Date: 2/9/2018 | Promotion: Sacrifice Pro Wrestling | Event: Chapter 17: Happy Little Accidents | Venue: Cedars Upper School, Leighton Buzzard | Source: Chris Pugh

Announced Card…

Four-Way match – Morgan Black def. Liam Smith, Owen Charles & Kharnage

During the match, Kai Payne’s music hit and he came out looking all confused clearly still suffering from his injury at “Chapter 16” and distracted Charles enough for Back to get the win.

The War Brothers (Bjorn & John Grimm) def. Los Palaminos (Tivy Lee & Frankie Vegas)

During Cy Gregory’s entrance he spotted Alexander Hyde at the merch stands and the pair had a stare down before Gregory got in the ring, prior to the match Gregory called for a mic and chair and berated Lee for being the Sacrifice Clown of the people, Lee got the mic and asked if you could share a joke with him and the fans before kicking Gregory off of the chair and the match began…

Cy Gregory def. Tim Lee

After the match, Gregory went to attack Lee again only for Hyde to come sprinting to his friends aid.

As the second half was starting, Hyde was returning to his seat, Gregory would attack him at ringside before wrapping his leg around the ringpost several times and then crushing a steel chair against his leg and ringpost. Hyde was then taken to the back and rushed off to the hospital to have it checked out.

The Funeral Of Team MAD hosted by Danny Mayhem turned into a match after Mayhem had superkicked Twister in the face with flowers and a Pepsi Max can, an injured Jayde came out and blamed him for taking away her family but if it wasn’t for her injured wrist she would tae care of him herself but Team MAD weren’t her only friends and introduced Nightshade as his opponent…

Danny Mayhem def. Nightshade

Following the match, Mayhem attacked Jayde with flowers.

Due to injury to Damien, it was announced that the match had become a singles contest until a referee rushed for the back to inform announcer, Chris Pugh that General Manager, Richie Swish had found a replacement and that the match would continue as a Three-Way with the inclusion of the debuting TK Cooper!

Three-Way match – Chuck Mambo def. TK Cooper & Shogun J

Once again Kai Payne came out and distracted his Brick Lane colleague thinking it was time for the Raffle, Shogun J almost snapped and attacked Payne, but this was enough of a distraction for Mambo to pin Cooper. Following the match, J got in Payne’s face only to be separated by Owen Charles.

Ultimate Sacrifice Championship match – Champion, Roy Johnson def. Jay Garner

During the main event, Kai Payne returned again dressed as a luchador and distracted Garner and Brick Lane by saying he had an idea and that they should form a faction called… BRICK LANE! Garner returned to the ring where Johnson finished him off and retained the title!