Riptide Wrestling presents “Brighton Championship Tournament” at Brighthelm Centre, Brighton between August 2nd & 4th.

Riptide have confirmed the brackets for the Brighton Championship Tournament as well as multiple non-tournament matches set to take place and can all be seen below…

Announced Cards…

Brighton Championship Tournament: Night 1 2/8 Facebook Event Page

Brighton Championship Tournament 1st Round –
1) Candyfloss Vs Cara Noir
2) Spike Trivet Vs Wildcard
3) WALTER Vs Jonah Rock
4) Damon Moser Vs Mark Davis
5) David Starr Vs Charlie Morgan
6) Chris Ridgeway Vs Millie McKenzie
7) Chuck Mambo Vs Angelico
8) Jordan Devlin Vs Kyle Fletcher

Brighton Championship Tournament: Night 2 3/8 Facebook Event Page

Brighton Championship Tournament Quarter-Finals –
QF1) Winner 1 Vs Winner 2
QF2) Winner 3 Vs Winner 4
QF3) Winner 5 Vs Winner 6
QF4) Winner 7 Vs Winner 8

The Anti-Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr) Vs Session Moth Martina & Dave Benson Phillips

Brighton Championship Tournament: Night 3 4/8 Facebook Event Page

Brighton Championship Tournament Semi-Finals –
SF1) Winner QF1 Vs Winner QF2
SF2) Winner QF3 Vs Winner QF4

Brighton Championship Tournament Final – Winner SF1 Vs Winner SF2

Paul Robinson & Chakara Vs Kip Sabian & Amir Jordan

Plus much more

Please note: Matches and cards are subject to change | Source: Riptide Wrestling