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This section shows you who’s champion and where from around the UK and the World…

Inter Promotional…
British Triangle Championship – The Swords Of Essex (Will Ospreay, Paul Robinson & Scott Wainwright)
Calling Spots Championship – Aaron Echo

2KW Heavyweight Championship – Leonardo Darwin

3 Count Wrestling…
3CW Heavyweight Championship – Rampage Brown
3CW Tag Team Championship – The Sons Of The Damned (Rory Coyle & Dragon Aisu)
3CW North East Championship – Benji
3CW U23 Championship – VACANT
3CW Women’s Championship – Emi Sakuri

4 Front Wrestling…
4FW Heavyweight Championship – Chris Bronson
4FW Tag Team Championship – The Brusiers
4FW Junior-Heavyweight Championship – VACANT

4th Generation Wrestling…
4GW Airborne Championship – JJ Barker
4GW Women’s Championship – Kasey Owens

5 Star Wrestling…
5* Championship – Jake Hager
5* Tag Team Championship – Max Money (Adam Maxted & Charlie Sterling)
5* Real Wrestling Championship – Eddie Ryan
5* Tap Or Snap Championship – Matt Riddle

Absolute Wrestling…
Absolute Supreme Championship – VACANT

Alpha Omega Wrestling…
AOW Heavyweight Championship – BB
AOW Tag Team Championship – Jynkx & Ryan Grayson
AOW Women’s Championship – Alexxis Falcon

Alternative Wrestling World…
AWW British Championship – Kevin O’Neil
AWW British Tag Team Championship – The Lionhearts (Eddie Ryan & Jason Larusso)
AWW Academy Championship – Brody Cross

AMP Wrestling…
AMP Championship – Grimm

Anarchy Pro Wrestling…
Anarchy Pro Championship – Spike Trivet

APEX Pro Wrestling…
APEX Championship – VACANT
APEX Tag Team Championship – The Power Project (Cy Gregory & Liam Hamlet)
APEX Hardcore Championship – Blizzard
APEX Women’s Championship – Jayde

Apollo Championship Wrestling…
ACW Championship – Damon Moser

ASPIRE Wrestling Alliance…
ASPIRE Championship – Ronan
ASPIRE Tag Team Championship – Martial Law

ATTACK! Pro Wrestling…
ATTACK! Championship – Chief Deputy Dunne
ATTACK! Tag Team Championship – The Hunter Brothers (Jim & Lee Hunter)
ATTACK! 24/7 Championship – Robbie X

Battle Pro Wrestling…
BPW Championship – The OJMO
BPW Tag Team Championship – The Craft Beating Crew (Ashmore & Matt Walters)

Bellatrix Female Warriors…
Bellatrix World Championship – Queen Maya
Bellatrix British Championship – Sammi Baynz
RQW European Women’s Championship – Blue Nikita

Berkshire Superstar Wrestling…
BSW Championship – Zak Northern

BEST Wrestling Live…
BEST Open Challenge Championship – Pyro

Big League Wrestling…
BLW World Championship – MVP
BLW Tag Team Championship – The Magnums (Dick Riley & Chris Walker)
BLW Women’s Championship – Jamie Hayter

Britannia Wrestling Promotions…
BWP Champion Of Wales Championship – Pitbull
PWI World Tag Team Championship – Wonderland (Henry T Grood & Noah)
PWI: BWP World Catchweight Championship – Pyro

British Championship Wrestling…
BCW Heavyweight Championship – B.T. Gunn
BCW Tag Team Championship – VACANT
BCW Openweight Championship – Stevie Xavier

British Empire Wrestling…
BEW Heavyweight Championship – VACANT
BEW 24/7 Tag Team Championship – Glamquin (Glamorous Roddy & Jack Quinn)
BEW Women’s Championship – KC Spinelli
International Grand Prix – (2018) KC Spinelli

British Extreme Championship Wrestling…
BECW Heavyweight Championship – Theodore Powers
BECW Tag Team Championship – MNM (Connor Mills & Maverick Mayhew)
BECW Internet Championship – James Best
BECW British Counties Championship – Kieran Kurupt

British Heritage Wrestling…
BHW Heavyweight Championship – Dom Taylor
BHW Tag Team Championship – The Legit Defenders

British Wrestling Entertainment…
BWE Heavyweight Championship – Tal Banham
BWE Tag Team Championship – Sexy Gents (Sexy Kev & John McGregor)
BWE Women’s Championship – Little Miss Roxxy

British Wrestling Evolution…
BWE Championship – Jedrek Grabowski
BWE Women’s Championship – Tournament In Progress

British Wrestling Revolution…
BWR Championship – Jack Jester
BWR Tag Team Championship – The Rawk N Cole Express (Scotty Rawk & Cole Quinzel)
BWR Cruiserweight Championship – Kip Sabian

Caithness Pro Wrestling…
CPW Undisputed Heavyweight Championship – Lad Chapman
CPW Highland Regional Championship – Robert Wishart

Celtic Championship Wrestling…
CCW Heavyweight Championship – Lewis Girvan
CCW Tag Team Championship – Rough Stuff (Paul Scarfe & CT Flexor)
CCW All Star Championship – Bedlam Billy Lynch
CCW Women’s Championship – Raven Creed

Cirencester Wrestling Federation…
CWF Heavyweight Championship – The Don
CWF Tag Team Championship – UK Freebirds (Jonny Rose & Lewis Blain)
CWF Corinium Championship – Bully Boy Carter
CWF Women’s Championship – Jesse Sapphire

Combat Sports Federation…
CSF All-Nations Championship – Mark Andrews

Cornish Pro Wrestling…
CPW Heavyweight Championship – PJ Jones
CPW Trophy Championship – John Harding

Coventry Pro wrestling…
CPW Heavyweight Championship – Jake Casanova
CPW Tag Team Championship – The Merseyside Murder Squad (Dan Evans & Seth Skyline)
CPW Women’s Championship – Athena Fury
CPW Academy Championship – Bashby

Defiant Wrestling…
Defiant Championship – Rampage
Defiant Tag Team Championship – Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher)
Defiant Internet Championship – Martin Kirby
Defiant Hardcore Championship – Jimmy Havoc
Defiant Women’s Championship – Kanji

Devon Wrestling Association…
DWA Trophy – Joel Redman
DWA Tag Team Trophy – John Harding & Danny Walsh

Discovery Wrestling…
Discovery Y Championship – Joe Coffey
Discovery Women’s Championship – Sammii Jayne

DOA Wrestling UK…
DOA Heavyweight Championship – Peter Nixon
DOA Tag Team Championship – The Ruckers (Jordan Wade & Nick Andreas)
DOA Adrenaline Division Championship – Ashley Dunn
DOA Women’s Championship – Maddison Miles
Go 4 Glory – (2017) Danny Darko

Dragon Pro Wrestling…
All Wales Championship – Mike Bird
DPW Tag Team Championship – The 198 (“Flash” Morgan Webster & Wild Boar)
Celtic Crown Women’s Championship – Sierra Loxton
DPW Next Wave Championship – Matt Horgan

Elevation Wrestling…
Elevation Championship – Brady Phillips
Elevation Tag Team Championship – The Savages (KayJ & Renshi)
Elevation Women’s Championship – Shauna Shay

Elite British Wrestling…
EBW Heavyweight Championship – David Deville
EBW Tag Team Championship – LJ Heron & Paul Malen
EBW Catch Championship – James Bacon
EBW Women’s Championship – Ivy

Empire Wrestling…
Empire Championship – Nathan Cruz

Entertainment Wrestling Association…
EWA Championship – Psycho Phillips
EWA Tag Team Championship – 2Sick
EWA British Championship – Brandon Thomas

Evolution Wrestling…
EVO Heavyweight Championship – Joel Redman
EVO Tag Team Championship – The Heritage City Hitmen
EVO Middleweight Championship – Kidd Candy
EVO Women’s Championship – Lana Austin

Exciting Wrestling Evolution…
EWE Championship – Joseph Biggs

Exposure Wrestling Entertainment…
Lucha Crown Championship – Lucky Bowden
Valkyrie Championship – Angelina Love

Extreme American Wrestling…
EAW Heavyweight Championship –
EAW Tag Team Championship –
EAW Light-Heavyweight Championship –
EAW Academy Championship –

Extreme World Wrestling…
EWW World Championship – Skarlett
EWW Tag Team Championship – Critical Mass (Dominator & Titan K)
EWW St Georges Championship – Brother David
EWW Women’s Championship – Deadly Nightshade

Falling Starr Wrestling…
FSW Championship – Danny Collins
FSW Tag Team Championship – BULK & Big Joe
FSW Limitless Championship – P.V.C.

Fierce Females…
Fierce Females Championship – Jayla Dark
Fierce Females Internet Championship – Debbie Kietel

Fight Club: PRO…
FCP Championship – Meiko Satomura
FCP Tag Team Championship – #CCK (Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos)
Infinity Trophy – (2018) Mark Davis
Dream Tag Team Invitational – (2018) Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate)

Fight Factory Pro Wrestling…
Irish Junior-Heavyweight Championship – Valkyrie
Irish Tag Team Championship – More Than Hype (Nathan Martin & Darren Kearney)

Fight Factory Wrestling…
FFW Heavyweight Championship – Dutch
FFW Tag Team Championship – Dutch & KD
FFW Junior-Heavyweight Championship – Kip Sabian
FFW Ladies Championship – Lana Austin

Fight Forever Wrestling…
FFW Men’w World Championship – Joe Hendry
FFW Women’s World Championship – Bea Priestley

Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling…
Fighting Spirit Championship – Screwface
Pride Cup – (2017) Zack Gibson

Fightstar Pro Wresting…
Fightstar Championship – Charlie Biggs

From The Ground Up Wrestling School…
FTGU Championship – Jack Starz

Frontline Wrestling…
Frontline Championship – Mark Haskins
Frontline Openweight European Championship – Robert Sharpe

Full Force Wrestling…
FFW Championship – Eddie Ryan
FFW Tag Team Championship – 410% Awesome (Josh Holly & Posada)
FFW Women’s Championship – Sofia Ari

Full House Wrestling…
FHW Heavyweight Championship – Robert Sharpe
FHW Tag Team Championship – British Mavericks (Maverick Mayhew & Dillon D’Angelo)
FHW Ascension Championship – Grazza Gates

Future Championship Wrestling…
FCW Heavyweight Championship – The Judge
FCW Tag Team Championship – Liam Perrin & The Bouncer

Future Pro Wrestling…
FPW Championship – Darrell Allen
FPW Tag Team Championship – Darrell Allen & Rishi Ghosh
FPW Zero-G Championship – Terry Striker

Futureshock Wrestling…
Futureshock Championship – Crater
Futureshock Tag Team Championship – Danny Hope & Chris Egan
Futureshock Adrenaline Championship – Joey Hayes
Futureshock Women’s Championship – Lana Austin

Grand Pro Wrestling…
GPW Heavyweight Championship – Joey Hayes
GPW Tag Team Championship – The Austins (LA & Lana Austin)
GPW British Heavyweight Championship – VACANT
GPW Women’s Tournament – (2017) Lana Austin

Grapple Wrestling…
Grapple British Championship – Jack Bandicoot
Grapple Tag Team Championship – The Lion Kings (Sebb Strife & Nsereko)
Grapple Velocity Championship – The Pop Punk Kid

Great Bear Promotions…
GBP Grand Championship – Axel Dieter Jr

HOPE Wrestling…
HOPE Championship – Jack Jester
HOPE Tag Team Championship – Nothing To Prove (ELIJAH & LK Mezinger)
HOPE Kings Of Flight Championship – Chief Deputy Dunne
HOPE Young Guns Championship – Ashley Dunn
HOPE 24/7 Hardcore Championship – Harvey Dale
HOPE FUTR Championship – Mark Sanders
HOPE Kings Of Flight Tournament – (2017) Kip Sabian
HOPE’s Most Wanted Winner – (2018: RED) Hustle Malone, (2018: BLUE) Chief Deputy Dunne

House Of Pain Wrestling…
HOP Heavyweight Championship – Paul Malen
HOP Tag Team Championship – Malen Militia (TimberWolfe & Jackson Bane)
HOP Middleweight Championship – Bjorn
HOP Full Throttle Championship – Davey Thompson
HOP Women’s Championship – Kanji

Infinite Promotions…
Infinite Heavyweight Championship – Danny Hope
Infinite Tag Team Championship – Ringo Ryan & Frankie Sloan

Insane Championship Wrestling…
ICW World Heavyweight Championship – Lionheart
ICW Tag Team Championship – POD (Rampage Brown & Ashton Smith)
ICW Zero-G Championship – Joe Coffey
ICW Women’s Championship – Kay Lee Ray
Square Go! Rumble – (2018) Stevie Boy

International Pro Wrestling…
IPW World Championship – Mark Haskins
IPW Tag Team Championship – The Anti-Fun Police (Cheif Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr)
IPW Junior-Heavyweight Championship – TO BE CROWNED 2019!
IPW Women’s Championship – Sierra Loxton
UK Super 8 Tournament – (2018) Chris Ridgeway
UK Future 8 Tournament – (2016) Scott Star

Ironfist Wrestling…
Ironfist Heavyweight Championship – Xander Cooper
Ironfist Flyweight Championship – Abel Stevens
Ironfist Women’s Championship – Melanie Price
Ironfist Academy Championship – Tommy Sparks

Just Do Wrestling…
Just Do Championship – Bubblegum
Just Do Women’s Championship – Tournament To Be Held

Kamikaze Pro…
Kamikaze Pro Championship – Clint Margera
Kamikaze Pro Tag Team Championship – The Anti-Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne, Los Federales Santos Jr & Sergeant SPLX)
Kamikaze Pro Relentless Division Championship – The Elliott Jordan Experience
Kamikaze Pro Live! Championship – Luke Douglas
Bank On It Contract – (2018) The Elliott Jordan Experience

KAPOW! Wrestling…
KAPOW Heroweight Championship – Priscilla Queen Of The Ring

Knockout Wresting…
KOW Championship – Nightmare
KOW Showcase Championship – Tu Byt

Knockout Wrestling Entertainment…
KWE Media Championship – Bobbi Tyler

London Lucha League…
Triple L World Championship – Mauro Chaves

Lucha Forever…
Lucha Forever Championship – Mark Haskins

Main Event Wrestling…
MEW Championship – Adam Maxted
MEW Tag Team Championship – The Brothers Of Rage (Joe & Benji Rage)
MEW North East Championship – Assassin
MEW Women’s Championship – Sammii Jayne

Maximum Pro Wrestling…
MPW Championship – Robbie Ryder
MPW 3 Rivers Championship – Ragnar
MPW Chaos Championship – Matty Mayhem

Monmouthshire Championship Wrestling…
MCW Championship – Joey Scott

New Breed Wrestling Association…
NBWA Heavyweight Championship – Hustle Malone
NBWA Cruiserweight Championship – TJ Sky

New Force Wrestling…
NFW Championship – Alexander Roth
NFW Tag Team Championship – VACANT

New Generation Wrestling…
NGW Undisputed Championship – Justin Sysum
NGW Tag Team Championship – Alpha Bad (Kip Sabian & Iestyn Rees)
NGW Gen-X Championship – Robbie X
NGW Proving Grounds Championship – Ace Matthews

NORTH Wrestling…
NORTH Championship – Rory Coyle

Over The Top Wresting…
OTT Heavyweight Championship – WALTER
OTT Tag Team Championship – The Kings Of The North (Damien Corvin & Bonesaw)
OTT No Limits Championship – Curtis Murray
OTT Gender Neutral Championship – CJ Cleary
OTT Women’s Championship – Raven Creed

PCW Heavyweight Championship – Tal Banham
PCW Tag Team Championship – The Buy Out (Bram & Sheikh El Sham)
PCW Cruiserweight Championship – Tal Banham
PCW Women’s Championship – Nightshade
Road To Glory Tournament – (2018) Dean Allmark

People’s Republic Of Wrestling…
PROW Heavyweight Championship – VACANT

Plymouth Wrestling Alliance…
PWA Heavyweight Championship – Eddie Ryan
PWA Tag Team Championship – The King’s Court (Adam Flint & Jason King)
PWA British Championship – Orion

Premier British Wrestling…
PBW Heavyweight Championship – Stevie Xavier
PBW Tag Team Championship – Krieger & Lou King Sharp

Pride Wrestling Entertainment…
PWP Heavyweight Championship – Ultimo Tiger
PWP Tag Team Championship – Gunnin For Glory (Grayson Reeves & Tyler Hawke)
PWP Catch Division Championship – Josh Knott
PWP Women’s Championship – Bobbi Tyler

Pro Wrestling 4 U…
PW4U World Championship – Dave DelVecchio
PW4U Tag Team Championship – The Sovereign (Sheik El Sham & Garrett Bond)
PW4U G6 Championship – Ry Lloyd

Pro Wrestling Chaos…
King Of Chaos Championship – Dick Riley
Knight Of Chaos Championship – Crazy Teacups (Eddie Ryan & Charlie Sterling)/The Hunter Brothers (Jim & Lee Hunter)
Maiden Of Chaos Championship – Jinny
Heir To The Throne – (2018) James Drake

Pro Wrestling Elite…
PWE Heavyweight Championship – Kenny Williams
PWE Tag Team Championship – The Purge (Stevie James & Krobar)

Pro Wrestling EVE…
EVE Championship – Nina Samuels
EVE International Championship – Viper
SHE-1 – (2018) Jamie Hayter

Pro Wrestling Kingdom…
PWK Championship – Pete Dunne

Pro Wrestling Legion…
PWL King Of The North Championship – Chris Ridgeway

Pro Wrestling Pride…
Pride Heavyweight Championship – Bram
Pride Tag Team Championship – The Professionals (Joel Redman & Joshua Knott)
Pride Catch Division Championship – Tyler Hawke
Pride Women’s Championship – Bobbi Tyler

Pro Wrestling Ulster…
PWU Championship – Michael May
PWU Tag Team Championship – Nightmare Edition
PWU Ulster Championship – Phil Boyd
PWU Women’s Championship – Lauren La Roux

PROGRESS Wrestling…
PROGRESS World Championship – WALTER
PROGRESS World Tag Team Championship – The Swords Of Essex (Will Ospreay & Paul Robinson)
PROGRESS Atlas Championship – Trent Seven
PROGRESS World Women’s Championship – Jordynne Grace
Super Strong Style 16 Tournament – (2018) Zack Sabre Jr
Natural PROGRESSion Series – (Series 5) Mark Davis

Radical Wrestling League…
RWL Markout Championship – Dave Williams
RWL Hardcore Championship – Tom Baron

Real Deal Wrestling…
RDW Championship – Juken

Reckless Intent Wrestling…
Reckless Intent Heavyweight Championship – Dickie Divers
Reckless Intent Tag Team Championship – David Devlin & Kieran Kelly
Reckless Intent UK Championship – Chris Renfrew
Reckless Intent Hardcore Championship – Brandon Adams
Reckless Intent Slam Championship – Delsin Dayre

Reloaded Championship Wrestling Alliance…
RCWA British Heavyweight Championship – Robert Sharpe
RCWA Tag Team Championship – 2Sick
RCWA Elite-1 Championship – Maverick Mayhew

Respect Pro Wrestling…
Respect Pro Championship – Aspen Faith

Revolution Pro Wrestling…
RPW British Heavyweight Championship – Zack Sabre Jr
RPW British Tag Team Championship – Suzuki-gun (Zack Sabre Jr & Minoru Suzuki)
RPW British Cruiserweight Championship – David Starr
RPW Women’s Championship – Zoe Lucas
British J Cup – (2018) El Phantasmo
Queen Of The Ring – (2019) Sammii Jayne

Riptide Wrestling…
Brighton Championship – Chuck Mambo

RISE England…
RISE Championship – Big Joe
RISE Hardcore Championship – Big Joe
RISE Women’s Championship – Voodoo Queen Amarah

Rock N Wrestle…
RNW Heavyweight Championship – Jack Jester
RNW Tag Team Championship – Just Uz (BT Gunn & Stevie Xavier)

Sacrifice Pro Wrestling…
Ultimate Sacrifice Championship – Hustle Malone
Saints Of Sacrifice Championship – The Unbreakables (Warren Banks & Kent Nelson)
Golden Tag Team Tournament – (2018) The Unbreakables (Warren Banks & Kent Nelson)

Scottish School Of Wrestling…
SSW World Championship – Mikey Ratings
SSW Tag Team Championship – Damage Inc.
SSW 24/7 Hardcore Championship – Jody Fleisch
SSW Diamonds Championship – Sara
SWPO UK Championship – Benedict Thatcher

Scottish Wrestling Alliance…
SWA Heavyweight Championship – Timm Wylie
SWA Tag Team Championship – The Titans (Rowen Fray & Alexander Darwin MacAllen)
SWA Junior-Heavyweight Championship – Kieran Kelly

Scottish Wrestling Entertainment…
SWE Heavyweight Championship – The Jackal
SWE Future Division Championship – VACANT!
SWE Hardcore Championship – Kevin Williams

Shropshire Wrestling Alliance…
SWA Championship – Chris Ridgeway

SLAM Wrestling…
SLAM Championship – Layton Cole

Source Wrestling School…
Source Championship – Alexander Darwin MacAllen
SWA X Championship – Kieran Kelly

South Coast Wrestling…
SCW One To Watch Trophy – Jake McCluskey
SCW Queen Of The Ring – Jinny

South East Professional Wrestling…
SEPW Heavyweight Championship – Meathead

Southside Wrestling Entertainment…
Southside Heavyweight Championship – Rob Lynch
Southside Tag Team Championship – #CCK (Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos)
Southside Speed King Championship – Senza Volta
Queen Of Southside Championship – Shanna
Speed King Tournament – (2018) Robbie X
Queen Of The Ring Tournament – (2018) Shanna

Tapout Wrestling…
Tapout Open The Challenge Championship – Ant La Dash
Tapout Triple Fly Championship – VACANT!

Target Wrestling…
Target Heavyweight Championship – Martin Kirby
Target Tag Team Championship – Karnage & Monty Burns
Target High Octane Division Championship – Spyda

Tetsujin: Hybrid Wrestling…
Beauty In Combat Tournament – (2017) Chris Ridgeway

The Wrestling League…
TWL Heavyweight Championship – Harry Mant
TWL Tag Team Championship – Noise R Us (Rob Lias & Mike Check)
WLGP Championship – The Bruce
SOS Championship – Arron Warnes

Tidal Championship Wrestling…
Tidal Championship – Sugar Dunkerton
Tidal Tag Team Championship – The Lion Kings (Nsereko & Sebb Strife)
Tidal Open Championship – Little Miss Roxxy
Tidal Women’s Championship – Rhio

TNT Extreme Wrestling…
TNT Supreme Championship – VACANT
TNT Extreme Division Championship – BT Gunn
TNT Women’s Championship – Kasey

Total Action Wrestling…
TAW Championship – Jigsaw
TAW Tag Team Championship – The Buffet Club (Gene Munny & Lance Lawrence)
TAW Women’s Championship – VACANT

Tri Counties Wrestling…
TCW Championship – “Hollywood” Shane Stevens
TCW Wildcard Championship – Gabriel Myers
Gold On A Pole – (2016) Gabriel Myers

Triple X Wrestling…
TXW Championship – Mike Bird

Ultimate British Wrestling…
UBW British Heavyweight Championship – Percy Trayner
UBW Tag Team Championship – ShowMemes (Wrestling Memes & Mr Charles Crowley)
UBW Trios Championship – The Misfits (Jethro Roose, Percy Swindles & Marty Flux)
UBW Young Lions Championship – Paddy O’Connor
UBW Infinity Championship – Wrestling Memes
UBW Women’s Championship – Tournament Ongoing

Ultimate Pro Wrestling…
UPW Heavyweight Championship – Josh Bodom

United Kingdom Pro Wrestling…
UKPW World Heavyweight Championship – Alexander Roth
UKPW Tag Team Championship – Old School Violence (Darrell Allen & Earl Black Jr)
UKPW Inter-Regional Championship – Fentos

United Pro Wrestling…
United Pro Heavyweight Championship – Theo Doros

United Wrestling Live…
UWL Heavyweight Championship – Paul Malen

Unprofessional Wrestling…
UnPro Championship – Roy Johnson

Venom Wrestling Federation…
VWF Championship – Danny Devine

Vertigo Pro Wrestling…
VPW Championship – Gideon

VII Pro Wrestling…
VII Pro Championship – Pete Dunne
VII Pro British Lions Championship – Chris Brookes

What Culture Pro Wrestling…
Now Defiant Wrestling!

WIN Wrestling…
WIN Championship –
WIN Tag Team Championship –

World Association Of Wrestling…
WAW Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship – King Kendo
WAW World Tag Team Championship – Sigma (Hallows & The Morning Star)
WAW Television Championship – Ricky Knight Jr
WAW Open Lightweight Championship – Jonny Storm
WAW European Heavyweight Championship – Aaron Sharp
WAW British Heavyweight Championship – Ruffneck
WAW Submission Championship – “Blackbelt” Tom Dawkins
WAW Under-23 Championship – BattleKat CT
WAW Academy Championship – Malky Taggart

World Of Sport Wrestling…
WOS Championship – Justin Sysum
WOS Tag Team Championship – Grado & Davey Boy Smith Jr
WOS Women’s Championship – Kay Lee Ray

World Pro Wrestling…
WPW Champion – 2 Cold Scorpio

World War Wrestling…
WWW Championship – VACANT
WWW Women’s Championship – Jamie Hayter

World Wide Wrestling League…
W3L Heavyweight Championship – Blondie Barrett
W3L Tag Team Championship – Jonny Storm & Jody Fleisch
W3L Women’s Championship – Leah Owens

Wrestle Island…
Wrestle Island Championship – Lucas Steel
Wrestle Island Queen Championship –

Wrestle Midlands…
Wrestle Midlands Championship – Damian Dunne
Wrestle Midlands Tag Team Championship – Tournament to be held!

Wrestlezone Undisputed Championship – Damien
Wrestlezone Tag Team Championship – The Kings Of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)
Wrestlezone Tri-Counties Championship – Zach Dynamite

Wrestling In Hinckley…
Leicestershire & Warwicshire Championship – Killian Jacobs

XWA Wrestling…
XWA British Heavyweight Championship – Malik
XWA Frontier Sports Championship – Simon Grimm

Worldwide Champions…

Allied Independent Wrestling Federations…
AIWF European Championship – Rude Boy Matt

Association Biterroise de Catch…
ABC Women’s Championship – Viper

Frontier Championship Wrestling…
FCW Championship – Josh Bodom

Hungary Championship Wrestling…
HCW Revolution Championship – Ryan Smile

National Wrestling Alliance…
NWA World Heavyweight Championship – Nick Aldis
NWA FUW Flash Championship – Martin Stone

New European Championship Wrestling…
NEW World Heavyweight Championship – Cyanide

Platinum Pro Wrestling…
PPW Platinumweight Championship – Martin Stone

Power Of Wrestling…
POW Tag Team Championship – Doug Williams & Michael Kovac

Revolution Championship Wrestling…
RCW Championship – BT Gunn
RCW Women’s Championship – Sammii Jayne

RIOT Pro Wrestling…
RIOT Tag Team Championship – Martin Stone & Chico Adams

Ronin Pro Wrestling…
RONIN Heavyweight Championship – Martin Stone

Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling…
Sendai Girls Junior Championship – Millie McKenzie

World Wonder Ring Stardom…
SWA Undisputed World Women’s Championship – Viper

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship – The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro)
WWE United Kingdom Championship – Pete Dunne
WWE United Kingdom Tag Team Championship –
WWE United Kingdom Women’s Championship – Rhea Ripley

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