Date: 28/5/2017
Promotion: Insane Championship Wrestling
Event: Fight Club: Glasgow
Venue: The Garage, Glasgow
Source: Martin Alexander

Match Results…

Mark Dallas announced that Kevin Nash would be the guest commissioner for “Fear & Loathing X” plus ICW World Heavyweight Champion, Joe Coffey will team with Grado to take on Sha Samuels at “Shug’s Hoose Party” and his partner… NOAM DAR!

Catch Of The Day Challenge
Iestyn Rees def. Prince Asad

BT Gunn def. Kid Fite

ICW Women’s Championship Scottish Rules match
Champion, Kay Lee Ray Vs Martina The Session Moth ended in a no contest

Kasey Owens attacked Martina, then the lights went out and Mikey Whiplash appeared and said he wanted to show Stevie Boy “the man that wanted to fucking kill him!”, it was then announced that Mikey Whiplash & Chris Renfrew would face Stevie Boy & ICW Women’s Champion, Kay Lee Ray on June 25th in Death match!

ICW Zero-G Championship match
Champion, Kenny Williams def. Dickie Divers

Divers shoved the referee and the referee gave him a DDT allowing Williams to get the win, Zack Gibson attacked Williams with a chair and then they set up a match for the next tapings for the title in a Streetfight!

Good Housekeeping match
Wolfgang def. Liam Thomson

Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) def. The Hunter Brothers (Jim & Lee Hunter)

ICW Tag Team Champions, Mike Bird & Wild Boar attacked Polo Promotions, Polo’s then said they would see Bird & Boar at “Shug’s Hoose Party”, Bird & Boar say that if Polo Promotions wins then they can have a title shot, but if they lose they must split up!

Grado def. Joe Hendry

Bram def. DCT

A Kiss My Ass match between Davey Blaze & Wee Man against DCT & Coach Trip is set up for the next taping.

Sha Samuels def. Stevie Boy

ICW World Heavyweight Championship match
Champion, Joe Coffey def. Jordan Devlin