World Association Of Wrestling have announced that Alberto El Patron has officially been stripped of the WAW Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship and will crown a new champion by holding a 32man tournament later this year.

WAW have wasted no time at all my naming the full 32 men set to compete in the tournament and can be seen below…

1. Robin Lekime
2. Aaron Sharp
3. Brad Slayer
4. Kendo
5. Ricky Knight
6. Alex Young
7. Bash
8. RKJ
9. Peter Nixon
10. Kip Sabian
11. Villman
12. Pj Knight
13. Jimmy ocean
14. Hallows
15. Hotstuff
16. Brad o Brien
17. Sonny Smasher
18. Morning Star
19. Milky O Hagan
20. Keegan
21. Phantom
22. Alex Droog
23. Ivan Trevors
24. Jason Digby
25. Big J Johnson
26. Malky Taggart
27. Nemesis
28. Battlekat CT
29. Mr Hammudo
30. Nocturn
31. Rispal Singh
32. Onkah Singh

WAW will hold a LIVE draw on Wednesday, July 19th at 6pm to determine the opening 16 matches.

Source: World Association Of Wrestling