Date: 19/5/2018 | Promotion: Shropshire Wrestling Alliance | Event: No Football. No Weddings. Just Wrestling | Venue: Dawley Town Hall, Telford | Source: Shropshire Wrestling Alliance

Match Results…

ELIJAH def. El Phantasmo

TAPW Championship match – Champion, Luke Basham def. Joe Mezinger

Three-Way match – Ashley Dunn def. Clint Margera & Chuck Mambo

Joey Sanchez def. Ash Draven

Damian Dunne def. Robert Sharpe

Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher) def. CJ Conners & Joe Black

Hustle Malone returned to SWA saying he would take Conners & Black under his wing.

Kat Von Kaige def. Rhio

Following the match, Kaige challenged Candyfloss to a match on July 28th!

SWA Heavyweight Championship match – Champion, Chris Ridgeway def. Chuck Cyrus by disqualification

Ridgeway got the win after Ash Draven appeared and hit him with a cane intentionally getting Cyrus disqualified.