Date: 22/7/2018 | Promotion: International Wrestling League | Event: Untitled | Venue: Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London | Source: Chris Pugh

Match Results…

Pre-Show match… JJ Lynch def. Richy D-Light

The show started with the announcements that Chris Renfrew and Jayde would not be appearing due to injury, but suitable replacements had been found…

Laura Di Matteo def. Roy Johnson

CJ Carter def. Theodore Powers

Scramble match – Buffalo Solider def. Adam Ralph, The OJMO, Alexander Roth & Tengu

Spike Trivet started the second half demanding that his hand be raised in victory, he was then reminded that a suitable replacement for Jayde had been found and out came Terry Isit…

Spike Trivet def. Terry Isit

Three-Way match – Maverick Mayhew def. Joe Lando & Harrison Bourne

Mauro Chaves def. Bruno Brown

Laura Di Matteo came out during the match and distracted Brown which allowed Chaves to win, Di Matteo and Chaves then joined forces and attacked Brown.

David Francisco def. Connor Mills

As the match was about to reach its 20 minute time limit Francisco threatened the ring announcer and said if he rang the bell he would be next after Mills, the match continued well past its time limit until Francisco put Mills away. As Francisco was celebrating Maverick Mayhew came out to check on his tag team partner, Francisco then took the mic and challenged Mayhew to a match at the next show.