Date: 17/4/2017
Promotion: Lucha Forever
Event: The Dawning Of Forever
Venue: The H Suite, Edgbaston, Birmingham

Match Results…

We are introduced to out commentary team, “Magic” Mark Adams and “The Man With The Golden Tongue” Harvey Dale, as well as our MC, Rob Maltman!

Pre-Show match [ATTACK! Pro Wrestling]… Splits McPins def. Elijah

The opening match was due to be a Three-Way but Kip Sabian said Three wasn’t enough and asked if there was anyone in the crowd that wanted a chance, an opportunity and it as answered by “That Guy”, and That Guys name is… Connor Mills!
HOPE Kings Of Flight Champiomship Four-Way Spotfest Scramble match
Champion, Kip Sabian def. Ashley Dunn, Kelly Sixx & Connor Mills

Alex Windsor def. Toni Storm by count out

During Storm’s entrance she is attacked by Dahlia Black with a crutch and Windsor demands she be counted out and the referee does so, as Storm is taken back stage Nixon Newell’s music plays and it looks like we have a new match!

Alex Windsor def. Nixon Newell

Windsor kicked out of the shinest wizard and then hit a NORWICH destroyer and got the win! Following the match, Newell after gave her leaving speech before heading off to her next chapter in her life!

Omari def. Jigsaw

Special Referee: Will Ospreay
Shay Purser def. Sami Callihan

During the match, the original match of Will Ospreay versus Sami Callihan, an impromptu dance started which ended up with Referee, Shay Purser getting roped by both Callihan and Ospreay and began delivering clothes to the pair, Callihan then sent Purser flying over the top rope into Ospreay, Purser then hit a twist of fate and shay-ton bomb and got the wim with Ospreay counting the fall!

Dark match… Joel Allen def. Pete Dunne

Dark match… WWE United Kingdom Champion, Tyler Bate def. Pete Dunne

Lucha Forever Trios Championship Tournament Qualifier
Chief Deputy Dunne & #CCK (Cheis Brookes & Mondai Lykos) def. El Ligero, Drew Parker & Bea Priestley to advance

Prior to the next match, Toni Storm storms the ring with referee Shay Purser in toe and demands Dahlia Black comes out. Dahlia comes out and says if she wants a match she can have one, TK Cooper slides in and knocks Storm to the ground and walks out, Toni gets on the mic again and says she didn’t realise TK was the bitch in the relationship, he runs back in and the match is on…

Toni Storm def. TK Cooper

Lucha Forever Championship match
Travis Banks def. Shane Strickland by submission *New Champion*

During the match, Banks accidently kicked referee, Joel Allen in the head, this led to Shay Purser rushing the ring and Banks only get a 2, Strickland then inadvertantly knocked out Purser, Joel recovered and Banks made Strickland tap for the win and the title!

Both men shook hands and Stickland thanked the fans, banks and said that Banks had better guard it with his life as he wants a rematch next time he’s back!