Date: 16/7/2017
Promotion: Futureshock Wrestling
Event: Uproar 95
Venue: Stockport Masonic Guildhall, Stockport
Source: Futureshock Wrestling

Match Results…

Lotto Thunder 2017 Quarter-Final
Kenny Williams def. Sam Bailey to advance

Lotto Thunder 2017 Quarter-Final
Cyanide def. Danny Hope to advance

Lotto Thunder 2017 Quarter-Final
James Drake def. Joey Hayes to advance

Lotto Thunder 2017 Quarter-Final
DDL def. Thomas Wolfe by count out to advance

Lotto Thunder 2017 Semi-Final
Kenny Williams def. Cyanide to advance

Lotto Thunder 2017 Semi-Final
James Drake def. DDL to advance

Lana Austin def. Molly Spartan

Lotto Thunder 2017 Final
James Drake def. Kenny Williams to win the 2017 Lotto Thunder Tournament

Full write-up…

FutureShock Wrestling brought the most unpredictable tournament in professional wrestling back to Stockport’s Masonic Guildhall. Lotto Thunder takes eight of the very best and puts them in matches chosen by the FutureShock Faithful. Nobody knows what the brackets will be… Not the fans, not wrestlers, not management… Nobody.

The prize up for grabs at Uproar 95 was a title opportunity of the winner’s choice, either the FutureShock Championship held by Zack Gibson or the FutureShock Adrenaline Championship held by Soner Dursun.

Sam Bailey and the debuting Kenny Williams were chosen to square off in the first quarter final. Bailey was clearly out to have a good time, hoping to turn his recent fortunes around by snagging a title match. In fact he was too busy having fun and entertaining the FutureShock Faithful to see Williams’ match winning running knee strike after less than three minutes. A shock elimination to many.

In the second quarter final a ringside fan selected the 400lb monster Cyanide who subsequently found himself in the ring with Delicious Danny Hope. A spirited fight by the man from tasseltown wasn’t enough to chop the big man down and he was pinned after an immense splash off the ropes.

The third quarter final participants were chosen next which, by proxy decided the fourth quarter final as well. James Drake was selected first and then Joey Hayes selected to face him. Two very familiar foes went all out to secure a place in the next round. In the end it was interference by Zack Gibson that gave his friend Drake the win.

This left Deadly Damon Leigh and Thomas Wolfe in the final first round match. Both members of Camp Egan, both seemed to keen to make the most of their chance. After a few minutes Chris Egan, the self proclaimed manager of champions, hopped into the ring and convinced Wolfe to take a count out loss. Clearly Egan has a plan, even if it seriously displeased the FutureShock Faithful by cheating them of a bout.

His plan seemed to work though as he had a man in both of the semi-finals. In the first Cyanide fought Kenny Williams. The plucky was bounced all over the ring but mounted a fiery comeback and even managed to take Cyanide off his feet for the first time in over a year with the same running high knee that defeated Sam Bailey. Unfortunately Chris Egan jumped on the apron and distracted the referee, costing Williams’ the chance to score the pin. He was subsequently chased into the ring by colour commentator Jenson Blake and, in the process, accidentally struck the referee. Cyanide was eliminated by disqualification and very nearly laid his manager out before storming off.

After the bout Blake challenged Egan to a four on four elimination match at the 13th anniversary show in August. Team Egan verses Team Blake with the losing team captain being forced to leave FutureShock for good!

Damon Leigh emerged alone for the second semi-final against James Drake. With so much at stake both men brought a big fight feel with them. The action spilled out of the room, into the lobby and back again with a full rubbish bin being introduced to the fray. In the end a hard fought win for Drake, with Gibson emerging from the curtain to raise his arm afterwards.

Lana Austin made her return to FutureShock and received a booming ovation ahead of her schedule bout against another debuting athlete in the shape of Molly Spartan. Bullied relentlessly by her larger, stronger opponent Lana fought back and scored the win by spiking Spartan with a diving tornado DDT.

Before the main event we were treated to a special appearance by Wolfgang. Originally scheduled to be part of Lotto Thunder, Wolfgang had to withdraw due to facial injuries suffered in ICW last weekend. The Regulator apologised for not being able to compete but was rudely interrupted by Liverpool’s Number One Zack Gibson. The FutureShock champion almost couldn’t be heard over the jeers and boos. Wolfgang promised both that Kenny Williams would win Lotto Thunder and that he’d be back for Gibson once he was right as rain again.

An action packed spring, the final of Lotto Thunder fired out of the starting blocks as Kenny Williams struck a huge pump kick off the opening bell and didn’t let up once. Both of these world class grapplers threw caution to the wind, each of them even hitting spectacular dives to the outside. The FutureShock Faithful, initially solidly behind Williams, became more divided in their support as the match went on. At the conclusion it was Mr Mayhem implant DDT by Drake that secured him the win. The usually abrasive Drake even had a fist bump of respect for his opponent afterwards.

At this point the 2017 Lotto Thunder winner was given a choice of two contracts, one for the FutureShock Heavyweight Championship and one for the Adrenaline Champions. At this point Gibson joined him to celebrate and told Drake how great FutureShock would be once he won back his Adrenaline Championship, how great FutureShock would be when they both held all the gold in the company. Drake reached for the Heavyweight Championship contract and then, much to the disgust of the crowd, threw it on the floor. His final words? “Soner Dursun… Grit your teeth.”