Date: 30/6/2017
Promotion: Futureshock Wrestling
Event: Underground 22
Venue: The Longfield Suite, Prestwich
Source: BritWresAwayDays

Match Results…

Three-Way match
Sexy Gentlemen (Sexy Kev & John McGregor) def. Futureshock Tag Team Champions, Wonderland (Henry T Grodd & Noah) & DDL & Cyanide

James Drake def. Rampage Brown

Drake got the win after Tyson T-Bone appeared and hit Rampage with a Steel Pipe.

Futureshock Adrenaline Championship match
Champion, Soner Dursun def. Bubblegum

Ashton Smith def. Tyson T-Bone

Rampage returned with a Steel Pipe and distracted T-Bone allowing Smith to roll up T-Bone for the win.

Futureshock Women’s Championship match
Champion, April Davids def. Little Miss Roxxy

Futureshock Champion, Zack Gibson def. Joey Hayes

Full write-up…

The last visit to Prestwich ahead of the Thirteenth Anniversary supershow in August…. Underground 22 was simmering under the surface before the doors even opened to the FutureShock Faithful. It wouldn’t be long before the action reached boiling point.

In the opening bout, three of FutureShock’s most formidable tag teams collided in a non title triple threat bout. Chris Egan’s heavyweight duo of Deadly Damon Leigh & Cyanide tangled with The Sexy Gents as well as reigning tag team champions Wonderland. John McGregor showed true gentleman’s grit by enduring a beating from all four of his and Sexy Kev’s adversaries. In the end, they even secured a victory by countering Noah and Henry T. Grodd’s attempt at the Jabberwocky elevated DDT into a pinning combination. Could this be enough to secure them a championship opportunity?

James Drake and Rampage Brown were originally due to face off last November at Uproar in Stockport. That night a premeditated assault by Drake and his friend Zack Gibson took the big man from Compton in Leeds out before the bell. There would be no such interruptions on this night as they went after each other in an intense, hard hitting contest. Drake’s cunning and speed against Rampage’s power and ferocity. It looked as though the heavyweight mauler was going to despatch Drake with his signature piledriver until Tyson T-Bone attacked his friend turned foe behind the referee’s back with a pipe. Rampage then fell victim to Mr Mayhem, Drake’s implant DDT for the pinfall but he was assuredly not impressed.

Xander Cooper, the self proclaimed ambassador of FutureShock and indeed all of British wrestling welcomed everyone to the debut of his new segment, The Embassy. Alongside Bobby Gage he credited all of his success in recent months to his inspiration, Theresa May. In the interests of providing opportunity he revealed that he’d pitched the Xander Cooper Invitational Battle Royal to FutureShock management for the thirteenth anniversary show. They, however, renamed it the Adrenaline Rush and will determine the number one contender to Soner Dursun’s Adrenaline Championship. Colour commentator Sam Bailey drew Cooper’s ire… First by inserting himself into the match and then by throwing Cooper’s Ferrero Rocher into the crowd. An attack by the ambassador backfired when he found himself backdropped into the aforementioned chocolates whilst young Bobby desperately tried to salvage them.

Speaking of the Adrenaline Championship, Soner Dursun faced yet another stern challenge in his ongoing quest to raise the value of his title. British wrestling veteran and unquestionably one of the best grapplers in the world Bubblegum was quick to take the fight to him. The battle didn’t let up for one second as the two fighters went back and forth with strikes, speed and devastating holds. In the end it was a breathtaking reverse frankensteiner from the top rope that set the challenger up for the World Beater frog splash. Who will be the next challenger for Soner Dursun and a title that means more and more every time it’s put on the line?

Tyson T-Bone walked to the ring with a smirk on his face and a steel pipe in his hand ahead of his encounter with Ashton Smith. Ferocious as ever he held on through Smith’s fiery initial flurry and proceeded to batter his popular foe with fists and feet all over the ring. With the FutureShock Faithful firmly behind him Ashton fought back and had the trailer park brawler reeling until he decided to go for his pipe, presumably to gain an unfair advantage.

Cue Rampage Brown, coming out to disarm T-Bone and leave him wide open to a schoolboy roll up for the pin. Ashton Smith continues to build momentum and the hostilities between Rampage Brown and Tyson T-Bone continue to grow.

April Davids may be the most intimidating competitor to ever set foot in a FutureShock ring, regardless of gender. As such it’s proven increasingly difficult to find opponents for the reigning and defending FutureShock women’s champion. On this night, however, she faced a fierce challenge in the shape of the petite punk fireball by the name of Lil’ Miss Roxxy. So fired up, in fact, was Roxxy that she refused to be intimidated and went straight for her opponent at the outset. A hard hitting affair, Davids came perilously close to losing her gold on several occasions when Roxxy hit a backcracker and locked in a bridging submission hold. In the end however the champion struck with an evil suplex and locked in the Lights Out dragon sleeper hold for the tap out, almost bending her challenger in two in the process. Who can stop her?

Main event time and “Liverpool’s Number One” Zack Gibson emerged to his usual chorus of boos and jeers, bearing both the FutureShock Championship and his newly acquired ICW Zero-G Championship. Despite his haul of championship gold the hero’s welcome was reserved solely for his opponent Joey Hayes, a man keen to build on a win over James Drake and score a huge non title win over the company standard bearer. Veteran ring warrior Hayes was more than a match for Gibson in terms of experience and came close to catching him with a JKO cutter and tapping him out in a crossface. James Drake emerged once again and it was his distraction that allowed Gibson to hit the Helter Skelter twisting brainbuster for the win.

Afterwards Gibson pushed past Drake to continue his assault on a downed Joey Hayes. At this point Ashton Smith made his way to the ring with the 2016 FutureShock Trophy in his hand, driving both Gibson and Drake out. He then told the FutureShock Champion that he was going to cash in his trophy and, unlike Gibson, wouldn’t be attacking anyone from behind. The challenge was made and, with no option but to accept, Ashton Smith will face Zack Gibson for the FutureShock Championship in the main event of the Thirteenth Anniversary Supershow on August 25th.

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