Date: 18/2/2018
Promotion: Over The Top Wrestling
Event: Contenders 6
Venue: The Ringside Club, Dublin
Source: Wrestle Ropes

Match Results…

Michael May def. Joe Coffey

Legit 100 (Curtis Murray & Scotty Davis) def. Team Whitewolf (Adam Chase & A-Kid)

Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) def. Club Tropicana (Aidan Epic & Captain Sexsea)

Eddie Stone def. Terry Thatcher

Gunther Isaac def. Dom Tuck

Six Person Tag Team match
The Sons Of Ulaid (Rory Coyle & Bas Ban) & Raven Creed def. AngelCruzers (Angel Cruz & B-Cool) & Debbie Kietel

OTT No Limits Champion, Jordan Devlin def. Kip Sabian

Six Man Tag Team match
The Kings Of The North (Damien Corvin, Bonesaw & Dunkan Disorderly) def. More Than Hype (Nathan Martin, LJ Cleary & Darren Kearney)

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