Date: 9/7/2017
Promotion: Insane Championship Wrestling
Event: Fight Club: Glasgow
Venue: The Garage, Glasgow
Source: Martin Alexander

Match Results…

Rampage Brown & Ashton Smith def. Pure Gangster (Saqib Ali & Primce Asad)

DCT & Coach appeared and spole about DCT’s upcomimg match with Bram and said a more aggresive DCT was gonna be at Shug’s that no one has seen before!

ICW Zero-G Championship match
Champion, Zack Gibson def. Liam Thomson by submission

Following the match, Gibson attacks Thomson until Kenny Williams makes the save.

Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) def. 2 Mates Pissing About (Martin Kirby & Joey Hayes)

After the match, Coffey tells Polo “I need you and you need me. No man wins a tag match alone. I’m not willing to give up on this team”.

#1 Contenders match
Winner faces WWE United Champion at “Shug’s Hoose Party 4”
Wolfgang Vs BT Gunn ended in a double pin

Funish came when BT gives Wolfgang a superplex from the top rope. Stephen Hughes counts BT’s shoulders, Kearins counts Wolfgang’s shoulders. Mark Dallas appears and says “At Shugs its Pete Dunne Vs Wolfgang Vs BT Gunn Vs Trent Seven in a Four-Way for the WWE United Kingdom Title”

Bull James def. Grado

James got the win following a distraction from Sha Samuels

Contracting signing between Joe Hendry and Lionheart for their match at “Shug’s Hoose Party”. Security standing right down the middle of the ring for this one, Lionheart to Joe “No matter what, you’ll never take my spot in ICW”, Joe to Lionheart “You want to stick a blade in me! I’ve no problem breaking your neck again” Lionheart signs the contract and leaves.

Jack Jester def. Davey Blaze

Legion (Mikey Whiplash & Chris Renfrew) def. Stevie Boy & Dickie Divers

During the match Divers duct taped Renfrew to a rope. He’s about to hit Renfrew with a Kendo stick. Thomas Kearins runs in and grabs the Kendo stick and smacks it right between Divers eyes.

If Kenny Williams wins he will get a title shot after “Shug’s Hoose Party”
ICW World Heavyweight Champion, Joe Coffey def. Kenny Williams

Following the match Jack Jester and Coffey brawled. Jester takes the mic (to Joe) “It dawned on me I’m approaching 15 years in the business. Me and Galloway sold out the Barrowlands… you didn’t. I’ve achieved a lot but one thing escapes me – a 15-foot high Steel Cage at Shugs!”

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