Date: 24/2/2018
Promotion: Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Event: Risky Business 2018
Venue: Corporation, Sheffield
Source: Adam Wragg

Match Results…

Brady Phillips def. Wild Boar

Four-Way match
Sean Kustom def. Facade, Selza Volta & Kip Sabian

Prior to the next match, Sean Kustom attacked Lana Austin, Southside World Champion, Ethan Page made the save and challenged Queen Of Southside Champion, Kay Lee Ray to a match…

Southside World Championship match
Champion, Ethan Page def. Queen Of Southside Champion, Kay Lee Ray

Visage def. Alex Gracie

LJ Heron def. Alex Gracie

Ruby Radley def. Alex Gracie

Rockstar Harry def. Alex Gracie

Joel Allen def. Alex Gracie

Hardcore Holly def. David Starr

Southside Tag Team Championship match
Champions, Joseph Conners & El Ligero def. Lucas Archer & Alex Gracie

Robbie X def. Andrew Everett

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