Date: 18/6/2017
Promotion: PCW & International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom
Event: The Decider
Venue: The Angel Centre, Tonbridge
Source: International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom

Match Results…

IPW vs. PCW Challenge
Tom Dawkins [IPW:UK] def. Joey Hayes [PCW] IPW:UK 2, PCW 0

IPW vs. PCW Challenge
Tel Banham [PCW] def. Sid Scala [IPW:UK] by forfeit, IPW:UK 2, PCW2 (

Scala unable to make the bell due to injury, after an attack backstage by Earl Black Jr, Mike Broly hits the ring for the second time in a row to take it to Earl Black Jr and this time, they FIGHT until wrestlers working backstage manage to break it up!

Amazon & Chakara def. IW:UK Women’s Champions, Livvii Grace & Nightshade

IPW vs. PCW Challenge
IPW:UK World champion, Jimmy Havoc [PCW] def. Angelico IPW:UK 2, PCW 4

IPW vs. PCW Challenge
Jody Fleisch [IPW:UK] def. Phillip Michael [PCW] IPW:UK 4, PCW 4

IMPACT Grand Championship match
Champion, Moose def. Sammy Smooth

IPW vs. PCW Challenge
The London Riots (James Davis & Rob Lynch) def. The UK Hooligans (Roy & Zak Knight) IPW:UK 6, PCW 4

IPW:UK Wins The Decider by 6 points to 4

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