Date: 13/5/2017
Promotion: World Association Of Wrestling
Event: Tapings: Show 1
Venue: Epic Studios, Norwich

Match Results…

WAW Commissioner, Scott Hall arrived at the venue in a limo accompanied by two attractive young women.

Ricky Knight explained that he refuses to compete on the first of today’s two shows and that he wants his World Heavyweight title match against WAW Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto El Patron to be a Norwich Street Fight. Commissioner, Scott Hall came out and remind Knight that he makes the final decisions but that he had just received a phone call from Alberto saying that he would be fine defending his title by any means necessary, so Commissioner, Hall officially announced that he was accepting Knight’s request.

Three-Way match
Kip Sabian def. Alex Young & Zak Zodiac

King Kendo def. Cyanide

Six-Way match
Winner To Face Rey Mysterio on Show 2!
Peter Nixon def. Brad O’Brien, Oliver Carter, Matt Walters, Villman & Chris Silvio

Three-Way match
Luke Hawx def. Nathan Cruz & Bram

Three-Way Nine Man Tag Team match
Mr Anderson, Ringo Ryan & Rocker Richards def. The Midas Stable (Robin Lekime, Alex Drooge & Keegan) & Team Scotland (Liam Thompson, Drew Marshall & Malky Taggart)

Mr Anderson threw a tantrum at Commissioner, Scott Hall after interviewer Jasmin Hayes was too distracted backstage to interview him.

Four-Way match
Scarlet & Graves (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) def. El HiJo De Dos Caras & Frankie Sloan, Aaron Sharp & Jonny Storm & The Battlekats (PJ Knight & Battlekat CT)

Commissioner Scott Hall interrupted Scarlet and Graves’ post-match interview to inform Mr Anderson that he had crossed the line earlier and needs to find two partners to join him against Team EWW later tonight.

Six Man Tag Team match
Sigma (Hallows, Ruffneck & Scaramouche) def. Team EWW (Titan, AWOL & Exodus)

British Rules match
James Mason def. Jimmy Ocean by two falls to one

Roy Knight def. Ricky Knight Jr by submission

Roy Knight removed his son’s mask and started carrying him backstage. Ricky Knight Sr ambushed Roy, knocking him and Ricky Jr over. Ricky Sr then slammed Ricky Jr onto the entrance ramp before making his way down to the ring and calling out Alberto El Patron. Ricky Sr began calling El Patron a coward until the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion answered his call by entering through the crowd. Ricky Sr and El Patron began brawling up the ramp and continued fighting backstage until officials were able to separate them.