Date: 1/9/2018 | Promotion: HOPE Wrestling | Event: Evolution 69: I’m Like A Rubber Band Until You Pull Too Hard | Venue: West End Working Men’s Club, Leicester | Source: AlexanderNM

Match Results…

HOPE Championship match – Champion, Kip Sabian def. Eddie Dennis

Fearn Way def. Elixa Roux

Rocky Mac def. Hustle Malone

After the match, Liam Morley FIRED Hustle Malone.

Cy Gregory def. Tyson T-Bone

Battle Squad Awesome (Danny Chase & Dave Andrews) def. Pretty Little Killers (Ruby Radley & Ivy)

Hardcore Rules match – HOPE 24/7 Hardcore Champion, Liam Morley & David Deville def. Warren Banks & Kyle Kingsley

Following the match, Chaos Kai Payne attacked Kingsley.

HOPE Kings Of Flight Championship Three-Way match – Champion, Jake McCluskey def. Chris Tyler & Tim Lee