The Wrestling League have announced that they will be taking a hiatus and released the following statement…


As of today January 7th 2020 myself and the WL brand will take a hiatus from Pro Wrestling to enable current situations are amended correctly and my focus needs to be on this, not promoting wrestling.

When we took on IPW many months ago WL was in a good position and I believed taking on the bigger brand in IPW was the correct call and an exciting one for everyone involved in WL, especially the roster. I saw it as an great opportunity to give talent that had been loyal to me exposure on a bigger stage and with more established talent. While these opportunities were great for the talent the business wasn’t and the decision to try and carry on whist unviable long term along with personal and professionally difficulties was a terrible decision and one I own completely. When we decided to hand back IPW to Billy Wood there was many debts that needed to be paid attached to the time period we ran the promotion, a time frame was agreed apon to make these right and whilst the majority was settled in this time frame we unfortunately couldn’t clear all of them and some still remain today this I am whole heartedly sorry for, it’s a situation that shouldn’t have been in the 1st place.

WL shows run after October helped clear the majority of the debt attached to the IPW time period and the shows didn’t add any more debt with all running at a profit, the model was working but not at the pace to get things cleared as quick as is needed.

The main thing is I don’t want anyone who is attached to the WL brand over the last few years to get tarred with the bad business decisions that I have made, the roster is incredible and I would highly recommend all of them to any show across the country, this isn’t their mess. Everyone has been incredibly professional and at difficult times always understanding and supportive, I will always be thankful of this.

Tickets purchased for any WL shows will be refunded.

Whist the door isn’t closed on WL, these is no time frame on this, I need to get a lot in order and make sure all debts are cleared and trust is regained before entertaining any return.

SOS will now be taken over fully by Paul Tyrrell, I need to step away completely from all aspects of Wrestling right now to make right many wrongs. This is my only focus. Paul is probably the best person I know in the business so I know SOS will continue to flourish under his management, please support him with this.

The time has come to own these professional and personal mistakes and make it my only priority, I have to step away from Wrestling right now to achieve this.

Please continue to support Wrestling in Harwich