Date: 10/11/2018 | Promotion: Southside Wrestling Entertainment | Event: A Sleazy Day Of Reckoning | Venue: Corporation, Sheffield | Source: Adam Wragg

Match Results…

The Joseph Conners Experience featuring Ligs (Joseph Conners & El Ligero) def. The Troublemakers (JJ Barker & Terry Isit)

Six Perosn Tag Team match – Alex Gracie & Trial By Violence (Gabriel Kidd & Saxon Huxley) def. Chief Deputy Dunne, Visage, Shax

Following the match, Trial By Violence attacked Alex Gracie.

El Phantasmo Vs Robbie X ended in a draw

Following the match, both men agreed to restart the contest but Robbie X was attacked by Blake leaving him unable to compete.

Shane Taylor def. Brady Phillips

Kay Lee Ray def. Kanji by submission

Southside Speed King Championship match – Champion, Senza Volto def. Mike Bailey