Date: 13/5/2017
Promotion: World Association Of Wrestling
Event: Tapings: Show 2
Venue: Epic Studios, Norwich

Match Results…

Zak Knight welcomed out his brother Roy and congratulated him on his 25th anniversary in wrestling. Roy thanked his family for supporting him, including his father Ricky even though they aren’t getting on right now. Ricky Sr came out with Ricky Jr and said that he was solely responsible for creating Roy’s career. Zak and Roy offered to show Ricky Jr what happened at the end of our earlier main event, where Ricky Sr attacked both Roy and Ricky Jr, but the Rowdy Man convinced his grandson not to stick around.

Sky’s The Limit contract match
Brad O’Brien def. Matt Walters, Liam Thompson, Milky O’Hagan, Marvel Marcus, Rocker Richards, Oliver Carter, Groza, PJ Knight, Chris Silvio & Salomon Strid

Hallows blindsided King Kendo when Scaramouche posed as a decoy during Hallows’ entrance.

Hallows def. King Kendo

Sonny Smasher went to Commissioner, Scott Hall’s office to ask why he wasn’t in a match tonight. Commissioner, Hall informed him that there wasn’t a spot for him because of the international superstars which were being used instead.

Three-Way match
Nathan Cruz & Jonny Storm def. Scarlet & Graves (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) & Robin Lekime & Aaron Sharp

Sonny Smasher interrupted Robin Lekime being interviewed after hearing that Commissioner Hall wanted to speak with him. Hall informed Smasher that he had found an opportunity for him but that he expects not to be let down.

Bram def. El Hijo De Dos Caras Jr by referee stoppage

Ruffneck Vs Kenny Killbaine ended in a double disqualification

Finish came when both men struck referee David Finch. After the match both men continued to brawl until backstage security broke up the fight.

Eight Man Tag Team match
Mr Anderson, Luke Hawx, Cyanide & Ringo Ryan def. Sonny Smasher & Team EWW (Titan, AWOL and Exodus)

Three-Way match
Rey Mysterio def. Kip Sabian & Peter Nixon

The UK Hooligans (Zak and Roy Knight) def. Old School (Alex Young & Ricky Knight Jr)

Ricky Jr turned on Old School which allowed The UK Hooligans to get the win. During the match Jimmy Ocean, Ivan Trevors and Hot Stuff interfered but were fought off.

King Of The Old School Four-Way match
James Mason def. Jimmy Ocean, Ivan Trevors & Bash

WAW Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship Norwich Streetfight
Champion, Alberto El Patron def. Ricky Knight

During the match, Mr Anderson, Jimmy Ocean, Ivan Trevors and Hot Stuff remained at ringside and assaulted El Patron every time he was outside the ring. The UK Hooligans came out to take out Old School while they were distracted by the crowd.