Date: 29/8/2017
Promotion: Lucha Forever
Event: Lucha L!ve #6: Raffle Is The New Main
Venue: The Frog & Bucket, Manchester
Source: BritWresAwayDays

Match Results…

Bubblegum & Lana Austin def. Chief Deputy Dunne & Kip Sabian

Bea Priestley def. Charli Evans

No disqualification match
Chris Ridgeway def. Drew Parker

WWE United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne & Chris Brookes def. Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher)

Three-Way match
Special Referee: Will Ospreay
Omari def. Logan Bryce & Scotty D

Following the match, Drew Parker attacked Omari with a steel chair and then challenged him to a match at “A Whole Load Of Getting Over” inside a STEEL CAGE!

Alex Windsor def. Su Yung by submission

Lucha Forever Championship Four-Way match
Champion, Mark Haskins def. Joseph Conners, David Starr & Travis Banks

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