Date: 10/11/2018 | Promotion: Full Tilt Wrestling | Event: The Pilot | Venue: Universal Martial Arts Centre, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne | Source: Full Tilt Wrestling

Match Results…

Spike Trivet announced he was the New Co Executive Director of FTW, and his first point of action was to revoke any use of the Charva Name and Character from Pauly C after this final match…

Spike Trivet & Nick Grey def. Pauly C & Jackie B

Alphaprime Tournament – Nuke def. Ryan Ace to advance

Alphaprime Tournament – TK Cooper def. Sexton Jones to advance

Three-Way match – Adam Christ def. Loco Ryder & Oliver Barrett

FTW Tag Team Championship match – Champions, The Geek Squad def. Matty Mayhem & Jack Knoxville

FTW Heavyweight Championship Three-Way match – Champion, Curtis Reid def. NAZ & Amir Jordan