Date: 29/4/2017
Promotion: What Culture Pro Wrestling
Event: No Regrets
Venue: Sports Central, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Match Results…

Stu Bennett, formerly known as Wade Barrett, will join Dave Bradshaw in commentary for the evening.

Pre-Show match… Rey Fenix & Juventud Guerrera def. Drago & El Hijo de Dos Caras

Travis Banks def. Penta El Zero M

Brandi Rhodes def. Prince Ameen

Due to an illness, Alberto El Patron will no longer be appearing, therefore Joe Coffey has been added to the WCPW World Championship Rumble match!

WCPW Internet Championship Three-Way match
Gabriel Kidd def. Champion, Cody Rhodes & Joe Hendry *Title Change*

Following the match, Rhodes strapped the title around Kidd’s waist!

Rey Mysterio def. El Ligero

WCPW World Championship Rumble match
Won by: Martin Kirby *Title Change*
Order Of Entrants:
1) Champion, Drew Galloway
2) Martin Kirby
3) Drake
4) Kid Fite
5) “Bad Bones” John Klinger
6) Gracie
7) Archer
8) WCPW Tag Team Champion, Scott Wainwright
9) Primate
10) Juventud Guerrera
11) Zack Gibson
12) Rockstar Spud
13) Johnny Moss
14) Travis Banks
15) Matt Striker
16) Sha Samuels
17) Doug Williams
18) BT Gunn
19) Prince Ameen
20) Viper
21) Rey Fenix
22) Adam Pacitti
23) El Ligero
24) Fat Ligero
25) Dave Mastiff
26) Cody Rhodes
27) Rey Mysterio
28) Joe Coffey
29) Rampage
30) Joe Hendry

During the match, Stu Bennett gave Zack Gibson a Bullhammer, Final Four: Drew Galloway, Martin Kirby, Joe Coffey & Joe Hendry, Galloway eliminated Coffey, Galloway eliminated by pinfall by Hendry! Kirby PINS Hendry to WIN the title!