House Of Pain Wrestling presents “Mayhem: Part Two” in the Nottingham area on May 26th & 28th.

HOP have confirmed a final match for “Mayhem: Part Two – Calverton” as Absolutely Fabulous takes on Disco Dan & Johnny Concrete in tag team action.

Announced Card…

Mayhem: Part Two – Cotgrove 26/5 Cotgrove Miners Welfare, Nottingham Facebook Event Page

HOP Tag Team Champion, Danny Thomas Vs Eddy Martins

Six Man Tag Team match
HOP Full Throttle Champion, Dave Leitao, G-Wiz & Juken Vs Danny Chase, Paul Malen & TimberWolfe

Ritmo Vs H-Block

Visage & Kurtis Norman Vs Martial Law (Marcus Hood & Bam Bam Barton)

BFD & Jason Hunter Vs ChrisLock & Nick Hendricks

Dave Andrews Vs Barricade

Mayhem: Part Two – St Ann’s 27/5 St Ann’s Emmanuel Church, Nottingam Facebook Event Page

HOP Champion, Kyle Kingsley & Juken Vs Alton Thorne & Barricade

HOP Tag Team Champion, LJ Heron or HOP Tag Team Champion, Danny Thomas Vs Tommy Taylor

Paul Malen Vs Bjorn Jones

Davey Thompson Vs BFD

TimberWolfe Vs Joseph Starr

Eight Man Tag Team match
Steven Harris, Harley Harris, James Stevens & Theodore Diamond Vs Disco Dan, ?, ? & ?

Mayhem: Part Two – Calverton 28/5 Calverton Working Men’s Club, Nottingham Facebook Event Page

HOP Champion, Kyle Kingsley Vs Mr Goodman

Absolutely Fabulous (Visage & Nathan Nix) Vs Disco Dan & Johnny Concrete

Eddy Martins Vs Barricade

Juken & Haydn Tyler Vs H-Block & Steven Harris

Joseph Starr & G-Wiz Vs Paul Malen & Davey Thompson

Barricade Vs Eddy Martins’ Choice Tommy Taylor

Eddy Martins Vs Barricade’s Choice Bully Boy Carter

Plus much more

Please note: Matches and card are subject to change | Source: House Of Pain Wrestling