Lucha Forever have today announced the postponement of the up coming “Mr & Mrs Tournament” due to be held June 27th-29th in the Birmingham area.

Lucha Forever have released the following statement via their official Facebook page…


In the last four weeks we (Lucha Forever) have made several changes to our business plan and structure. We have also altered our distribution and content access services.

Now we were lucky enough to have the structure in place when devising the Mr & Mrs tournament, however this has now changed. With our structure change, which we had to do to continue to grow the brand and financially maintain our card standard, several outlets and sponsors originally in place now have to be renegotiated.

This simply means we cannot for the above do the tournament when originally planned.

We want to be as transparent as possible. So the current situation is simple as it stands. We will:

1. Be moving the tournament and re-announcing dates

2. All tickets purchased will be refunded. (All refunds will be processed within 7 days from tomorrow. Not including weekends)

3. We will offer a complimentary single show ticket to each person who purchased for our original dates as a gesture of goodwill.

Again, never something we want to do, but to maintain our future plans and to stay financially above board we have had to make this decision. We are still a learning and relatively small promotion and these are all creases we are ironing out to continue to put on events like we have been.

We appreciate the patience and continued support by all.

If there are any queries or issues please direct all to


Source: Lucha Forever