House Of Pain Wrestling presents “March 2 Victory Tour” between March 17th & 26th in the Nottingham Area.

HOP have added several matches to the “March 2 Victory Tour” plus a match has been removed…

March 25th…
– HOP Champion, Kyle Kingsley teams up with #1 Contender, Juken and have been added as the fourth team in the Four-Way match.

Announced Cards…

March 2 Victory: Cotsgrove 24/3 Cotsgove Miners Welfare, Nottingham Facebook Event Page

HOP Champion, Kyle Kinsgley Vs Joseph Conners

HOP Tag Team Champions, Supreme Dream Team (LJ Heron & Danny Thomas) Vs Dave Leitao & Johnny Concrete

No Disqualification No Count Out Anything Goes match
Alton Thorne Vs G-Wiz

Juken Vs Sam Spencer

Flex Buffington Vs Eddy Martins

Six Man Tag Team match
Disco Dan, Saj Malik & Karl Brown Vs Mr Goodman & Destructive Tendencies (H-Block & Bruza)

March 2 Victory: St Ann’s 25/3 St Ann’s Emmanuel Church Hall, Nottingham Facebook Event Page

Four-Way match
HOP Champion, Kyle Kingsley & Juken Vs Danny Chase & Sam Spencer Vs Tommy Taylor & Lucas Archer Vs Martial Law (Marcus Hood & Bam Bam Barton)

HOP Full Throttle Champion, Davey Thompson Vs Joseph Starr

TimberWolfe Vs Paul Malen

Joseph Conners Vs Bjorn Jones

Steven Harris & Theodore Diamond Vs Owen Ocean & ?

March 2 Victory: Calverton 26/3 Calverton Working Men’s Club, Nottingham Facebook Event Page

HOP Tag Team Championship match
Champions, LJ Heron & Danny Thomas Vs Barricade & Eddy Martins

Six Man Tag Team match
HOP Full Throttle Champion, Davey Thompson, Danny Chase & Steven Harris Vs G-Wiz, Haydn Tyler & Jake Dylon

Juken Vs Visage

Paul Malen Vs BFD

Joseph Starr Vs Alex Gracie

Tommy Taylor & Jack Kastor Vs Destructive Tendencies (H-Block & Bruza)

Plus much more

Please note: Matches and card are subject to change | Source: House Of Pain Wrestling