PCW presents “Live In Preston” at PCW Academy, Preston on April 21st.

PCW have announced a change in venues and have released the following statement…


At 4.48pm today Fusion the venue in Liverpool called me and let me know they have double booked me with a boxing event and I have been told that I can not run the PCW show on Friday in Fusion. I do not want to cancel but I now do not have a venue in Liverpool and very little time to think about this. This is a nightmare situation the venue has left me with and I am quite disappointed to be put in this position and have been running round like a headless chicken since then looking at my options.

I do not plan on sleeping tonight until every single fan who ordered a ticket has a personal email from me giving them an update same as this in the event they do not read this. If any hotels or trains have been booked we will help with those costs and on Saturday I will refund all who booked tickets and do what I can to make sure you all have your money back by Sunday. I will detail what I need in the emails going out tonight so check your account.

I still have a full card of talent to pay so with that in mind if by 11am tomorrow and I do not have a venue sorted(which chances are slim to none) then I will be running virtually the exact same card planned for Liverpool as a free show in the PCW Academy 31 St Marys Street, Preston, 7pm to 9.30pm. If I am taking a hit financially then I might as well do it and run a live show so the fans can enjoy it.

I have to next contact talent and work out their logistics in now getting to Preston but that is the only thing I can currently think of to do right now as a plan B. If the demand is high enough we may move to Evoque but due to how late in the day this is we ask all fans to monitor PCW social media as much as possible tomorrow.

Ticket priority for entry goes to those who already had Liverpool tickets so if you do want to attend the new date and we do owe you any money then let us know via our PCW Facebook messages as we do not want to take any more from you as can knock the amount off our refund to you.

VIP front row and second row seats for £10,
VIP which includes a photo with Jack Evans & Angelico
General admission (listed as £2.50)

It’s a free show yes but a £2.50 voucher for the bar will be given and your pre payment covers that. We have to make general admission cost something so we can monitor who is actually coming and not having anybody taking tickets for the sake of it as we are limited on capacity.

I will be making 50% of the tickets available right now and the rest 11am tomorrow! The rest when I hear back from the people who booked for Liverpool as I really think they should have the option of coming or not. In the unlikely event we do find a venue in Liverpool that can work for us before 11am tomorrow then we will sort out those who buy tickets for the Preston show on Saturday.

The PCW Academy capacity is only 100 fans which with a card like this will be an amazing experience. I am just sorry we can not run as planned in Fusion, Liverpool. We will be back in Liverpool but it is such an unfortunate occurrence for us. We booked Fusion on the 27th July 2016 for Fridays show date and it is a real disappointment that we are the ones forced out and will have to discuss financial settlement with the venue when the dust settles from all this. I do stand to lose out on a lot of money due to this but mostly I am very sorry on behalf of PCW to the fans in Liverpool who do not get to see the show now. Those who can’t make the new location I will still do something for soon as I get this Friday out of the way and will let you know more in the email I send out tonight.

PCW Owner Steven Fludder

Announced Card…

PCW Heavyweight Championship Open Challenge
Champion, Iestyn Rees Vs ?

PCW Cruiserweight Champion, Ashton Smith Vs Chris Ridgeway

Ryan Smile Vs Angelico

Joey Hayes Vs Charlie Sterling

Dean Allmark Vs Angelico

Drew Parker Vs Philip Michael

Matthew Brooks debuts!

Plus much more

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Please note: Matches and card are subject to change | Source: PCW