Date: 30/9/2018 | Promotion: 3 Count Wrestling | Event: Darkest Deeds 2018 | Venue: Hartlepool Borough Hall, Hartlepool | Source: 3 Count Wrestling

Match Results…

Joseph Conners def. Martin Kirby

Conners won following interference from Nathan Cruz.

3CW NOrth East Championship match – Champion, Benji def. Prince Ameen

Adam “Shreddy” Foster def. Nathan Cruz

Foster got the win with a bit of help from Martin Kirby after Joseph Conners’ interference

NGW Proving Ground Champion, Connor Renshaw def. Joseph Biggs

3CW Tag Team Championship match – Champions, The Sons Of The Damned (Rory Coyle & Dragon Aisu) Vs HT Drake & Satchel Jones ever started

The match didn’t happen as the Champions attacked the referee, staff and stole a camera before the match could begin. A brawl ensured and a video from Rory Coyle did nothing to explain the whereabouts of Roxxy…

Latin Darkness Casket match – El Ligero def. Dara Diablo