Date: 26/3/2017
Promotion: PROGRESS Wrestling
Event: Chapter 46: I Like To Chill Out Here & Shoot Some Dinosaurs
Venue: The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London
Source: Chris Pugh

Match Results…

Ladies ans gentlemen we are LIVE!

Jim opens the show speaking about some of the things that have happened over the last five years, the passings of Kris Travis and Leon, them getting married, having kids and selling out shows in London, Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham and going to Orlando, but still there is one simple rule… DON’T BE A DICK!

The Origin (Nathan Cruz & Zack Gibson) def. The Origin: Banter Edition (El ligero & Dave Mastiff)

Before the match even started, The Origin offered Ligero a place back with them in safe return of his mask, Ligero took the mask and gave Mastiff a thumbs down before moving behind Cruz and Gibson and giving the pair a lowblow.

PROGRESS Women’s Championship Natural PROGRESSion Series IV Semi-Final
Toni Storm def. Dahlia Black to advance

Travis Banks def. Jack Sexsmith

Prior to the start of the match Banks sent TK Cooper, who had accompanied him to the ring, to the back. Following the match, TK returned and it looked liked he and Banks would attack Sexsmith however they picked him up and shook his hand. efore leaving, Sexsmith left the ring crying to a standing ovation and the crowd chanting This Is Sexsmith.

In one of the greatest ever wrestling enterances, Jack Haskins accompanied Mark to the ring a shot a dinosaur!

Mark Haskins def. Axel Dieter Jr by submission

Following the match, Axel Dieter Jr took a knee on the stage and shook Haskins hand.

Loser Leaves PROGRESS Weapons match
Jimmy Havoc def. Will Ospreay

During the match, Ospreay got upset that Havoc was going to Orlando and said one way or another this has to end and says lets make this Loser Leaves PROGRESS… Havoc says lets go you cunt!

Weapons out: Cow bell, record, baking tray, Havoc Artois, Barbed wire baseball bat, Manniquin Head, Body Armour, PROGRESS Nazi Staff, Mop, PS2, Chair, Gramdfather Clock, LEGO Classic, Guitar, Cheese Grater, Pinata, a bag of Haribo/Drawing Pins/LEGO (Mine), a Toy Dobby (Paul Robinson), Table, Kylie & Jason Record, Sliced Lime, Credit Card, Chair, Barbed Wire Board.

PROGRESS Tag Team Championship match
Champions, British Strong Style (Trent Seven & WWE United Kingdom Champion, Tyler Bate) def. The Hunter Brothers (Jim & Lee Hunter)

Prior to the match, British Strong Style dropped the tag shields on the stage and Tyler went a retrived his WWE title belt and Trent went backstage to fetch the brand NEW PROGRESS Tag Team Title belts.

Photo credit: Martin Dean

PROGRESS Atlas Championship match
Champion, Matt Riddle def. WALTER by submission

PROGRESS World Championship match
Champion, Pete Dunne def. Mark Andrews

It looked as though, Andrews had won the belt, but senior referee, Chris Roberts recovered after being knocked out off the ring and ordered the match to be restarted. Dunne would then go on to retain the title.