Kilmarnock)
3/12/2016 LCW “Legacy” (Brockington College, Enderby, Leicester)
3/12/2016 MCW “Christmas In Abergavenny” (Abergavenny Labour Cub, Abergavenny)
3/12/2016 NFW “#5” (Iver Village Hall, Iver)
3/12/2016 EVW “Live!” (St Thomas Richs School, Gloucester)
3/12/2016 RDW “Live In Sutton” (Grosvenor Rooms, Sutton)
3/12/2016 WF “Live In Southend” (The Cricketers, Southend-On-Sea)
4/12/2016 BEW Vs RCW “Britain’s Rising” (Tooting Tram & Social, Tooting, London)
4/12/2016 CPW “#7: Christmas Special” (Venue TBA)
4/12/2016 DPW “The City Never Sleeps” (Rodney Parade, Newport)
4/12/2016 EAW “Live!” (The Pemberton Centre, Rushden)
4/12/2016 HOPE “Live In Northampton” (Barretts Snooker Club, Northampton)
4/12/2016 IPW:UK “Future 21” (The White Oak Leisure Centre, Swanley)
9/12/2016 GPWA “Night At the Asylum 7” (The Asylum, Glasgow)
9/12/2016 PCW “Live In Blackpool” (Club Domain, Blackpool)
10/12/2016 3CW “The Fight Before Christmas” (Thornaby Pavilion, Thornaby)
10/12/2016 FSW “Underground” (Longfield Suite, Prestwich)
10/12/2016 GWA “Live!” (The Warehouse, Grimsby)
10/12/2016 HOP “Debut Day” (St Anns With Emmanuel, Nottingham)
10/12/2016 NBWA “Retaliation” (Banbury United Football Club, Banbury)
10/12/2016 PCW “Live In Stoke” (Fiction Hanley, Stoke-On-Trent)
10/12/2016 EVW “Live!” (Wheatpieces Community Centre, Tewkesbury)
10/12/2016 RCWA “God Vs Assassin: The Final Flight” (Chaffords Sports Complex, Rainham)
10/12/2016 RNW “The Highland Rumble” (The Ironworks, Inverness)
10/12/2016 SWA “Live in Govan” (Pierce Institute, Govan)
10/12/2016 UPW “Next Generation 1” (Abbey Manor Community Centre, Yeovil)
10/12/2016 WAW “Live!” (Gressenhall Social Club, Dereham)
10/12/2016 WF “Live!” (Highfield Community Centre, Hemel Hempstead)
10/12/2016 WM “Rumble All The Way” (Rowley Learning Campus, Rowley Regis)
11/12/2016 Absolute “Pride Of The North” (Northumbria Student Union, Northumbria University, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
11/12/2016 ASPIRE “Live!” (Venue TBA)
11/12/2016 HOPE “Live In Rushden” (Rushden Athletic Club, Rushden)
11/12/2016 ICW “Fight Club Tapings” (The Garage, Glasgow)
11/12/2016 EVW “Live In Gloucester” (Churchdown Community Centre, Gloucester)
11/12/2016 PWP “Heroes & Legends 2” (Torbay Leisure Centre, Paignton)
11/12/2016 PROGRESS “Chapter 40: Intercepted Angel” (O2 Academy, Sheffield)
16/12/2016 4FW “We 3 Kings” (Swindon MECA, Swindon)
16/12/2016 EWE “A Christmas Grapple” (Pill Millennium Centre, Newport)
16/12/2016 HOP “Festive Fury 2: Cotsgrove” (Cotsgrove Miners Welfare, Nottingham)
16/12/2016 PCW & PCW Academy “Fective Fury” (PCW Academy, Preston)
16/12/2016 SSW “Real Men Wear Kilts: “Rowdy” Roddy Piper Memorial Tournament” (Venue TBA)
16/12/2016 WF “Festive Fury” (Everyone Active – Watford Leisure Centre Central, Watford)
17/12/2016 4FW “Wrestling Christmas” (Emersons Green Village Hall, Bristol)
17/12/2016 ATTACK! “Under The MistleTour: Night 1” (Bingo Hall, Cathay’s Community Centre, Cardiff)
17/12/2016 CCW RIOT “The Fight Before Xmas” (The Kino, Cork)
17/12/2016 FSW “Xmas Bash” (West Lynn Sports & Social Club, Kings Lynn)
17/12/2016 HOP “Feative Fury 2: St Anns” (St Ann’s With Emmanuel, Nottingham)
17/12/2016 NGW “Eternal Glory” (Hull City Hall, Hull)
17/12/2016 OTT “Live!” (Tivoli Theatre, Dublin)
17/12/2016 PCW “Dashing Through The Snow” (Circus, Bradford)
17/12/2016 PWE “Higher Power” (The Citadel, Ayr)
17/12/2016 RDW “Live In Underwood” (Underwood Miners Welfare, Nottingham)
17/12/2016 SCW “Live!” (Beaufort Community Centre, Bournemouth) *EVENT CANCELLED*
18/12/2016 4FW “Feed Me More Tour” (City Academy, Bristol)
18/12/2016 ATTACK! “Under The MistleTour: Night 2” (The Trinity Centre, Bristol)
18/12/2016 HOPE “Evolution 44: Sorry About Your Damn Luck” (Dunstable Leisure Centre, Dunstable) We’ll Be There LIVE!
18/12/2016 IPW:UK “Supershow 5” (Casino Rooms, Rochester)
18/12/2016 KWE “Christmas Chaos” (Swanmore Village Hall, Southampton)
18/12/2016 OTT “Invasion Belfast” (Clayton Hotel, Belfast)
18/12/2016 PWP “Christmas Chaos 3” (The Ritz, Penzance)
18/12/2016 TCW “Silent Nightmare #3: Wreck The Halls” (O2 Academy, Leeds)
18/12/2016 UBW “Santa Spectacular” (Littleport Leisure Centre, Littleport)
18/12/2016 WAW “Christmas Special” (The Aquarium, Lowestoft)
26/12/2016 EVW “Christmas At the Academy” (Wotton Hall Social Club, Gloucester)
28/12/2016 W3L “Wrestling Showdown” (Pettycur Bay Holiday Park, Kinghom)
30/12/2016 HOPE “Left Over TurkeyMania!” (Jury’s Inn, Milton Keynes)
30/12/2016 HOPE “Live In Bedford” (Esquires, Bedford)
30/12/2016 PROGRESS “Chapter 41: Unboxing Live!” (The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London)

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