Date: 18/11/2017
Promotion: Insane Championship Wrestling
Event: France ’98
Venue: The Garage, Glasgow
Source: Martin Alexander

Match Results…

Referee, Sean McLaughlin showed up dressed in all black and the crowd chanted “who’s the bastard in the back?”

Kenny Williams def. El Ligero

ICW Women’s Champion, Kay Lee Ray & Katie Forbes Vs Viper & Kasey ended in a no contest

Kay Lee Ray hit Forbes with her title belt, this led to The Kings Of Catch coming out and attacking Viper, Kasey & Forbes until… CARMEL JACOB made her return! Carmel takes the mic and praises ICW, Mark Dallas and the females division. Stating the women are more insane than the men in here. Carmel announces that she is the special enforcer for tomorrows Women’s Championship Steel Cage match.

Six Man Tag Team match
The Filthy Generation (Stevie Boy & The Kings Of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)) def. Jody Fleisch & The Kinky Party (Jack Jester & Sha Samuels)

Joe Hendry Open Challenge
Joe Hendry def. “David”
Joe Hendry def. “Matthew”

A member of the crowd called David answered the Open Challenge, Joe quickly pins him and throws him out the ring. Joe asks “who else wants a go?”, Enter a guy called Matthew, Joe hands Matthew the mic. “Time to say goodbye” comes on and Matthew nails the whole song. Joe then attacks him, The Sam Barbour Experience who was conducting this segment also gets attacked. Joe finishes with “Guess what, no special entrance tomorrow”.

The Carlos Valderama Invitational Battle Royal
Won by: DCT

If Ravie Davie wins he’ll be added to the #1 Contenders Ladder match at “Fear & Loathing X”.
Ravie Davie def. Bram

Davie is now added to tomorrow’s Ladder match but is brutally attacked by Bram after the match.

King Of Insanity Contract Signing: Jimmy Havoc, Mikey Whiplash, Chris Renfrew & Stevie Boy, Mark Dallas tells the 4 competitors “for 24 hours, you are no longer my concern” Stevie signs the contract and leaves. Renfrew signs and leaves. Havoc signs. Whiplash attacks Havoc and puts him through the table. Whiplash then signs.

The Fite Network (Lou King Sharp & Krieger) def. The Purge (Stevie James & Krobar)

Iestyn Rees def. Aaron Echo

ICW Tag Team Champions, Mike Bird & Wild Boar appeared at the commentary booth during the match. Following the match, Bird & Boar entered the ring and attacked Echo.

Official weigh in for the Champion Vs Champion match between ICW World Heavyweight Champion, Joe Coffey & ICW Zero G Champion, BT Gunn. Coffey 240lbs, Gunn 195lbs, the crowd chants “You Fat Bastard” at Coffey. Bram says thats fine because tomorrow he’ll be heavier as he’ll be leaving with two belts, Bram then appears and attacks Gunn, Lionheart shows up followed by Chris Renfrew who stunners Coffey and Bram… BT and Renfrew stare at each other… then hug each other. Zack Gibson and Mikey Whiplash enter and pandemonium erupts. Enter Rob Van Dam

Eight Man Tag Team match
ICW Zero G Champion, BT Gunn, Chris Renfrew, Lionheart & Rob Van Dam def. ICW World Heavyweight Champion, Joe Coffey, Mikey Whiplash, Bram & Zack Gibson

Coffey and Gunn fight out of The Garage. Jokey attmpted to stop RVD from hitting the 5Star but Havoc appeared gave Whiplash a rainmaker and chased off Jokey allowing RVD to hit the 5Star.

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