Date: 4/6/2017
Promotion: Sacrifice Pro Wrestling (HOPE Wrestling)
Event: Chapter 3: Don’t Wrestle Me, I’m Scared
Venue: Cedars Upper School, Leighton Buzzard
Source: Sacrifice Pro Wrestling

Match Results…

Pre-Show match… Brass Ring Project – Hustle Malone def. Liam Smith

Golden Tag Team Tournament Quarter-Final
Chaos Kai Payne & Twister def. Black Mafia (Morgan Black & Anthony Mafia) to advance

Jay Garner def. Drew Parker

After the match, Garner called out Hustle Malone, but was jumped from behind, being told “To face me you need two things, Something I want, and to get my attention, and you just don’t Got This!”.

Golden Tag Team Tournament Quarter-Final
Team MAD (Chase Williams & Danny Mayhem) def. Never Say Die (Alex Cupid & Dillon D’Angelo) to advance

Golden Tag Team Tournament Quarter-Final
Los Palaminos (Tivy Lee & Frankie Vegas) def. ManSaw (Blizzard & Dan “The Man” Tucker) to advance

Jayde def. Gene Munny

Golden Tag Team Tournament Quarter-Final
The Bromantics (Shogun J & Owen Charles) def. The Hitset (Alexander Roth & Kieran Kurupt) to advance

After the Main Event, Team MAD and Los Palaminos interrupted to jump the competition, resulting in a Locker Room Brawl that only threat of Suspension was able to contain. These incredible scenes, which included a mysterious envelope from Banksy & Mr Brainwash, and a vicious RKO to Hustle Malone from Jay Garner.