Date: 19/11/2017
Promotion: Sacrifice Pro Wrestling [HOPE Wrestling]
Event: Chapter VIII: Exit Through The Gift Shop
Venue: Cedars Upper School, Leighton Buzzard
Source: Chris Pugh

Match Results…

HOPE Young Guns Champion, Jayde & Bobbi Tyler def. Chakara & FSW Limitless Champion, Ashleigh Stark

Following the match, Bobbi Tyler too the mic and spoke about looking for opportunity only to be interrupted by Brick Lane and laid out, Team MAD made the save and chased off the masked men.

Max Thompson appeared and told Twister that the beatings would stop if he gave up him spot in tonight’s main event, Twister appeared followed by John Grimm, who attacked Twister ony for Josh Shooter to make the save.

Joey Ozbourne def. Spike Trivet

Damon Moser def. Kyle Kingsley

Saints Of Sacrifice Championship match
The Bromantics (Shogun J & Owen Charles) def. Champions, Team MAD (Chase Williams & Danny Mayhem) *Title Change*

Ultimate Sacrifice Championship match
Champion, El Jefe def. Jacob Daniels

#1 Contenders All Star Ten Man Tag Team Elimination match
Stage One: Team Elimination, Stage Two: Five-Way No Disqualification Elimination
Chaos Kai Payne def. Frankie Vegas, John Grimm, Kent Nelson & Hustle Malone, Jack Cave, Josh Shooter, Warren Banks, Kelly Sixx & Twister
Order of elimination:
– Payne, Vegas, Malone, Nelson & Grimm eliminated Cave, Sixx, Banks, Shooter & Twister
– Payne, Vegas, Malone & Nelson eliminated Grimm
– Payne eliminated Nelson
– Malone eliminated Vegas
– Payne eliminated Malone

During the match, Max Thompson appeared and attacked Twister wrapping a chain around his neck and dragging him backstage, finish came when it looked as though Payne was about to tap out to Malone’s anklelock and the lights went out, when they came back on, Brick Lane had surrounded Malone and delivered a beatdown, Chase Williams & Danny Mayhem attempted to make the save but got hit with steel chairs. Payne then pinned Malone for the win. Brick Lane lead by Payne hit a code breaker and 3D on Malone, Payne then unmasked Banksy to reveal it was JAY GARNER, they then unmasked Mr Brainwash & Shepard Fairey to reveal THE BROMANTICS. Brick Lane continued to attack Team MAD before leaving all together and Team MAD regrouped in the ring as the fans looked on in shock to end the show.