Anarchy Pro Wrestling presents “Master Of Brutality Tournament” at Lock 17, Camden, London between May & July.

Anarchy Pro have confirmed the stipulations for the four Quarter-Final matches set to take place on May 10th at Stage 1 and can be seen below…

– Jack Jester Vs Clint Margera… BARBED WIRE DEATH MATCH!

– Jinny Vs Chris Ridgeway… “I QUIT!” DEATH MATCH!

– Chris Brookes Vs Drew Parker… LIGHT TUBE DEATH MATCH!

– Chief Deputy Dunne Vs Damon Moser… LEGO DEATH MATCH!

Plus in a change to one of the non-tournament matches, Doug Williams will no longer be appearing and has been replaced by Mark Haskins who will go one-on-one with Sammy Smooth in a British Rules match.

Announced Cards…

Master Of Brutality Tournament: Stage 1 10/5

Master Of Brutality Tournament Quarter-Finals
QF1) Barbed Wire Death match – Jack Jester Vs Clint Margera
QF2) “I QUIT!” Death match – Jinny Vs Chris Ridgeway
QF3) Light Tube Death match – Chris Brookes Vs Drew Parker
QF4) Lego Death match – Chief Deputy Dunne Vs Damon Moser

British Rules match – Doug Williams Mark Haskins Vs Sammy Smooth

Los Federales Santos Jr Vs El Phantasmo

Amir Jordan Vs Rocy Mac

Master Of Brutality Tournament: Stage 2 14/6

Master Of Brutality Tournament Semi-Finals
SF1) Winner QF1 Vs Winner QF2
SF2) Winner QF3 Vs Winner QF4

Master Of Brutality Tournament: Stage 3 26/7

Master Of Brutality Tournament Final
Winner SF1 Vs Winner SF2

Plus much more

Please note: Matches and card are subject to change | Source: Anarchy Pro Wrestling