Date: 5/8/2017
Promotion: Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Event: Menace 2 Society 7
Venue: Rushcliffe Arena, Nottingham
Source: Gary Ward

Match Results…

Four-Way match
“Flash” Morgan Webster def. wXw Shotgun Champion, David Starr, Gabriel Kidd & DJ Z

Kay Lee Ray def. Su Yung

Bram def. Brady Phillips

Eight Man Tag Team match
GBH (Damian Dunne, Kip Sabian, Adam Maxted & Blake) def. Team HOP (HOP Champion, Juken, Gabriel Kidd, Visage & Johnny Concrete)

Blake was revealed to be the 4th member of GBH after turning on Team HOP, Kidd came out and joined Team HOPto make the teams even.

Chris Tyler & HC Dyer def. Filthy Kliq (Southside Heavyweight Champion, BT Gunn & Stevie Boy)

Open Challenge
Lana Austin def. Shax

Billy Gunn def. Paul Malen

Southside Tag Team Championship Tables match
El Ligero & Joseph Conners def. Champions, GBH (Robbie X & Big Grizzly) *Title Change*

Due to injury, Joseph Conners replaced Bubblegum in the match, Team HOP & the rest of GBH got involved until Ligero, Conners and Team HOP isolated Blake. the action spilled to outside the venue and Conners dived off the top of a van.