Date: 15/4/2018 | Promotion: Wrestling In Hinckley | Event: Biggest Show Of The Year | Venue: The Green King Stadium, Hinkley | Source: Wrestling In Hinckley

Match Results…

The Slav def. Jason Joshua

Punches & Punks (Tony Russell & The Man Known As Fowler) def. The Courthouse (The Iron Serb & The Bailiff)

Tomas James Sky def. The Judge

After the match the Judge blamed The Bailiff for his loss. The Bailiff then struck the Judge with the Judges of gavel.

Christopher Drew def. Jack Starz

Open Challenge – Dominita def. Athena Furie by disqualification

Warwickshire & Leicestershire Championship Three-Way match – Champion, Killian Jacobs def. Joey Scott & White Tiger

After the match Joey Scott hit both White Tiger and Killian with his briefcase and cashed in his contact and a match between Joey and Killian restarted…

Warwickshire & Leicestershire Championship match – Champion, Killian Jacobs def. Joey Scott