Date: 16/7/2017
Promotion: Sacrifice Pro Wrestling [HOPE Wrestling]
Event: Chapter IV: Shattered Dreams
Venue: Cedars Upper School, Leighton Buzzard
Source: Chris Pugh

Match Results…

NEW Sacrifice Pro General Manager, Richie Swish, welcomed everyone to start the show and announced that the winners of the Golden Tag Team Tournament and H8Ful Eight matches would be greatly rewarded and that he hoped everyone enjoys the show.

Golden Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final
Chaos Kai Payne & Twister def. Team MAD (Chase Williams & Danny Mayhem) to advance

Golden Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final
Los Palaminos (Tivy Lee & Frankie Vegas) def. The Bromantics (Shogun J & Owen Charles) by disqualification to advance

Chuck Mambo def. Jack Cave

Devil’s Hand match
If Jay Garner wins, Team MAD must disband and If Hustle Malone wins, Jay Garner must retire from Sacrifice Pro.
Hustle Malone def. Jay Garner

Following the match, Garner was left dejected in the ring as the crowd chanted his name!

Warren Banks def. Roy Johnson

H8Ful Eight match
No Disqualification, No Count Out and can only be won by Pinfall or Submission.
Kent Nelson def. Rising Sun Champion, Ashley Dunn, El Jefe, Jacob Daniels, Jayde, Dan The Man, Morgan Black & Max Thompson

Warren Banks came out and hugged Nelson after the match only to be interrupted by Banksy and Mr Brainwash, Banks & Nelson for the first time got the upper hand on the masked duo and then the lights went out and when the came back on a third masked character was in the ring and delivered and double low blow to Banks & Nelson. The three then regrouped and left united.

Golden Tag Team Tournament Finals
Chaos Kai Payne & Twister def. Los Palaminos (Tivy Lee & Frankie Vegas) to WIN the tournament

Following the match, Sacrifice Pro General Manager, Richie Swish, said that he had the winners reward backstage and brought it to the ring, Twister opened the bag and asked “Why is there only one?”, Chaos Kai Payne then superkicked Twister in the back of the head, Swish then rang the bell and handed announcer Chris Pugh an envolope, Payne and Twister would now go one-on-one for what ever was in the bag. Payne would go on to pin Twister and claim what was in the bag… the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE CHAMPIONSHIP!

Ultimate Sacrifice Championship match
Chaos Kai Payne def. Twister *New Champion*