Date: 2/6/2017 (Aired: 3/6/2017)
Promotion: What Culture Pro Wresting
Event: Fight BACK
Venue: Bowler’s Exhibition Centre, Manchester
Source: What Culture Pro Wrestling

Match Results…

Show begins with a 10 bell salute to those effected by the Manchester bombings.

WCPW General Manager, Adam Blampied comes out and talks about the last year, what was supposed to start of the new Loaded Tapings, YouTube’s change in policy and clarifies the rumours that WCPW talent does get paid. Blampied then introduces Prince Ameen and he is attacked by Sha Samuels from behind, he beats Ameen with his braces and sends a message to the locker room, the management, the producers, YouTube and the views at home “Don’t Mug Me Off!”.

Kay Lee Ray def. Viper

It’s announced that Kay Lee Ray will challenge Bea Priestley fro the WCPW Women’s Championship at “Built To Destroy”

BT Gunn def. Mark Davis

During the match, it was announced that Mark Davis will be competing in the Pro Wrestling World Cup: Rest Of The World Qualifiers.

Kenny Williams def. Aaron Echo

Following the match, BT Gunn attacked Kenny Williams, it was also announced that Gunn Vs Williams would take place at “Built To Destroy” with the winner claiming the vacant Scotland Qualifier spot.

Hardcore Rules match
Primate def. Drake

Following the match, WCPW General Manager, Adam Blampied appeared and presented the new WCPW Hardcore Championship to the crowd and announced that Primate would face Jimmy Havoc at “Built To Destroy” to crown the first champion!

WCPW Internet Championship match
Champion, Gabriel Kidd def. Zack Gibson

#1 Contenders Gauntlet match
Moss X Slater (Johnny Moss & Liam Slater) eliminated Glaswegian Culture (Kid Fite & Lou King Sharp)
Moss X Slater (Johnny Moss & Liam Slater) eliminated The Kings Of The North (Bonesaw & Damien Corvin)
Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) eliminated Moss X Slater (Johnny Moss & Liam Slater)
Prospect (Archer & Gracie) def. Polo Promotions (JAckie Polo & Mark Coffey)

Following the match, it was confirmed that Prospect will challenge The Swords Of Essex for the WCPW Tag Team Championships at “Built To Destroy”, Polo Promotions then attacked Prospect from behind.

#1 Contenders Four-Way match
Rampage def. Dave Mastiff, El Ligero & Joe Coffey

Rampage will challenge the WCPW World Champion at “Built To Destroy” for the title.

Prior to the main event, WCPW World Champion, Joe Hendry said anybody that could come out and solve his problem would receive a substantial reward and a spot in the Prestige, Dave Mastiff appeared and Joe Coffey & BT Gunn attacked challenger, Martin Kirby from behind, Hendry says he won’t be stripped of the title because the match hasn’t started yet, Adam Blampied appears and says “get um boys” and out came Rampage, Primate & El Ligero and a mass brawl ensued and the fought into the crowd as the match got underway.

WCPW World Championship Last Man Standing match
Champion, Joe Hendry def. Martin Kirby

During the match, Rampage & Coffey brawled back on to the stage when the referee was down, Hendry held Rampage as Coffey went for a discuss clothesline and hit Hendry after Rampage ducked, all hell broke lose as ten’s of chairs were thrown into the ring, Kirby and Hendry used the chairs to batter each other, Mastiff & Ligero returned and battled to the ring, Ligero got in the ring and picked up a chair looked as though he was about to attack Mastiff but hit Kirby with the chair hit him with a C4L on to a chair and Hendry retained the title after Kirby could not answer the 10 count, the show ended with Hendry presenting Ligero with a Prestige shirt as he held the title aloft over the fallen Kirby.