Date: 12/8/2017
Promotion: HOPE Wrestling
Event: Evolution 49: Look At Me Now”
Venue: Davy’s Sports Centre, Sheffield
Source: Brett Hadley

Match Results…

Xander Cooper def. Chase Williams

Pro Wrestling FOXES Championship Tournament 1st Round
Sierra Loxton def. Eliza Roux to advance

Dave Stewart & JG Nash def. Jack Cave & JD Boom

After the match, Jack Cave was contemplating retiring but got convinced by Malone and Williams to reluctantly join Team MAD.

Kip Sabian def. Spud

Chief Deputy Dunne def. Drew Parker

HOPE Kings Of flight championship match
Champion, El Ligero def. Dave Deville

HOPE Champions, Hustle Malone’s open challenge was answered by… Xander Cooper!

HOPE Championship Open Challenge
Champion, Hustle Malone def. Xander Cooper

After the match, General Manager, Rainz said that they’ll have a rematch when they return to the venue in September and if any of Team MAD Interfere… Hustle gets stripped of the belt.

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