Date: 13/10/2019 | Promotion: Sacrifice Pro Wrestling | Event: Chapter 28: Jacrifice Pro Wrestling | Venue: Cedars Upper School, Leighton Buzzard

Match Results…

As the event was beginning, Jack Cave along with Hustle Malone came out and belittled ring announcer, Chris Pugh, for calling the show Sacrifice Pro when in fact for today it will be called Jacrifice Pro and went through the rules for today’s show.

Jack Cave (w/ Hustle Malone) def. Johnny Concrete

Saints Of Sacrifice Championship Three-Way match – Champions, ODIN (Bjorn & Kharnage) (w/ John Grimm) def. Owen Charles & Caiius Payne (w/ Shogun J) & Shropshire Hard Style (CJ Conners & Joe Black) (w/ Luke Basham)

Following the match, Owen Charles announced that he was stepping way from wrestling.

Prior to the next match, Sacrifice Pro General Manager, Richie Swish revealed that although he couldn’t stop the Streetfight against Kyle Kingsley but he could certainly add to the match and had “fans” David Grant & Cobra given front row seats and added Danny Mayham as the Special Referee…

Streetfight Special Referee: Danny Mayhem – Kyle Kingsley def. Sacrifice Pro General Manager, Richie Swish

Warren Banks (w/ The 87 (The Hitset (Alexander Roth & Kieran Kurupt)) def. Sacrifice Pro Loserweight Champion, Tim Lee

Following the match, Jack Cave announced that Tim Lee would be having another match, a handicap match against The Hitset!

Handicap match – The Hitset (Alexander Roth & Kieran Kurupt) def. Sacrifice Pro Loserweight Champion, Tim Lee

After the match, Cave returned with Tim Lee’s suitcase and throw him out of the building.

H8Ful 8 match – Twister def. Sidney Von Engeland (w/ Eden Von Engeland), Tommy Kyle, Jay Garner, Evie Rose, Mia Cortez, Kent Nelson & Memes

Ultimate Sacrifice Championship Three-Way match – Champion, Cy Gregory def. Nathan Byrne & Joey Sanchez

Following the match, Kyle Kingsley appeared and took out David Grant & Cobra at ringside before sliding in to the ring and brawling with Gregory!