It was announced yesterday during wXw “Shortcut To The Top 2017” that wXw will be holding a Four Woman Round Robin Tournament to crown its first ever wXw Women’s Champion.

The four announced competitors include the UK & Ireland’s own, Jinny & Martina the Session Moth, Germany’s, Melanie Grey and France’s, Pauline.

The full announcement and match dates can be seen below…

Big women tournament on the fight forever tour

wXw selected the first Women’s champion

Food, 02.07.2017

With great joy today we announce the introduction of the wXw Womens Championship for the 23.12.2017 The Belt, which is currently handmade by the belt maker of the wXw, is the reward for the winner of a tournament, which is definitely not a sprint, but includes twelve matches over a period of four months. “the wXw viewers in all parts of Germany are witness to the emerging women division, which is to be established at all locations”, said wXw CEO Christian Michael Jacobi.

The winner of the first femmes fatal tournament and participant at the Mae Young Classic of WWE, ” Alpha female ” Jazzy Gabert, which is not eligible to participate in the tournament due to other commitments, said asfollows to the tournament: ” wXw is a league that respects worldwide respect And for quality in and outside the ring. The Introduction of a wXw-ladies title fills me with pride. The woman who wins this title will bear him with honor and deserve respect.”

As a turnierformat, a leagues format was chosen with a rematch of four wrestlerinnen from all over Europe, which were determined in a careful selection process:

Jinny, London, England
Melanie Gray, Coburg, Germany
Pauline, Paris, France
Session Moth Martina, Dublin, Ireland

Rules of the turniermatches:
In The course of the tournament, each of the two teams in the tournament was twice against each competitor.
The Turniermatches are regular singles matches according to the rules of the wxw.
The time limit per battle is 20 minutes.
A VICTORY BRINGS 3 points, a draw one point, a defeat 0 points.
Decisions by disqualification or counting are also assessed according to this point.
A show is counted as a victory for the opponent and as a defeat for the non-in wrestler. In exceptional situations, a minimum period of time may be fixed if both wrestlerinnen and logistical possibilities are agreed.
A table is calculated from the points of the jousting. The two top finishers in the table are on the 23.12. Th Anniversary show at the 17th anniversary show for the wxw womens championship in a single match. In the case of tie, in descending order of precedence, the following characteristics are chosen:
(1) number of matches won
(2) Direct comparison of wrestlerinnen
(3) Direct comparison in the second match of the wrestlerinnen
(4) Flip

The Turniermatches have been asfollows and are thus the first announced matches for the wXw fight forever tour:

25.08.-wXw fight forever tour: Münster
Sputnik Halle, münster
Melanie Gray vs Pauline

30.09. – wXw Fight Forever Tour Feature Event: Frankfurt
Batsch Kapp, Frankfurt
Melanie Gray vs Session Moth Martina

14.10.-wXw fight forever tour: Chemnitz
Pentagon 3, chemnitz
Session Moth Martina vs Pauline

15.10.-wXw fight forever tour: Leipzig
Hellraiser, Leipzig
Pauline vs Session Moth Martina

20.10.-wXw fight forever tour: Borken
Stadthalle Venne HOF, borken
Melanie Gray vs Session Moth Martina

21.10.-wXw fight forever tour: Bielefeld
Forum, bielefeld
Jinny vs Session Moth Martina

03.11.-wXw fight forever tour: Wetzlar
City Hall, wetzlar
Melanie Gray vs Pauline

04.11.-wXw fight forever tour: Berlin
So36, Berlin
Jinny vs Pauline

11.11.-wXw fight forever tour: Lippstadt
Mcdonalds arena, lippstadt
Melanie Gray vs Jinny

18.11.-wXw broken rules 2017
Event work, Dresden
Jinny vs Session Moth Martina

19.11.-wXw fight forever tour: Erfurt
Club From Hell, Erfurt
Jinny vs Melanie Gray

09.12.-wXw fight forever tour: Fulda
Kreuz, fulda
Pauline vs Jinny

23.12.-wXw 17th anniversary
Turbinenhalle, oberhausen
wXw Women’s Championship: TBA vs TBA

Tickets for the fight forever tour are available on, or at all ticket outlets throughout Germany.

Source: westside Xtreme wrestling

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