Date: 28/4/2018 | Promotion: Falling Starr Wrestling | Event: Live In Holt | Venue: Holt Community Centre, Holt | Source: Falling Starr Wrestling

Match Results…

Lion Kid def. Crusher Curtis

Alyssa Dawn def. Ashleigh Stark

George Rashwood & Matt Walters def. CW Davis & PVC

FSW Limitless Championship Hardcore match – Champion, Jimmy Starr def. Tom Falcon

Crowley def. Robbie Reed

FSW Tag Team Championship match – The Pitbulls (BULK & Big Joe) def. Next Level (J-Den Scarr & Jack Hammer)

Following the match Crusher Curtis rushed to the ring to attack the Pitbulls. This prompted BULK’s big brother Dave Waters to come to the ring. Dave has been out of wrestling for more that 5 years following severe strong-man injury. Dave stepped in the ring to confront Crusher who kicked away Dave’s walking stick. Much to the shock of everybody, Dave pick up Crusher & delivered a devastating slam!! The show ended with the crowd chanting ‘one more match’ at the former Pitbull!! Who knows what the future holds for Dave in FSW?