Pro Wrestling NOAH have today announced that Impact Wrestling star, Bram has been suspended and removed from the Global Tag League Tournament currently taking place.

Below is what was released via the Puroresu Spirit Facebook Page today…

[NOAH NEWS] It was announced that Bram has been suspended from the rest of the “Global Tag League” tour after posting a questionable image on his personal Instagram.

To sum it up, Bram was photographed at a convenient store with him laying in a fridge which contained merchandise back on the 25th. Japan in general has rules of conduct and this brought out an apparent negative reaction from fans. Which led to the NOAH office noticing the image and thus what has now transpired.

Both Bram and Masayuki Uchida apologized on NOAH’s behalf to the convenience store chain and hopes no ill will may come about from all of this. Uchida even stated that maybe a seminar of sorts to help international talent become accustomed to how things are in Japan. As inappropriate behavior such as this shall not be an issue in the future.

Robbie E will still be competing on the tour, but his teams run in the GTL is officially ended. All remaining tour matches will be altered to reflect Bram’s absence.

KAMZMA SAKAMOTO will also be coming into fill any vacant spot in the cards for the remainder of the tour. Specifically the 4/27, 4/29, 4/30, and 5/3 shows.