CHIKARA Pro presents “Kings Of Trios 2017” at Starworks Warehouse, Wolverhampton between September 1st-3rd.

CHIKARA have confirmed the final Kings Of Trios 1st Round matches set to take place on September 1st and can be seen below…

Announced Card…

King Of Trios 2017: Night 1 1/9

King Of Trios 2017 Tournament 1st Round
House Throwback (Dasher Hatfield, Mr Touchdown & Simon Grimm) Vs House ATTACK (Chief Deputy Dunne & The Brothers Of Obstruction (Jim & Lee Obstruction))
House Revival (Jody Fleisch, Jonny Storm & Johnny Moss) Vs House Seven Seas (Hermit Crab, Merlok & Cajun Crawdad)
House Sendai Girls (DASH Chisako, Cassandra Miyagi & Meiko Satomura) Vs House XyberhawX (Sylverhawx, CHIKARA Young Lions Champion, Razerhawx & Nytehawx)
House Sport (Mal Sanders, Danny Boy Collins & James Mason) Vs Casa Dorada (CHIKARA Grand Champion, Juan Francisco De Coronado & CHIKARA Campeonatos De Parejas Champions, Cornelius Crummels & Sonny Defarge)
House Strong Style (WWE United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne, Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) Vs House Whitewolf (Zayas, A-Kid & Adam Chase)
House Rot (Hallowicked, Frightmare & Kobald) Vs House Bodyslam (Vasyl, Michael Fynne & Emeritus)
House Calamari (Chris Brookes, Kid Lykos & ELIJAH) Vs House Bike Cops (Officer Warren Barksdale & Dez Peloton (Donald Kluger & Jasper Tippins))
House Fight Club (Omari, Kyle Fletcher & Millie McKenzie) Vs House Furies (Fire Ant, Travis Huckerbee & Solo Darling)
King Of Trios 2017: Night 2 2/9

King Of Trios 2017 Tournament Quarter-Finals
? Vs ?
? Vs ?
? Vs ?
? Vs ?

World Of Sports Rules One Fall To A Finish
Mike Quackenbush Vs Johnny Kidd

Rey de Voladores 2017 Semi-Finals
? Vs ? Vs ? Vs ?
? Vs ? Vs ? Vs ?

King Of Trios 2017: Night 3 3/9

King Of Trios 2017 Tournament Semi-Finals
? Vs ?
? Vs ?

King Of Trios 2017 Tournament Final
? Vs ?

Rey de Voladores 2017 Final
? Vs ?

Plus much more

Please note: Matches and card are subject to change | Source: CHIKARA Pro

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